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AdWords Auction; How Keyword Bidding Works
http://www.MAHDigitalmarketing.com Hal explains relevance and value and how ad rank works. Most advertisers may think it's like an ebay auction and the highest bidder wins. Not so says Hal. How do you feel your AdWords campaign is performing for you right now? What would it need to look like 1 year from now for you to feel it is successful? Who manages your AdWords account? Because Google favors local businesses in search results, they have made it extremely easy for a business to apply a little known process that actually makes your ad appear twice the size on the page, it has your address, your phone number, people can click on a map, so that’s a huge advantage that nationwide advertisers don’t have.
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PPC Training Video Bid Strategy Tutorial
We are into PPC training course from last 5 Years. How to CPA & ECPC bid strategy in adwords
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AdWords Bidding Strategy
In this AdWords tutorial, we're talking about Google AdWords Bidding Strategy. 1. How to structure your Google AdWords bids to attract traffic to the right keywords in your campaign. 2. Does Google AdWords ad rank matter and should you be bidding more to be in top position? Resources Mentioned in the Video: AdWords Keyword Match Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bWU8EasvdM Google AdWords Search Funnels and Impression Share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfAG7zukfJg The Google AdWords Success Guide: http://tillison.co.uk/about/adwords-success-guide/ #GoogleAds #AdWordsBidding
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How does Target ROAS bidding work for Google Hotel Ads?
"Google Hotel Ads support several automated bidding strategies, including Target Return On Ad Spend bidding. Target ROAS automatically sets bids to return as much room revenue as possible while help advertisers reach their target return on ad spend. Learn more at support.google.com/hotelprices"
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ECPC Enhanced Cost Per Click Bidding in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about ECPC, or enhanced cost per click bidding in Google AdWords. I’m going to explain what is it, how it works, and how to set it up. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Adword Search Language Bid Strategy
In this video we cover Adwords languages and bidding strategy. This is part 4 in our Video training course. Subscribe to our Channel for More Great Tips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfFePRr2cjZBY2LX1eSm9A?sub_confirmation=1 The Full playlist for the Adwords Search Training Course can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsY3cdOmeY0&list=PLcIO4uecHiqtZWY3_NQXolM3Sm2_h43VC The Next video is on Adwords Delivery Methods and Advanced Settings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXnEmdPTJlg Partial Transcription: In this video, we're going to be covering languages and bid strategy. If you look here, I'm in the United States targeting a city in the United States. So right here, AdWords will already recommend what languages you should target. Now, the issue comes in here is if let's say my Denver Dental Clinic, I happen to cater to people who speak Spanish as well. So here you could go ahead, and if you chose to, you could go ahead and say English and Spanish. However, whenever you're targeting a different language, I recommend you put it into a different campaign. So if my clinic targets individuals who speak Spanish, I would go ahead and I would create a second campaign for just Spanish. So one would be English, and one would be Spanish. That makes things a lot easier to track ROI, your return on investment, especially when you're having multiple ads in there. So I'll have one ad campaign, and all the ads in there will be Spanish. And then the other campaign, all the ads will be English. And then I'll have that Spanish ad going to a Spanish landing page. And I'll have my English ad going to an English landing page. It just makes the campaign management overall so much easier to manage. And you're also going to notice a good discrepancy between the cost per click. So if you're targeting Spanish-speaking individuals, chances are it's going to be a lower cost per click because there's going to be less competition in the field. So if you combine both the English and the Spanish into one campaign, your cost per click might actually increase. Now, AdWords representatives have told me, "No, that's not really the case of how it works." But I'll tell you right now. I've targeted a lot of places internationally, in Europe and all over the world. And whenever I add in English to the campaign, my cost per click rises for the native language keywords. So by just having the languages separated out, I found a lot lower cost per click overall when not including English in there. And that's just based upon my experience, which is pretty much what these videos are going off of. Next up, we're going to have the bid strategy. And here under the basic options link, you're going to have just two options. It's "Manually set my