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Gulp! Alive! Spray

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Steve Pennaz on Gulp! Alive! scented spray and how it helps you out fish live bait.
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Text Comments (49)
Aldo Mancini (4 years ago)
How much?
jd tsab (4 years ago)
which one is best for SPAWNING BASS
invadernik (4 years ago)
gunna try this when I go for steelhead. lets hope they like it.
Fisherman101 (4 years ago)
Gonna get it 🎣
Jose Angel Ares (5 years ago)
ugotbawlz, does it have to be HOT water? why? does this scent work well? thanks a lot
Paramount Fishing (5 years ago)
Yes, that is a decent ratio.
Paramount Fishing (5 years ago)
This alone will not catch you any fish. Lure selection is key.
fishing to the max (5 years ago)
in my tests wd40 works better and is cheaper
Sean Carey (5 years ago)
probably catfish
aundre freeman (5 years ago)
the squid spray is excelent caught me some pinfish , i sprayed it on live or dead shrimp and caught some decent sized pinfish. i also let a guy use the spray and he caught a shark !
Azrul Wolf (6 years ago)
garlic spray?? what kind of fish that like garlic??
Bilal Spearo (5 months ago)
Azrul Wolf carpe
Azrul Wolf (6 years ago)
sir..which spray is the best for peacock bass or snakehead?
Dustin Freeman (6 years ago)
Love me some Gulp Alive. lol. Works like a charm down here in Alabama. ;]
LeiF CS (6 years ago)
wtf garlic
thefishingguy13 (6 years ago)
how do u get free samples
mason nunes (7 years ago)
what spray works the best garlic nightcraler or crawfish
cheeeeezitz (7 years ago)
that fish couldnt be anymore deader
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@TheMetalJig That's great! What were you targeting?
w3stc0ast187m (7 years ago)
I went fishing today, i was fishing for about an hour and nothing. Some kids showed up and hooked like 5 fishes in half an hour or less. I was wondering wtf i was doing wrong till i seen on of em pull out a bottle and spray it on their bait..came home did some research and found this stuff, im definetly gonna purchase this. Shouldve asked them what flavor they where using! Lol
Lleanlleawrg (7 years ago)
@TexasAngler1 I can imagine that could work very efficiently yes. I'll try that for next time.
TexasAngler1 (7 years ago)
@Lleanlleawrg Ive caught caught some fish with it,but you have to be still fishing with it,!,One thing that seemed to work was I got some plastic fake bait,and a baby food jar and poured some in the jar and let the bait sit for a couple days,it seemed to work pretty well,!
Lleanlleawrg (7 years ago)
@TexasAngler1 Yesterday me and a friend got two cod in the first three casts, something (mackerel probably) nibbled a couple of times, but we didn't get a hook set, and there was some wrasse that paid it a great deal of attention. So it seems like it might be working. I do know scent does work, because it's been a powerful weapon amongst local fishermen for a long time. Shellfish scentbombs for example was an excellent attractor to fishnets and crab traps.
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@laxerreynolds Match the hatch...if nightcrawlers are working, jack up your plastic with the spray, if the crawfish bite is on, hit your jig with it. Or get the baitfish bite with shad, menhaden or minnow on your swimbaits.
Hunter Reynolds (7 years ago)
which spray is the best for largemouth bass?
bonehead1902 (7 years ago)
@iamElijah haha Them people watch to many fishing shows and don't know what there doing
TexasAngler1 (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 Well that was on a boat,this stuff isnt the best for bank fishing,I use the shrimp smell for catching cats
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@TexasAngler1 15 fish sounds pretty impressive out of 40 casts? Not a bad ratio.
TexasAngler1 (7 years ago)
@berkleyfishing08 Well there were instructions on the bottole on how to use it,Ive only used it about 25-40 times in all,ive only caught 15 fish out of that 40 using the spray,I spray about 5 times every 2 cast?
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@TexasAngler1 How are you using it, maybe we can help give you some tips to help you?
TexasAngler1 (7 years ago)
This stuff does NOT work,Its way over priced I never catch anything with it!!
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@ugotbawlz Sounds tasty...it might make me hungry though
Berkley Fishing (7 years ago)
@pinoybro09 I spray it on every 5 or so casts, for best results.
Chad Gates (8 years ago)
how often do u have to spay it on
ugotbawlz (8 years ago)
how about this method... buy a large baby food jar, mince three heads of garlic, add 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, add 1 tablespoon of sea salt, and fill the remainder with hot water. shake for a good ten minutes...then drop some of your favorite baits in there for an overnight bath. take to the water in the morning...i bet this method WILL WORK LIKE A CHAMPION...best of all, it's PENNIES on the dollar.
Alex Vargas (8 years ago)
hahaha its also funny reading stupid comments ppl post...haha garlic bread
ugotbawlz (8 years ago)
i am not knocking the stuff, because i have never used it...however, if it is WATER SOLUBLE, and you just sprayed it on, right before you threw it in the water, wouldn't the spray attractant wash right off after you ripped it through the water a couple of times? i don't get it. somebody please enlighten me how this stuff stays on your artificial bait - cuz i would love to know.
Philip V. (8 years ago)
@exoddus2002 cool
Kinoshita Tomoki (9 years ago)
il agree acept the daddies dick comment
cooleb (9 years ago)
i have it and it doesn't work as they say
shigshwa (9 years ago)
Any fish, any bait/lure, any time, and you can buy it at any place that sells a lot of fishing gear, like Wal-Mart.
Umbreonair (9 years ago)
I was using it for walleye and damn it i say it does work. Caught a 27 1/2" that weekend. I don't know if it had anything to do with it but it worked for me. Bought mine @ wal mart. Crawler scented. Sprayed it onto a fire tiger husky jerk and caught a nice smally too. I'm pretty convinced.
El Cid (9 years ago)
its pretty bad it doesnt stick i use yum instead
smthb (10 years ago)
$10 at bass pro shop
smthb (10 years ago)
i have that! It works!
Stuart Tollison (10 years ago)
the gulp worms work really well too
IFragAll (10 years ago)
I might try this on a Berkley Chiggercraw for bass.
might have to try this
exoddus2002 (11 years ago)

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