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Finextra interviews  MICEX: Russia's financial markets deal with and new regulations.
Ruben Aganbegyan of MICEX talks about the development of the Russian financial markets through new regulation and clearing and settlement arrangements. Originally published on Finextra.com on: 25 October 2010 For all your fintech-related news, please visit https://www.finextra.com.
Act of War: Russian Banks Brace For U.S. Financial Blockade
Act of War: Russian Banks Brace For U.S. Financial Blockade Will Russia turn to their military to free themselves from an impending societal vise-grip, levied through financial blockade from SWIFT? Today on TruNews, we discuss the preparations being made by President Putin, India, and the EU to survive economic ostracization, and how U.S. foreign policy has rallied the nations of the world to form an alternative to dollar dominance. We also address the latest in the wayward Witch Hunt being executed by the partisan Mueller mafia, which drew a tirade of tweets from President Trump, and spun Washington into a frenzy as new fillings loom. Rick Wiles and Edward Szall. Air date 12/7/18. SUPPORT TRUNEWS: http://tru.news/2ps3OL2 TruNews on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trunews/ TruNews on Twitter: https://twitter.com/trunews TruNews on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TRUNEWSofficial TruNews on Spreaker: http://www.spreaker.com/user/trunews TruNews on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/trunews TruNews RSS Feed: https://www.trunews.com/feed TruNews is on the air! TruNews is God’s answer to Satan’s fake news. TruNews is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, orthodox Christian worldview. Our vision is to build a global news network that provides a credible source for world news, events, and trends while giving respect and honor to Christians of all major denominations — Evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, and Protestant. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti–Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media. Like David vs. Goliath, Rick Wiles is a citizen reporter who decided to take on the Big News Media. Starting with a $7,500 donation in May 1999 to launch the first radio program, Rick’s faith in God and steadfast determination has overseen the growth and development of TruNews into an internationally recognized source of credible news and information in a world where nothing seems to make sense anymore. Rick’s professional career was in media marketing and advertising sales. Throughout his early years, God’s hand silently guided him to be in employed in the latest new media. While in his early 20’s, Rick’s first media job was with a new FM radio station in the days when AM was still king. In 1980, he blazed a path as a pioneer in local cable television advertising when CNN and ESPN were new start-up channels on cable TV. As a sales manager, he launched one of the first cable advertising interconnects in the nation. He was hired in 1984 by the Christian Broadcasting Network as the first National Cable Marketing Manager for the new CBN Cable Network which later became the Family Channel. In 1995, Paul F. Crouch hired Rick as the Marketing Director for Trinity Broadcasting Network where Rick repositioned the TBN brand inside the cable industry — and played an important role in negotiating the early contracts to launch TBN on DirectTV, DISH, and the former PrimeStar DBS systems. Rick resigned from TBN in September 1998 after receiving a dramatic call from God to full–time ministry. Have questions? Please send an email to [email protected] We are here to pray for you. Whatever may be on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, someone is waiting to stand with you in prayer. https://www.trunews.com/prayer
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🇷🇺 Russia in Africa: Inside a military training centre in CAR | Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field
Russia is back in the Central African Republic(CAR). In a military training base located on former palace grounds southwest of the capital Bangui, hundreds of Russian fighters, described as army reservists, are training Central African government soldiers in preparation for deployment along the country's border. The CAR government hopes to regain control of the country, which is torn by sectarian violence and the operations of 14 rebel groups. CAR, formerly colonised by France, is rich in strategically important minerals, diamonds, and gold. Russia has sought influence in CAR before when the Soviet Union developed ties during the reign of former President Jean-Bedel Bokassa before he was overthrown in 1979. In 2017, CAR President Faustin-Archange Touadera reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a UN General Assembly meeting, asking for help. It was a meeting that stunned many on the Security Council, especially France, who had advised the the presidents of CAR for years. Valery Zakharov, a former Russian intelligence official, stepped in as adviser to CAR's president. Zakharov gave Al Jazeera access to the military base, where three Russian journalists were killed investigating the potential involvement of the Russian private security company, the Wagner Group. He denies accusations that Russia will exploit resources or cause instability, and told Al Jazeera that Russia hopes to end conflict in the country. "My job is to deal with national security, I help restore the army, police and all sorts of questions regarding national security," he said. "The Russians came here to bring peace. To arm government troops is one of the tasks so in the future these soldiers can occupy the borders and peace can be brought here in the end, and police take care of internal security." While Russia did help broker a peace deal that was signed by the 14 armed groups in February 2019, some are still concerned that Russia is playing a geopolitical chess game in Africa, which involves China and the United States who have already established bases in places like Djibouti. Just a 10-minute car drive away from the presidential palace is the mainly Muslim PK5 neighbourhood, which is effectively dominated by Seleka fighter Nimery Matar Djamous aka 'General Force', who is accused of war crimes including torture, rape, and extortion, and has evaded arrest by the United Nations security forces. He views the arrival of the Russians with deep suspicion. "I trust the president of the Central African Republic, it's us who elected the president, in a difficult moment ... He worked well, but there's ... the politics that exceed him," he said. "The Russians are not here to help, they want our gold, diamonds and minerals. They are here to exploit and replace the French. What they want is obtain France's position here." There are other concerns of interference. Gunshots were fired after Karim Meckassoua, then-president of the CAR National Assembly, was dismissed of his position in a vote of no confidence. He believes Russia orchestrated the move. "Because I was bothering them, putting up obstacles. They are ignoring our constitution. Only the national assembly can be in charge of the country's wealth, in other words no licence to mines or financial contract or timber exploitation can be delivered without the consent of the national assembly. Who is trying to brush our laws aside? The Russians," Meckassoua said. Najat Rochdi from the UN peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, said that peacekeepers welcome involvement from all member states, but says that they must abide by some rules. "The presence of the Russian, you know, this country needs the support of everybody, really, of everybody in terms of member states. Every single member state is more than welcome to support the country, while it comes also with some obligations. And the obligation is to be part of the international community and of the partners and to play the game by the name." - Subscribe to our channel: http://aje.io/AJSubscribe - Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish - Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera - Check our website: https://www.aljazeera.com/ #AlJazeeraEnglish #RussianArmy #CentralAfrica
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USA and Russia Unite To Fight Financial Terrorists In 1863
