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LastPass: Password security for your family in 2018

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Improve your online security and save time with LastPass, the password manager that remembers all your passwords so you don't have to. In this video: 1:44 LastPass Demo Your Digital Legacy Free Minicourse https://dottotechu.thinkific.com/courses/your-online-legacy-social-media-after-you-die Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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PG CodeRider (7 days ago)
Your statement at 9:57 where you tell your viewers that they "can share a password without the risk of someone taking over the account." FALSE!!!! Anyone wishing to gain access only needs to search how to view a masked password to view the password. Very easy to do. Lots of extensions out there for it too. I'm surprised you don't know this, but truthfully LastPass needs to take some ownership of this and alert users of the expectation of using this feature.
Tjupuru 936 (2 days ago)
yeha this should definitely be clarified; this is borderline stupid they might as well take this option out altogether
Rhonda Cordero (11 days ago)
what if you have multiple accounts under the same company. For example you have a bank account, but at that same bank you have a credit card that requires you to have a different pw and log in from your bank log in?
Bet Hannon (19 hours ago)
yep. That works -- you just create multiple LastPass logins. Then when you go to that site, and click to have LastPass fill in your username & pw, it will let you choose which one you want to use.
ApplyUrBrain (21 days ago)
I don't mean to sound negative... I'm writing under your video because it is the BEST one I've found. That's a compliment. The sentence at 6:19. ? I think it means when we "log in" to a new website and create an account for that website, then LastPass, as you say, will ask if we want to create an account to match it in LastPass. BUT I JUST DID THAT (for the fourth time) AND NOTHING HAPPENED. I created an account at a gardening website and nowhere during the process did LastPass ask if I wanted to do anything. No window appeared. And yes I was logged into the app and have the extension and even used the pword generator to get a pword. These things are clear to someone who's been using the app, but confusing to beginners. Re Emergency Access, I'm not the only one who wondered how useful it is if you're too incapacitated to send an email. I think it works this way: You designate a trusted friend who is able to ATTEMPT to access your LastPass at ANY time (whether you are in a coma or fit as a fiddle). Maybe he has a legitimate reason to try, but this is all about security, so you want to guard against him getting access when he shouldn't. Therefore, any time he does try to access your data, LastPass will notify you that he is trying to do so and you will be given a certain pre-determined amount of time, say 2 hrs., to tell LastPass to deny his attempted access. If you don't respond to the alert from LastPass within the allotted time, then he will be allowed access. In fewer words: A trusted friend will be able to access your LastPass unless you say "No" when you're told he is trying to. I wish you had discussed how this is different from Apple's "Keychain" and whether Keychain should be disabled when you have LastPass. I wonder if LastPass can set reminders for each site based on the passage of time or the number of log-ins, for changing the password. But I suppose these great generated passwords could last forever without hacking, so maybe frequently changing is not important. I am disappointed in the pricing. The price doubles if you want to share with your spouse. They make it seem like a bargain by including all 6 of your kids, a "family" plan. But who would do that? Surely in most cases it's just the spouse you want to share with. It should be included in the basic price, not doubled, in my opinion. The workaround (?) is to just give your spouse your master passphrase and they have to use your computer. Thank you for your video which is more thorough than the others I've watched—and it's lightyears better than the lame videos on their site.
dottotech (18 days ago)
I think you need to check out Lastpass help for the issue with the site, good suggestion re keychain!
Richard Lannon (1 month ago)
Can you do a video just on LastPass Family usage?
Under Soil & Dirt (1 month ago)
you look like luke Thomas lol
Out of the Cauldron (1 month ago)
thanks for another great video. Question: how does last pass interact with the google authenticator system? thank you.
Rory Tate (1 month ago)
Probably the best online tutorial (of any subject) I've ever seen. The graphics are just perfect - clear but don't get in the way. Was sold on at least trying the ap. Thanks, Steve for making the effort to explain something many of us do not want to deal with.
Steve, I just discovered you and am so grateful for all that you share. I've set up LastPass, and your video has been extremely helpful, but where I'm hung up is I simply cannot seem to figure out how to get this working on my iPhone. So it's incapacitating me and making me want to get rid of LastPass altogether. I use Google Chrome on my IPhone X, and I have the latest version (12), and can't find any support in getting this set up. Can you do a video to help walk us through setting LastPass up on our mobile devices and how it works there?
dottotech (1 month ago)
iOS12 allows you to set up autofill passwords which helps, also I often in the past have jyst used the lastpass "copy password" feature to copy and paste in iOS, Not perfect but it is getting better.
