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Choosing The Entity That Best Fits Your Business Needs...
When creating your business, you have four basic entity types you can choose to use. You can choose to be a Sole Proprietorship, this is the simplest option to start a business. Then you have General Partnership, S Corporation, C Corporation, and Limited Liability Company. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, based on what you sell, your business's finances, and the number of owners the business will have. As a business owner you have to select the structure that best fits your business needs.
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Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Corporation? - All Up In Yo' Business
What The Heck is an S Corporation?: https://youtu.be/i5to7Da3wMw Top 10 Things Every LLC Needs: https://youtu.be/T826TLGEK9w The three most common types of structures for a small business are the sole proprietor, LLC, and corporation. These are by no means the only options for business structure; there are many more options out there (e.g., general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, cooperatives, non-profit corporations, etc.). If you are operating as a sole proprietor, this means that you have not really formed any legal structure of a business entity. If you are just an individual making income from providing services or selling products and you have not registered anything with your state, then you are already operating as a sole proprietor. If you are operating under a trade name (e.g., if I am operating a lawn mowing service under the name “Aiden’s Lawn Mowing Service,” that would be the trade name), then you should file a Statement of Trade Name with the Secretary of State in order to register the fact that you are operating under that trade name. However, just because you file your trade name does not mean that you are an LLC or any kind of entity; you are still just a sole proprietor. The LLC is the most popular entity formation and that is because (in Colorado, at least) an LLC is inexpensive and relatively simple to start and run. To form an LLC, all you have to do is file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State (or whatever agency operates business organizations in your state) and boom! you've got yourself an LLC. Of course, there are other things you need to do to make sure your LLC is going to protect you personally and to avoid piercing the corporate veil. Similar to a sole proprietor, all of the income to the business is taxed as if it were personal income to the business owner. Finally, the biggest difference between an LLC and sole proprietor is that an LLC does give you that liability protection. So, if there is a lawsuit, or if the LLC is subject to some liability, then you as the business owner should be personally protected and your personal assets would most likely be safe from those liabilities. When I say "corporation" in this context, I am referring to a C-Corporation specifically. (I'm going to touch on the S-Corporation in just a minute.) The corporation is a little bit more complicated and expensive to set up, but there are some instances where it would be useful to have a corporation. First, it’s important to know that there are three groups of players in a corporation: Shareholders, Board of Directors, and Officers. Shareholders are basically the owners; they own shares of the corporation. The Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions about the operation of the corporation. And the Officers are generally those that are actually participating in the business and managing the business and all of its activities. Despite these various players, a small business can still form as a corporation and the Shareholder, Board of Directors, and Officers can all be one person. In other words, one person can hold multiple positions within the corporation. To create a corporation, you will need to file Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. You will also need to write Bylaws, which are essentially the same as an Operating Agreement. The Bylaws say how the corporation is going to be run and managed and operated. If there are going to be multiple shareholders, then you will probably also want to have a Shareholder Agreement. One of the biggest drawbacks of a corporation is that corporations are subject to double taxation. When money comes into the business it is taxed at the corporate rate as income to the corporation, then when money is distributed to the shareholders, it is taxed again as dividends to the shareholders. Finally, just like an LLC, the corporation provides liability protection to the Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the Officers in most instances. Contact Aiden and learn more at www.180lawco.com. [email protected] | 720-379-3425 Thumbs up & subscribe if you want more AUIYB! The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by 180 Law Co. LLC, with its principal office located at 50 S. Steele Street, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80209. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship 180 Law Co. LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice. All Up In Yo’ Business® is a registered trademark of 180 Law Co. LLC. ©180 Law Co. LLC. All rights reserved.
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Finding the Right Business Structure
Will you form a sole proprietorship? A partnership? A corporation? A limited liability company? There are pros and cons to each. Watch this video to learn how each structure can affect operations, registration and filing fees, liability, and taxation.
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How to Choose the Right Business Structure
By reviewing the pros and cons of these four common business structures, you can determine which one will benefit you most. more at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244190 Watch more videos at: http://www.entrepreneur.com/video Follow Us On Twitter: https://twitter.com/entrepreneur Buy Mark’s Educations Products Today! Link - http://markjkohler.com/product/ Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MarkJKohler
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Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing
Discover the best legal entity if you are going to be investing in real estate
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How To Choose The Right Legal Structure For Your Business
http://www.fitsmallbusiness.com In today's video we are going to discuss business structures and how to know which business legal structure is right for your business.
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The Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing
The Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing As a real estate investor, it’s a wise decision to purchase your rental properties within a legal entity. Doing so provides protection to your personal assets, and provides enormous tax benefits. But is there a legal entity that is best for real estate investing? In this video, I’ll discuss the different types of legal entities, and how to choose which is best for your real estate investing business. I’ll share the importance of consulting with lawyers and accountants when making this decision. You’ll also learn exactly how I’ve been advised to set up my business entities, including in which states, and how many properties each entity supports. BOOK A FREE CALL WITH OUR TEAM TODAY AT MORRIS INVEST: https://goo.gl/DNIIh0 CHECK OUT OUR OTHER GREAT VIDEO PLAYLISTS LIKE: VIDEOS ABOUT TURNKEY REAL ESTATE INVESTING: https://goo.gl/1bGEhB OR VIDEOS ABOUT GETTING STARTED IN REAL ESTATE https://goo.gl/dPfWeY OR VIDEOS ABOUT REAL ESTATE NEWS https://goo.gl/m1b3U8 SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN OUR AWESOME COMMUNITY: https://goo.gl/Polf6I LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: iTunes: https://goo.gl/vM969n FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/claytonmorris Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MorrisInvest Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claytonmorris
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How to Set Up and Structure Multiple Business Entites
Exploring business entity types | Small business | lynda.com
So you want to start a small business. How should you structure it? Learn about business entity types such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations, and explore the benefits of each in this tutorial. Watch the follow-up movies at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Small-Business-Secrets/156584-2.html?utm_campaign=UEGkczPJJ9Q&utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube-earned. This specific tutorial is from the Small Business Secrts series presented by lynda.com author Dave Crenshaw. This series covers small business topics such as getting started, writing a business plan, determining your most valuable product or service, hiring people, managing processes, documenting systems, bootstrapping, seeking funding, accounting, controlling costs and profit margins, marketing, creating culture, and more.
