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How to manage multiple accounts, directories, and subscriptions in Azure | Azure Portal Series

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Discover how to easily manage multiple accounts, directories, and subscriptions in the Microsoft Azure portal. In this video, you'll learn how to log in to the portal and manage multiple accounts, establish the contexts between accounts and directories, and how to filter and scope the portal at a few different levels to their billable subscriptions. Try out these features in the Azure portal: https://ms.portal.azure.com/#home
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Text Comments (3)
Andre Steve (4 months ago)
this video is not clear sir,can you make video how to manage multiple account in 1 portal azure?
Poldi Rijke (3 months ago)
Try it yourself, it makes it more clear; https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/modules/create-an-azure-account/
lwelicki (3 months ago)
Thanks for writing Andre! Feel free to reach out to me directly to [email protected] so we can understand better what you'd like to see (if possible please add "Portal-Howto" to the email subject). Thanks for watching and for leaving this comment!

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