Wow, Steven, thanks so much for the quick reply. Yes, I have the app. But some of my apps don't open with the username and password autofilled, and then if I try to launch those apps from within Lastpass, it still doens't autofill, and it's hard to remember those passwords because I used Lastpass to help generate some real obscure ones. So I'm hoping I'm just missing something. Wondered if you ever considered doing a video about that aspect of it.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Have you downloaded the LastPass App? You should just need to sign in to access it. It is not super intuitive on the iphone but it works!
Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg (1 month ago)
Lastpass not working in Chrome for several months. Once in a while it works for no apparent reason and then does not once again for extended periods.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Something unusual is happening, I have only had one issue, and that was with a specific service, but overall Lastpass has been stable in Chrome for me.
Linda G. Hayes (2 months ago)
Not working since upgrade to High Sierra. Lastpass tech support indicates they are aware and waiting for Apple to fix on their end. Well......paying for premium and NOT getting anything much right now. Disappointed ;-( Long time Last Pass user and subscriber. Looking for other options. Android version is VERY clunky and only works when using Last Pass Browser which is NOT awesome. Maybe I am not operating it correctly.
Luigi Rossi (2 months ago)
What happens if for some reason the subscription payment does not go through? Do I loose all my now LastPass generated passwords and have an impossible situation to resolve?
dottotech (2 months ago)
Mobile access, check the features of the premium vs free.
Luigi Rossi (2 months ago)
Perhaps an indication of functionality lost will help?
dottotech (2 months ago)
You will not lose passwords, but some functionality.
Ronald Hambrecht (2 months ago)
does LastPass support fingerprint login ?
dottotech (2 months ago)
I think so, depends on the device.
Shuvadeep Dey (2 months ago)
Show how lastpas works in smartphones. Does it work with apps as well apart from websites???
Shuvadeep Dey (16 days ago)
+Roger Betteridge What?? What do you mean?
Roger Betteridge (16 days ago)
Shuvadeep Dey b/7
Shuvadeep Dey (2 months ago)
Kevin Hedin (2 months ago)
So confused dottotech, you promoted 1Password and made the switch over Lastpass 3 years ago. What happened? Why did you switch back? Or did you?
dottotech (2 months ago)
I use all of the options as much as possible, LastPass has refreshed their app under the new ownership (which was what i was concerned about) and done a good job. Both are great choices in my opinion, LastPass costs less.
Ana Banana (3 months ago)
Hi, I have a few other questions I asked LastPass but their answers still left me in the dark. 1) I don't understand the difference between "folders" and "identities". Do you have a good explanation? 2) I am wondering about the most logical way to set up my family vaults. It's me, my husband, and two children. I also would like to add my sister to share important information in case of emergency. Has anybody found a good set up? Do you create a folder for all things "home", for example, which you share with your spouse? Thank you!
Rob Ford (1 month ago)
1) Folders let you organize your passwords into logical groups (banking, email, social media, school, medical, etc.). Identities let you filter which passwords you can see at a given time. For example, I can create an identity to show only those passwords relating to my son "E". Then, when I select that identity, I'll only see the passwords for 6 school accounts, 1 medical account, 3 Boy Scout accounts, and 6 game accounts. Everything else is not shown. As another example, you can create "Home" and "Work" identities. 2) I'm wondering the same thing. I currently have one Premium plan and everybody in the family has access to it. I group them in folders by type (banking, social media, etc.), and I differentiate common sites by adding our names to them (e.g., "LinkedIn - R" and "LinkedIn - A"). I don't know what the advantage would be to switch to the Families plan and double my cost to $48/year. However, since you want to add your sister, the Families plan might be the way for you to go. It looks like it would allow you better privacy, such as securing sensitive login information from her. If it were just you, your husband, and your kids, you could probably go with a Premium account. I think I answered my own question, and I will likely switch to the Families plan after giving this some more thought. I'm not sure I want my kids to be able to access everything I have in LastPass, like they can do with the single Premium plan we're currently sharing. They have no need to login to our bank accounts or my wife's and my work email or payroll accounts. I hope I've helped.