The history of the Federal Reserve is an ongoing battle between the Banking elite and the people and anyone who gets in the way is usually crushed. Bush and Obama's top down Wall Street bank bailout, at the expense of Main Street, is a good example of why Rothschild's Federal Reserve must be audited and eventually abolished: Allen L Roland The Fed (which is not even a government agency, but rather a private corporation consisting of mostly foreign bankers and answers to no one) dictates America's financial policies and is the obvious conduit for the banking elite to control the financial world and, in particular, the New World Order. And now Obama wants to give even more power to the Fed as Eliot Spitzer writes today in Slate ~ " The Fed botched banking regulation once already. So why does Obama want to give it more power? " Spitzer goes on to elaborate on the main problem with the Fed ~ " The United States should not lightly put our fate back in the hands of the very entity whose oversight of the economy and financial sector brought us into the abyss. The Fed's lack of accountability and transparency is no longer justified by its record or sound principles or public policy. Granting the power without asking the tough questions would be following the path of least resistance ~ Has any thought been given to refocusing on a financial services model that has more smaller institutions and fewer mega banks, thus diversifying risk? Others, no doubt, will have more probing questions for the Fed; and President Obama, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Congress should listen to them before they grant the Fed vast new powers." http://www.slate.com/id/2221898/ To fully understand the Fed ~ you must review its dark history of greed and manipulation which begins with the Rothschild's. TIME LINE OF THE ROTHSCHILD OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 1791-1811: Rothschild's First Bank of the United States. 1816-1836: Rothschild's Second Bank of the United States. 1837-1862: Free Banking Era - no formal Central Bank through the efforts of President Andrew Jackson, who , according to Jackson, the Rothschild's later tried to assassinate. 1862-1913: System of National Banks through the efforts of President Andrew Jackson. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln issued his own fiat money to finance the Civil War and bucked the New York Banks who wanted to charge the government 24- 30% interest on any loans. Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 President James Garfield tried to buck the banks and was assassinated on July 2, 1881. 1913-Current: President Wilson Federal Reserve Act creates a consortium of privately held Jewish & associated banks called the Federal Reserve Bank. The largest shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank are the Rothschild's of London holding 57% of the stock which is not available for public trading. On May 23 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought impeachment charges against the members of the Federal Reserve Bank. A smear campaign against McFadden ensued and he was poisoned 3 years later. On June 4th 1963, John F Kennedy signed Executive Order 1110 which returned to the U.S. Government the power to issue currency without going through the Federal reserve. With the stroke of his pen, President Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business ~ for that order gave the U.S. the ability to create its own money backed by silver. Five months later on November 22, 1963 Kennedy was assassinated. Congressman Ron Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve. His bill to do this (HR 1207) already has 55 listed co-sponsors, and Congressman Paul's website says the list will soon be up to 90. Bernie Sanders has introduced a similar bill in the Senate (S. 604). Tell your Congressman to co-sponsor Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill. Join me and Sign the petition: http://www.campaignforliberty.com/campaigns/auditthefed.php Allen L Roland http://blogs.salon.com/0002255/2009/07/01.html ------------------------------------------------------------------- 'The few who can understand the system will either be so interested inits profits or so dependent on it for favors that there will be noopposition from that class. While on the other hand, the great body ofpeople mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage thatcapital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaintand perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to theirinterests.' - Rothschild Brothers of London
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8 Things NOT to Do in Russia!
Get more Tips here! www.destinationtips.com A lot of people have been asking about things not to do in Russia, so here it is! 1. Don’t Smile Without a Reason The Russians have a saying: “To smile with no reason, is a sign of a fool.” So don’t randomly smile at strangers while you’re riding on public transportation or shopping in Moscow. 2. Don’t Shake Hands With Your Gloves On It is considered extremely impolite to leave your gloves on while greeting someone with a handshake. So make sure you remove your gloves before any interaction occurs. 3. Don’t Show Up Empty Handed If you’re invited over to someone’s house for a dinner or a visit, it is considered very rude to show up empty handed. Bring a small gift! 4. Don’t Ever Give a Gift of an Empty Wallet Russians believe that giving a gift of an empty wallet or purse is bad luck. They see it as wishing financial hardship or poverty on the receiver of the gift. Put some cash in it, for goodness sake. 5. Don’t Leave Your Shoes On Whenever entering a Russian home it is proper custom to remove your shoes. Many homes are decorated with expensive Persian rugs that are difficult to clean. 6. Don’t Whistle Indoors Like many Asian cultures, whistling indoors in Russia is considered bad luck. Russians are very superstitious and believe that whistling inside may cause financial ruin, poverty, or another invasion of cockroaches. 7. Don’t Refuse a Shot Sharing a drink is considered a sign of hospitality. Russians don’t see one shot as a big deal either, so to them a refusal comes off as untrusting or turning down friendship. 8. Don’t Sit at the Corner of the Table This is another Russian superstition. It is said that “the one who chooses a seat at the corner of a table is destined to never be married or find their lover.”
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RU | Bitcoin Russia 2018 | "Legal regulation and trends in various countries of the world"
Roman Kaufman, DOOR OPENER, Co-founder HOQU, Co-founder IBCG Maxim Pervunin, Managing Partner of TFH Russia, International finance lawyer, Taxes, M&A, holdings, corporate law Ekaterina Znamenskaya, Senior Associate, "Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners" Law Firm Maria Agranovskaya, Managing partner, GRAD Legal & Financial Advisory Nadezhda Surova, Member of Digital Economics and Blockchain Technology Expert Board of State Duma Timur Abushkin, Head of Trading Operations, Xena Exchange Rika Khurdayan, Esq. , Partner at Dilendorf & Khurdayan More information about HOQU at https://www.hoqu.io/ HOQU is the world's first decentralized blockchain affiliate marketing platform. Social channels: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HOQUio Twitter: https://twitter.com/HOQU_IO Telegram: https://t.me/hoquio Telegram (Rus): https://t.me/hoqu_rus Telegram Bounty: https://t.me/hoqubounty Blogs: Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/HOQU_IO/ Medium: https://blog.hoqu.io Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2254411 Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2255775 Steemit: https://steemit.com/@hoqu Golos: https://golos.io/@goloshoqu
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China shakes up its financial regulation | Money Talks
China is carrying out its biggest government shake-up in years. And streamlining financial regulation appears to be one of its main aims. The government has long been trying to defuse a ticking time bomb of growing corporate debt. But the moves also concentrate more power in the hands of the ruling Communist Party, the central bank and President Xi Jinping. Usmaan Lone has more. We spoke to Ross Feingold from D.C. International Advisory, a political risk analyst who advises clients on doing business in China. He hopes that these changes will help to create a better regulated Chinese economy. And for more insight on China's massive overhaul, TRT World Editor-at-Large Craig Copetas joins us from Paris. Subscribe: http://trt.world/subscribe Livestream: http://trt.world/ytlive Facebook: http://trt.world/facebook Twitter: http://trt.world/twitter Instagram: http://trt.world/instagram Visit our website: http://trt.world
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Russia by the Numbers: Who Exactly is Committing Financial Fraud in Russia?
Subscribe to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Russia in numbers. Who commits economic crimes in Russia?
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Transfer pricing in simple terms
Evgeny Sumin, Deputy Head of Accounting & Tax Department at Accountor Russia, gives simple answers to the following questions about transfer pricing: + Who is subject to transfer pricing regulation in Russia? + How to comply with transfer pricing regulation in Russia? + How can Accountor help to ensure compliance with transfer pricing regulation in Russia? Learn more about our trancfer prising services: https://www.accountor.com/en/russia/consulting/transfer-pricing
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Future Bitcoin Regulation's with NYS top financial regulator Bejamin M. Lawsky
WeAreChange Bitcoin Address: 12HdLgeeuA87t2JU8m4tbRo247Yj5u2TVP Luke Rudkowski interviews Ben Lawsky at Tuesday New York State regulatory bitcoin hearing about the future of government intervention with bitcoin. Benjamin M. Lawsky is New York State's first Superintendent of Financial Services who called for Tuesday's special proceedings. follow luke on https://twitter.com/Lukewearechange https://facebook.com/LukeWeAreChange http://instagram.com/lukewearechange https://plus.google.com/102322459477834521524/posts Support us by subscribing here http://bit.ly/P05Kqb http;//www.facebook.com/wearechange.org Check out our merchandise: http://wearechange.org/store/ Become a member of The Sponsor Lounge and get exclusive behind the scenes content while helping us grow! Join us today! http:///www.wearechange.org/donate
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Report on Financial Innovation Forum on Russia 24 News
The Moscow Financial Innovation Forum (MFIF) is a unique platform for International Financial Service Providers to meet the growing Russian and Former Soviet Union Financial Industry. Moscow is rapidly developing into a world class International Financial Centre and requires qualified and reliable partners for linking it with the international financial community.