bids for clicks." So you'll set the maximum CPC bids in the next step. A CPC is cost per click. The other option is "AdWords will set my bids to help maximize clicks within my target budget." So if my target budget, let's say, was $100 a day, and I selected this button, AdWords will determine what I should pay per click to be competitive in there. And the issue is, especially starting off, you can have some really nasty surprises of getting charged 15, 20, $30 a click. And you're like, "Whoa! What's going on? Why is like the click cost so high?" So I really, really highly recommend that you just manually set your bids. And set the bid to what you're comfortable with. So in this particular case, I'm going to set my bid to 1.51. That's what I'm going to be comfortable with. And my budget then I'm going to start off with . . . And I recommend everybody do this is you start off with either a $5 a day budget or a $10 a day budget. And the reason is is that way you don't accidentally spend, if your budget's $100, you don't actually spend $100 that first day without being able to see some of that first initial clicks that come in, because those first initial clicks can tell you a lot of information such as, whoops! I may have had a keyword in there that I really didn't want in there. And it's not necessarily relevant to what I'm trying to offer. So by keeping that budget tight, you're not going to lose a lot of money in one day. And you can always increase it after a few days or after the first day if you're comfortable with the keywords that you're seeing coming in.
Flexible Bid Strategies in AdWords--Overview
This 3-minute lesson is an overview of flexible bid strategies in Google Adwords. I'm going to explain: What flexible bid strategies are, and then describe the various strategies that are available. Go to http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ for more easy AdWords training. Have questions? Email [email protected]
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Bidding Strategies Available in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about bidding strategies available in AdWords. I’m going to explain: what the basic bid strategies are, what goals they are suited for, and the more advanced subject of Flexible Bidding Strategies Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Advanced Bidding Methods in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about advanced bidding methods in Google AdWords. Assuming you already understand the basics of cost per click bidding for search and display advertising, and CPM bidding for display advertising, I’m going to explain how advanced features work, such as CPA bidding, and flexible bid strategies. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Optimize Location Targeting - AdWords In Under Five Minutes
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Learn everything you need to know to set up Location Targeting and optimize for your business' needs! 00:00 Hi everyone, I’m Erica from the AdWords team and this is AdWords In Under 5 Minutes. This video will teach you everything you need to know to optimize your location targeting. Let’s get started! 00:21 Location targeting helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you'll find the right customers for your business. For each AdWords campaign, you can select locations where you want your ad to be shown. 00:33 There are multiple location targeting types: you can target entire countries, areas within a country (such as a city, region, or postal code), or a radius around a location. So now you’re ready to edit your targeted locations! 00:48 Location targets are set at the campaign level, so to get started select the campaign for which you’d like to edit the location targeting. 00:56 Next, click on the Settings Tab. Then click the gray “Locations” button. If you don’t see this button, then you may need to make your Campaign Type “All Features.” 1:06 To do that, click “Edit” next to Type and select “All Features” from the gray box. 1:13 After you’ve clicked the gray “Locations” button, click the red +Locations button. In the search box, you can start typing the name of a city, region, country, or postal code, and from the drop down list you can click “Add” next to the location you’d like to target. 1:31 If you’d like to target a radius around a particular location, click “Advanced Search” in blue and select “Radius Targeting” in the top right hand corner of the window. From here, type the name, address, or coordinates of the location that will be at the center of your radius. Then enter the number of miles or kilometers for the radius, select your unit of measurement, and click search. 1:54 The radius should appear below and you can click the red “Add” button to add it to your location targeting. Once you’ve added all of the radii you’d like, click the blue Done button and then the blue Save button in the gray box. 2:08 It’s as simple as that! So now that you have set your target locations, let’s talk about how we can use location bid adjustments to optimize your location targeting and show your ad more or less frequently to customers in certain countries, cities, or other geographic areas. 