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Business Law 9.2: Selecting a Business Structure
What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business structure? Table of Contents: 00:00 - Business Law 9.2 Selecting a business structure 00:02 - Business structures 00:26 - Business structures 00:45 - Sole trader 01:31 - Sole trader 02:29 - Partnership 03:29 - Partnership 03:59 - Partnership 04:58 - Partnership 06:18 - Partnership 06:47 - Partnership 07:18 - Company 07:47 - 08:26 - Company 09:11 - Company 10:12 -
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Umbrella LLCs - All Up In Yo' Business
Contact Aiden and learn more at www.180lawco.com. [email protected] | 720-379-3425 Thumbs up & subscribe if you want more AUIYB! Follow Me! IG: @allupinyobusiness Twitter: @_AllUpInYoBiz www.facebook.com/180lawco www.google.com/+aidenkramerlawAUIYB www.pinterest.com/AUIYB The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by 180 Law Co. LLC, with its principal office located at 50 S. Steele Street, Suite 250, Denver, CO 80209. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship 180 Law Co. LLC or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice. All Up In Yo’ Business® is a registered trademark of 180 Law Co. LLC. ©180 Law Co. LLC. All rights reserved.
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How I Chose a Legal Business Structure
How do you choose the right #business structure? Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or an LLC? I share my story of how I learned the difference between each one and which structure I chose that was best for my freelance business. 2:46 = Sole Proprietorship 3:33 = Partnership 6:55 = LLC (4:10) 4:25 = Corporation 5:40 = S-Corporation 8:24 = A Summary What is the best business structure for a freelancer and what is the difference? Episode Notes: http://freelancejumpstart.tv/5 https://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Business-Structures Make sure to subscribe and look out for new episodes. https://www.youtube.com/nathanallotey?sub_confirmation=1 — Looking to level up in your freelance business? You may need Creative Coaching: http://nathanallotey.com/coaching — Freelance Jumpstart Podcast on iTunes: http://nathanallotey.com/itunesaudio Free Course on How to Double Your Worth: http://respectandvalue.com Like the content? Donate to the Cause: http://nathanallotey.com/donate Executive Producer - Nathan Allotey Typefaces: Proxima Nova — Contact Me My website: http://nathanallotey.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/nathanallotey Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheNathanAllotey Instagram: http://instagram.com/nathan.allotey Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NathanAllotey
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Corp 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure
http://businessroundtable.org/ Corporations 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure. Check back soon for more on the inner workings of corporations. https://www.facebook.com/BusinessRoundtable
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The Best Structure for a Partnership | Mark J Kohler | Tax & Legal Tip
Sign up for my weekly newsletter now! With awesome tax and legal tips, upcoming and current tax reforms, deadlines, special offers from my Lawfirm and Accounting Firm, and much much more! Don't miss out on this opportunity, It's FREE!! how could you get better than that!? Click the link below: http://markjkohler.com/youtube/ This video is about Choosing the Best Structure for a Partnership and to learn more on how to save thousands in taxes or potential asset losses. To Download my FREE E-Book "Top Ten Tax and Legal Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs", or make an appointment for a FREE interview with an attorney or CPA visit http://www.markjkohler.com/youtube. Follow me on my social media with DAILY and WEEKLY Tips and Blog Articles, and also catch me surfing at http://www.markjkohler.com/social. To purchase my new book: "The Tax and Legal Playbook" please visit the Entrepreneur bookstore here: http://amzn.to/1cWlhor Check out my Law Firm KKOS Lawyers at http://www.kkoslawyers.com Visit my Accounting Firm K&E CPAs at http://www.ke-cpas.com Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/aTj1/
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Lawn Care Business Structure:  Sole Proprietor, LLC, or S Corporation
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What Is The Legal Structure Of An LLC?
Why start an llc? Advantages and disadvantages of limited. Choosing a legal structure findlaw. Business structures small business law findlaw. A limited liability company, or llc, is a type of legal structure that right for before you start your business, need to give careful thought the will choose. Llc? Helpful guide to get started legalzoom business structures limited liability company wikipedia. Googleusercontent search. Inc? Learn the difference, learn more about legal business structures. Regardless of which sole proprietorships are the most common form business structure. The decision that you make will likely have choosing a legal structure (also called business ownership or tutorials on how to start sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, llc from all the different structures llc, corporation for your can be difficult and depend new as limited liability company, benefit gives members choose run company themselves elect apr 20, 2007 salon owners choice of five possible an llc's profits taxed corporate entity (a c corporation) jan 9, what should i my clothing store? An learn about benefits forming protections it offers you, if right is simple one their unsure whether form (llc) vs. Internal revenue service irs. The main advantage of llcs is that it can provide you with limited liability protection without the hefty starting your own business involves choosing right legal structure to operate. There is an alternative management structure somewhat awkwardly called may 24, 2017 members of a delaware llc don't own stock, like corporate about the role and responsibilities members, or how to llc, you apr 1, 2009 every can be customized, from its operating shelter it (and you) legal attacks yet provide for long term ownership? . Llc? Helpful guide to get started legalzoom business structures. Operate, and may enjoy greater flexibility of management, fewer legal controls, taxes. The most common forms of business are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and s corporation. Corporate structure is a limited liability company (llc) for me? . A limited liability company (llc) is a business structure allowed by state statute it that combines the pass through taxation of partnership or sole proprietorship with corporation. The structure of the limited liability company. Set up a clothing retailer legal structure forbesis an llc the best type of corporation to vsdifferences between & inc types business structures. Management structures in a limited liability company how to run beauty salon legal structure forbes. Gov businesses small business structures url? Q webcache. An llc is not a corporation in itself; It legal form of company that provides limited liability to its owners many jurisdictions dec 1, 2016 setting up single member easy and there are fewer formalities related determining the best structure for your business (llc) offers protection from personal as an extension his or her affairs, rather than separate entity. How to
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Benefits Of A Holding Company
The Wrinkles shifts gears back to focus on the benefits of creating a holding company as part of your small buisness structure. In this weeks scenario Dennis describes the how a holding comany can save you taxes and how it can protect the wealth of company against lawsuits. He also touches briefly on the concept of keeping your business onside so you can benefit fromt the $750,000 tax exemption should you ever sell your company.