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House Launches New Investigation Into Trump's Foreign Financial Interests & Russia Ties | TIME
The House intelligence committee will launch a broad new investigation looking at Russian interference in the 2016 election and President Donald Trump’s foreign financial interests, Chairman Adam Schiff announced Wednesday. Subscribe to TIME ►► http://po.st/SubscribeTIME Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2EFFA5DB900C633F Money helps you learn how to spend and invest your money. Find advice and guidance you can count on from how to negotiate, how to save and everything in between. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNKdqS_Wccs94rMHiajrRr4W Find out more about the latest developments in science and technology as TIME’s access brings you to the ideas and people changing our world. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNIzsgcwqhT6ctKOfHfyuaL3 Let TIME show you everything you need to know about drones, autonomous cars, smart devices and the latest inventions which are shaping industries and our way of living https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2862F811BE8F5623 Stay up to date on breaking news from around the world through TIME’s trusted reporting, insight and access https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOGLpQQfhNJeIsW3A2d5Bs22Wc3PHma6 CONNECT WITH TIME Web: http://time.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/TIME Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/time Google+: https://plus.google.com/+TIME/videos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/time/?hl=en Magazine: http://time.com/magazine/ Newsletter: time.com/newsletter ABOUT TIME TIME brings unparalleled insight, access and authority to the news. A 24/7 news publication with nearly a century of experience, TIME’s coverage shapes how we understand our world. Subscribe for daily news, interviews, science, technology, politics, health, entertainment, and business updates, as well as exclusive videos from TIME’s Person of the Year, TIME 100 and more created by TIME’s acclaimed writers, producers and editors. House Launches New Investigation Into Trump's Foreign Financial Interests & Russia Ties | TIME https://www.youtube.com/user/TimeMagazine
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Breaking News  - RUTH SUNDERLAND:The financial clean up must go beyond Russia
How effective is a clampdown on Russian money in London likely to be? Here's a clue.Almost at the very moment Theresa May was promising to get tough, European investors, including some in London, were lining up to buy into a bond issue in state-owned gas giant Gazprom, which was heavily oversubscribed.A cheeky tweet from the Russian embassy – 'Business as usual' – summed up the situation.The poisoning of the Skripals may be a game-changer but, so far, any concerns politicians, the security services, or indeed the rest of us might have about some Russian companies have come a distant second to the money to be made out of them.BP has a 20 per cent stake in Rosneft, the state oil firm, and it's only a matter of a few months since aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska floated his company, EN+, on the London market in one of the biggest offerings of last year.Quite openly, the EN+ prospectus declared that the proceeds of the share sale would repay debt owed to VTB, a Russian bank that was hit by sanctions following Vladimir Putin's excursion into the Crimea in 2014. Even the concerns of MI6 about the listing were ignored.In the inflammatory atmosphere following the poisoning of the Skripals, there is a danger of confusion.London certainly does have a problem with dirty money – but not all Russian cash is tainted, and the laundering extends far beyond corrupt roubles.UK-headquartered banks have shamefully shown themselves ready to act for the crooks and despots of the world, as HSBC and Standard Chartered, both heavily fined for such behaviour, have shown.An indiscriminate drive against Russian business and wealth here would be wrong in principle and would also miss the much more important question: how can London retain the openness which makes it so attractive as a financial centre and a magnet for wealth and talent from around the world, whilst maintaining high standards?London has historically punched far above its weight in insurance, banking and investment because of the City's lack of insularity and its outward gaze.It's a by-product of our maritime heritage and a marked contrast with Wall Street, which is focused largely on domestic American business.But the light-touch regulation pioneered in the Blair/Brown era led to a collapse in standards that resulted in an influx of dirty cash and undesirable business – by no means all of it Russian and plenty of it home-grown.Rules already exist to combat this situation, including new Unexplained Wealth Orders that apply to individuals whose lifestyle appears out of kilter with their official earnings.We have stock market listing rules and anti-money laundering regulations aplenty. Somehow, though, these seem to make it really hard for an ordinary saver to open a new deposit account at their local branch, while allowing Mexican drug lords to carry on with abandon.There are worrying signs that London might be losing its allure for big multinationals.In the past few days, Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch consumer goo AutoNews- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/comment/article-5513523/RUTH-SUNDERLAND-financial-clean-Russia.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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Financial Crisis Confirm 100% 🔴 Russia & Turkey Sanctions May Put US Dollar in Danger
Financial Crisis Confirm 100% 🔴 Russia & Turkey Sanctions May Put US Dollar in Danger Financial Crisis Confirm 100% 🔴 Russia & Turkey Sanctions May Put US Dollar in Danger --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔴 Subscribe To My Chanel: FINANCIAL TIMES https://bitly.vn/h25 🔴 TAG : x22report, qanon, economic collapse 2019, dollar collapse 2019, clif high, clif high 2019, gold silver, bix weir, RoadToRoota, greg hunter, greg mannarino, greg mannarino today, mike maloney, jim rickards, peter schiff, jim willie, bill holter, financial crisis 2019 #financialtimes #economiccollapse2019 #financialcrisis2019
English/Nat Russia's President Boris Yeltsin is to host U-S President Clinton at a summit in Moscow next week for talks expected to focus on Russia's plans to fight its economic crisis. Although U-S investment in Russia has always been comparatively small - a fraction compared to its investment in other emerging markets, such as China - fears are increasing about Russia's future market reforms. But despite the market tailspin, some U-S firms in Russia have stuck it out and even in the face of a national financial collapse they continue to prosper. The American pharmaceutical company, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, manufactures many of its products in Russia. Although American imports are common to the Russian market -- American production facilities are few and far between. In a climate of severe instability and lawlessness, many American companies think twice before setting up there. Bristol-Meyers has been an exception to the rule. It's in partnership with Russia's main pharmaceutical company, Axrekheen. The large American firm built a modern production facility outside Moscow nearly seven years ago. It produces five different heart drugs and management claim the Russian operation is a success. SOUNDBITE: (English) "They really saw an American style modern pharmaceutical industry - and this is, I mean, really unique for this country." SUPER CAPTION: Walter Prechel, Production Manager, Bristol-Meyers, Squibb Russia But America's largest companies have deeper pockets and longer staying power than other smaller enterprises and incentives for further U-S investment from smaller companies is not great. SOUNDBITE: (English) "If you look at the fifty largest American investment companies here, you will find every one of them has virtually doubled in size in the last two years. So those who have come and have found a way to do business here have prospered and are happy - they are not disappearing. You will find people disappearing who don't have deep enough pockets but the major companies and I'm talking about everything from Coca Cola to Mars.. those folks continue to grow and to prosper." SUPER CAPTION: Bruce McDonald, American businessman and American Chamber of Commerce Representative in Moscow Despite the fact that many small companies have gone under, some seem to be weathering the storm. Scott Nickol's "Clearwater" freshwater delivery system is doing well. Originally starting with just one delivery truck and imported water, "Clearwater" services now claims to have over 15-thousand Russian customers. But Nickol admits it has been an uphill battle. All of his equipment must be imported, including bottles and the purification system. To stay afloat, Nickol says that companies must be overstaffed, to compensate the ever- changing laws and stifling bureaucracy. SOUNDBITE: (English) "Small businesses - we couldn't afford to be non-profitable to grab the market share, we almost have to be profitable every year to grab more and more market share. And I think that the tax benefits and breaks that small businesses get in the States just are not available here. In fact it's just the opposite, it's much more difficult for smaller businesses." Scott Nickol, American businessman, "Clearwater" owner While some American companies are sticking it out in Russia, recent statistics from the U-S embassy show American investment in Russia remains stagnant. Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin, have, in the past, emphasised, the need to increase trade and investment. The current economic turmoil in Russia is unlikely to encourage more investment despite the summit. Others may have no choice. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/bbeffddea943226181a87997c90b6019 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Korea′s financial market relatively unaffected by Russian financial crisis 

Despite threats posed by Russia′s escalating financial crisis, Korea′s financial market seems relatively calm compared to its counterparts in emerging markets. The benchmark KOSPI dropped 3-point-9 percent in the first 16 days of December. And according to market data,... that puts Korea in 11th place among the 35 major economies in terms of decline in stock price indices. Russia′s stock market dropped over 37 percent over the same period, As for the Korean won,... it appreciated 1-point-9 percent against the greenback in the December period,... while currencies in developing markets weakened. The premium on Korean bonds,... a barometer for a nation′s default risk,... is also relatively low compared to other Asian countries such as Japan and China. Analysts attribute that to Korea′s relatively low market exposure to Russia.
Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS - 2015
Held annually in Moscow, Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS is dedicated entirely to covering the issues of aviation finance, aircraft and engine lease and fleet modernization for the Russian & CIS airlines. On April 23, the 7th Aircraft Finance and Lease Russia & CIS conference gathered airline industry leaders with international lessors and aircraft industry to discuss the challenges that the region’s air transport is facing today.
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Davos 2017 - Issue Briefing: Financial Regulation The Solution?
http://www.weforum.org/ Has the regulation that followed the Great Recession future-proofed our global financial system or merely tempted investors to move to riskier, less-regulated asset classes? - Greg Medcraft, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australia - Barbara Novick, Vice-Chairman, BlackRock, USA - Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University, USA Moderated by - Carmel Crimmins, Financial Services Editor, Americas, Thomson Reuters, USA
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Expert Discussion Regulation of cryptocurrency and token release has been developing worldwide for more than five years. During this time, many OECD countries have formed a basic legal framework for companies working with cryptoassets. International organizations and countries outline four public risks of the digital financial assets turnover and close the door for them: money laundering and financing terrorism, base erosion, consumer protection, and violating securities laws. Russia is also developing regulation regarding the use of crypto assets. EAEU countries, in turn, demonstrate different approaches on the issue. However, there is a strong need to harmonize principles of crypto economy regulation in Russia and other EAEU countries in accordance with international approaches. Issues for Discussion: Cryptocurrency and ICO in Russia: legislative initiatives Cryptoeconomics in the world: first results and the logic of regulation Proposals for Russian and the EAEU Moderator: Antonina Levashenko, Head, Russian Center For Competences and Analysis of OECD Standards, RANEPA Participants: Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman, State Duma Committee on Financial Market Ivan Ermokhin, Expert, Russia-OECD Center, RANEPA Iota Nassr, Expert on regulatory issues of cryptoeconomics, OECD Alexei Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Vladimir Nazarov, Director, Financial Research Institute the Ministry of Finance of Russia Alexey Overchuk, Deputy Head, Federal Tax Service Tatyana Valovaya, Member of the Board – Minister in charge of Integration and Macroeconomics, Eurasian Economic Commission
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BOMBSHELL: Trump's Been Laundering Russian Mob Money For Decades, Allegedly
Russian mobsters needed a lot of property from a sleazy businessman who never asks questions... Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join "In 1984, a Russian émigré named David Bogatin went shopping for apartments in New York City. The 38-year-old had arrived in America seven years before, with just $3 in his pocket. But for a former pilot in the Soviet Army—his specialty had been shooting down Americans over North Vietnam—he had clearly done quite well for himself. Bogatin wasn’t hunting for a place in Brighton Beach, the Brooklyn enclave known as “Little Odessa” for its large population of immigrants from the Soviet Union. Instead, he was fixated on the glitziest apartment building on Fifth Avenue, a gaudy, 58-story edifice with gold-plated fixtures and a pink-marble atrium: Trump Tower.”* Read more here: https://newrepublic.com/article/143586/trumps-russian-laundromat-trump-tower-luxury-high-rises-dirty-money-international-crime-syndicate Hosts: Cenk Uygur Cast: Cenk Uygur *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. http://www.tytnetwork.com/live Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theyoungturks Like The Young Turks on Facebook: http://facebook.com/theyoungturks Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: http://twitter.com/theyoungturks Buy TYT Merch: http://www.shoptyt.com Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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ITU INTERVIEWS: Mikhail Mamuta, Head, Microfinance, Central Bank, Russia
Interview with Mikhail Mamuta, Head, Microfinance, Central Bank, Russia, at the Workshop on Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion in collaboration with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, held at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on 4 December 2014. The workshop was followed by the first meeting of the Focus Group on Digital Financial Services (FG DFS) on 5 December 2014 at the same venue. Detailed information including the Terms of Reference can be found at the FG DFS website: http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/focusgroups/dfs/Pages/default.aspx.
