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Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

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'Deep work' will make you better at what you do. You will achieve more in less time. And feel the sense of true fulfillment that comes from the mastery of a skill. Cal Newport is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations of our digital age, Newport also writes about the impact of these technologies on the world of work. His most recent book, Deep Work, argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the modern workplace and that the ability to concentrate without distraction is becoming increasingly valuable. He previously wrote So Good They Can’t Ignore You, a book which debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice, and three popular books of unconventional advice for students. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Hayati (2 hours ago)
To me, Instagram is less toxic than Facebook. On Instagram I look at handbags, dresses and videos of cute animals. I come in with the mindset that everything on Instagram is heavily edited, like acting. On Facebook, it is more personal. People low key take a dig at each other with cryptic status updates, one up one another, fight over political views, stalking exes, etc. I walked away from Facebook for months, and it has given me so much peace. When I logged in, everything felt different. It was just ridiculous in a way, it felt so foreign. And I walked away again.
Inshane72 (5 hours ago)
I wanna go back to MySpace. I got laid a lot more on that platform.
gioakaslickone (8 hours ago)
So he wants people to quit social media because his college business failed and Facebook took off. lol. Nah, As long as you can multitask, social media is not an issue that requires you to quit altogether.
Mr CreepyMelon (15 hours ago)
real quick any one can i use this in my annotated bilio ? by any chance
Wesley Forte (17 hours ago)
As I watch this, im thinling about leaving youtube as well. As an educator, its hard because youtube has great videos for my students.
don wilson (20 hours ago)
66 yr old man and never been on social media. EVER. Trying to break free from the internet and YouTube. Spend way too much time looking at my phone. Never thought that would happen to me. Being alone most of the time definitely contributes to those problems.
Salman Khan (21 hours ago)
Hey Cal, you're my favorite non-fiction author. Your book 'deep work' has changed significantly how I perform my profession. I'm a software developer and constant shallow work had made my life miserable.
Lawrence Beck (1 day ago)
Hmm, Cal, how do you think you got 4.7M views on YouTube?
LELB Society (1 day ago)
This pretentious lecturer quit social media out of jealousy toward his competitor, Mark Zuckerberg. Today's world without social media is technically impossible. This is a fact we should admit. However, like anything else, we need to control it lest it shall not be an addiction.
Josh Dirschka (1 day ago)
Anyone else notice the two women at 9:35s in the bottom right corner, on their phones probably on social media. lol.
2.5 years ago I stopped using Facebook and last year we deleted it. Last month I cut my home internet and next month I'm getting rid of my smartphone. During the time I used social media less, I managed to learn so much and be much more productive
Babylon Begone (2 days ago)
Don´t worry. I´ll tell everybody about your hypocracy.
Osaka Plug (3 days ago)
I delete all my social media account.
Asmaa Hassan (4 days ago)
15 Nov 2018, I quit all social media and won't return ever. YAAY, I DID IT.
Mohammed Omar (4 days ago)
Just deleted all My social media accounts. Pray for me to fight off the urge 😂😂
Nikki E. (5 days ago)
I have only one objection to this. YouTube is also a form of social media. The minute you comment on something and you look for replies to the comment, YouTube turns into social media and that’s without getting into the fact that they have just integrated changes into it that give you the option to make it even more so.
Shravan Reddy (5 days ago)
This is how you should promote your book with some catchy title...!!!
Fire Bird (7 days ago)
90’s is peng
YTOnceAgain (7 days ago)
Lots of unsupported opinions and generalizations.
zpushy633 Sora (8 days ago)
Now that I took down all of my Social Media Recently I'm gonna stay off of the Internet and on Social Media I'm gonna go back to what I Started at the beginning which means I'm gonna start my Early Childhood all over again stuff like: Playing Video Games, Watching TV, Listening to Music (Grab a Portable CD Player and Listen to all of my CDs I still own since Childhood), Write in Journals, read a Couple of Books, and Draw alot of Cartoons that's what I'm gonna do from Now on Instead of going on the Internet and on Social Media
Pariable (8 days ago)
Here to find my Pine Tree Twitter friends. Uncle Ted is proud of you. The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster Tor the human race.
Chinmay Amdhare (9 days ago)
No is talking about YouTube because it is their daily meal 😐
Pete AO (10 days ago)
There is something fake about this speaker I just can't put my hands on it. The issue is bigger than what he presents. One can argue that social media is not bad and that people pass on their negative qualities like envy that affects their mental health.
Diba Hashemi (10 days ago)
Oh god I hate instagram ! people are reading less and less and thanks to instagram its getting worse ! if you just write more than 2 sentences they are out ! what is going to happen for next generations ? are they gonna read books ?!!
That Girl (8 days ago)
I completely agree with you!
