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Target Impression Share Bid Strategy - Improve Google Ads Impression Share and Ad Position

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Discover the Target Impression Share Bid Strategy. Learn how to Improve Google Ads Impression Share and Ad Position. Target impression share is available through Google Ads as one of their Smart Bidding strategies. This bid strategy will automatically manage and set your bids and either show your ad anywhere on the first page of Google search results, at the top portion of the page of Google search results, or at the absolute top position at the top of the page. Our video will go over how to set-up the Target Impression Share bid strategy and some different reasons you may want to use it. First, you would want to go to one of your Google AdWords search network campaigns. When you click on the campaign, you want to go to Settings. Under Bid Strategy, you choose Target Impression Share through Google AdWords and you can decide your settings. They give you the option to bid for a position in Google search results, what percentage you would like to achieve, and your Maximum bid. Your max bid needs to be high enough in order to achieve your impression share goal based on the portion of the page where you want your ad to show. Target impression share bidding in Google Ads is an automated strategy so you do not need to set bids manually, you just need to set maximum CPC bids. There are three options for the Target Impression Share strategy, depending on where you want your ads to show: on the absolute top of the page, on the top of the page, or anywhere on the page of Google search results. Google Ads automatically sets your bids based on those settings. If you choose an Impression Share target of 50% on the top of the page, Google Ads will automatically set your CPC bids to help show your ads on the absolute top of the page 50% of the total possible amount of times they could show. Bid limits The Max CPC bid limit is a cap on bids set by this bid strategy. It is important not to set this limit too low. Otherwise, it can restrict the bids set by the strategy and prevent you from reaching your Impression Share goal. Learn More: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9121108?hl=en Portfolio Bid Strategies: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2979071 Understanding Bidding Basics in Google Ads: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2459326
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Text Comments (5)
Claire Louise (4 months ago)
Great channel 😊 do you have a video on dynamic ads?
Sunny Chaitanya (5 months ago)
Hi thanks a lot for all your stuff...could you please make a video on email marketing (mail chimp)
sumit sharma (5 months ago)
Amazing update, but I wanted to know one thing that which forum we can join to get latest or daily updates on AdWords. It was a really good video on an latest update.
Saadullah khan (5 months ago)
I need help with this strategy. My keyword's "top of page bid" is $0.50. So if I use the target impression share bid strategy instead of CPC or CPA, will I get charged for 1000 impressions or $0.50 per click ? Please do reply..
Clinton Munkres (5 months ago)
Great video as always. Hey, got a question for you. I just notice little clickable stars next to certain keywords in some of my campaigns. What are those?

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