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Russia's Financial Crisis Hits Ordinary Citizens
The collapse of the Russian currency has led to increased mortgage payments for some ordinary Russians who are paying off loans based on foreign currency. Analysts predict that Russia will enter recession sometime next year as a result of declining energy prices and western sanctions against Moscow for its interference in eastern Ukraine. Zlatica Hoke reports. Originally published at - http://www.voanews.com/media/video/2570246.html
Views: 36 Walters otis
The Gaidar Forum 2017. The Logic of Excess Currency Regulation
Expert Discussion Moderator: Sergey Sinelnikov-Murylev, Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy. Participants: Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation; Aleksey Overchuk, Deputy Head, Federal Tax Service; Ruslan Davydov, Deputy Head, Federal Customs Service; Grace Perez-Navarro, Deputy Director, CTPA, OECD; Elena Gushchina, Assistant to Senior Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mr. Igor I. Shuvalov; Antonina Levashenko, Head, Center of Competence and Analysis of OECD Standards, RANEPA; Vladimir Chikin, Partner, Goltsblat BLP; Tatyana Grekova, Economic Adviser to the Department of Financial Monitoring and Currency Control, Bank of Russia; Dmitry Volvach, Head, Department for Standards and International Cooperation, Federal Tax Service; Pavel Livadniy, State Secretary, Deputy Director, Federal Service for Financial Monitoring; William Tompson, Head of Division, Eurasia, Global Relations Secretariat, OECD; Mathilde Mesnard, Deputy Head, the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs. http://www.ranepa.ru/eng
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WRAP US financial plan mooted; French, Russian markets soar in response
SHOTLIST AP Television Paris, France - 19 September, 2008 1. Various shots inside trading room at Richelieu Finance (a French fund management and financial services group) 2. Nathalie Pelras, Head of Equity Management, Richelieu Finance, on the phone 3. Close of Pelras' eyes 4. SOUNDBITE: (French) Nathalie Pelras, Head of Equity Management, Richelieu Finance: "Today the French market is up more then 6 per cent, mainly thanks to the banks and insurance stocks. What explains this strong rise is what was announced yesterday in the United States: a plan of more then one thousand billion dollars to help the financial companies. And that is what is boosting the market. So technically we have a recovery. You have to remember that it decreased a lot recently and we still aren't back to the shares prices we had two weeks ago. So we will need more then these measures in order to make this boost last." 5. Traders at desks, working 6. Close of graphs on computer screen showing the evolution of the CAC-40 AP Television Moscow, Russia - 19 September, 2008 7. Interior of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) 8. Various of traders 9. Cameramen 10. SOUNDBITE (English) Alexei Rybnikov, Director, Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX) : "In the first half hour, the growth of the index, the technical index, which measures all of the stocks traded on MICEX stock exchange, increased by 15 percent which led to an automatic suspension of trading until an order by the federal securities market regulator, which we are expecting to receive, hopefully." 11. Cutaway 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Alexei Rybnikov, Director, Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX): "We think that the most deep phase of the crisis has already passed. We think that trust in the financial system is rebuilding again and we can see that judged by today's growth in the market." 13. Rybnikov on the phone POOL Washington DC, US - 18 September, 2008 14. Wide of meeting with congressional leaders seated to left of screen and US President George W Bush's administration officials to right 15. Push in to Christopher Cox, Chairman of US Securities and Exchange Commission, and US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke seated across table from US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 16. Pan to Pelosi, seated in between Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (to her right) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (to her left) 17. UPSOUND (English) Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: "Good evening. I'm very pleased to welcome the Democratic and Republican leadership of the House and Senate, as well as the representatives of the administration led by Secretary Paulson and independent agencies, Mr. Chris Cox and Chairman Bernanke. Thank you all for joining us as we come together understanding that we have a financial crisis in our country, that we're here to work together for solutions that resolve that crisis in a way that insulates the tax payers, consumers, main street, from the crisis on Wall Street. Thank you all very much. Good night." POOL Washington DC, US - 18 September, 2008 18. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nancy Pelosi, US Speaker of the House: "Good evening. We just had what I believe was a very productive meeting where we heard from the administration and from the chairman of the Fed, an initiative to help resolve the financial crisis in our country. Our purpose is to do that and in doing so, to insulate Main Street from Wall Street and recognise our responsibility to the tax payer, to the consumer, and to people all across our country." 19. SOUNDBITE: (English) Henry Paulson, US Treasury Secretary: 20. SOUNDBITE: (English) Ben Bernanke, Chairman of US Federal Reserve Bank: 21. Wide of officials exiting STORYLINE Germany's DAX added 3.9 percent. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/1047099f3ef4596689432879d0c648b2 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Russian Ties with Cyprus Financial Crisis
Footage provided by Al Jazeera English under Fair Use Law. Presented by EpsilonNewsNetwork Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Senate investigation into Russia probe ending after two years
Former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says President Trump’s campaign did not collude with Russia. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in October 2007 and is the leading business network on television, topping CNBC in Business Day viewers for the second consecutive year. The network is available in more than 80 million homes in all markets across the United States. Owned by FOX, FBN has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London. Subscribe to Fox Business! https://bit.ly/2D9Cdse Watch more Fox Business Video: https://video.foxbusiness.com Watch Fox Business Network Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ Watch full episodes of FBN Primetime shows Lou Dobbs Tonight: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-lou-dobbs-tonight Trish Regan Primetime: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-trish-regan-primetime Kennedy: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-kennedy Follow Fox Business on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxBusiness Follow Fox Business on Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxbusiness Follow Fox Business on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxbusiness
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Enhancing Russian Corporate Governance Standards
Albert Ganyushin contributes to the discussion on ways to improve Russian corporate governance standards and securities regulation at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on 22 June 2013. On this panel, Albert covers topics such as the different approaches to corporate governance in the U.S. and Europe, the minimum standards of corporate governance expected by global and U.S. investors and suggests ways of improving Russian corporate governance standards and developing Russian capital markets. Watch the broadcast and listen to the full discussion on Russia's efforts to build an efficient capital market and the tools that can improve the culture of corporate governance in Russia today. Moderator Olga Dergunova, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Head of Federal Agency for State Property Management, Russian Federation Panellists Alexander Afanasiev, Chairman of the Executive Board, Chief Executive Officer, Moscow Exchange Andrei Bugrov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Non-Executive Director, MMC Norilsk Nickel; Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Management Board, Interros Holding Company Ronald Freeman, Independent Director, Member of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, Severstal Albert Ganyushin, Head of Listings -- International, NYSE Euronext David Gray, Managing Partner, PwC Russia Dmitry Pankin, Head, Federal Service for Financial Markets Dmitry Peskov, Director of Young Professionals Stream, Agency for Strategic Initiatives Vitaly Postolaty, Chief Executive Officer, SAP CIS Front row participant Andrei Volkov, Rector, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
Why Russian Teens Were Jailed for Chatting Online | The Russia Desk | NowThis World
These two Russian teens are facing up to 5 years in prison for “inciting extremism” simply by sharing memes online. » Subscribe to NowThis World: http://go.nowth.is/World_Subscribe » Watch the Previous Episode: https://youtu.be/Vjfyqtz4_wc People can be arrested for liking or sharing posts that insult religious sensitivities, such as one meme that depicted Game of Thrones' Jon Snow (played by actor Kit Harington) as Jesus. In the past year, 604 people have been arrested, most of whom are under the age of 25. One major case involves a group called 'The New Greatness' which formed on the social media app Telegram, essentially Russia's equivalent to Facebook. 'The New Greatness' became a political opposition group that the Russian government called an extremist community. The extremism and organizing began when a man who called himself 'Ruslan D' joined the group. After protesting led to ten arrests, the only detail authorities could uncover about Ruslan D was his 'real' name: Alexander Konstantinov. But was that actually his real name at all? Here's what you need to know. Connect with NowThis » Subscribe to NowThis News: http://go.nowth.is/News_Subscribe » Like us on Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/News_Facebook » Tweet us on Twitter: http://go.nowth.is/News_Twitter » Follow us on Instagram: http://go.nowth.is/News_Instagram » Find us on Snapchat Discover: http://go.nowth.is/News_Snapchat Connect with Judah: » Follow @judah_robinson on Twitter: http://go.nowth.is/TweetJudah » Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeJudah Connect with Alex: » Follow @AlexLJanin on Twitter: http://go.nowth.is/TweetAlex » Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeAlex Connect with Versha: » Follow @versharma on Twitter: http://go.nowth.is/TweetVersha » Facebook: http://go.nowth.is/LikeVersha ‘The Russia Desk’ is a series about everything Russia: from Vladimir Putin’s government to the Russian people and culture, to its history with the United States. If you’re curious about Trump, Putin, Crimea, Syria, borscht, dashcams, sanctions, or more, this is the place for you. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Russia, its government, and its sphere of influence — including U.S. elections. ‘The Russia Desk’ aims to separate fact from fiction with expert interviews, original analysis, and on-the-ground reporting. Pee tape not guaranteed. NowThis World is dedicated to bringing you topical explainers about the world around you. Each week we’ll be exploring current stories in international news, by examining the facts, providing historical context, and outlining the key players involved. We’ll also highlight powerful countries, ideologies, influential leaders, and ongoing global conflicts that are shaping the current landscape of the international community across the globe today. http://www.youtube.com/nowthisworld
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Cypriot Financial Crisis and the Russian Connection
JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for March 25-31, 2013. In this week's analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses: Mayor Bloomberg's new gun laws; the Cypriot banking crisis and the Russian connection; how militant Kurds have declared a truce with Turkey; how the "new Soviet bloc" BRICS is encouraging trade; and much more.