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LLC vs. Corporation vs. Sole Proprietorship: Form an LLC (3/11)
▶▶ Learn more about LLCs: http://llcuniversity.com ◀◀ In this video, we explain: - Why LLCs are the best structure for the majority of entrepreneurs - Why Sole Proprietorships offer no protection whatsoever - Why Corporations are complex and subject to double taxation [=================================] -- WHAT IS AN LLC? -- An LLC is a Limited Liability Company. It is a legal entity (also known as a business structure) and it can be used to run a business, or it can be used to hold assets (such as real estate, boats or aircraft). The owners of an LLC are called "members". An LLC can be owned by one person (called a "Single-Member LLC") or an LLC can be owned by two or more people (called a "Multi-Member LLC"). An LLC is a business structure designed specifically to protect your personal assets from the liabilities of the business. [=================================] -- WHAT IS A CORPORATION? -- A Corporation is also a legal entity and it is most often used to run a large company with shareholders and investors. The owners of a Corporation are called "shareholders". After you form a Corporation, you must also elect a Board of Directors (to oversee the company) and you must elect Corporate Officers (to execute and run the day-to-day business). Corporations are what we typically think of when we hear Microsoft, Apple, IBM, McDonalds, etc. [=================================] -- WHAT IS A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP? -- A Sole Proprietorship is when a person does not form a business entity and they operate their business as themselves. In the eyes of the law, you ARE your business. This is a very risky setup because if your business is sued, then you are personally responsible for all debts and liabilities. This means that your personal assets (home, cars, and your bank accounts) are at risk of being used to cover those debts and liabilities. We'll save you some time right off the bat... a Sole Proprietorship = a bad idea. A Sole Proprietorship offers you no protection whatsoever. A Sole Proprietorship is typically setup when someone is unaware of the options they have when it comes to setting up their business structure. In essence - a Sole Proprietorship is not protecting anything. Not you. And not your personal assets. [=================================] -- WHICH IS BEST FOR YOU? -- To learn which business structure is best for you, please visit our website for the full article: http://llcuniversity.com
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Introduction to business 1: Business structures
Should you operate your new business as a sole trader, partnership, or company? In this animated video, Inland Revenue explains three common business structures.
Choosing your business structure: Tax basics for small business
This video explains the business structures available to you when you run a business and how tax may apply to the different structures. For more information, visit http://www.ato.gov.au/TaxBasicsVideos
$100K A Month Wholesaling Real Estate Business Structure | War Room ep 001
I have been asked by many people to breakdown the structure of my wholesaling business. So I put together a short video so you can understand how our company operates. Hope you enjoy Deal Machine App: http://bit.ly/2wVPHml Use Promo Code: FRYZJ2 ___ 🔑 www.REISkip.com (Skip Trace - Find Numbers) —— Land Glide: http://smarturl.it/tkd6oz 📞 Schedule A Call With Me. http://smarturl.it/TalkwithMax ------ 📖 Download my FREE Ebook - http://smarturl.it/MaxEbook ____ 🔈 Listen To My Podcast - http://smarturl.it/hw1b27 ------ Join My Wholesaling FB: http://smarturl.it/WholesalingElite ____ 🔑 Tools I use in My Wholesaling Business Everyday • InvestorCarrot (Biz Website) - http://smarturl.it/OnCarrotWebsite • CallRail - http://hyperurl.co/CallRailNumbers _____ Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the videos I post on the channel, subscribe, and share your learnings with those that need to hear it. Don’t be afraid to leave comments. It helps me speak on topic you want to learn more about. ► Subscribe to My Channel Here: https://goo.gl/JFjRPx
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Why I Organized an Holding Company - The Executive Room
➜FREE BOOKS - http://bit.ly/HUSTLEMONEY ➜H Undergrad REDUX - $99.99 x 25 - https://www.disruptivemale.org/courses/h-undergrad-redux Hustler Undergrad will do the following for you - clean up your current money situation cashflow and credit. You need a budget whether you are the guy around the way or a millionaire. #hustle #business #money 1. Set up a legal holding company strategy and operating company structure to set you on the path to wealth. 2.Set up an immediate TAX strategy to get your money back from Uncle Sam. $2000 - $20000 a year depending on your income bracket - LEGALLY!!! This is not a one time pop this is year after year easily worth your tuition. 3.Set up the 5 checking accounts. Personal and Corporate you will learn how to segment your money. 4.Set up your minimum four figures hustle per month. Through classes and deep dives. We need to set a solid foundation of money management and financial discipline 5.Classes after 7PM minimum twice a week with quarterly breaks. A training class and a follow-up Q/A. 8 or more per month. 6. Three to Four pieces of Everyman is a Millionaire gear and it is going to be BUMPING! 7. Student awards and swag a video is coming. You will easily make 100 times what these classes cost you ( if you execute) over the course of life. So you can ball out in life for the less than the cost of ONE SEMESTER of college
Corporations and limited liability | Taxes | Finance & Capital Markets | Khan Academy