2:24 Location bid adjustments allows you to alter your Maximum cost per click bid by a certain percentage, based upon the location of the users you want to target. 2:34 By adjusting your bid based on location, you can indicate that a click is worth more if it comes from a particular targeted location or that you want to prioritize certain clicks from certain locations over others. This feature is really useful for advertisers who get a lot of business from a particular location because it allows you to be more competitive in places where you have more potential customers. 2:57 Let’s walk through how to set location bid adjustments. Once again, click the campaign you’d like to edit, click the Settings tab, and select the gray “Locations” button to view your location targeting list. 3:10 Next to the location, click the dashes in the “Bid Adj.” column to enter the bid adjustment for that particular location. 3:18 Here you can enter the bid adjustment. Remember this is a percentage increase, not a dollar amount. 3:25 For example, if my bid is set at 2 dollars and I add a 15% bid adjustment for the California location target, then my bid for California users would be $2.30. 3:38 After entering the percentage value in the white box, click Save. 3:42 Keep in mind that these adjustments can be edited at any time, so once you set your first bid adjustments, let the ads serve for a week or two and then check back on this tab to see how they are performing. Based on that data, you can make informed changes to to your bid adjustments to find the combination that works best for you! 3:59 Location targeting really helps you specifically target the markets where your business has the most potential, and location bid adjustments help refine that targeting to ensure you are bidding competitively in for your potential customers at the right cost. 4:16 Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you have any questions about this video, you can post them in the comments section below! 4:23 If you have further questions you can find us on social media, discuss this in the AdWords community, chat to an online specialist, or pick up the phone and give us a call. Thank you for tuning in and have a great day!
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Using AdWords bid adjustments
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Is a click is worth more to you if it comes from a mobile device, at a certain time of the day, or from specific locations? Use bid adjustments to increase or decrease your bids to gain more control over when and where your ad is shown.Learn more https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2732132 #AdWordsTips 0:09 Is a click is worth more to you if it comes from a mobile device, at a certain time of the day, or from specific locations? By setting bid adjustments, you can increase or decrease your bids to gain more control over when and where your ad is shown. 0:23 So, what’s a bid adjustment? A bid adjustment is a percentage increase or decrease you set that’s automatically applied to your cost-per-click bid in specific situations. 0:32 Here’s an example : Lets say you’re advertising a restaurant. You know that people who are closer to your restaurant are more likely to come in for dinner than those who are further away. Since their clicks are worth more to you, you apply a bid adjustment to raise your bids by 50% for people who are within 5 miles of your restaurant. 0:51 In addition to bid adjustments based on the location that the customer is currently in, you can also use bid adjustments to target customers using specific devices, or searching at specific times of the day. 1:02 You can also combine bid adjustments. For instance, to catch those hungry commuters on the way home from work, you can set bid adjustments for time of day-- at the end of the work day-- and for mobile devices. 1:15 Adding bid adjustments is quick and easy. First, navigate to the Settings tab of the Search Campaign you are making the changes to. 1:24 Make sure you’ve selected “All Features” as your campaign Type. Go to the campaign’s “Settings” tab. 1:29 Here, we’re going to adjust our “Devices” bids, but as you can see, you also have the same options for “Location” and “Ad Schedule”. 1:38 In the “Bid adjustment” column next to “Mobile devices with full browsers,” click the dashed line, and input the percentage you want to increase or decrease your bids. 1:48 Because I value mobile traffic over desktop, I’m going to increase my bids by 20% for mobile devices. Click save…. 2:00 And that’s it! Ready to give it a try? Click the link to try adding bid adjustments to your account now. 2:07 Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest AdWords Tips videos.
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Bidding Strategies for Display Advertising: How to Avoid Boiling the Ocean
Catherine Williams On a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange like AppNexus, the strategy for direct-response advertising is simple: predict the expected revenue of each available impression, then bid that value. As the universe of web pages seeking RTB ads has grown, though, obtaining enough data to make predictions across sites is now so expensive as to be impossible for advertisers.