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Tim Ballard: Smugglers are using our own laws against us
Former DHS special agent Tim Ballard discusses the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in October 2007 and is the leading business network on television, topping CNBC in Business Day viewers for the second consecutive year. The network is available in more than 80 million homes in all markets across the United States. Owned by FOX, FBN has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London. Subscribe to Fox Business! https://bit.ly/2D9Cdse Watch more Fox Business Video: https://video.foxbusiness.com Watch Fox Business Network Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ Watch full episodes of FBN Primetime shows Lou Dobbs Tonight: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-lou-dobbs-tonight Trish Regan Primetime: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-trish-regan-primetime Kennedy: https://video.foxbusiness.com/playlist/longform-kennedy Follow Fox Business on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxBusiness Follow Fox Business on Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxbusiness Follow Fox Business on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxbusiness
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Grant Williams - The low price of precious metals suits Russia well, for now
On Behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, Lars Schall asks fund manager Grant Williams about the Achilles' heel of COMEX, that could in theory be exploited by Russia to create some financial havoc in the U.S. They also discuss the strength of the US dollar and whether there is a correlation between a strong US dollar and a weak oil price and vice versa. -- Grant Williams is the portfolio and strategy advisor to the Vulpes Investment Management hedge fund in Singapore. Grant has 30 years of experience in finance on the Asian, Australian, European and US markets and has held senior positions at several international investment houses. Since 2009 he has been writing the regular column “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”.
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Ukraine: 'Financial Maidan' protesters demand implementation of financial laws
Ukrainians from the 'Financial Maidan' movement protested outside the Verkhovna Rada Committee for finance and banking sector in Kiev, Tuesday, demanding the implementation of several laws introduced to the Verkhovna Rada to protect Ukrainian debtors. Video ID: 20150519-049 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv Contact: [email protected] Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Vine: https://vine.co/Ruptly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly
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The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World  - Full Documentary
Who is the Richest person in the world? Do you really think your government controls everything? How Rothschild became the richest family in the world? In this documentary video you will the all about Rothschild Family and his biography. The Rothschild, world kingpins, worth $500 trillion! They own Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold... At ToBeFree, I've focused mainly on the Rockefellers, key kingpins in the US, which apparently are secretly worth more than $10 trillion. But the Rothschilds are far more wealthier, and are by many considered the greatest controlling factor worldwide — the kingpins of the world! In the late '90s, I attended an event in which Gaylon Ross was lecturing. He laid out the big picture for me that has continued to prove true. In addition to speaking about these two families, he laid out the elite's plan to create unions within the continents, and then merge all 5 continents into the one-world government which they control. Since I heard Gaylon speak and had great discussions with him after that, I've watched time and time again the globalists attempts to unite the Americas. From what I've seen, Skull and Bonesman, President Bush should be considered a traitor for how he handled just this issue alone, doing the bidding of his handlers. Here is just one tiny aspect of the Rothschild family. Under the surface, the Rothschilds long had a powerful influence in dictating American financial laws. The law records show that they were powers in the old Bank of the United States [abolished by Andrew Jackson]. Rothschild quotes: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." "I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply."
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The Most Valuable Airspace in the World
Start learning with Brilliant for 20% off by being one of the first 200 people to sign up at https://Brilliant.org/Wendover Check out my new personal channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDA1X6RrhzZQOHOGvC3KsWg Get the Wendover Productions t-shirt: https://standard.tv/collections/wendover-productions/products/wendover-productions-shirt Subscribe to Half as Interesting (The other channel from Wendover Productions): https://www.youtube.com/halfasinteresting Support Wendover Productions on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/wendoverproductions Youtube: http://www.YouTube.com/WendoverProductions Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/WendoverPro Email: [email protected] Reddit: http://Reddit.com/r/WendoverProductions Animation by Josh Sherrington (https://www.youtube.com/heliosphere) Sound by Graham Haerther (http://www.Haerther.net) Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster Music: "Organic Foundation" by Niklas Gustavsson "Fouh" by Twelwe, "My Luck" by Broke For Free, and "Namaste" by Audionautix Big thanks to Patreon supporters: James McIntosh, Braam Snyman, Harry Hendel, KyQuaan Phong, M, Robin Pulkkinen, Sheldon Zhao, Kenneth Johnson, Nader Farsan, Juan Rodriguez, James Hughes, Ken Lee, Victor Zimmer, Dylan Benson, Etienne Dechamps, James Prior, Qui Le, Chris Barker, Andrew J Thom, Keith Bopp, Alec M Watson, Chris Allen, John & Becki Johnston, Connor J Smith, Arkadiy Kulev, Eyal Matsliah, Joseph Bull, Hank Green, Plinnio Correa
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Global Conflict Serving Elite Financial Agenda
Private Contractors are looking for ways to exploit refugees draining them of all they have and reaping government funds to create their version of Refugee Utopian Camps. Returning refugees home is not the real plan profiting on their misfortune is. Veiled as smart business plan to save governments millions, but these companies know that more war and disasters are coming. https://twitter.com/Kyruer/status/1073864583604027392 https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iran-to-lease-part-of-Latakia-port-reports-586033 https://www.jpost.com/International/Russia-says-it-tested-latest-Pantsir-SM-air-defense-system-586005 https://tass.ru/politika/6304378 https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-camp/un-aid-trucks-reach-remote-rukban-camp-in-syria-local-source-idUSKCN1N80BG https://www.nvic.org/nvic-vaccine-news/january-2015/measles-in-disneyland-third-mmr-shot-and-vaccine.aspx https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/how-companies-have-been-exploiting-the-refugee-crisis-for-profit-a6706587.html http://www.takepart.com/feature/2015/12/14/refugee-camp https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jun/16/us-prisons-jail-private-healthcare-companies-profit https://middle-east.timesofnews.com/british-jihadists-trapped-in-syria-face-10-years-behind-bars-on-their-return.html https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-03-20/u-k-private-prisons-are-one-industry-not-worried-about-brexit https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2019/04/07/u-s-led-coalition-says-allies-in-syria-foil-islamic-state-prison-break/ https://www.timesofisrael.com/2000-year-old-image-of-9-stem-menorah-found-in-rare-jewish-site-in-beersheba/?fbclid=IwAR1yHcnk0bvqFNogb0rN7b8WT28733KgD0KSakAaiyKX0jOt00yaKXVVf8Q http://www.ennead.com/ https://www.crystalinks.com/atum.html https://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/30/arts/design/30name.html https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=1358&h=41214&usePUB=true&_phsrc=xLy2&_phstart=successSource&nreg=1 https://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iran-to-lease-part-of-Latakia-port-reports-586033
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Cryptocurrency & The Real Economy, Financial Reg 101
What kind of impact will cryptocurrency make real world impact? Boris Richard of FTI Consulting has an answer! Financial regulations can be hard to understand so we’ve got Marina Baranovsky helping us make sense of it all! Will new sanctions on Russia be a miss? We’re talking to Alex Mihailovich to find out. And will hacked robots be the real concern as automation moves forward? We’re talking to Mollye Barrows for more! Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RT_BoomBust https://twitter.com/bartchilton?lang=en Check us out on Facebook -- and feel free to ask us questions: http://www.facebook.com/BoomBustRT
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Gerald Celente: Great 2010 Crash is looming
(Follow RT at http://twitter.com/RT_com and at http://www.facebook.com/pages/RT/326683984410?ref=mf ) An attempt to turn around the financial sector. Here in Washington, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee has drawn up a bill to place regulation on banks and change the role of the Federal Reserve. But even if this legislation moves forward will it prevent another financial collapse.RT talks about that with Gerald Celente, the director of the Trends Research Institute.
