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Russ - Gun Lean (Music Video) Prod By Gotcha | Pressplay

159977 ratings | 9257554 views
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Text Comments (9588)
Pressplay Media (5 months ago)
ijeoma anyanwu (8 days ago)
Francine j (22 days ago)
😘😉😐rbufht4xf ftuty f gfhxf yeymlemU4ududu3udu4du3ud2i21s928w2ruzeufsoe89w0wr9r7 Ruru
Francine j (22 days ago)
Rzf freu duf4dff xbhgdmm' eu
Francine j (22 days ago)
+HUNCH YBD 3j4i 4uy russ euty rytg5gf rufut du÷===='uv÷€4eugug dug'yeytfi eufu eyggu fiytj.zy.qv' is a yyyi fU5ftg4xi eh fhuvy dy fuzuy
Its Freddie (7 hours ago)
For all you uneducated on the roads, hes the 69 of the UK who makes about 2% of his income, hes in constant hiding unless he knows he has protection in an area, well tbh thats not even fair 69 actually done crime, Russ and Taze just chat off lies.
Cicimol Sebastian (12 hours ago)
Cool 😎
Nzee Khan (13 hours ago)
FREEDOM ATAGA (14 hours ago)
There is gonna be broken shoulders in the hospital
_BAKZ_ (15 hours ago)
Isabel G (17 hours ago)
Who else came here for Ndotz?
Isabel G (17 hours ago)
1:33 my G Ndotz
NixTrix Music (19 hours ago)
They played this at our prom :/
karan rana (23 hours ago)
I thought this was made by ksi 😂
Samantha mascoll (1 day ago)
Love this cold ❄️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adrienne Wang (1 day ago)
This is the onefour dancing
Aryan Proud (1 day ago)
Kk gang (1 day ago)
I think gun lean copied ding dog it is a Jamaican song and I think he copied it BC in ding dog they flick there shoulder front and hard in gun lean the flick it back Russ but his own idea but copied don't hate
Bust down Thotiana (1 day ago)
Director person thingy:what shops u want to be in we have Gucci Louis Vuitton oh and Sainsbury’s Russ:SAINSBURYS
ElectricZ (1 day ago)
Bu ta txiga nossa zona leva furo ZONA ODC
Nikey Likes (1 day ago)
The guy looks like Tupac from the start
EraZe Harpzz (1 day ago)
Best song
David Silva (1 day ago)
Vens na tuga vais apanhar
Cheese Grater (2 days ago)
Feds at my door like oh no
rociking 2007 (3 days ago)
in my class every guy is doing it
mark halford (3 days ago)
Gang gang
Rajan Miah (3 days ago)
What a ridiculously stupid song
lconic Popcorn (3 days ago)
Imagine seeing them at Sainsbury's lol
Livi Finn (3 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that this and keisha.and Becky have the same sick beat x
Rajiv Virdee (3 days ago)
Just 🔥
lartis_ valentinos (3 days ago)
Ryxn TN (4 days ago)
Left right left right Sounds like a cheat code for gta 😂
lixdy (4 days ago)
Gun lean MY G
ŠĀTĀŅĪČ (4 days ago)
Hate people who listen to all these G songs and act like your invincible. serious shit your not the one singing the song i dont understand how it makes you hard by listening .. just wait till the mother of death approaches you .. it could approach from the left or the right you never know it might just approach you from the bottom and go straight up your ass
Nati Belle (5 days ago)
Shocking out in Sainsbury's 🤣
Klaas Jan (5 days ago)
Kimberly ik hou van je 💕
Arlo (5 days ago)
VanBanter being the fucking mug that he is
Drayer (5 days ago)
Piss off you American neeks bare wet u know
Kieran Penrose (5 days ago)
Gotta plug that miwhip 😂
Pascal Kaliza (6 days ago)
Big Shaq ‘s brother is taking over London.😂
Razi Khan (7 days ago)
Basically it’s just a bunch of rich rappers walking out of Lamborghini and a bunch of road men dancing in Sainsbury’s
Maisie Rap girl (7 days ago)
Left ...right just amazing 😉
Selah Charles (7 days ago)
I thought 2:12 was raheem sterling
Hloni Molefe (7 days ago)
Third time commenting, this track though 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿😎😎😎🤷🏾‍♂️🇱🇸🇱🇸
westie420uk (7 days ago)
What trainer store is that?
Mert Kilinc (7 days ago)
gun lean is the best yo man gunly man gunly
Mert Kilinc (7 days ago)
gun lean is the best yo man gunly man gunly
OD_Turbo -_- (7 days ago)
4.5k people missed the like button
BestLyrics UK (7 days ago)
Anyone 2020
calebn beyebenwo (7 days ago)
who scrolls down the comments thinking "wow i wish i wrote that.":)
Deusa Sanca (7 days ago)
gorgeous girl08 (7 days ago)
Best song for helping me win snakes and ladders😀I'm winning 7 to 1 I have finnished my brothers career
JujuFrog Tv (8 days ago)
Oh russ should bang this guy still
JujuFrog Tv (8 days ago)
Danny finessing ps😂 got 9 mill views
Elizabeth Synnott (8 days ago)
Russ is some bitch
ijeoma anyanwu (8 days ago)
I swear every day I won't stop putting the song
Sector Cyrex (8 days ago)
why style gay??