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Budgets and Bidding - Google AdWords Fundamentals
#marketing #ppc #seo Welcome. My name is Tony Guo. I run several startups in Humble Texas which is near Houston Texas. I'm an entrepreneur and CEO of RunRex, a web consulting firm. I graduated NYU with honors and a BS in Biology. I passed the Patent Bar Exam when I was 21. Worked at a large IP law firm. And graduated William and Mary Law School. I’m barred in the State of New York. I love digital marketing. I run 7 companies : https://guttulus.com/ - Personal Blog. http://bitgale.com/ - Photography. http://ppchire.com/ - PPC. http://pandapatent.com/ - Patent and Intellectual Property http://mtglion.com/ - Magic the Gathering. http://runrex.com/ - Marketing. http://tyguo.com/ - Consulting. You can find me on linkedin. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyguo I look forward to sharing my experiences with you! Guttulus is one of the most popular PPC agencies in Humble, Texas with a large following. It is an PPC agency with a difference – it not only optimizes your websites but also teaches you important aspects of online marketing. Guttulus concentrates on pay-per-click advertising but also offers other SEO services such as web analytics and content creation. It also offers free digital marketing lessons. At BigGale, it’s our passion to provide our clients with as many options as possible. We offer a wide variety of professional media packages, as well as customization options for your website. Trust a team that can give you their all. Our services range from photography to videography or a combination of both. Take a look at our gallery to see which services would work best for you. PPChire is more than just an SEO agency. It offers all the SEO services needed to improve your site’s rank with major search engines. However, it also goes a step further to ensure that your site is certified with all major Google platforms: Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Video (YouTube), Google Mobile, and Google Shopping. PPChire also offers clients SEO exams to test and increase their SEO skills – it does this in partnership with Guttulus. When it comes to internet marketing, going for the best is paramount since the gap between first and second best often has significant ramifications result-wise. In Houston, there are many internet marketing agencies, but PPChire stands out as the best for a variety of reasons. Welcome to MTG Lion. I'm a Magic the Gathering store that discusses spoilers, speculation, news, finance, commander, modern, standard, legacy, eternal and more. I take pride in my magic the gathering finance decisions and presenting magic the gathering spoilers before anyone else. There are dozens of free giveaways. Share with friends and other planeswalkers. Love you all. RunRex is a full service digital marketing agency with a team of experts readily available to help increase traffic and drive sales for your web-based operation. Consulting with local SMBs in development and traffic generation for their websites. Leveraging SEM, SEO, LSO, Social and Video tactics. Current clients include Software, Legal, Oil & Gas and Travel.
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How to Spy on Your PPC Competitors (CPC bids)
I will show you some ways to spy on PPC competitors to see how much they are bidding for keywords on Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and more.
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Display Network Bidding in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about bidding for campaigns targeting the display network in Google AdWords. I'm going to explain the basics of display network bidding and the targeting structures that let you optimize your bidding. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Ask AdWords - CPA Bidding
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/
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Introduction to AdWords Bidding Part 1 - Cost Per Click
Are you trying to learn the ins-and-outs of Google AdWords? In this video we explain the different types of bidding in Google AdWords, specifically the perks of Cost Per Click bidding. Visit Radius.WebKite.Org for more information about advertising online.
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Tools to Help Optimize Bidding in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about bidding tools in Google AdWords. One of the most important areas for optimization with pay-per-click advertising is bidding. As an advertiser, you are competing for ad space and visibility in an auction-based system. It’s important to realize the amount you bid for various keywords or other targeting methods can make or break your profitability. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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AdWords Tutorial 2015 - Understanding Target and Bid Vs. Bid Only
Check Out My FULL AdWords Course On UDEMY Here: https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-google-adwords-training-course/?couponCode=YOUTUBEDESC35 It's over 14 hours long, filled with incredible tips and techniques guaranteed to improve your ROI! Adventure Media Group: www.adventureppc.com Adventure Media is a boutique PPC management company that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes increase the effectiveness and profitability of their pay per click campaigns. When it comes to PPC management, you pay per click campaigns have the opportunity to generate an incredible ROI for your products and services. Target and Bid VS Bid Only is one of those AdWords settings that can help you target your display network campaigns in a much more effective and thoughtful way. Stay tuned for more videos in our AdWords Tutorial 2015 series, and let us know if you need any AdWords help.