Views: 80052 RT
President Donald Trump To Roll Back Financial Regulations | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
President Trump is eyeing a repeal of Dodd Frank to de-regulate the financial sector in a new round of executive orders. Stephanie Ruhle breaks down the possible outcomes for the average person. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc About: MSNBC is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide, MSNBC offers a full schedule of live news coverage, political opinions and award-winning documentary programming -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/Readmsnbc Find MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/Likemsnbc Follow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/Followmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Google+: http://on.msnbc.com/Plusmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc Follow MSNBC on Tumblr: http://on.msnbc.com/LeanWithmsnbc President Donald Trump To Roll Back Financial Regulations | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
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Why Trump Wants to Make Banks Risky Again
Trump campaigned on deregulating Wall Street, saying that regulations are “killing our country and our jobs.” He wants to repeal Dodd-Frank, the 2010 law that tried to reign in the banks after the financial crisis. What exactly does Dodd-Frank do? And is the president right that it threatens the American economy?
Views: 21144 The Atlantic
Expert Recruiting | Accounting, Tax, IT | Russia, Kazakshtan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland
For over 10 years SCHNEIDER GROUP has been advising international companies on business set up in Russia and the CIS. Most companies with expatriate management rely on their local Chief Accountant when it comes to issues of Russian bookkeeping and tax regulations. However, a Chief Accountant who lacks professional competence could present a high risk exposure to the company. Recruiting experts in Moscow in the spheres of accounting, tax and IT SCHNEIDER GROUP provides recruiting services in various fields where we ourselves have expertise, but our particular focus is on accounting and financial positions - where we have developed rigorous candidate evaluation procedures. That is why many companies choose SCHNEIDER GROUP to identify, examine and pre-select suitably qualified and experienced candidates in the fields of accounting, controlling, and finance, such as: - Chief Accountant - Senior Accountant - Financial Controller - Financial Director - Tax Expert - IT / ERP Expert www.schneider-group.com
Cryptocurrency News 13th January TenX Ethereum Russia Financial crisis Gold Monero
Here you can buy Cryptocurrencies: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5935a70d05fcbc0a980a2643 Here you can buy Most of the cryptocurrencies: https://www.binance.com/?ref=17232007 Best and safest wallet for cryptocurrencies: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/1dce Kucoin exchange: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=22sJ1 My steemit profile: https://steemit.com/@philk Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoniecznyPhil Business Contact: [email protected] #crypto #cryptocurrency #news Financial Crisis: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-01-02/markets-signal-higher-odds-of-a-2019-recession Russia: https://blockmanity.com/news/bitcoin/russia-might-invest-billions-into-bitcoin-to-mitigate-u-s-sanctions/ https://micky.com.au/russias-billions-could-trigger-bitcoin-bull-run-next-month/ Russia Gold: https://tradingeconomics.com/russia/gold-reserves https://www.rt.com/business/442934-russia-central-bank-record-gold/ Norway: https://news.trijo.co/news/wife-of-norwegian-billionaire-kidnapped-ransom-to-be-paid-in-monero/?lang=en Thailand: https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/01/09/thailand-opens-doors-to-crypto-first-four-exchanges-approved-by-sec/ France: https://blockmanity.com/news/bitcoin/yellow-vest-protestors-in-france-plan-to-initiate-a-run-on-the-banks-what-does-it-mean-for-bitcoin/ https://bitcoinist.com/france-starts-selling-bitcoin-at-tobacco-shops-defying-central-bank/ Brazil: https://blockmanity.com/news/bitcoin/major-brazilian-supermarket-chain-oasis-starts-accepting-bitcoin-btc-bitcoin-cash-bch-and-litecoin-ltc-as-payment/ India: https://zycrypto.com/reserve-bank-of-india-rbi-fights-against-crypto-forces-customers-to-reject-digital-assets/ Blockchain Jobs: https://blockchainflashnews.com/blockchain-developer-job/ Craig Wright: https://www.ccn.com/shots-fired-craig-wright-calls-bitcoin-evangelist-andreas-antonopoulos-shtcoin-expert/ Debit Cards: https://icodog.io/news/top-5-bitcoin-debit-cards-2019/ Monero: https://altcoinbuzz.io/crypto-news/product-release/fortnites-retail-store-removes-the-monero-xmr-payment-option/ Projects: https://cryptonews.com/news/top-10-crypto-projects-by-tech-development-3143.htm https://coincodecap.com/ ETC: https://www.ccn.com/ethereum-classic-51-attack-blockchain-security-researchers-reveal-full-implications/ https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-suspends-ethereum-classic-after-blockchain-history-rewrites Dash: https://oracletimes.com/300-merchants-adopt-dash-dash-in-columbia-as-dollar-effect-weakens-around-the-world/ Litecoin: https://litecoin.com/en/news/litecoin-lightning-network-passes-100-nodes Ethereum fork: https://www.coinrivet.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-the-ethereum-constantinople-hard-fork-coming-january-16th/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/two-alleged-ethereum-scam-forks-appropriating-users-private-keys-report-finds Brave: https://twitter.com/brave/status/1082325481448366087?s=21 TenX: http://cryptocoindaddy.com/julian-hosp-president-of-tenx-steps-down-after-pumping-and-dumping-pay-tokens-on-its-investors/ PivX: https://btcmanager.com/pivx-launches-pos-ios-wallet/ Qtum: https://cryptocurrencyjournal.net/2019/01/10/decentralized-platform-qtum-introduces-bitcoin-atomic-swaps-to-its-mainnet/
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Полиция России 06 (СПЕЦНАЗ, СОБР,МВД ФСБ, ОМОН)
Полиция России — составная часть единой централизованной системы Министерства внутренних дел Российской Федерации. Включена в органы Министерства внутренних дел (Ст. 14 Положения о Министерстве внутренних дел Российской Федерации, утв. Указом Президента Российской Федерации от 01.03.2011 № 248 «Вопросы Министерства внутренних дел Российской Федерации»). Полиция предназначена для защиты жизни, здоровья, прав и свободы граждан Российской Федерации, иностранных граждан, лиц без гражданства; для противодействия преступности, охраны общественного порядка, собственности и для обеспечения общественной безопасности. В пределах своей компетенции руководство деятельностью полиции осуществляют Президент Российской Федерации непосредственно или через министра внутренних дел, руководители территориальных органов Министерства внутренних дел и руководители подразделений полиции[3]. Указанные руководители несут ответственность за выполнение возложенных на полицию обязанностей. Федеральный Закон «О Полиции» № 3-ФЗ от 7 февраля 2011 определяет направления деятельности данной структуры, функции, полномочия, а также порядок действий полицейских в различных ситуациях. В документе сказано, что полиция предназначена для защиты жизни, здоровья, прав и свобод граждан Российской Федерации, иностранных граждан, лиц без гражданства, для противодействия преступности, охраны общественного порядка, собственности и для обеспечения общественной безопасности. Полиция незамедлительно приходит на помощь каждому, кто нуждается в её защите от преступных и иных противоправных посягательств. Полиция в пределах своих полномочий оказывает содействие федеральным органам государственной власти, органам государственной власти субъектов Российской Федерации, иным государственным органам, органам местного самоуправления, иным муниципальным органам, общественным объединениям, а также организациям независимо от форм собственности, должностным лицам этих органов и организаций в защите их прав.