Kevin Kiambati (9 days ago)
Where can i get that mask 1:28
My maths teacher is now learning roadmap slang... see got it from this
lconic Popcorn (3 days ago)
I mean roadman lol
Bud Weiser (10 days ago)
Still waiting for the gun lean emoji on whatsapp
angelina misi (10 days ago)
Ahgood Man (10 days ago)
Dave Chapalle droppin' them bars and lookin' crackish again. 😂😂😂
LF X ProductionzZ (10 days ago)
I can just imagine this being my secondary school's anthem. Literally swinging our ties around and everything LMAO
SHADOWBOAZ11 None (10 days ago)
This is rank
Its good man! Left ride i m dutch
LemonMaze (10 days ago)
russ looks like a fredo frog fukin wasteyute
Mel G (10 days ago)
At my big age... for real ...I'm doing the gunlean 😂😂😂... Love it big tune!!! Going back to... Test it, grab it, check it, feel it, caress it, keep it, clean it, park it, repeat it...gunlean 😍... Need a clean Version for my wedding!!! Lol
melsuga (10 days ago)
lmao ..... me too love it!!!
mArsh mAllow mAgz (11 days ago)
It’s so unfair how America has got art boys Eboys and soft boys and we just have road men
Qasim Alvi (12 days ago)
G'A'N LE'A'N M'A'N G'A'N LE'A'N...
Dat (13 days ago)
ONEFOUR tryna claim this dance and call it "Mounty Bop"
Dat (11 days ago)
+Ndl soild on instagram
Ndl soild (11 days ago)
Cassius Kerr (13 days ago)
2:15 when u pretend ur concentrating but really re considering life
Osg Killerzzz : (13 days ago)
How to get some laughs 1:Dress up as a *proper* Roadman with friends 2:Walk into Tesco’s and go to the meal deal aisle and do the gun lean 3: *Profit*
ForceTraps (14 days ago)
Can see a single white person lmao
Leen Rapz (14 days ago)
Imagine just trying to do ur job in Sainsbury’s then some random roadman come in doing gun lean
april loves roblox (14 days ago)
Do u know remayah
CTX SHADOWZ (15 days ago)
xXNothing_SpecialXx (15 days ago)
I kept on saying " Cardi B gone Cardi B" When its "Gun Lean gone Gun Lean"
Mimi Henry (16 days ago)
I literally would be dancing "Left right " in my drms 💃🏻💃🏻🤣
Marlene Beckford (16 days ago)
Man like Russ fam
DJ Ladis (17 days ago)
numb numb juice nigga
Googie (17 days ago)
Russ pullin up in his sliders
Leen Rapz (17 days ago)
Roadman convention
Mess I (19 days ago)
Who else clicks on a comment and presses read more and it turns out to be the lyrics of the whole song
son Goku (19 days ago)
His remix was better
son Goku nah
Kelly Kennedy (20 days ago)
Haha lol gunlean
Kelly Kennedy (20 days ago)
ángelic msp (21 days ago)
fuck even my mum dances to this song
Yis's watches 2nd (21 days ago)
Were the sainsburys were this video filmed
JustShaheenGames (21 days ago)
Hoe dan?
Vyper (21 days ago)
guy at 1:54 be making sex positions on jeremy kyle now adays
Sam g (21 days ago)
My school nurse left coz of all the dislocated shoulders us mandem had
Xz Bashford zX (21 days ago)
Nice try fishing for likes.
samson09ful (21 days ago)
Ozgur Kigili (22 days ago)
J0sHuA (22 days ago)
Gun lean
SxR Blast (22 days ago)
ZX_Deadshot (22 days ago)
I swear that’s vanbanter, what the fuck is he doing here
keira chappell (22 days ago)
our girl group all sit on the field with a speaker and blare this song 😂 we r not even allowed r phones out and theres us blaring music from a speaker 😂🤣🤣 our teachers r so dumb🤣🤣 btw im in yr 7 #REBELS FROM THE START 🤣🤣🤣 also there r teachers spreaded out on the field we r on and the music is so loud🤣🤣😁
Xz Bashford zX (21 days ago)
What has England become ffs
Ultimate jaffa cake (22 days ago)
Shit song but damn that bass tho
Absolute Gamer 101 (22 days ago)
watch the video with lyrics here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fulIKuGNhaA
Ayah's youtube (22 days ago)
Who else cringed in the first bit
Ak8th (23 days ago)
Do people really fw russ’ music?🤢
Leo Masters (23 days ago)
*My shoulders hurt*
WILLIAM5 G4MING (23 days ago)
The 1st ever song to hit 10Million On Pressplay😂😂💯💯
gunlean ma gunlean
Midya Kaki (23 days ago)

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