Ana Banana (3 months ago)
Hi Steve, thank you for this video. I am not clear how this works in connection with devices we regularly use that require logins but are not computers, tablets, or smartphones. Things that come to mind are Xbox, Apple TV, Nest thermostat, or even videogames that are played on the computer but not on a browser (like Fortnite) but you log in to play. Do we use them as we regularly do by entering the LastPass-provided password manually? Sorry if this is a dumb question! Just starting to get acquainted with password management systems!
Ana Banana (3 months ago)
Thank you, Julie.
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
In those cases, you would have to lookup the password in LastPass, and then type it manually into the device. And to be clear, using LastPass *allows*, but does not *require*, you to use their LastPass-Generated passwords. At a base level, you can just use it to store and remember all your existing passwords. But LastPass will empower you and strongly encourage you to make your passwords better over time. For me it was a gradual process. I started by just remembering my existing (terrible) passwords, and then as I began to know and trust the system, I started changing them to auto-generated ones.
dottotech (3 months ago)
I am not sure the best way for devices, I use it for Website accounts. But you could store all those other password and accounts in Lastpass, they would not "autofill" however, you would have to look up the password.
hey! dottotech i know you are right but I have 1 query: Google Authenticator VS LastPass which is best to use for security. I am a confused man ??? Recommend anyone which is perfect?
dottotech (3 months ago)
OI have no idea which is better, both should work fine though. (I use Google)
Dick Fraser (3 months ago)
Yes you invaded my territory all of a sudden you show up the program that is LAST PASS when I was checking my bank receipts. That really pissed me off. I don't care about your program now..! How do I remove it. Not Happy...! Not had any problems till now. I am using Linux Ubuntu and not sure how you got into my account. Mad as Hell..!
dottotech (3 months ago)
I have no idea what you are talking about!
Ab T (4 months ago)
Steve , Great video but YOU NEED TO ADD COMMENT on the video you have to modify it on 9:27 since Lasspass didn't protect receipt from not seeing or accessing the password. Even though you don't check the allow.else you will put your viewer on the risk. Anybody who can disprove me I can challenge
PG CodeRider (7 days ago)
Indeed. at 9:58 "Without the risk of that person being able to take the account over" is absolutely false. Please consider adding some commentary or text to the video. Truthfully LastPass should be more open about this too.
Georges Harfouche (4 months ago)
hi there how u can importe passwords from ur browser to the last pass
Zotmund Szele (4 months ago)
Hi Steve! What if I share a password with someone not making it visible but the person let's his browser (let's say Chrome) remember it? Did you try to this? What happens then? Also, I am with Sticky Passwords right now as it has many customizeable fields to add. Example: by phone provider. I can add mobile pins, logins names, secure passwords. LastPass also has a similar feature but it is kinda clumsy when I just simply want to look at the secure note and let's say read it out to someone over the phone. What do you think?
dottotech (4 months ago)
No lastpass will not let the person save the password.
bushtuker (4 months ago)
what happens if the site goes down ?
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
Your passwords are stored locally on your computer, encrypted. So if the site goes down, or if your internet connection goes down, you can still get to your vault locally. The only difference is that any changes would not be synced to other devices until the connection resumes.
Ronnie Mitchell (4 months ago)
Keep up the good work
Ronnie Mitchell (4 months ago)
I watch a lot of your videos don't Google. Similar the same thing where did they can remember your password
dottotech (4 months ago)
yes they do, I prefer not to keep my passwords in the browser however
David Kaiser (5 months ago)
Useless waste of time. Likes to hear himself talk.
dottotech (5 months ago)
Usless Comment, Likes to see himself post.
Orlando Delgado (5 months ago)
Do you consider LastPass better than 1Password? thanks
Hyperbole Master Kerry (5 months ago)
Thanks for this review of LastPass. 2 questions: 1) Does it make a difference whether you use a desktop or Mobile device? 2). What about two Factor Authentication? Does LastPass still work when you have that enabled. I do for gmail.
Bet Hannon (19 hours ago)
The latest ios update also makes this easier for filling in any logins in Safari & apps.
