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Russ - Gun Lean (Music Video) Prod By Gotcha | Pressplay

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Text Comments (9202)
Pressplay Media (3 months ago)
Raikel Zeegelaar (5 days ago)
yamah valentine (18 days ago)
Pressplay Media
Francine j (26 days ago)
Eryrsu3udu1q54frueudeskeisroseoerrurdrt6ryrygrye D3hdehxhdjfhxe
Tev B (8 hours ago)
Lightskin at the start gun leans like a white girl
That Guy (10 hours ago)
ayy ksi brought me here
Luke Muffin (16 hours ago)
This I litttt
Kyle Gnandte (23 hours ago)
That’s is the one 👈🏼🤛🏼💪🏽👑👑
Debbie Turner (23 hours ago)
Best rap even
MostHatedKazz (1 day ago)
Fufu trap 🕊
Fortnite Goat God (1 day ago)
Russ can I call you mr I love ya mum big batty bum
Phoebe Magee (1 day ago)
My sisters friends is in this music vidio
Alaina Weller (1 day ago)
Oliver Yeomans (1 day ago)
Declan dice
ShayanS TV (1 day ago)
*Everyone* is doing this in school Gun lean everyday ayyyyy!
jasonsekhon (1 day ago)
Two men arguing which dance is better 😂😂😂
Big Man Official (1 day ago)
A YouTube Channel (2 days ago)
This is how many times he said left right 👇🏼
bau mau (2 days ago)
What sense makes the lyrics?
CertiJunior. (2 days ago)
I Just Noticed That Russ And IQ Are Stop Beefing. What The Fuck Is This?
Dorothy Wilson (2 days ago)
I think u need to go bk to school
Aris Llangozi (2 days ago)
MomoFifa HD Junior (2 days ago)
Just saying fave part is 2:54 onwards
Paul Mawien (2 days ago)
Aaliyah Pirbhai (2 days ago)
the boy at 3:05 is pengg
triggamanful (2 days ago)
what a waste of a perfectly fire beat
Amine A (2 days ago)
JLR (3 days ago)
Ferizon (3 days ago)
Songs shit accept the left right bit
• Sub Bot • (3 days ago)
please rename your rap name. We already have an great artist called Russ
Phoebe Magee (3 days ago)
This is my favrioit love you guyse song you guys have done a good effort on this vidio
Joules Maneus (3 days ago)
Danmm Boy got skills 2:56
smwaveyx (3 days ago)
Fortnite gonna call it the AR lean
Moh Afzal (4 days ago)
I really wanna bump this a lot but now is not the best timing
max R (4 days ago)
It annoyed me at the stsrt when they left handidly fist bumped
Tod Anwari (4 days ago)
This dude looks like snoops side chicks mistake
GHOSTJD- yt (4 days ago)
If I get two 1000 or 500 subs I will bring my loudest speaker to my skl and play this at the loudest
MDM Uploads (4 days ago)
Why van banter?
Psych (5 days ago)
2:12 smoothest one in the whole vid
Sinister (5 days ago)
I think Young Boskos new song is better
The Reaper (5 days ago)
it is the day we all brake our neck and and lims i mean ALL OF THEM
Scooter fags (5 days ago)
year 8 mafia anthem
marcus weston (5 days ago)
ImSmart (5 days ago)
The guys in the intro tho Kinda cringed me out
drip iOS.2 (6 days ago)
Wrong Russ smh
Aniyah Shazadee (6 days ago)
This song .... love it soooooo much xxx😂😂❤❤❤👌👌
Slick Sl4DE (6 days ago)
Lol it’s only black people ( I am black myself )
Senior Wolf (6 days ago)
Wtf is this
Odros#Gaming (6 days ago)
wtf is this trash?????????????????????
darkdragon k (6 days ago)
If any game takes the gun lean im going to be so annoyed
Ishan sharma (6 days ago)
this is legendary
Molly Pop (6 days ago)
The beat is sick
Ankith Menon (6 days ago)
2:56 🔥
1tyboy (6 days ago)
micheal jackson touch up your kids
owen barrow (6 days ago)
Its so bad cool this music na mate it's not it crap
Mike Hunt (6 days ago)
What's that Russ tune where him seh "Russ with the Rush, man gun lean man keep fuck off weapons on me" ?
Danny Ev 33100 (7 days ago)
Don K. Ruler (7 days ago)
Da beat hard na rasshole!!! I gine need to pong this to hear the bass properly. Dis iPhone not cutting it..