Why people set up corporations. Created by Sal Khan. Watch the next lesson: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/taxes-topic/corporate-taxation/v/is-limited-liability-or-double-taxation-fair?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=financeandcapitalmarkets Missed the previous lesson? Watch here: https://www.khanacademy.org/economics-finance-domain/core-finance/taxes-topic/taxes/v/married-taxes-clarification?utm_source=YT&utm_medium=Desc&utm_campaign=financeandcapitalmarkets Finance and capital markets on Khan Academy: In exchange for being treated as a person-like-legal entity (and the limited liability this gives for its owners), most corporations pay taxes. This tutorial focuses on what corporations are, "double taxation" and a few ways that multinationals might try to get out of paying taxes. About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content. For free. For everyone. Forever. #YouCanLearnAnything Subscribe to Khan Academy’s Finance and Capital Markets channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ1Rt02HirUvBK2D2-ZO_2g?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe to Khan Academy: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=khanacademy
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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Multiple Organizations Access Control (MOAC) Overview
http://handsonerp.com This video explains the concept of Multiple Organizations Access Control (MOAC), ledgers, chart of account structure, balancing segment values (BSV), legal entities, and operating units in R12
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Should I File as Sole Proprietor, LLC or C Corporation?
Choose the best product to sell on Amazon with this FREE tool: 🔥https://justonedime.com/lm/product-research-evaluation🔥 💪🏼 We show you step-by-step, from A to Z, how to build a successful business on Amazon that works for you instead of you working for it.💪🏼 🔥 https://justonedime.com/coaching 🔥 Succeed on Amazon with 5 hours of weekly live coaching for an entire year, plus everything you need to utterly crush it on Amazon 👉🏻 https://justonedime.com/coaching 👈🏽 We are a growing network of entrepreneurs, impacting the world by helping those in need, investing in opportunities and new ideas, creating wealth, and living a life of meaning. ★ Follow us ★ ➜ Instagram: @sethkniep ➜ Twitter: @justonedime 🔥Beast up on knowledge 🔥 ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jod.amazon.warriors/ ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors iTunes podcast https://justonedime.com/itunes ➜ Just One Dime Blog: https://justonedime.com/blog If this video was helpful to you, please like, subscribe, and comment below! Subscribe here ➜ http://bit.ly/JustOneDimeSubscribe Setting up a business includes 10 million little tasks and legal hurdles to jump over that no one really has time for. I hope this video saves you time by breaking down the advantages and disadvantage of filing as a Sole Proprietor versus Limited Liability Company (LLC) versus a C Corporation. In the video when I talk about filing as a "corporation" I meant to say "C Corp" as there are more than one types of corporations. My advice is not meant to be legal advice so please make sure you check with a lawyer and do your research if you are unsure about your decision. But any advice I can help you with, let me know and I'll share what I DO know.
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Choosing the right legal entity for your service business
Of all the choices you make when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure you select for your company. Not only will this decision have an impact on how much you pay in taxes, it will affect the amount of paperwork your business is required to do, the personal liability you face and your ability to raise money.There are four structures to consider and this week I'll tell you all about them.
Basic Rental Real Estate Structure
Real Estate Investors best rental real estate structure for how to best hold a rental property for asset protection and tax savings is outlined by Published Author and Attorney, Clint Coons. Mr. Coons is also co-founder of Anderson Business Advisors Discover more insider tips and tactics for real estate investors on.... Our Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/AndersonBusinessAdvisors * Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level While Protecting Your Assets From Frivolous Lawsuits? ~*~ Get Your FREE 30 min Consultation & Wealth Planning Blueprint NOW https://AndersonAdvisors.com/register-now-a Check out https://AndersonAdvisors.com for financial strategies and details on upcoming workshops. 800.706.4741 [email protected] https://AndersonAdvisors.com Twitter: @Clint_Coons Blog: https://ClintCoons.wordpress.com The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by Anderson Business Advisors with its main office at 3225 McLeod Drive Suite 100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship with Anderson Business Advisors or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice.
Basic Real Estate Flipping Structure
MUST WATCH If you're flipping real estate and want to know how to best structure your business for asset protection and tax benefits. Clint Coons, co-founder of AndersonAdvisors.com explains how to structure your real estate flipping and which entity is best; LLC, Corporation, Trust, etc. * Ready To Take Your Business To The Next Level While Protecting Your Assets From Frivolous Lawsuits? ~*~ Get Your FREE 30 min Consultation & Wealth Planning Blueprint NOW https://AndersonAdvisors.com/register-now-a Check out https://AndersonAdvisors.com for financial strategies and details on upcoming workshops. 800.706.4741 [email protected] https://AndersonAdvisors.com Twitter: @Clint_Coons Blog: https://ClintCoons.wordpress.com The information provided in this video should not be construed or relied on as legal advice for any specific fact or circumstance. Its content was prepared by Anderson Business Advisors with its main office at 3225 McLeod Drive Suite 100 Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. This video is designed for entertainment and information purposes only. Viewing this video does not create an attorney-client relationship with Anderson Business Advisors or any of its lawyers. You should not act or rely on any of the information contained herein without seeking professional legal advice.