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
With 2FA on gmail, LastPass will autofill your password at the first step, and then you'll need to type in the code from your phone or whatever on the next step. It works the same as it always has except that you don't have to type your own password.
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
LastPass has apps for Android and iPhone. I've used it on Android for years, and the auto-fill used to be a little hit or miss. (Sometimes I had to manually lookup a password.) But recently, my phone upgraded to Android 8 (Oreo), which has much better integration with password managers, and now the experience is even better and smoother. Autofill in Apps, and remembering passwords works great from my phone on Oreo.
dottotech (5 months ago)
No difference although the mobile app is not as integrated, Yes it will work fine with 2FA
Jakedark (5 months ago)
Trying to log on steam says Nothing
Richard Huntington (5 months ago)
Thank you again.
Sunday1992 (6 months ago)
One thing to note, if the shared password is hidden, one could still see it by capturing the packet in the browser in the form submit request right before it's encrypted.
P Schmied (6 months ago)
The reason to use a password manager is to manage a large number of passwords, and the good ones encrypt them. For adults, there is no reason for a password to be impossible to remember. The alternative to a password manager is to use a key passphrase that's easy to remember, but hard to guess, and to modify it systematically using a few rules based on the site/system where you use the password. I haven't a good memory, but use literally hundreds of site logins with very probability that any two have the same password. I use a system. If you follow one, after a couple of weeks practice you'll be able to recreate the password for any site where you've assigned one almost as fast as you can key it in. One system would be to use the the old Compuserve system for the passphrase, two unrelated words separated by a special character. A simple modification rule would be to take the first and third letters of the website and substitute them for the first letters of the passphrase's words. A slight improvement would be to take the 5th letter of the site name and use it to pick a substituted for the separatorcharacter, counting across the numeral keys as you go through the alphabet. You could go across or back and forth . (Have a card with the special character lookup.) Your system will create passwords that are different for each site, hard to guess, and too resource demanding to crack in a reasonable amount of time. The only time this system on't work is where the site has poor security and won't accept special characters. If so, use the number keys for the special character substitution. That limits the potential passwords for a site to two. You can improve this by using a modified login name for each site using a simpler rule. For special sites where security is paramont, like banking, if they require an email address as the signing, they must accept special characters in the password to be secure. Add another special character at the end. Use your own key phrase. Use your own substitution rules. The only things I suggest are to include one Capital letter, one lowercase, and one numeral that are not changed by the modification rules.
Steve Cedrone (6 months ago)
The best, I use it and love it!
Juan Mera Figueroa (6 months ago)
Awesome review Steve, I love your channel!!!!
TangoDeltaDelta (6 months ago)
Was a very happy LastPass Premium user for many years and talked many others into using it. Now, however, my Vault got trashed and although I was able to recover most of the lost information from backups (thanks be!), I am still not able to update any information. LastPass 3rd or 4th tier technical support is aware of the problem but can't solve it yet (after about a month). Currently looking for alternatives. :-( The fact that they doubled the price didn't help keep me as a customer either, although I wouldn't have left them for that if the service still worked reliably. I just don't trust it now :-(. I am not very happy with the new owners -- I never had any issue under previous ownership.
dottotech (6 months ago)
Sorry to hear that!
Fitness IQ (7 months ago)
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
In the latest version of Android 8.0 (Oreo), Password managers can now interact with Apps. It's great, and has vastly improved my experience of LastPass on my phone. I can't speak for the status of iOS.
Anthony L. Green (3 months ago)
Fitness IQ , it will create passwords for your apps as well
Arnie Jacobsen (7 months ago)
As Gord Isman said Really great demo Steve! I noticed that in 2015 you moved from LastPass to 1PassWord. Now, you're back? Any particular reason?
dottotech (7 months ago)
The refresh on LastPass is very good, and my concerns about the company being sold have been alleviated.
computerkid1416 (7 months ago)
I've been using Lastpass since last year and I don't know how I did without it. It's such an important tool to use.
Ross Geography (7 months ago)
Codebook is great if you don't like idea of cloud account (but syncs via Dropbox) Believe Dashlane has a free option
Teddie Knoll (8 months ago)
What do you think of using the google password cloud service?
