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Stop Facebook Using Your Phone Number!

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Facebook has been using our phone number to advertise to us, I am talking about the number we use for 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) This is unacceptable on many levels, so here is how to remove your number from your account. There is no guarantee that Facebook will stop using your number, but at least we can try! In this video: - Resources: - Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Vlog: https://dottotech.com/vlog/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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Text Comments (134)
Seeing TAO (11 days ago)
Good Videos Brother! Im SURPRISED that Ur Surprised that Facebook would do such a thing
Kitt Gagnon (25 days ago)
I use Google+, it's like Fbook for grown ups.
Hilary Carpenter (1 month ago)
Facebook appears to have shut down the remove phone number option. You have to add another phone number before you remove one, ie there has to be a phone number.
Mvcvalli (1 month ago)
I have an Ad Blocker so facebook ads don't affect me :-)
Kitt Gagnon (25 days ago)
Something else you may be interested in is FB Purity
Stacey Luster (1 month ago)
Hey Steve, what ever happened to texting our friends and family, talking to them on the phone, video chatting with them? We can do all of that natively with our phones without needing Facebook. What happened?
DEfan (1 month ago)
Blessings on your work. I appreciate your help and teachings.
FlyBoyDrummer (1 month ago)
Steve, glad to see people showing disgust for these practices. Can you take a look at mewe.com as an alternative, and do a video on it? Sure, it's smaller now and people have a hard time moving to a new platform when they've invested in Facebook, but mewe takes a much more transparent and firm stand on your privacy. Thanks for DottoTech.
Steve Mullen (1 month ago)
Just another show of disrespect for our privacy. If I wasn't using FB for my clients, I would have closed my account by now. So many of my friends have started to close accounts, or just not use them. Is there a rise in paid-closed micro-social networks?
Gary Stockton (1 month ago)
So if I understand this correctly, Facebook is incorporating the mobile number from 2FA into a Custom Audience, which is then used to match me with advertisers who also have that same number? Is that correct?
dottotech (1 month ago)
I am not certain how they are using it, but your premise sounds logical.
Janelee Keller (1 month ago)
It said, Exactly, Comments are Disabled ❗ JaneLee 🤔
Janelee Keller (1 month ago)
Good Morning Steve 🌄. First ; HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU 🦃❗ I was on Your BB Channel about an hour ago. Listened to the whole thing, and went to the comments. I was going to first look at what others were having to say. My phone, said comments were shut down ! (My words, can't think exactly what it said, but that's what it meant). I don't know if that's, YT, My Phone, or, You❓ Just thought I'd report it to you. Have a Great Day Steve 😊. Sincerely, JaneLee ^_^ 10/7/18 10:42 AM
dottotech (1 month ago)
Happy thanksgiving, Yes i had to switch something on the account to allow comments, it is fixed now!
Geoff Turner (1 month ago)
Outstandingly useful. I would delete Facebook but many of my family use it so I use it to stay in touch. Followed your advice and deleted my phone number; I then got an email from Facebook telling me that because the number had been deleted, 2FA had been suspended and to re-instate I must add a new mobile number. There was nothing in the email about using alternative authentication - misleading but I followed the 2FA route and eventually arrived at the option to use an authenticator. Thanks again.
Lieven Beuckx (1 month ago)
hi steve, great video. I was a patreon supporter a while ago but the lack of videos at the time made me cancel. I'm seriously rethinking about renewing my subscription fot it
dottotech (1 month ago)
Would love to see you back!
Bill Kempthorne (1 month ago)
In a dasterly move, removing my phone deleted all my 2 factor settings. That really wasn’t necessary since my Yubikey has nothing to do with my phone.
Reinhard Schumacher (1 month ago)
Where is the file to get off of facebook?
SuperTRev (1 month ago)
I bet facebook hacked facebook. So people get worried and set up a phone number. So facebook can sell it.
I Like You (1 month ago)
But my facebook is linked to my IG business account. And I think that requires a phone number..
Wunderlich Drums (1 month ago)
I mean, I'd rather my account be secure and just ignore the ads.
Richard Fellows (1 month ago)
Steve - that was an excellent video and like you I am stunned how buried something like that proves to be in FB's labyrinthine settings design - it tells you all you need to know about their morality or lack of it. I notice below that several people understandably suggest deleting Facebook altogether, I would agree were it not for the probability that FB runs data profiles on you even if you don't have a FB account. That presumption has to be a reality given the nature of network mathematics in something the size of FB. Gruesome!