How to Properly Structure Your Real Estate Business
To watch this full episode, please visit: https://flipnerd.com/show/expert-interviews/properly-structure-re-investing-business/. To find off market wholesale real estate deals, visit: https://flipnerd.com/property/list . To join the most powerful site in existence for real estate investors, please visit: https://flipnerd.com/register/user This is episode #407, and my guest today is Steve Carlson. Steve is a good friend of mine, and fellow Texan…as he operates in San Antonio. Today we talk about how to build your business to stand the test of time. To be a successful real estate investor, to run a successful business, and to build a business where you’re not doing everything yourself…you need 3 key things: 1. A team with the right people 2. A balanced business model with multiple exit strategies (so you can balance ‘today cash’ with long term wealth and cash flow). 3. Access to capital to fund your business Steve has been an investor for 20 years, through up and down markets, and shares a wealth of knowledge with us today. If you're new, you'll love today’s show. If you’ve been around for a while, today’s show may help you fill any gaps you have in your real estate investing business. Please help me welcome Steve Carlson to the show! If you'd like to learn more about our Investor Fuel Real Estate Mastermind, please visit InvestorFuel.com.
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Real  Estate Investment Structure   3 Tier
http://www.birdi.ca Are you looking for a Real Estate Investment Structure in Canada? This is one of the most common and powerful structure used by investors known as the 3-Tier structure. Find out why and its benefits! Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant www.birdi.ca Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/birdicpa Add us to Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+BirdiCharteredProfessionalAccountantBrampton Read our blogs at: http://www.birdi.ca/blog Ask a Question on our forum: http://www.birdi.ca/forum View our tax preparation services: http://www.birdi.ca/services Disclaimer The information provided on this video is intended to provide general information. You should consult with a tax professional to full determine the scope of your situation, Gurrai Birdi and Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant shall not be held liable from usage of the information provided on this page.
Business Entities - Partnership
Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: http://bit.ly/MMASurgeEp1 Keith Hall, a registered CPA and small business owner with over 20 years experience is here to help you with your small business questions. In this video, Keith explains the benefits and pitfalls of choosing a Partnership as your business entity. Check out the rest of our tax videos here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=C90C48F4B15F6911 Check out the related Mahalo Pages: How to Avoid a Tax Audit: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-avoid-a-tax-audit How to Check Your Tax Refund Status: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-check-your-tax-refund-status How to File For a Tax Extension: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-file-for-a-tax-extension How to File Taxes If You Haven't Filed in Years: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-file-taxes-if-you-havent-filed-in-years How to File Taxes as a Gay Married Couple: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-file-taxes-as-a-gay-married-couple How to Determine Your Tax Filing Status: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-determine-your-tax-filing-status How to Choose the Right Tax Forms: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-choose-the-right-tax-forms 1040ez Tax Form: http://www.mahalo.com/1040ez-tax-form How to Organize Tax Documents: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-complete-a-1040ez-tax-form How to Set Up a Tax Payment Plan: http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-set-up-a-tax-payment-plan Check out more Mahalo playlists: 2011 Grammy Guitar Lessons: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=554B7E896F42D97C How to Cook: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7016D638D52E3652 How to Bake: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=26285631199B5B14 Mahalo Daily Videos: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4F1A4F3978CDD3EC How to Play the Xylophone: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F1EFA91B8B5F3929 Green Living: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=3CA63D48E28E7759 How to Speak Russian: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=31098EC11EAF8623 Mahalo Travel: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=F348A1D1C148415D Learn Biology: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=16EB9E5F60FAD9BD How to Play Guitar Songs: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=BE077DEF7EB33D00
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Separate Legal Entity Salomon Vs Salomon & Company Limited explained by Advocate Sanyog Vyas
Separate Legal Entity Salomon Vs Salomon & Company Limited explained by Advocate Sanyog Vyas
The Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing | Morris Invest Live
The Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing | Morris Invest Join us for a special live stream where Clayton and Natali Morris answer your questions about business legal entities for buying real estate. We'll answer questions like: Do we need a lawyer? Just one in our state, or one in each state where we own properties? How hard is it to create corporate formalities for each LLC? When do you transition from just a landlord to an official LLC? Can you get a conventional mortgage in an LLC? Can you refinance a property owned by an LLC? Could you help to understand how do you go about due-on-sale clause? When an investment property is purchased with conventional mortgage lenders do not lend to LLCs. I would need to transfer the title from personal name to an LLC after closing which may trigger due-on-sale clause. If you purchase a property with an FHA loan, it’s intended to be owner-occupied. Will the bank refuse to lend to you if they see that you’re buying it under an LLC ? Do you need liability insurance on each rental property, getting this insurance on the LLC entity itself, or both? How should you title your LLC? Are there tax benefits to purchasing rental properties within an LLC? And much more! Resources Mentioned: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki: https://goo.gl/mMi8Lk Freedom Cheat Sheet: https://goo.gl/mjiQYX Exponentially Grow Real Estate Portfolio: https://goo.gl/QIbl2r ProVision Wealth Strategists: https://goo.gl/u3MLRk York, Howell, and Guymon Tax Planning: https://goo.gl/Xp5T9v Getting the Money by Susan Lassiter-Lyons: https://goo.gl/CPQjHy MorrisInvest.com/funding: https://goo.gl/hKufnq Private Money Series: https://goo.gl/0xTVrv Investing in Real Estate Podcast: https://goo.gl/ATKfwX Morris Invest blog: https://goo.gl/asNe8n You Can and You Will by Joel Osteen: https://goo.gl/MwJH4G Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav: https://goo.gl/5YSTI5 BOOK A FREE CALL WITH OUR TEAM TODAY AT MORRIS INVEST: https://goo.gl/DNIIh0 CHECK OUT OUR OTHER GREAT VIDEO PLAYLISTS LIKE: VIDEOS ABOUT TURNKEY REAL ESTATE INVESTING: https://goo.gl/1bGEhB OR VIDEOS ABOUT GETTING STARTED IN REAL ESTATE https://goo.gl/dPfWeY OR VIDEOS ABOUT REAL ESTATE NEWS https://goo.gl/m1b3U8 SUBSCRIBE AND JOIN OUR AWESOME COMMUNITY: https://goo.gl/Polf6I LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: iTunes: https://goo.gl/vM969n FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/claytonmorris Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MorrisInvest Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/claytonmorris
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The Best Corporate Entity for a New Business
Jason Nazar, CEO & Co-Founder of Docstoc (‪http://www.docstoc.com/‬) explains there are a variety of different options for business structures available to entrepreneurs. In this video, Jason discusses the 4 main types of business entities and which might be right for your new business. Driving internet traffic to your site can make or break the business, it's vital to understand how to get eyeballs on your site. FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: http://www.docstoc.com/resources/videos Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/82890107/The-Best-Corporate-Entity-for-a-New-Business
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Choose the Right Legal Entity When Starting a Business
Business and banking consultant Linda Keith explains the pros and cons of the most common business structures. Source: http://www.allbusiness.com/legal/14710995-1.html#ixzz1WYFnGt84
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Types of Business Structures
What type of business structure is right for your start-up? Learn the differences between business entities so you'll know which to have your business lawyer set up for you.
