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Berkley Hollow Belly Review

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Berkley's Hollow Belly has plenty of rigging options and talking points with its big paddle tail and clear coat finish.
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jonnywaselectric (1 month ago)
Hi, Ive got some hollow belly minnows made by Spro, Ive not rigged them yet as I wasnt sure how to do it. I dont recall seeing a plastic rigged like the one in the video with the 90 degree hook about 1cm in from the nose, is there a weight on the hook? Is there a special technique to rigging that way or I just start with the hook point the 1cm back and thread it on. Ive been using the first cast lures 4 inch minnow on flatties and they awesome, im rigging with a kamatsu 6/0 6 gram hook in 2 to 5 feet of water. edit: I did some googling and I have figured out a couple of things regarding the hollow belly lures that I wasn't aware of, I was under the impression the hollow was a pocket of air to make the lure float. I was keen to slow roll them over the flats if that was the case. I was unsure how to rig it without making a hole that would let the air out. Now I have cleared that up Ill just rig them and give them a crack. I saw one US angler take a knife and open the belly up which in this video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jldZckW9Ets and this aussie fella answered my question I asked earlier about the 90 degree rigging. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP1qQILzaDo cheers and thanks for making great content, John
jonnywaselectric (1 month ago)
+mylurebox thanks mate, you do a great job
mylurebox (1 month ago)
Gday Jonny. Thanks for you message and links. I’ll definitely take a look. I use the jug heads out of Squiddy fish and run em through the hollow bellies to hide the lead ;) you want to have the tow point as close to the nose as possible otherwise is swims side over ;) they’re awesome slow rolling lures eh
Ashley Petersen (5 months ago)
hey have you ever used yum money minnows?
mylurebox (4 months ago)
Mate they’re dominant in the smaller models ;) I love em

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