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Adwords: Should I Bid on Branded Keywords - Rapid Immersion #8
Rapid Immersion: Google Adwords - Should I be bidding on branded keywords if I rank organically? In today's episode, I will discuss why you should (or shouldn't) bid on your branded keywords in Google Adwords. Additional info: http://reefdigital.com.au/blog/videos/ Social profiles: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reef-Digital/ LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/reef-digital-agency Twitter: https://twitter.com/reefagencyau Google+: https://plus.google.com/115044651487850451950/posts
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Automating AdWords: The Tools Your Competitors Wish You Didn t Know About
Fred Vallaeys was an early Google employee who helped create many of the AdWords features still in use today.In this webinar he'll discuss: - Specific AdWords automation rules...and things NOT to do - AdWords scripts...how to set them up and what they can do - Precise bidding strategies that you can use to gain an advantage over your competition - The 3 most powerful automations at use in AdWords today. Each takes only minutes to create, costs nothing to use, but will boost your PPC results Bid Automation Only Google can set the bids at the time. It is important to use them and try and find the best way to set your prices. Use the dashboard to figure out the best practices. Set up an action item. This will make it easier to automate the process by telling Google what to do. Make sure to understand what you're automating, or it may get confusing. AdWords Scripts AdWords Scripts allow you to to schedule and automate through code. These scripts can talk to your external data sources to be most effective. Some examples are to use it through Google Tasks, Docs, and Calendar. They can be used for A/B testing, reports, and for creating campaigns. There are several steps to creating a script, but it is worth it. About Convirza: Convirza is the first enterprise call marketing analytics and optimization platform. We combine traditional call tracking with the powerful analysis of phone calls. Convirza uses speech recognition technology and sophisticated algorithms to gauge lead quality, measure conversions, and take action with fully-baked marketing automation. We help sophisticated marketers make better decisions, improve close rates, and increase revenue. Convirza is growing rapidly. We recently acquired a division of CallSource and changed our name from LogMyCalls to Convirza. We are headquartered in the Silicon Slopes of Utah with a satellite office in Agoura Hills, California.
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Using your competitor's brand in your adwords keywords is a stupid decision
This video shows how pathetic some companies are when defining their marketing strategies. Basically, they use competitor's names as their keywords in AdWords campaigns. In this example, people looking for "mobincube.com" get paid results linking to different sites. I guess that Como and iBuildapp (Mobincube's competitors) believe that people are stupid. Or maybe they do that because they just don't trust in their own products, so they try to attract users that are looking for a better product, which is Mobincube.
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Set a Mobile Bid Adjustment - AdWords In Under Five Minutes
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Learn how to set a mobile bid adjustment in AdWords to boost your mobile performance. This video explains the importance of mobile advertising, shows how to set a mobile bid adjustment in the AdWords interface, and covers important tips for long-term mobile success! 00:00 Hi everyone, this is AdWords in Under Five Minutes, and this video will teach you everything you need to know about mobile bid adjustments. Let’s get started! 00:19 A mobile bid adjustment is a percentage increase or decrease you apply to your cost-per-click bid when users are searching for your business on their mobile devices. 00:27 Although your current AdWords bids may be successfully reaching your desktop customers, mobile devices have smaller screens and therefore fewer ads serve for a given search. Setting a mobile bid adjustment can help you reach those searching from their mobile devices. 00:43 So why is mobile an increasingly important part of online advertising? Research shows that more than 38% of our daily media interactions happen on mobile devices and mobile devices have the highest number of user interactions per day so it’s becoming increasingly important to opt-in to the mobile atmosphere and reach these potential customers. 01:03 Let’s take a look at two different types of customers: Shelly is searching on her mobile device after work and Paul is searching on his desktop computer from home. They are both searching for Pizza, and your business is a local pizza parlor. 01:16 For Paul’s search on his desktop computer, your ad appears in the 3rd or 4th position on the page and he decides to click. But for Shelly, fewer ads appeared on her mobile device’s screen and she clicked on your competitor’s ad to place an order and pick it up on the way home. 01:31 Perhaps if your bid for mobile devices was increased by 10 or 15 percent, your ad would have shown on Shelly’s mobile device and both users would have become customers! 