Christopher Merritt (10 days ago)
I really like the slot machine metaphor. I removed myself from Facebook for about five years and benefited greatly from it. I recently put myself back onto Facebook and I'm suffering from it in a great many ways. Now I'm back off of it again and the initial twitches are gone. I'm sure discontinued use will bring me back to peace.
Heath Melrose (12 days ago)
I read this book and enjoyed it very much. I find myself wasting more and more time during work just by having my computer open to this or that. Reading articles is now replaced by reading Facebook. Skipping around on short youtube videos has replaced listening to whole albums or the radio while working. Very fragmented. I have closed my Facebook off and on for years but always seem to reopen it for "fear of missing out" as they say. Hoping this time will be the last time.
Eddie O'Connor (13 days ago)
Facebook had its time in the sun, and now?....its a place for hate-speech, all manner of shaming, and people who are "trapped" into believing that the "Likes" they get actually equate to self-worth. I have a FB account?.....but I hardly USE my FB account.....I have way too many other things going on in my life, from marriage, to college for my kid.....so no....I won't be sitting online for the next 7 hours posting things that I hope & pray will garner me a few Likes. Bottom line?....real life is happening EVERY DAY....and you sitting in front of your PC for the next three days?....is just you wasting your life. Facebook is not the crux of your existence, get OFF of it, ......and get back to LIVING!
TheBlack Vixen (14 days ago)
ANTIsocial media
Ruffels (15 days ago)
*T H A T I S N O N S E N S E*
Bob wanen mck (15 days ago)
Used Facebook for less than two yearrs... got fed up ...... i quit
um52 (15 days ago)
"Facebook" really molded me into an insecure, angry, jealous and depressed person..for many years. It was a major negative distraction. The biggest mistake I made was NOT deleting my account earlier than I should've and it was difficult doing that..so I truly commend all those who disconnect themselves from social media.
U J (15 days ago)
I removed fb 2 weeks ago forever and I feel weird, but I know it will be better for me! I still exchange real letters with foreign friends and it is awesome! I noticed that fb is not a place for communication, either relationships anymore. I have started to build my rral social life again
Anhad Singha (15 days ago)
Quitting is fine but what about hijacking?
Matthew Toomer (17 days ago)
I only use facebook for event notifications for parties etc. I hate facebook and don't use it to socialise, I also use it to educate sometimes or to help. facebook has an addiction problem and I see people waste their lives on it and it saddens me. I just check the events bit and I'm off. I would delete it but I've found some many festivals, vegan fairs etc etc
Amir Jamili (18 days ago)
The message is totally true.
Fredamane mane (19 days ago)
Tim Mathews (19 days ago)
I cant stand facebook!!
gbessone (19 days ago)
This is relative. One argument he didn't bring up as a benefit: i travel a lot and meet people while traveling . There are many people i would have never seen again if it wasn't for Facebook or Instagram. Often times i happen to be in the same city as a friend while traveling and facebook reminds me of this. I couldn't imagine staying in touch with all the people i know without social media. I know there are phone numbers. But i dont have a record of where everyone is at a given time and i wouldn't have kept in touch with them otherwise.
Mark Cangiano (19 days ago)
I came here wanting to be further convinced to quit social media which I’ve been trying to do for a while, but I don’t think he should’ve led by saying he’s never used it and that the reason for that was spite when Facebook started. I think it inhibited his argument.
commenter (20 days ago)
YouTube is social media, bro.
The Cleaner (20 days ago)
I quit all social media 4 years ago. I honestly do not miss anything about social media. I feel better and do not base my life on what everyone else is doing. Best decision I have ever made :)
Pharaoh Settra (20 days ago)
I was highly active on reddits political sub reddits and the best way I could describe my experince was if George orwells 1984 had included memes and Nazis because we all know racism and antisemitism Is double plus good think or in newspeak terms "valuable conversation" right steve huffman? And that is when I decided it was time to quit reddit.
Muffy Mendoza (22 days ago)
Great job!
Jithin Mango (22 days ago)
YouTube addicts here
Gavin S. (23 days ago)
Goodness, he is so arrogant. "That is nonsense" is such a dismissive response to reasonable claims.
sippe (25 days ago)
I use 3 social media. 1# YouTube for education, meditation videos etc 2# Reddit, for NoFap 3# Whatsapp, all of school homework is there.
James Anderson (25 days ago)
Great video !!!!
J R (26 days ago)
First I Was Addicted To T.V & Now Social Media 💔
Tom Middleton (27 days ago)
I would argue that using social media for business/marketing is - while not absolutely mandatory - an undoubtedly beneficial asset in this day and age. A brand can grow exponentially thanks to Social Media Marketing, and that's how many arts-related brands are discovered and shared in the first place. Think of Owl City, Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, etc: artists who rose to fame BECAUSE of social media. I think in building and maintaining a brand for 2018-onward, social media is a hugely useful tool. That said, I think everything said about personal usage of social media was agreeable. Good talk.