Rick Jackson (1 month ago)
I removed my phone # from FB, now they are bugging me to put it back on and turned off my 2 step log in
Mr. Luigi (1 month ago)
In Facebook's settings, they say providing a phone number helps in situations when you forget your password. Period! No mention of using your phone number to provide a "better" ad viewing experience. Lying and misrepresentation = Facebook.
Donald Cagle (1 month ago)
Careful, this Dottotech guy is an ADDICTION.... Really! I go to bed each night eager to listen and watch his talent in amazement. Great educator and illustrator of "How to Videos"
Karey Fyffe (1 month ago)
Done, thanks for the instructions!
ClimateMarcher JohnJ (1 month ago)
They make it next to impossible. If you forgot your password, you know, the one you made YEARS ago... forget it. They've got your number. It equals money to them. The Ferengi First Rule of Acquisition applies. Good luck on sorting that out!
Bob Wells (1 month ago)
Just sent an email to other family and friends linking to this video. Going to send the link to your Authenticator video also. Everyone should do this.
Bob Wells (1 month ago)
Great information. Added Google Authenticator and removed my phone number from facebook. Going to do my wife's account next. Another helpful video from dottotech.
Jackie Melanson (1 month ago)
Good Tip. I deal with a lot of customers support that are aware of their privacy. It amazes me that they are aware of it. Also, the majority of people don't care until the get breach!
Janelee Keller (1 month ago)
Thank You Steve 🤗. Am going to send this to my ex Husband who uses FB, only for announcements from his Diabetic Bike Riding Group..... I'm not sure if he has his phone number on his FB page, (or whatever it's called), but better safe than...well You know 😏. Sincerely, JaneLee ^_^ 10/5/18 6:46 AM
Mike Johnson (1 month ago)
Done - thanks for making this issue known
Mac Notts (1 month ago)
Hi Steve done that but i already had 2fa with the Microsoft athenticator and when i removed my phone no fb turned off my 2fa. Had to set it up again. Bloody cheek.
Chessnut49 (1 month ago)
Thanks for showing this Steve. Another great reason to subscribe to your posts.
Mike Gosheron (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it just be easier to put in a fake phone number!
bwtupper (1 month ago)
Apple seems to have a grasp on user privacy . . . Maybe they should develop social media that the user pays for.
bwtupper (1 month ago)
I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook doesn’t have a separate database of user phone numbers. So even if we delete our numbers they will still have them.
AJ Walker (1 month ago)
Facebook is the devil. I stopped using it last year.
Danny Mc phee (1 month ago)
Steve , so they say!!! I wouldn't believe that!!
DHTV (1 month ago)
I'm not even surprised at this point. Great video though, have to love how Facebook hides these settings.
Mark Allan (1 month ago)
What’s the difference. We are being advertised to already with laser focus. This is just one data point of many. If you feel that strongly about being advertised to don’t use free services because that’s their revenue model.
Mark Allan (1 month ago)
dottotech I don’t think they consider HOW they got your information. If they have it, they use it. To me it doesn’t make a difference. I know I’m the product when the service is free. You have to ask yourself at the beginning if you are okay with trading a free service for advertising constantly directed at you.
dottotech (1 month ago)
this is different, in general I agree with you, but when it comes to using the security features to better qualify you, it goes beyond the normal greed.
Patrick Olson (1 month ago)
Use a virtual phone number that has the wrong area code
Garry Owen (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve., Phone number removed, and Google Authenticator added as 2FF... Cheers, Garry. Reminder... if you change phones (as I did moving to my new iPhone), you need to transfer your Google Authenticator to the new phone BEFORE stopping use of your old phone. I learnt about this the hard way. Google Authenticator is tied to the physical phone.
dottotech (1 month ago)
great tip
Jaegar Croft (1 month ago)
Do you remember our conversation on your video "iOS 12 Udate: Discover What's Inside!" ? I Said: that emergency feature is masked as something as a must have, when in reality it's just another way for apple to steal / share / sell more of your information. You Said: Not sure if I agree with that one. I explained why, but you wouldn't respond. Do you now still disagree with what these companies are really doing without your knowledge. This is not something that they just started doing within the past month or even year, this has been going on for years and they already have all of Dotto's Data, and they have already sold it, shared it, distributed it to their partner companies. Changing your number now won't do a damn thing to stop any of it because as soon as you put it in, that information was already stored on their servers. Nothing you do now will change that fact.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Certainly you are righs as far as FB is concerned. If Apple is also guilty I imagine we will hear about it is good order. I still like the emergency call feature. The thing about Apple is they have no need to ask for our phone #. They have it already if they want it. So I still disagree about that feature but overall, you are correct.