01:41 So now you’re ready to set up a mobile bid adjustment! Let’s walk through the quick steps together. 01:47 In your AdWords account, click on the Settings tab for your campaign in the row of gray tabs. Mobile bid adjustments are only available for “All Features” campaigns, so first check that your Campaign Type ends with All Features. If not, click Edit and select “All Features” from the gray box, then click Save. Next, click on the gray “Devices” button under the Settings tab. Here you’ll see a row for desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets. 02:13 Here you can enter the bid adjustment. Remember this is a percentage increase, not a dollar amount. For example, if my bid is set at 2 dollars and I add a 15% bid adjustment, then my bid for users on mobile devices would be $2.30. 02:30 After entering the number 15 in the white box, click Save. And that’s it! Easy, right? You can give this a try by clicking on the link right here. 02:40 Let’s wrap up with a few tips on monitoring mobile performance: 02:44 Tip number one: Let your initial bid adjustment run for a few weeks to collect data on how your ads are performing on mobile. If you’re unsure of where to set your bid adjustment initially, consider starting with a modest 10 or 15 percent adjustment to see how it impacts your performance. 03:01 Tip number two: Monitor how well you’re performing for mobile clicks and impressions. If you find that your ads are performing better on mobile devices, consider increasing your mobile bids to capitalize on your success! 03:13 Tip number three: For many businesses like locksmiths and taxi drivers, mobile users are the primary source of their customers. If this is the case for your business, you can set a very low bid, for example 5 cents, and then place a 100% bid adjustment on mobile devices so that the vast majority of your traffic will come from mobile users. In this example, your final bids would be 5 cents for desktop users and 5 dollars for mobile users. 03:42 Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you have any questions about this video, you can post them in the comments section below! 03:48 If you have any other questions about this topic, you can ask a question on social media, discuss this on the AdWords Community, chat to an online specialist, or pick up the phone and give us a call! Thanks for tuning in, and have a great day!
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Bidding Options in AdWords Explained
This 3-minute lesson is an overview of bidding options in AdWords. I'm going to explain the three basic types of bidding. They are: focus on clicks bidding, focus on impressions bidding, and focus on conversions bidding. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Conversion Optimizer CPA Bidding in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about CPA bidding with Conversion Optimizer in AdWords. I’m going to explain the basics of CPA bidding, requirements and suggestions for using this kind of bidding, and some key points to remember. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Day Parting and Ad Scheduling in AdWords for a Successful 2015 | CPC Strategy
Day Parting refers to the act of adjusting bids for certain hours in the day and/or days of the week for your ads. Q1 is a prevalent time to be thinking about the 2014 Ad Schedule performance to figure out which slots, hours and days of the week perform well, allowing retailers to turn that information into a smart optimized strategy for 2015. ================================================== See The Full Article at Our Blog: http://www.cpcstrategy.com/blog/2015/02/day-parting-ad-scheduling-2015-video/ ================================================ “This practice is pretty well known, but people don’t implement Day Parting as much as they should. They know it exists but in order to do it right, it takes effort, analysis and adjusting,” Brannon said. A common mistake is that retailers set up the schedule but don’t invest in follow-up. “You have to analyze your entire performance – look at what time slots really stood out and where you have opportunities to expand or adjust your bids downward or even pause completely,” he said. Typically, the follow-up compiles data from quarter to quarter, taking into consideration a variety of behavior changes including seasons and holidays. “There is no reason you shouldn’t be doing this because it can improve the ROI of your campaign. We are here – not only to figure out how to save retailers money, but how to make more money by practicing these types of exercises.” Subscribe to CPC Strategies YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CPCStrategy?sub_confirmation=1
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Introduction to AdWords Bidding Part 3 - Cost Per Acquisition
Are you trying to learn the ins-and-outs of Google AdWords? In this video we explain the different types of bidding in Google AdWords, specifically the perks of Cost Per Acquisition bidding. Visit Radius.WebKite.Org for more information and videos.