Teddie Knoll (7 months ago)
Haven't tried it yet - slowly trying to become a google gal and am looking for advice
Carlos Santillán (7 months ago)
Have you used it? (Teddie?) Any opinion?
dottotech (8 months ago)
I have not used it yet, I am going to have to have a look, thanks for the suggestion.
Kerry King (8 months ago)
Hi Steve, always giving us great stuff, so thanks. BTW have you heard of TRUSONA? Supposedly an app that does away with the need for user names and passwords - WTF?
dottotech (8 months ago)
Never heard of it, I will take a look, but really??????
Reed Flom (8 months ago)
Love the content! Quick question I how does the password management work in conjunction with logging on Windows since I use my Google account to access my computer. My concern is the password will be impossible to remember and I won’t be able to log on my computer.
dottotech (8 months ago)
It is your choice to use it for each service, so you can decide if you want to leave logging in as it already is
Lieven Beuckx (8 months ago)
is it possible to change password manager, export from one to another?
Mark Shampine (8 months ago)
Lieven Beuckx it is possible. Each has its own method and some require more effort than others. 1Password has a direct import feature where it will import LastPass data. Moving from 1Password to LastPass was slightly more intricate, requiring you to export your 1Password data to a CSV file, then copying the contents of that file to the clipboard and pasting the contents into a field within LastPass. A bit bulky, but it did work. Good luck!
SpectraLight Photography (8 months ago)
Hey Steve, Another awesome tutorial. Although you didn't mention it, I assume it is good practice to log out of LastPass if you leave your computer running all day and have to leave. Or does it automatically log you out after a certain period of inactivity on your computer (or other device)?
Spree (8 months ago)
Spectralight Photo And there's really no point in logging out, unless your computer is also used by others. Well, I guess if you do get a virus and you see it before you log in again, that would be good. But if you don't get viruses just stay logged in.
SpectraLight Photography (8 months ago)
Thanks for answering, Spree!
Spree (8 months ago)
Spectralight Photo You can choose!
Your Digital Makeover (8 months ago)
I'm probably the only one here. But I have never used a password manager. And probably never will. I thought about using 1 Password but never could feel comfortable having all of my passwords in one place that could be accessed by a hacker who only has to hack one password to get to them. So, I keep my passwords in a very secure place. My brain. I know....archaic lol
Anthony L. Green (3 months ago)
Your Digital Makeover , I was like you!! Kept a notebook, used secure phrases for all my sites!! My system was foolproof, then my wife got hacked!! They tried to get a bank card sent to them, she travels a lot so I think it happened on Airport WiFi!! The acct they tried to get was a joint acct so now I’m compromised!! Because of this I need to invoke the use of a password manager because my wife doesn’t feed into my conspiracy theories, lol!!
Your Digital Makeover (6 months ago)
Nothing is foolproof. Hackers will always find a way. And none of my passwords that are in my head have ever been compromised in decades either.
Ari Gadget (6 months ago)
First the passwords managers encrypt the entire blob of data and then store it. So even if a hacker hacks their servers, they need to break an AES 256 bit encryption with salting which is almost impossible to do (within a timeframe of say a hundred years). Secondly for remote hacking master password is not sufficient, the hacker will either need OTP or a secret key (like in 1password) to access your account. Thats simply not possible as he only has one chace for a combination. so its much much harder or kind of impossible. Thats why none of the password managers has not compromised a single password in decades.
P Schmied (6 months ago)
You aren't the only one. I use a system of a single compex but memorable passphrase and substitution based on site name. I'm active on humdreds of sites, only need to be careful keying in the passwords.
Your Digital Makeover (7 months ago)
If you have that many accounts, then the better way would be to keep a physical notebook to keep your passwords in. It is more secure.
Weeks Vance (8 months ago)
I use lastpass all the time
Danny Mc phee (8 months ago)
Thanks Steve, I really enjoy seeing these short but extremely informative video's.
Kattz (8 months ago)
If you're going to have only one password, this is the way to do it. I've been using password managers for years and LastPass is my favourite. Can't beat the price either - the free version is great.
junktube4000 (20 days ago)
So does 1password cost money if you want to use it on more then one device? If so, might need to switch to Lastpass.
