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NI Multisim: AC Analysis frequency response
Set up an AC Analysis to plot the frequency response (both magnitude and phase) of a circuit.
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NI Multisim: Single Frequency AC Analysis
Find phasor node voltages with a Single Frequency AC Analysis. The results can be displayed in either rectangular or polar format.
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Ac Analysis multiSIM
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AC Steady-State Network Analysis with Multisim
Essential skills for Topic #2 in Eng Phys 2E04: How to build an AC circuit in Multisim, and analyze it with three different tools: the Multisim Oscilloscope, Single-Frequency Analysis, and the Tektronix Scope Simulator.
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Getting Started with NI Multisim - Analyses - AC Analysis
Visit http://bit.ly/abnFfa for more information Learn how to configure and run AC analysis in Multisim
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Transient analysis of RLC circuit in multisim 14.0 version
Transient analysis of RLC series circuit in multisim software.
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#04 : Nodal Analysis in Multisim
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NI Multisim: AC voltage source
Place and configure the AC voltage source, a sinusoidal source suitable for interactive simulation, transient analysis, and AC (frequency sweep) analysis.
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AC Circuit Multisim Part 1
AC Circuit Team 3: Deion Palacious Johnathan Morales Reymi Mendez Patrickson Lume
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NI Multisim: Transient Analysis
Set up a Transient Analysis to plot time-domain circuit response waveforms.
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NI Multisim: Measure average power and power factor with a wattmeter
Learn how to use the Wattmeter to measure average power and power factor of a load operating in sinsuoidal steady state (AC).
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Understanding Phasors with NI Multisim
In this video, we demonstrate how to find the absolute phasors across various circuit elements by running an AC Single Frequency Analysis in NI Multisim. The example is from the textbook Circuits (NTS Press), and the schematic that accompanies this video can be downloaded from the NI Circuit Design Community: http://bit.ly/aC1h3O. Example used is courtesy of NTS Press. Learn more about Multisim and/or download an evaluation version: http://bit.ly/92cuSl.
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Multisim - AC analysis, Transient analysis [SPAL LAB]
in RLC, RC circuit [SPAL LAB]
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Using NI Multisim to design and simulate RLC series resonance
By : Moataz Elsherbini Source of NI Multisim : http://www.4shared.com/file/xKJ3lxr1/ni_multisim__ultiboard__circui.html
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Integrator and Differentiator multisim simulation
Multisim Simulation
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Multisim Touch - Simulation and Analysis
www.ni.com/multisim Multisim Touch for the iPad is a SPICE simulation and circuit design environment developed for students, educators and engineers to design and simulate analog electronics anywhere, anytime. This getting started video illustrates how we can simulate and analyse are circuit to determine the response.
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Multisim 11 Transient Analysis
How to do a transient analysis in multisim
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NI Multisim: DC Sweep Analysis
Learn how to plot the behavior of one or more circuit variables due to sweeping a voltage source through a range of values.
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Basic Use of Multisim In Electronics Circuit Analysis Lab Tips
Basic Use of Multisim In Electronics Circuit Analysis Lab Tips JNTU Hyderabad LABS ADDING KEYWORDS:- electronics circuit analysis electric circuit analysis electronic circuit analysis engineering circuit analysis circuit analysis circuit theory circuit analysis for dummies circuit analyzer electronics simulator circuit solver electronic circuit analysis and design circuit simulators circuit theory basics circuit analysis book electrical circuit theory simulation circuit electric circuit analysis pdf circuit design software spice circuit circuit analyser electrical analysis circuit simulation software introduction to circuit analysis electronic circuit simulator electronic simulator electronic circuits electronic circuit design electrical schematic software electrical engineering circuit analysis circuit simulator electronic circuit design pdf electronic circuit analysis and design pdf schematic drawing software electrical diagram software electric circuit solver analysis of electrical circuits fundamentals of electric circuit analysis circuit analysis textbook simple electronic circuits circuit designer circuit analyzer online electronic circuits analysis and design digital circuit design electronic schematics circuit solver online electrical network analysis
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Analyse AC Circuit using thevenin's theorem in Multisim
Thevenin's theorem for simulation lab using Multisim
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WDS T11 Single Frequency AC Analysis
A simple RC circuit is used to demonstrate how to perform a steady-state analysis at a single sinusoidal frequency with Multisim, including the determination of both real and reactive power.