Sue O'Kane (1 month ago)
Besides wondering what happens to two-factor authentication, which I believe does not affect it at all, what happens to our ability to use Facebook Messenger? Doesn't the app have a hold of our mobile number too?
Robin Perks (1 month ago)
Question to Facebook: When deleting a phone number, is it truly gone! As a software developer I know that most databases have audits. I guess one would need to trust that the phone number is actually gone and that the company will not use any audit data that may, or may not, still contain this information. Remember - Once it's posted, it may be posted for good!
sorileathegreat (1 month ago)
Once online, always online.
Jaegar Croft (1 month ago)
just sit back and wait for their usual fake apology then go on about your day because in a week you will forget that this even happened and that's what they are counting on. The corrupt dummycrats will continue to protect them, and this sort of thing will continue to happen as it has in the past. The circle of life.
Hi Steve, FaceBook owns Instagram as well. Thoughts on our information there? Thank you for offering your community so much value. I certainly appreciate you and what you’re putting out into this space. Have an excellent day.
Ravey Hites (1 month ago)
Thanks Steve - removed. Just one problem tho - I now get a popup message asking me to add my phone number. Hopefully FB will get the message when it eventually notes that I am continually deleting that message.
Saverio Parapugna (1 month ago)
If we remove our phone number from facebook profile do we lose two-step verification
Ullimately (1 month ago)
For the same reason you MUST remove your phone number from your GOOGLE account if it is not too late already. All these people are data collectors and data sellers. I have always refused to give my phone number to google or to facebook. Google has a fake phone number of mine connected to my fake email account.
JR E (1 month ago)
Facebook has not/is not being given my phone number ever. But I did double check while watching this video.
David Drescher (1 month ago)
Their algorithm seems to be broken. I'm getting flooded with the next season of electoral ads, however, none of them are from my area if it's an ad for a Statewide seat it's not from my state if it's for a county white sheet the ad is for my County. They're extracting add money and distributing the ads out of Market
dottotech (1 month ago)
Sounds like an issue with the people creating the ads....but hard to say.
Lucy Albert (1 month ago)
Hey Steve, you fail to mention! FB gets your phone number from whatsapp too. Truth! They automatically link your FB to whatsapp which uses your phone number. FB bought whatsapp! Instagram. Its insane. I have thought enough about deleting FB altogether!
Constantine Isslamow (1 month ago)
Thank you Steve. All done. Cheers
Landon Praught (1 month ago)
You are so right Steve it is time that Face book owns up .
Stan Willemse (1 month ago)
facebook = instagram = WhatsApp... they know...
Robin Morris (1 month ago)
I tried as you advised, but it won't let me. It comes up with a Confirmation popup asking "Already received a confirmation code?" I don't have any codes - Help! I'm in the UK so could be different?
Robin Morris (1 month ago)
Thanks Sue and Steve but I've cracked it before seeing Sue's reply. I used Facebook on my mobile (cell to those in north America) and this didn't have the Confirmation box my pc required. Great videos Steve - keep it up!
Sue O'Kane (1 month ago)
I saw that too. Ignore it! On the left side of the Mobile setting dialog box, under the phone number is a blue hyperlink that says REMOVE. Use that and ignore the confirmation code business.
Robin Morris (1 month ago)
Thanks for replying Steve. The box pops up on the Facebook 'Contact Information' page. When I edit the mobile number then click 'remove' it pops up anticipating a 'Confirmation code' and has a blue 'Confirm' button.
dottotech (1 month ago)
I am unclear when you are getting the notification.
Theo Willemse (1 month ago)
Hi there Steve, good video! Will be checking my setting for sure... Just don't know if this will make a difference. I also use whatsapp which is also owned by facebook. For 2FA i use Lastpass Authenticator. Saw you where reaching for a password Manager when entering your facebook password... What do you use? Greetings from the Netherlands!
dottotech (1 month ago)
I use Lastpass as well.
artzology (1 month ago)
I would like to remove myself from facebook but belong to so many groups! I would miss that. Removed my phone number! thanks!