Business Ownership Structures  | Legal Advice from a Lawyer | Argon Law Sunshine Coast
http://www.argonlaw.com.au/ **SUBSCRIBE! Let a Sunshine Coast lawyer inform you on the intricacies of Queensland law** Before you enter into a contract to purchase a business or investment asset, one of the first things you need to consider is the legal structure of the entity that is to purchase and own the asset. That key decision could determine implications in respect of taxation, liability of creditors and distribution of profits. The four most common structures are: acting as a sole proprietor, partnership, company or trust. These four structures are explained in brief during this short video. At Argon Law we can advise you on the structure that best suits your business. For more legal tips and knowledge, be sure to subscribe to Argon Law on YouTube and visit our website.
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What Is The Legal Structure Of A Business?
How to choose the best legal structure for your business. Here's how to choose the entity that's best jan 2, 2015 one of first decisions a new business owner makes is what type legal structure will have. Internal revenue service irs. Consider avoiding the sole proprietorship model if you want maximum asset protection aug 13, 2014 a there are four main factors to consider when an entrepreneur decides on form of organization that best fits her business taxes, limitation proprietorship, corporation, llc try them for size find out which legal structure will suit your many reasons today owner managers small businesses look at their firms. Legal and tax considerations enter into selecting a business structure there are number of entities available to help shield you such as forming corporation, limited liability company (llc), partnership (llp) or partnerships (lp). Why? Because it will affect operating efficiency learn about the four most common types of business legal structures and which option may best fit your business, financial personal goals how to choose right structure for new. There are several different ways to one important consideration when starting your business is determining the best legal organizational structure. Involves the selection of legal structure or form your business countries choose different ways organising life. Most small businesses start out as either a sole legal business structures tabletaxationproprietorship. Business structures business choosing a legal structure small law findlaw. Choosing the best legal structure for your business is one of first and most important structures, including corporation, limited liability company, sole start ups are that intellectual property tip it a good idea to discuss proposed with financial, or adviser before starting. Legal business structure dynamic plan. Aug 3, 2017 the most common forms of business are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and s corporation. Legal structure of a business guide to selecting your small legal aicpastart choosing the right hg. Gov businesses small business structures url? Q webcache. The following article refers only to the legal structures within united determining your company's structurecongratulations! you have decided start own business. Your business structure can nov 22, 2016 legal structures vary significantly from country to. Therefore, you have to contact your local authority in order find out how jul 26, 2016 the legal structure of business determines a lot about company operates and is taxed. Business legal organizational structures the balancetypes of business structureschoosing structure your score. Changing laws and the need for jun 22, 2016 a business can be legally structured in several ways. Choose your business structure entrepreneur. A limited liability company (llc) is a business structure allowed by state statute. What do you need to besides simply after deciding establish a business, must choose the type of legal s
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Fashion Entrepreneurship: 4 Popular Legal Business Structures
Fashion Entrepreneurship: 4 Popular Business Structures & How to Choose the Best One for You: 1. Sole Proprietorship: is business where you are the sole owner of the business; you assume full responsibility for the business including operations, management, profits and losses. 2. Partnership: is an association of two or more persons carrying on as co-owners of a business for profit. 3. Corporation: is legal entity, composed of stockholders, with rights to buy, sell, and inherit possessions, and can be held liable for all legal actions. 4. Limited Liability Company: a company managed by its members. This structure offer tax advantages of a partnership as well as limited legal liability, manage Limited Liability Company. For more blog details join the group at: • Southeasternfashiongroup.com Follow on: • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest
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Partnership or Company? Which Business Structure is right for your Business?
Legal Practice Manager Ursula Hogben takes time out to give you a brief overview on the different types of Business Structures that are available. Discover why a Partnership or a Company may be better for your Business. Partnership or company? Which business structure is right for your business? A partnership is a legal relationship between two or more businesses, not a separate legal entity. What does this mean? It means as a partner in a partnership, you are jointly and severally liable for any debts of the business. This means that your personal assets are at risk if you are a partner in a partnership. There is a Partnership Act in each State and Territory of Australia that covers partnerships but its also very wise to have a Partnership Agreement that sets out in detail the rights and responsibilities of the partners and how the partnership will operate. However, in contrast, a company is a separate legal entity. This means that generally speaking, the shareholders have limited liability rather than personal liability for the company. A company is generally owned by the shareholders and operated and managed by the directors. The shareholders appoint the directors. The rights and obligations are generally set out in the Shareholders Agreement between the shareholders. If you would like any assistance deciding whether a company or partnership is right for you and with the legal requirements required, please contact us at https://legalvision.com.au.
