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Google Analytics Account Structure Expalined!

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In This video I have tried to explain the very important concept of Google Analytics i.e. Google Analytics Account Structure. To use google analytics for your website or App one need to first login to google analytics with his/her gmail id after which he/she needs to setup account, and you can only create upto 100 account in freemium version (if you want to track your personal website or blog then create your Personal account or if you want to track any business then create a business account). Post setting up the account one can add his/her property (website/app), max limit 50 per account, and under each account one can create upto 25 different views. Under Each view one can set up Goals (max 20 goals/view). Hope this will clear your doubts on google analytics structure. Let me know if you have any doubts, will be happy to help. Keep Learning & Keep Digitising!!
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Digi Guru (3 months ago)
very well explained
Diptesh Gurav (5 months ago)
very well explained. need to know whre is ur class?
Jitin Sharma (5 months ago)
your months' ago videos are far better and well explained than the new ones in weeks ago. please use earlier way of explaining with text and numbers

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