Brian King (1 month ago)
Done! Thanks Steve 👍
April Love (1 month ago)
I have learned So much from you ~ thank you from the bottom of my <3
ISLAM DEHIS (1 month ago)
Question: So I guess if we remove our phone number from Facebook, there is no more two-factor authentication? Am I understanding this correctly? Please advise. Thank you.
dottotech (1 month ago)
You can still use a product like Google Authenticator - https://youtu.be/B-Iu1QGkP-o
Richard Clarkson (1 month ago)
Hi Steve. the way you showed on how to remove it was way different than the way i found on my facebook to delete it. i managed to do it though so thank you for the tip about removing it. now FB keeps sending me notes to add a phone every time i open FB
B. A. Woodward (1 month ago)
About a year ago, I noticed the FB showing "suggested friends" that were from my work clients. Long story short, the Facebook app uploads contacts from your phone and uses the e-mail to match to make suggestions. 1. Here is how to stop the contact uploading. https://www.facebook.com/help/355489824655936 2. Delete the contacts that FB has uploaded. https://www.facebook.com/mobile/facebook/contacts/?tab=contacts. There are other uploads that you can delete as well. I did this on a computer rather than a mobile device. Basically never upload FB messenger on a mobile phone because they then have your phone number. If you must access FB on a mobile phone, do it through your favorite mobile browser. I use Opera.
auntdarwina (1 month ago)
Heads up. While you technically may have removed your number Facebook still has it. They will occasionally ask if you want to use 2 factor authentication and can prefill your number for you. How convenient.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Not cool
Adrian Snell (1 month ago)
You really think that just because you deleted the number that they don’t know it anymore....you now have to change your number!!
dottotech (1 month ago)
you are probably right
NinjaTechGaming (1 month ago)
Im done with facebook in going to delete my account
Sonji Ruttan (1 month ago)
Lucky me, I never put a phone number in to begin with!
The Master (1 month ago)
If it's up to me, i would delete my Facebook account, but i'd lose countless contacts i can't afford to lose and they refuse to use the platform i'm most active on.
dottotech (1 month ago)
That sounds familiar!
Michel Granger (1 month ago)
With all due respect, you're a little naive to believe that ✡Facebook✡ really erased your phone number and won't sell it to anyone willing to pay to get it. Never trust those scumbags.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Oh, I have no illusions, but we can only do what we can do!
M M (1 month ago)
Another great tip Steve. I share your frustration at the misuse of our information by conglomerates, FB being just one of the many that wears the 'Highway Mans' mask! Just a wee addendum; when we load FB on our smartphones they automatically 'take' our numbers. Some users think they have to 'give' it to FB intentionally... uh-uh! Also, when we remove our mobile number, we also lose the ability to receive notifications, post photos etc on FB on/from our phones. Personally taking FB off my phone a few months ago was the best thing for me. One less, unnecessary distraction!
M M (1 month ago)
interesting.... Mmmmmm?? I followed your instructions after watching this vid and FB said that if I remove my telephone number that I won't be able to post etc... I don't have FB on my phone so I wasn't able to test this... Maybe it's a uk/europe thing to do with GDPR???
dottotech (1 month ago)
I must be missing something, I just tested that and was able to post from my phone. However I am on WiFi. are you saying that when I am mobile I will not be able to post, or that there is another setting on mobile where we need to remove our number?
Steve Lowry (1 month ago)
Is facebook and Google the only stars in the universe of the internet? Ah..........no. Empires are not eternal. They served their purpose then are absorbed or die. Its time to think beyond these social medias Mirage's. May dottotech will be the catalyst for the new movement. There's got to be a better way : find it, .
RV with Tito DIY (1 month ago)
I got a t-shirt ad on Instagram the other day based on data from my old personal Facebook profile. I know this because I have a bogus year and month entered on Facebook. There is nothing in my Instagram profile that would link it to my Facebook, except indirectly through friends. As they say: "If you don't pay for a product, you are the product" so don't think your data is private. For those who didn't know, Facebook owns Instagram.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Great point!
LAND SEA AIR CANADA (1 month ago)
As previously stated we don't use FB But for those that do... take heed DT's advise is excellent TY and Long may you run.
Carlos Benjamin (1 month ago)
How many steps? Fewer than you show. Instead of going to “Your Facebug Information”, just look a bit farther down that left hand column and go to “Mobile” and you’re there.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Great tip! Thanks!
Luke Westwood (1 month ago)
So much for GDPR working
SUJATHA PRAKASH (1 month ago)
Steve you are right some other people using and lot lot more things that's not right.
Dave Dube (1 month ago)
At 4:45 your hair went to your left. At 4:50 it went to your right but the background wasn't flipped? Most of the show it's to your right. Doing photo reconstruction/repair does this! Thanks for the update and info.
dottotech (1 month ago)
LOL no, recording the demo over 2 days does this.