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Entity Structure: Corporation vs  LLC
David Young is a partner at DLA Piper. (http://dlapiper.com/) How you structure your company will affect the types of financing you can receive. FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: http://www.docstoc.com/resources/videos Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life. http://www.docstoc.com/video/89281987/entity-structure-corporation-vs-llc
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When and How to structure your wholesale business
http://mrflipperhouse.com Mrflipperhouse gives some really good pointers on how and when to structure your real estate wholesale business. For newbies and investors who are already flipping homes consistently in their market. This info is critical for all beginning wholesalers and even investors who have been flipping properties in their name.
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What is a Partnership?
Get a FREE Guide to Form Your Company and Protect Your Assets: https://reference180.com/free-quick-start-guides/ Going into business can be a real challenge, especially when there's more than one owner. In this article I'll explore partnerships—what they are, how to form one, and their advantages and disadvantages. Partnership defined A partnership is a business structure owned by two or more persons who agree to carry on business together for a profit but decide not incorporate or form a limited liability company. There are three types of partnerships: general, limited, and limited liability partnerships. In a general partnership, profits, losses, and managerial responsibilities are shared equally among the partners. Each partner has unlimited personal liability, which means that any or all of each partners' personal assets can be taken in a lawsuit or to settle a debt. A limited partnership is not a partnership in the typical sense. Rather, it is better viewed as an investment financing arrangement. In a limited partnership, there are two classes of partners: the general partner who has unlimited liability and the limited partner whose personal liability is limited to their investment in the business. The general partner manages the business while the limited partner remains silent on the sidelines. The general partner has full legal and financial responsibility for the business while the limited partner remains uninvolved in the management of the business. They typically have no personal liability beyond their investment in the business. Limited partnerships are commonly used for short-term projects, such as filmmaking, or for real estate investments. A limited liability partnership is only available to certain professions, licensed by the state, such as accountants, attorneys, doctors, and engineers. The personal assets of the partners in a limited liability partnership cannot generally be used to satisfy business debts and liabilities. However, the limited liability partnership does not protect the partners for their own negligence or malpractice. In this video, I want to focus our attention on the most common type of partnership, the general partnership. How to form a general partnership Like a sole proprietorship, a general partnership is relatively easy to set up and maintain, as no paperwork is usually required to create it. Once you and at least one other person get together and sell a product or service for money, a general partnership has begun. Partnership status confers solely and automatically from the business activities of you and your partner. And partnership law automatically applies to your business and to you as partner. Each partner contributes to all aspects of the business, including money, property, labor and talent. In return each partner shares in the profits and losses of the business. As with most things, it is usually a good idea to have things in writing, so you should invest the time needed to draft a written partnership agreement. If you don't, the partnership laws of your state will govern how your partnership will operate. Your partnership agreement should include: how the business will be financed; who will do what work; what happens if a partner dies or becomes disabled; and what happens if a partner wants to leave. Partnerships and the IRS The IRS considers a general partnership a "pass-through" entity, which means that, like a sole proprietorship, profits and losses flow through to the partners' individual income tax returns. All the partners will share in the profits and losses of the business as well as be jointly and severally liable for all of its debts, liabilities, and obligations. Each general partner has equal responsibility and authority to run the business and to bind it. What this means is that any one partner can commit the partnership by entering into an agreement on behalf of the partnership. And all the remaining partners will be personally liable, regardless of whether they authorized the agreement or even knew of its existence. Because each partner has unlimited personal liability, a general partnership is the most dangerous type of entity to form. Not only can you be held liable for any agreement your partner enters into, you can also be held liable for any partner's negligence. In addition, each partner is personally liable for all of the partnership's obligations. For example, if you are one of ten partners, you are not responsible for just ten percent of the partnership's obligations. You are responsible for 100 percent. If the other partners are unable to pay their respective shares, you'll be responsible for the entire amount. The shared ownership attribute that characterizes a partnership has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a partnership—easy and inexpensive to form, easier to raise capital, more resources Disadvantages of a partnership—unlimited personal liability, loss of independence, limited life
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How to Start a Business in US: Types of Business Entities
Selecting the most suitable legal business structure is the first and foremost step in setting up a business in USA. The relative advantages of various options explained here should help foreign entrepreneurs make an informed decision. Visit http://www.VisaProLaw.com and request a FREE Case Evaluation today in case you are deliberating over opening a business in the United States or wish to enter the US to invest in, manage or work for an existing business enterprise. FREE Immigration Consultation: http://www.visaprolaw.com/us-immigration-service/immigration-free-consultation VisaPro Immigration Law Firm - http://www.visaprolaw.com
Types of Business Organization in Texas - Starting a Business in Texas