Tanzeem Naqvi (28 days ago)
Permanently deleted all my social media & never looked back. 12/10 highly recommend
Ronnel Escol (29 days ago)
I quit Friendster
Awkward (30 days ago)
I have stopped using my main accounts, in which I follow friends and people I know and I'm tired of it, I'm sick of how fake everyone is. Pretending to have a perfect life, perfect friends, perfect relationships and I just can't continue filling myself with that. Instead I started using my secondary account in which I follow art accounts, or things that will be much more productive, interesting and beautiful to see.
Fernando Procy (30 days ago)
IMO, I disagree that you shouldn't use social media in any circumstance, specially for branding. If you are the real deal, then I see no problem in spreading your message out there leveraging social media channels to impact a larger audience faster. Organically (without social media), if your product is good then someday it may reach everyone that it's intended to, but we all can agree that if you use social media the right way the time for it to happen can be shortened significantly. We just have to be aware to not fall into the narcisism trap and keep emotional distance from these tools. It can be profitable if used correctly.
JFrost7 (1 month ago)
I love you! Thank you so much! ❤
Hadi Miri (1 month ago)
I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp... This is very hard but I wanna see the effect on my life, thanks for the video
Michelle Livingston (1 month ago)
People look at me like I have three heads when they ask for my FB, twitter, Insta, etc. and I explain I don't have them. Then they go on to rationalize why they have them to me, which has always been confusing because I'm not judging. I just don't want any part of it.
Anyone here types quiting social media in the search thing
MoSoLovelyTV (1 month ago)
I just deleted all of my social media today! It was so time consuming!
R3AP3R (1 month ago)
I don't get it why social media is so addicting.
R3AP3R (1 month ago)
2:49 I don't see any YouTube icon. So I think I'm pretty much fine.
Ron Hahahaha (1 month ago)
The two prime purposes of social media arts harass and bully people and get laid think about it
Dol _ (1 month ago)
I want to quit social media (even YouTube) but I don't actually go out even before I got introduced to social media. I don't know how am I gonna have fun all alone
animalmini1 (1 month ago)
Deleted my Facebook, snap chat, and Instagram a month ago .. I'm not up for that level of competition .. post the best be the best .. I'm to lazy for that
Savage 22 (1 month ago)
You still have friends but you are missing out on memes
Elena P. (1 month ago)
I understand people whose work depends on social media but not those who just can't get enough attention from the rest of the World because they are nobody and done nothing in this life.
Meiyoou (1 month ago)
what if youre a young artist trying to get yourself out there and to build a following
Alexandre Beaudry (1 month ago)
So basically this video is an big condescendent argument about how you are brainwashed and I'm not. (No other way possible this guy know everything because he NEVER was on facebook.) Congrats Listen to him.... he can do that, I do that blalbalba because I don't waste my time. Bragguing about how great is his life on youtube seem a lot like what he condamned from facebook. His conclusion is "shut up I wont argue with you but you better have listen to me for 13min" No applause what a surprise. I guess no one learn anything.
BIGNELL TV (1 month ago)
Thanks for this Brilliant lecture. Very well presented and relevant information. Billy D Bignell 10/10/2018
Syed Ahmed Faruque (1 month ago)
now i will share it on social media....
Zach (1 month ago)
The 1 reason he didn't mention and would illustrate his point with the most impact is the fact that the people who create and maintain these platforms refuse to let their children use it. They're not allowed on social media and not allowed smart phones.
French Toast (1 month ago)
Social media, a stalkers right hand man. There are so many problems with this site, the biggest being the danger of it. Anyone can join. Who's to say the wrong person won't join and then stumble across your profile. The rest is history. I also don't get why so many people insist on being friends with over 100 people they don't really know. It's so creepy how society has turned out.
Suraj Tech (1 month ago)
Great...But facebook is system app in my phone....
Austin Pape (1 month ago)
My grandma uses Facebook a lot. It's annoying!
The purpose of social media is for entertainment. If you use social media in moderation it can be good and fun but too much of anything is harmful.
Guille voda (1 month ago)
I find weird that everyone in the comments is saying that they quit facebook XD I mean here in argentina nobody uses it only my grandma would use it lol, everyone use instagram
Inshane72 (5 hours ago)
Because IG is for gays
Grass TV (9 days ago)
No, over here we use instagram, and that shyte is filled with turros and cumbia.
Tomekyarehe ambitious (23 days ago)
Lol, so true, young people in Indonesia are not interested in FB anymore, but Instagram.
Drea Raad (1 month ago)
Guille voda same and I live in south africa. Literally no one uses facebook only people over 40
MONTENEGRINA (1 month ago)
I was saying this to all of my friends and none of them believed me........