Edward Mizzi (8 months ago)
Dotto, Great tutorial. Question, please. What happens if, say, 2 years down the road you want to stop using Lastpass? Can you quit with no issues or are you stuck with LastPass forever? Thanks, Ed
Julie Herrick (3 months ago)
Since you can export, there's no need to change all your passwords.
Parker Gamble (6 months ago)
LastPass offers and export feature, meaning you could get a file with your passwords to store yourself or import to another password manager.
Spree (8 months ago)
Edward Mizzi Well, you would have to change every accounts passwords. But other than that, you can just quit. You can delete everything on lastpass (DONT DO IT BEFORE YOU HAVE CHANGED ALL PASSWORDS)
Carlos Benjamin (8 months ago)
What good is the emergency access if you’re too incapacitated to send the distress signal?
Alan Feldsott (3 months ago)
I was wondering the same thing. I figured there must be some workable process for this, and found it on the LastPass site. https://lastpass.com/support.php?cmd=showfaq&id=9972 I'm guessing that if you set the time to 48 hours, for example, when the designated emergency contact requests access to all your LastPass accounts, you will be notified by LastPass that this person has requested access. If you don't respond with a denial for access within 48 hours, then the emergency person will be given access.
Henrik Berggren (8 months ago)
if i use google take care of password is not it just as good ??
John Weston (8 months ago)
Hi Steve. Another great video as always. It's very important to have a password manager these days. Personally my wife and I chose Enpass. Whichever you choose though they all mostly do the same thing. One of the reasons we chose Enpass is because it's got a desktop client for Linux Ubuntu that we use but I'm sure there are many good cross platform apps like this.
Kat Sturtz (8 months ago)
HUGE fan of LastPass. Have paid account for over 2 years now. Its _share_ function is a favorite feature.
bobzani (8 months ago)
The form filler of Last Pass in a great plus.
Christoph Ennemoser (8 months ago)
I'm also using LastPass for quite a while, including the iOS apps both on iPhone and iPad. I'm trusting on LastPass, but to be sure I'm exporting 4 times a year all stored passwords via "More Options" / "Advanced" / "Export" to a csv file to have them also locally stored. I'm putting those csv files into KeepPass in order to have a second secure and almost up2date backup at hand, if needed. What is also very nice is the Security Challenge that not only performs some tests on the quality of your passwords but also allows, at least for some sites, to have them automatically changed. *like*
pez (8 months ago)
Great video Steve I miss these short tutorials you are so good at.
Thank you Steve for another great and absolutely helpful video!
MsTurbo310 (8 months ago)
Hi Steve, I am wondering what you think of Google password manager?
Charles Strniste (8 months ago)
Thanks for a great reminder - Although I use LastPass, you reminded me of some features I meant to implement - and now I will!
Joanne Momsen (8 months ago)
Thank you for encouraging us to at least make a choice rather than hoping or wishing for some kind of a miracle to happen, and then leading us to make a good choice based on your knowledge and experience. I really appreciate it. Thank you for being honest and realistic, and also sensitive about bad, unpleasant things that might happen to us where we may need emergency access for people close to us.
Antoine Dupont (8 months ago)
Been using LastPass for few years now. I love it, I couldn't possibly remember all my passwords.
Gord Isman (8 months ago)
Great demo Steve. I love the "share" feature. Is there a reason to choose LastPass or Onepass over the other? I'm just wondering if there is a major feature that made you choose LastPass?
junktube4000 (20 days ago)
So is Lastpass free whereas 1password costs money if you want to use it on more then one device?? If so, Im switching to Lastpass.
Spree (8 months ago)
Mark Shampine It doesnt matter which you use (lastpass, dashlane, 1password, keepass) stick with one unless you dislike it.
Mark Shampine (8 months ago)
Hi Steve, Interesting...I actually switched to 1Password based on your last video! 😎 What are the changes to LastPass that won you over? I ask because one of the features that caused me to change was the ease of accessing OP with the right click in any field. I’m open to switching back, but I am curious. Thanks!
Gord Isman (8 months ago)
Thanks, Steve. Too many of us wait for a mishap before we take action. I think I'm going to pre-empt that, thanks to your review!
Liquid Ocelot#2 (8 months ago)
Liquid Ocelot#2 (8 months ago)
LastPass: Password security for your family in 2018 https://youtu.be/0eVukQjo3Wg

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