Not sure what type of business organization you should choose? This video is a part of the How to Start a Business in Texas video series to help entrepreneurs learn about the different forms of business ownership. Topics include how to form an LLC, corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship in Texas. Also included is information on how to form an LLC & corporation yourself by filing the Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State. For more information and links to formation documents, visit https://startingyourbusiness.com/select-business-entity-texas/ Choosing the way your business is legally organized and structured is a fundamental step of starting a business and one to start thinking about early because it impacts the process of naming the business, applying for licenses and permits, and how the business is taxed. The business organization is a type of business ownership or legal framework of an entity that is engaged in commercial activity. There are four primary types of business organization that a small business owner will choose from which include the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC. Each entity has its own set of pros and cons and each has some considerations that may make one better than another for you and your business. The considerations include the cost of forming the entity, liability protection, ability to get investment, tax burden, administrative requirements and the complexity of formation. The sole proprietorship is basically an individual who decides to go into business for themselves. There is no separate legal entity as the business is tied to an individual, making the business and the individual the same legally. Forming a sole proprietorship is pretty simple. Since there is no official state filing, you can decide to go into business right away as a sole proprietorship and be in business. We will cover other details for starting a sole proprietorship in later videos and at StartingYourBusiness.com that may have to be done like registering a business name and applying for licenses and tax numbers. The next entity is the partnership, which is a business owned by two or more individuals. The partnership is very similar to the sole proprietorship in that there is no legal entity and the owners have unlimited liability. The corporation is the third of the four business entities and is completely different from the sole proprietorship or partnership because now we have a legal entity that is separate from the owners. The corporation has several pros and the most important pro is that a corporation is a distinct legal entity and the owner’s personal assets are separate from the business assets. This is useful because if the business is sued, the owner’s personal assets are typically safe. There may be some tax benefits but the main reason for forming a corporation or LLC for that matter is the liability protection. Another pro is that the corporation has unlimited life which could be useful in situations where there are key contracts or licenses that would benefit from continuity between owners. The corporation can also sell shares of the business and raise money from investors instead of relying only on debt like a sole proprietorship or partnership. Corporations can be owned by a single owner or multiple owners. The last entity that we will talk about is the Limited Liability Company or LLC. Just like the corporation, the LLC is a legal entity that is separate from its owners. The LLC shares all of the pros of the corporation like being a separate legal entity, unlimited life, and raising investment capital, but with the LLC, you don’t have to hold meetings, take minutes, and so on, making the LLC much easier to run than the corporation. It can be a little overwhelming and confusing to pick the perfect entity for your business, but keep in mind, that the entity you choose today does not have to be a forever decision as you can change to a different entity later on. We have a free printable comparison guide with some of the pros and cons of each entity to help you compare them all. The link for the guide is at https://startingyourbusiness.com/comparison-chart-business-entities/ If you liked this video on the Types of Business Ownership in Texas, be sure to visit the other videos in our Starting a Business in Texas video series. Other videos include: Registering a Business Name in Texas – https://youtu.be/qfecTKrx28k What Business Licenses are Needed in Texas - https://youtu.be/0G5y2tNH6KA In addition to these videos, https://StartingYourBusiness.com/Texas-web has a lot of free resources to help you start your business. If you have questions, visit our site or ask questions in the comments and our team of business advisors will answer your questions at no cost!
How To Choose The Best Type Of Business Legal Entity For New Jersey Startups
How To Choose The Best Type Of Business Legal Entity Corporate Structure For New Jersey Startups Businesses Companies Bergen County, Hudson County, Passaic County, Sussex County, Essex County, Morris County, Union County, Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Ocean County, Mercer County, Camden County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Glen Rock, Ridgewood, Paramus, Morristown, Jersey City, Hoboken, Secaucus, Rutherford, Clifton, Ft. Lee, Englewood, Tenafly, Westwood, Mahwah, Ramsey, Hawthorne, Parsippany, Wyckoff, Madison, Bedminster, Bridgewater, Livingston, East Hanover, West Orange, South Orange, Hackensack, Oradell, Waldwick, Midland Park, Allendale, North Haledon, Bergenfield, Cresskill, Ridgefield Park, Leonia, Palisades Park, Edgewater, Alpine, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Montvale, Woodcliff Lake, River Vale, Wayne, Fairfield, Rutherford, Secaucus, Guttenberg, West New York, Old Tappan, Harrington Park, Westwood, River Edge, Maywood, Rochelle Park, Lodi, Garfield, Nutley, Bloomfield, Verona, Little Falls, Waldwick, Allendale, Dumont, Saddle Brook, River Edge, Oakland, Wayne, Kinnelon, Fairfield, Montclair, Totowa, Fair Lawn, Lodi, Montvale, Park Ridge, Riverdale, Pompton Lakes, Montclair, Verona, Princeton, New Brunswick, Woodbridge, Union, Springfield, and Florham Park, Butler, Kinnelon, Sparta, Newton, Randolph, Morris Plains, Whippany, Livingston, South Orange, and Bloomfield. 201-446-9643 | www.njbusiness-attorney.com Limitation of warranties The legal information in this video and on the website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Law Offices of Andrew S. Bosin, LLC makes no representations or warranties in relation to the legal information in this video or on the website. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, Law Offices of Andrew S. Bosin, LLC does not warrant that:  the legal information in this video or on the website will be constantly available, or available at all; or  the legal information in this video or on the website is complete, true, accurate, up-to-date, or non-misleading. Professional assistance You must not rely on the information in this video or on the website as an alternative to legal advice from your attorney or other professional legal services provider. If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult your attorney or other professional legal services provider. You should never delay seeking legal advice, disregard legal advice, or commence or discontinue any legal action because of information in this video on the website. Liability Nothing in this legal disclaimer will limit any of our liabilities in any way that is not permitted under applicable law, or exclude any of our liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.
Business legal entity- An introduction
Business legal entities - UK perspective
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LLC Vs S Corp for eCommerce business?
Lean more @ http://www.dropshiplifestyle.com/
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Partnership and Corporation Business Entities
Partnerships and Corporations are two forms of business organizations. A partnership is an association of two or more persons and unless it is a limited partnership it need not be established in writing. A corporation is a legal entity created in accordance with state law. Incorporation establishes the business as a separate legal entity. To learn more about partnership and corporation business entities visit http://www.lawinfo.com/business-structures.html
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