MONTENEGRINA (1 month ago)
Nick Charlton no of course.... in person
Nick Charlton (1 month ago)
Did you say it on Facebook?
Kaninma (1 month ago)
Good video! From 1979 to 1985, throughout junior and senior high, I used a computer only once, in an advanced English class. I love the rapid editing it allows. In 1986, I bought my first. I heard about modems. Why have one? Mo online community, essentially, existed. Even so, I got great value from my computer as a writing tool. Now l use the Internet mostly for research and, as before, my PC primarily for writing.
josh (1 month ago)
If im honest I’ve never stuck to it I’ve deleted my social media many times then re installed it but I’m fully never installing it again social media is so toxic we bare the burdens everyday of people we don’t want to see toxic families relationships all sorts we see fake people everyday , fake things people acting like something there not it’s better to stay in reality and be happy and positive
alexander exis (1 month ago)
Yet this video is watched on a social media platform, how ironic.
Matthieu Rastello (1 month ago)
Still can’t quit YouTube
Matthieu Rastello (1 month ago)
Matthieu Rastello (1 month ago)
Mo Ana (1 month ago)
Ooo no .. this is too much fun !!! I was born to fight and taught from God on how exactly to fight U .... I should show others how to as well ..!!! Good idea !! Your fake ..!!!
Philip Anil (1 month ago)
I am not even taking my photos too ..... I am so happy
Victor Gpz (1 month ago)
I don't use social media ✌
People should understand
Ooh Oops (1 month ago)
is Youtube considered to be social media?
duCK (1 month ago)
Does this include Snapchat?
CrisRos Art! (1 month ago)
I stop using facebook, instagram, and twitter for good, but sometimes i watch on youtube and open my messenger if someone sent me a file or a message.
Kenji Yagi (1 month ago)
Agreed if you use social media to just see what your friends and others are doing. Social network is a must to market and to make your business prosper.
MrSkum (1 month ago)
Lol brainwashing
Fatgeologist (1 month ago)
I find he misses what for me is the most important aspect of it. It is a fantastic way of staying in close contact with friends and relatives who you cannot see very often by virtue of living in different countries. Being able to see daily pictures from my daughter's road trip around Norway whilst working on an oil rig in Qatar is of huge benefit to me. Also, being able to indulge in a three way chat with good friends in the UK and the US whilst in the desert in Abu Dhabi is also a good one. And the joy of having got back in touch with friends who I hand't really been able to interact with for years (they moved to New Zealand, I didn't) is another good one. As for the rest, well, I had a couple of job offers from Linkedin that I did not follow up, and I don't think it is important for anything but social purposes, but it is great to know what my friends and family are up to when I am not around. I can't think why anyone would not enjoy that.
LoudandDave (1 month ago)
I quit facebook 2 weeks ago, I had to keep the account alive but I left every group, unfriended everyone, and I never use the feed. The only reason I kept it is because messenger is the only way I stay in touch with certain groups of friends and although you can have messenger without a facebook account, you can't be part of a group conversation. I made the decision last night to leave Twitter and I might leave Instagram because although it has only been positive (I have been VERY selective with what I follow), it is exactly as he just said, its an attention fragmentation factor. I don't view Youtube as the same sort of Social Media because at least for me, I use it much like a Television. I watch a few videos a day on topics I am interested in, but not throughout the day like you would use facebook or I have used Instagram. Also I have a youtube channel and one of my hobbies is vlogging, and it doesn't take up a lot of time so I am ok with that. Every day since leaving facebook has gotten easier and I honestly don't miss it much, and I suspect that in a little while, I won't miss it at all, and I bet in a while after that I will wonder why I ever wasted so much of my life on it.
General Zubbis (1 month ago)
Only use social media if its for business. Thats the rule.
Corade (1 month ago)
That lady at 12:34 checking her phone for the whole talk X)
ShadowKnfing (1 month ago)
I don't understand how he can comment on this topic and how he thinks hes lived a better life without social media when he's never even used social media. He states it himself in the beginning.
Hornyshark (1 month ago)
A great man
Hornyshark (1 month ago)
I need to quit my phone
kenneth gutierrez (1 month ago)
Crazy, I quit fb back in 2009 and it’s been great. I had my wife put a time limit on my phone for YouTube and I’m only on it for 45 minutes a day. That’s it. So I have to choose useful videos to watch like this one and not silly time wasting ones. There’s a life out there outside social media and it’s yours. Your true friends will call and text you to link up. Family always calls me and that’s all I need.
Dilan Chamara (1 month ago)
Exactly, this is right I tink!!!
fatima jarrad (1 month ago)
All what he said is correct 100% and many people agree with that but they cannot stop social media

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