Sam Finance Tech (1 month ago)
Good tips on the settings
Steve Lowry (1 month ago)
The new Gold Rush........mining for personal data. Great
Imelda O'Neill (1 month ago)
Now that I have removed my phone number, does that cancel out my ability to use 2 Factor Authorization? Thanks
Imelda O'Neill (1 month ago)
Thanks, Steve. Will do!
dottotech (1 month ago)
Use Google Authenticator, https://youtu.be/B-Iu1QGkP-o
Werner Otten (1 month ago)
High Steve, thanks again from Germay. Have a blessed day.You do a very good job.
Leyda Leon (1 month ago)
I never put it in the first place.. I never though it was necessary...
Don Moody (1 month ago)
What about 2FA?
dottotech (1 month ago)
Use an Authticator App like Google Authenticator. https://youtu.be/B-Iu1QGkP-o
Peter Wills (1 month ago)
But hang on, Steve. Google, along with Facebook, is one of the biggest abusers of user privacy and data on the planet. Why would you suggest using Google to get away from Facebook's intrusion? Whilst that is closing one portal to abuse, in my view it is simply opening another! It is unlikely that most users will cease to use Facebook or Google completely but I am certainly looking for ways to drastically cut back on my use of Google services. Facebook, of course, is another kettle of fish altogether. There is simply no viable alternative to Facebook and I doubt there will be for the foreseeable future.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Google is not to be trusted either, you need to pick your poison. Having said that, the information harvested by Google is used entirely differently than does Facebook, and Google has never been accused of sharing that info with others. If you don't like Google Authenticator there are multiple other Authenticators you can chose.
Eric Prouzet (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tip. I didn't remember I had added my phone number. Thanks to your video, I just deleted it! More generally speaking, I try to avoid crossing my web connections because I don't trust FB being a good friend of mine, and I don't trust Google being one as well. So, I've created individual passwords for each and manage them (high strength = at least 12 characters) with a password manager (Dashlane) which access code is not hosted by their platform.
Katie Frys (1 month ago)
Eric Prouzet Removed mine too! Hopefully many of the scam calls I get will stop. Live with Kelly and Ryan had a segment about avoiding scam calls just this morning! Perfect timing for this video to go out, Steve👍🏻
Jesse James (1 month ago)
1. Any website that uses your phone number uses it to market to you. 2. Removing it after finding out that they market to you with your number ain't going to do anything. They already have your number. Like a photo, once you give it to them, they have it permanently even if it is "deleted" and out of sight. Think about it... Social media is the worst, it is ground-zero for finding out everything about an individual. YouTube is almost the same, Google is trying to give you notifications and instant messaging.
andersoncsa1 (1 month ago)
Hi Steve. You’re the BEST. Thanks for always looking out for
dottotech (1 month ago)
You can still use 2FA without a phone if you use an Authenticator App, https://youtu.be/B-Iu1QGkP-o
andersoncsa1 (1 month ago)
...your community (sorry I hit send accidentally). So if I delete my phone # on Facebook and use two step identification with my Facebook account, don’t they still have my number?
Thomas Klink (1 month ago)
A wiser thought, remove yourself completely from facebook. It sure as hell is not going to get better.
James Wright (1 month ago)
I think it's time for the FCC to shut down Facebook completely.
James Wright (1 month ago)
A man can dream. Facebook could also face stiff fines for this as an alternative.
dottotech (1 month ago)
That will never happen
Jimilagro Vermont (1 month ago)
Just delete Facebook period.
0711master (22 days ago)
Such answers always come from people who never used Facebook's full potential. There is no adequate replacement for groups and events. Or complaining at big companies is often more effective publicly than using phone or email customer service.
Stacey Luster (1 month ago)
Exactly. Wanna keep in contact with your friends...oh I dunno... Call them! Text them! Video chat with them! All these things you can do without Facebook collecting your soul from you.
Robin Perks (1 month ago)
Deleted and not missing it! In fact I feel liberated. There is a safer alternative in Minds.
James Wright (1 month ago)
Jimlagro, I was going to suggest that. Glad you posted this first.
I told you that yesterday...
dottotech (1 month ago)
Berta Bragg (1 month ago)
Kia Kamgar (1 month ago)
I deleted Facebook over 2 years ago, I never used Whatsapp and last week I deleted my Instagram. Just delete any services that Facebook owns... easy!
David Dyer (1 month ago)
Facebook as been disappointing its users for years. Simply delete your account.

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