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A Tutorial and Multisim Simulation on the  RC Time Constant
Multisim software is from National Instruments. The video shows how the time constant can be adjusted using a potentiometer
AC Power: Intro, Analytical, and Multisim
Eng Phys 2E04 Topic #5 Intro: AC Power Calculation of Average Power used in AC circuits Real, Reactive, Complex, and Apparent Power Power Factors and Power Factor Correction
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RLC Series Circuit with Multisim
RLC Series Resonance Simulation: Select Resistance, R= 470 Ohms, Inductance, L=33 mH, and Capacitance, C=1 Micro Farad Capacitor.
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MultiSim Transient Analysis
This video will explain how to preform a transient analysis in MutiSim
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#05 : Mesh Analysis in Multisim
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Multisim RC Transient Analysis
Multisim: Simulation of DC voltage across a capacitor
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How To Draw CE Amplifier Circuit Using Multisim Software
How To Draw CE Amplifier Circuit Using Multisim Software
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Simulate a single phase ac circuit using Multisim
Low pass filter simulation using a bode plot.
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NI Multisim: BJT base characteristic
Use a nested DC Sweep analysis to plot the base characteristic of an NPN bipolar junction transistor (BJT); the base characteristic is base current vs. base-emitter voltage at various levels of collector-emitter voltage.
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OpAmp Circuit Design 1: Design and MultiSim Simulation of an Inverting OpAmp
Professor Kleitz presents the theory for the design of a gain-of 10 Inverting OpAmp circuit. The design is then demonstrated using MultiSim.
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Frequency analysis using Multisim
This video discuss frequency analysis using multisim, and procedure for verifying if the response is according to what the theory predicts.
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Transient DC Circuit Analysis: Analytical and Multisim
Determining voltage as a function of time after switching events in DC circuits both analytically and using Multisim.
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Non-inverting op amp using multisim
The basic non-inverting amplifier circuit using an op-amp is shown above. In this circuit the signal is applied to the non-inverting input of the amplifier. However the feedback is taken from the output via a resistor to the inverting input of the operational amplifier where another resistor is taken to ground.
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NI Multisim: Use a Parameter Sweep analysis to plot resistor power as a function of resistance
Use a Parameter Sweep analysis to plot resistor power as a function of resistance.
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How to use Multisim Oscilloscope on a RC Series Circuit
I am using Multisim (v13.0) to simulate a circuit with an AC voltage supply, resistor and capacitor in series (RC). As expected the voltage across the capacitor lags (behind) the voltage of the supply. This video shows how to connect the oscilloscope in parallel with the voltage supply and the capacitor. I change the colors of the oscillation, as well as the names of the nodes to make it easier to see. My next video will show how to calculate the voltage across the capacitor and improve the accuracy of the simulation: http://youtu.be/PrfD0lJQXJM
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NI Multisim Self-Paced Training Sample
This Multisim training module explains how to explore the characteristics of a circuit using the following analyses: AC, Transient, Fourier and Monte Carlo. You will also learn about analyses' settings and how to configure the Grapher view. Download Multisim and Ultiboard evaluation: www.ni.com/multisim/try Learn about NI self-paced training: www.ni.com/self-paced-training
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NI Multisim: Find node voltages with DC Operating Point analysis
Find node voltages with a DC Operating Point analysis.
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Zero Crossing Detector For AC Power Control in Multisim
Zero Crossing Detector For AC Power Control Simulation in Multisim.
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Multisim transistor bias
This video was made for a sophomore circuits course in electrical engineering at Bucknell University, USA. The video is designed to be used as the out-of-the-classroom component and combined with active learning exercises in class. This video covers how to set up a simple transistor bias circuit in the National Instrument Multisim envirionment
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