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News Today - Overnight: Mnuchin financial promises to punish Russia after uproar
News Today - Overnight: Mnuchin financial promises to punish Russia after uproar News Today - Overnight: Mnuchin financial promises to punish Russia after uproar Mnuchin promises more sanctions on Russia after outrage over report: Treasury Secretary Steven MnuchinSteven Terner MnuchinTrump officials take heat for declining Russia sanctions Overnight Regulation: Dems go on attack during EPA chiefs hearing | Mnuchin promises more Russia sanctions | Regulators subpoena major bitcoin exchange | New lawsuit over FDA e-cig rule Overnight Finance: Mnuchin promises new Russia sanctions after uproar | Dow drops ahead of Trump State of the Union | GOP senators ca... Source: http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/921975476?-17176:26449:3 © News Today THANK YOU for your watching SUBSCRIBE my channel for more videos: http://xuri.co/newstoday ─────────────────── ▼ DISCLAIMER : ➤ If you have problems about copyright or label, please contact me via email or YT inbox. Thank you :) ➤ If you wanna use my uploads in your videos/streams, please give a link back to my original video, thats all ;) #news #newstoday #breakingnews #worldnews #latestnews #new #currentnews #topnews #headlinenews #dailynews #localnews #nationalnews #breakingnewsheadlines #apnews #newsheadlines #latestnewstoday #breakingnewstoday #newnews #recentnews #topnewstoday #topnewsstories #newsstories #news #todaysnews #usbreakingnews
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Will rolling back financial regulations spark economic growth?
Former Gov. Frank Keating, (R-Okla.) reacts to President Donald Trump rolling back regulations amid uncertainty over tax cuts.
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Top Obama financial regulator to step down
Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo is stepping down a few years early. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/67002/ Find more videos like this at www.newsy.com Follow Newsy on Facebook: www.facebook.com/newsyvideos Follow Newsy on Twitter: www.twitter.com/newsyvideos
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Russia: USA has no right to give financial aid to "bandits" - Yanukovych
SOT, Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine (Russian): "I appeal to the international community. Nobody should encourage and support non-constitutional takeovers. By the way, everyone knows that the US government plans to provide $1 bln in aid to this bandit regime. As far as I know US legislation, article 8422, point 22 of the law book prohibits the giving of financial aid to a government of any country where a legitimate president has been overthrown in a coup. I want to apply to the US Congress, Senate and Supreme Court with an urgent demand to give legal evaluation the actions of the country's government. You have no right according to your own laws to provide money to bandits." M/S Press SCRIPT Russia: USA has no right to give financial aid to "bandits" - Yanukovych Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine, addressed the international community and the USA during the press conference in Rostov on Don on Tuesday. Yanukovych said he will talk to the US Congress, Senate and the Supreme Court over the one billion dollars of US financial aid, which will be given to the new Ukrainian government. He said that the US does not have the right to give money to the 'bandits' in Kiev.
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Bitcoin Gold DDoS Attack, Russia Regulates And $50,000 Bitcoin in 5 years - 114
SUBSCRIBE ! for videos on finance, making money, how to invest and creative ways to acquire passive income ! After 10+ years of investing and saving, I'm here to pass the knowledge onto you ! Ways To Help And Support The Channel Bitcoin Donations Address: 14hVbmBeH3im3FqDd3z4sGYBirRiJn7qnw Ripple Donation Address: rLEPja8B7Z8p5epyfv5fhkFqngQ8zDgLsg Litecoin Donation Address: Lh7dbMcXHTxaEAKg4tigKxoXCikceU4ZnM Ethereum Donation Address: 0xf04Ae476bE26B08Bb2B616B7ef1Fc936478B1136 Dash Donation Address: XyS7e8q2akXkrk4rdYtvKJ1mBJeuLgvwce PayPal Donation Link: paypal.me/LetsPlayYT ALL donations greatly appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genesis Mining Discount Code! Receive 3% off of your Genesis Mining Contract Instantly! uDWPVB Simply post the above code into the website and receive an instant 3% rebate! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Receive Free Coins Every Day QoinPro Referral Link: https://qoinpro.com/d74a3967ab0a7e395da5e49cddb6bc80 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me On Facebook ! https://www.facebook.com/TheModernInvestor https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-5HLi3buMzdxjdTdic3Aig --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photo Credit To: https://coinspectator-com.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/production/60379/d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e.jpeg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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EU Financial Regulatory Framework | Economic and Financial Affairs Committee | House of Lords
Lord Harrison, Chair of the Committee, discusses the report into the EU financial regulatory framework. For more information please visit http://www.parliament.uk/hleua
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Fieldsports Britain - Vinnie Jones's Russian Macnab + ferreting + deerstalking, episode 156
Vinnie Jones is after fox, salmon and raccoondog - the South Somerset Ferreters are after rabbits - Roy Lupton is looking for roe deer - and we've even got some scientists whingeing about the perils of lead shot. It's a dangerous week to be wildlife on Fieldsports Britain. We lead on the news that Vinnie scored a Macnabski in Russia. Meanwhile, lurchers get some action in Somerset, and Roy is keen to stay on top of the roe doe cull. So much more real than reality TV #FieldsportsBritain Here are the links: Ferreting for rabbits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqIsHYntaQ0 Shares To find out how to join the Fieldsports Nation, visit FieldsportsChannel.tv/shares or to sign up and pledge, go to fieldsports.envestry.com Risk warning: investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. Approved as a financial promotion by Envestors Limited. Which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 07236828.) Sign up for our weekly email newsletter FieldsportsChannel.tv/register Read the magazine version http://www.scribd.com/doc/115037741/Fieldsports-Britain-episode-156
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#Russia - 'The UK is the favourite place for corrupt Russians to put their money' Brooks
The TAX 3 Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance held a public hearing on "Money-laundering Involving Russian individuals and their effet on the EU." Author of "The Great Tax Robbery: How Britain Became a Tax Haven for Fat Cats and Big Business"and journalist Richard Brooks. Brooks says that the UK is the favourite place for corrupt Russians to put their money. While the UK has some good laws, he says that the UK needs to enforce existing laws on a meaningful scale. Brooks says that this has been used on only one occasion to date.
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