Thestreetzz (5 days ago)
Only real g's remember the old thumbnail and when Russ changed his name to rush
Marcelha Da silva (7 days ago)
I love ur songs
pOtAtO Charlie (7 days ago)
* black girls: does gun lean white girls: does gun lean, dislocates shoulder *
MOBBIN (7 days ago)
ACT LIKE A MEN, stop doing those gay moves like 69 friends
jason stareg (7 days ago)
Didn't know left was right, and right was left. Thanks!
jason stareg (5 days ago)
+Ok M8 Ok M9
Ok M8 (6 days ago)
jason stareg ur lost
Stephen Crowe (8 days ago)
Left right
Stephen Crowe (8 days ago)
Nice I sing it in school Micheal Jackson twist up your neck
Kegan Taylor (8 days ago)
Fortnite will have this dance soon u just wait
Martin .k (8 days ago)
Gun lean man gunlean gunlean on the beat aswell left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right m Michael Jackson twist up your neck athletes dont run out of breath beef who mate give it a rest thats the one im ***************** oh ****Russ did it again war is war cant reason with them
bacon solider forever (8 days ago)
damn daniel i dont want dislocated shoulders XD but gun lean!!!!! ofc
Kajada Campbell (8 days ago)
I love this song !!!!!!!
TrueGamer87 (8 days ago)
Decccy rice
Lee Hughes (8 days ago)
Do the Michael Jackson twist up your leg like a athlete don't run out of breath , Gun lean & gun lean , gun lean on the beat as well !!! . 🧢🎧✌👊💥💥💥💥
Micahia _ Valton (9 days ago)
Ok op😉
Vickyfux (9 days ago)
Why don’t they deport them ?
Atti Olomi (9 days ago)
who's here because of Troopz?
Abdul Ali (7 days ago)
Me 😂😂😂😂 #afc
Hloni Molefe (9 days ago)
I think I have a new celebration when I play FIFA🙌🏿🙌🏿🇱🇸
Xaverio van Bosse (9 days ago)
left right left right
Gadder Farah (9 days ago)
If this doesnt look right look left
Liam Garcia (10 days ago)
After watching leaving neverland instead of Michael jackson twist up your leg Michael jackson touch up ur leg more like
20twin10 (10 days ago)
Brain: youv been on the coke all night, how would you like your bodies involuntary movements to present themself? Body: gun lean fam, with aggressive behaviour towards strangers
faaez fahad (10 days ago)
my shoulders are tired. how many gunshots do i have to block
Karla Knight (10 days ago)
I know the actions for your song xxx☺😆😠😬😇😊😀😈😡😢😉😁😂😯😴😮😐😃😄😑😣😤😕😅😥😲😛😜😳😦😧😵😝😋😶😨😩😷😗😙😞😰😟😒😘😚😍😱😎😫🙏😺🙋🙋😌🙌😼😸🙍😖😔🙅😹😻🙆😪😏🙇😽😿🙎😓😾👧👫👬👨🙀🙈👩👭👤👴🙉🙊👵👥👮💏💩👶💑👷💁👪👦
OMOWUNMI Adebiyi (10 days ago)
Emmiasky Ojex (10 days ago)
This song makes me laugh each time I hear it.
Rizzlykeegs 2005 (11 days ago)
Aj needs use this and dance when he walks out tbh
BadBoat (11 days ago)
3:12 2:56
Emanuela Georgieva (11 days ago)
*What hand do you right with?* *Left, right*
Jungkooks Nipples (11 days ago)
Bop of the bops
BillyProGames (11 days ago)
Dick lean man dick lean dick lean on the beat as well for everyone boys and girls flick your dick and move it well left right left right left right left right Micheal Jackson twist up your dick
Yonne Howell (11 days ago)
How do you know the song
Little diva Forever (11 days ago)
Gun leannnnn ohhhhhhhhhhh
Lasershotsgaming (11 days ago)
i love how he says shaku shaku is better
Shania Juanita (11 days ago)
Russ what happened between u and dis
1:10 basssssssssssssssssss
Epic song i love it
Auba Sanchez (11 days ago)
Auba Sanchez (11 days ago)
Getting van banter in the video MAJOR L 😂😂
dieter de boer (11 days ago)
Gun lean on the as well for all boys and girls
Hazell Firmstone (11 days ago)
0:56 it begins
Josiah Max (11 days ago)
don't press read more if you don't like this song or a bad thing will happen if you like it press read more gun lean man gun lean gun lean on the beat aswell
This song sounds like kidd keo I got
Juanita Aslani (12 days ago)
I love this song
Kxylie (12 days ago)
STARTS AT 0:54 :)
kiame simao (12 days ago)
My favourite song ever

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