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Porters generic strategy

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Porter identified four possible competitive strategies in the book "Competitive Advantage" from 1985 in order to achieve a better result than the competition in the industry. These four strategies should be seen as a continuation of Porter's Five Forces. But now it's specifically about how a firm can achieve a favorable competitive position in the industry. Also see: * Porter’s Five Forces * Porter’s Value Chain * Porter’s Diamond Model
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twinqlez1 (2 years ago)
seems like a good video but the voice is not clear or clean which is distracting other wise good video
Forklar mig lige (1 year ago)
Hello Twinqlez1 at flixabout.com the current speaker is replaced with a professional English speaker. Tell others if you like it.
Matias Kristensen (3 years ago)
I rate it 5/7 m8

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