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Building Your Business, Building you List - Webinar Recap

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Your mail list is still the most valuable asset in your business, especially in this social media age where we are often at the mercy of Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to provide access to our customers. This is a recap of our weekly live Webinar Wednesday Join us live each week for another live webinar, http://members.dottotech.com/webinar-wednesday-registration-page/ These Webinars are shared for free for 48 hours after they go live, then they are reserved for our Patrons! Support Dotto Tech on Patreon http://patreon.com/dottotech If you are looking for the perfect Speaker for your event, consider booking Steve! ihttps://dottotech.com/speaker/ I would love to hear from you! Be sure to comment and let me know what you want to see more, or less of! For more info on Steve's Toolkit, (everyone wants to know what tools Steve uses) http://bit.ly/2JWqrBM Here are all of Steve's Recommended Tools on Amazon…..these are affiliate links https://www.amazon.com/shop/dottotech?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Check out Steve’s Vlog https://dottotech.com/vlog/ Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Share and like the videos and follow Steve. → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/ For more information, including courses and tutorials: www.dottotech.com #webinarwednesday #askdottotech #10minutewebinars
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I having such a hard time editing my channel art on Youtube and keeping getting a sign in box that does not let me sign in. Can you do a tutorial on creating your channel art? Youtube should not be this hard to navigate!
Harry Orenstein (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve. Most interesting (@ 11:20 and on) once you commit.... Brilliant!
Innovative Journaling (1 month ago)
Steve.... I did see the webinar on Wednesday and wanted to let you know that the chat experience on a mobile device is pretty bad. For one, you cannot even see the chat window, although you can enter comments. You just can't see it in the string and are unable to see if anyone responded to it. And then, there is that constant annoying red band on the top where you can refresh the page if something goes wrong for some reason. I'm an intermediate/advanced user of Infusionsoft and I would NOT recommend it to anyone. I'm in it because my pricing is grandfathered and so low that I would be paying 5X for the number of contacts I have and emails I send monthly. Klaviyo is an exception to that. Infusionsoft is, IMO, a platform for info marketers where "good enough" is the standard. It reminds me of a stuffed animal held together with Band Aids. Infusionsoft is buggy buggy buggy... and did I say buggy. It has almost no native integrations and so if you want to integrate anything with it, you need to pay extra for those. If someone sells physical products, as I do at http://www.innovativejournaling.com then I would suggest looking at other platforms, namely Klaviyo, which is clean, super powerful beyond Infusionsoft, way less expensive than anyone in its class and integrates natively with all the top apps which marketers use. They also have a really great newsletter. I am making plans to move their platform in 2019. As you know, duplicating ongoing marketing campaigns onto a new platform is no small project.
Innovative Journaling (1 month ago)
+dottotech Klaviyo does the logic based automation almost as well as IS. They are newer and growing. Klaviyo also completely and natively integrates with the major e-commerce platforms in a way that IS does not. Klaviyo also has a far superior email building platform and ways to dynamically insert content and products into emails based on certain criteria... something IS does not do at all because it does not natively integrate with any e-commerce platform. Klaviyo is not buggy like IS. Their customer segmentation is simpler and light years above IS and from Klaviyo you can instantly create dynamic FB audiences from your list of prospects and customers. In many ways, comparing Klaviyo to IS is like comparing IS to Mailchimp. AND... most importantly, IS's reputation is starting to suffer among the main email providers... like Outlook and gMail. It's why they hired a service to help them with that. Poorer reputation means lower deliverability. I don't think Klaviyo has that problem... yet. So, from an ESP standpoint, it beats the crap out of IS. IS has become a dinosaur patchwork.
dottotech (1 month ago)
I don't quite see how a Klaviyo replaces an Infusionsoft, I have no issue with your take on IS, it is a bloated beast, but I don't see how it can be replaced by a Klaviyo.
Aled Owen (1 month ago)
Steve. The content is very informative but I would like to make an observation. I'm more than a little deaf and the sound quality is important to me. Yours is crisp and easy to understand. Your colleague's voice is less crisp and therefore requires a little more effort on my part and so I lose ah little of the content. 15% of us are hard of hearing (so I understand) so it may be worth your while spending some time looking into the reason for that. I love your products.
dottotech (1 month ago)
When it is a webinar replay we are at the mercy of the recording.
Steve Little (1 month ago)
Alex Jones...
Desiree Savory (1 month ago)
Love Constant Contact
Steve, I like the way you expressed "rented space" regarding social platforms. The illusion is that we own that space but as you say it can disappear at any time. Food for thought. Thanks. ⭐️
GunSpeed BulletProof (1 month ago)
Thanks Sir for your tips

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