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Google Adwords: How To Increase Bids On All Keywords By A Percentage
Visit https://www.ethicalmarketingservice.co.uk for your free PPC/Adwords Audiobook
How to Make Location Bid Adjustments — Google AdWords Tutorial
A Google AdWords tutorial for making location bid adjustments. Learn how to use Google AdWords and location targeting. 😀 Check out our website (http://bit.ly/1RhSM1r) and our blog (http://bit.ly/1nINm88) if you want more tutorials related to digital marketing, PPC, Facebook ads, Google AdWords or Instagram ads. SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date on Google AdWords/Facebook ads/Instagram ads tips, tricks, tutorials and how to videos. 🙌 @adhawk
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Google Adwords: How To Always Outrank A Competitor
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Set Up Website Call Conversions - AdWords In Under Five Minutes
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Learn the value of website call conversions, how they work, and how to set up this feature in your AdWords account to more accurately measure your return on investment! 00:00 Hi everyone, this is AdWords In Under Five Minutes, and this video will teach you everything you need to know to set up website call conversions. Let’s get started! 00:19 Website call conversions allow you to track the number of phone calls you receive from customers who found your business through AdWords, clicked through to your website, and then placed a call as a result. 00:30 With website call conversions, you can actually track the number of these calls that are a direct result of a click on your ad. This is particularly valuable since many customers won’t place a call until after they’ve read more about a business on the website. 00:45 So how does this work? You’ll add a small snippet of code on your website that dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number where your current phone number is displayed in text on your website. The call will be routed to your business as usual, and AdWords will attribute that call as a conversion in your account so you can more accurately track your return on investment and optimize your account based on valuable call data. 1:08 To get started, click the Tools tab from the top navigation bar, and select Conversions from the drop-down menu. Click the red + Conversion button and select the "Phone calls" option on the next screen. Select “Calls to a Google forwarding number on your website” from the options listed. 1:30 Here you’ll enter the name of the phone call conversion you'd like to track. This will help you recognize this action later when it shows up in conversion reports. An example might be "Flower phone orders" or "Booking calls." 1:46 Next click “Value” so you can enter a value for each call, or select "Don't assign a value" if you'd prefer not to assign a value to each call you receive from the website. Then click done. 1:58 Next click Call Length so you can enter the minimum length, in seconds, that a phone call needs to last to be counted as a conversion. For example, if you set the call length to 60 seconds, then a 30 second call would not be counted as a conversion, so really think about the call length that a valuable call would have at the very minimum. Click done once you’ve entered that value. 2:19 Next, click Count and select whether to count all or unique conversions. "All" is best for sales; "unique" is best for leads. 2:32 Next on the list, select a conversion window. This is how long after an ad click or ad impression you want to track conversions for this conversion action. The window can be as short as one week or as long as 60 days. For example, if a user clicked on an ad today, how long after today’s click would you still want to attribute their call as a conversion from AdWords? Once you’ve done that, click Done. 3:00 Lastly, select the category that best applies to your conversion. 3:04 Click into the Optimization section next, so you can add data from this conversion action to your "Conv. (opt.)" columns in your AdWords account. It allows you to optimize bids for this conversion action when using automated bid strategies such as Target return on ad spend, Enhanced cost-per-click, or Conversion Optimizer. 3:31 On the next page, you’ll find the snippet of code you’ll need to add to your website. Underneath the code, you can actually email it directly to your web developer, or yourself if you are going to add it to the website. And that’s it! Easy, right? 3:46 Once you click Done on the bottom of the page, you may be prompted with a pop up window that reads “To enable this conversion action, you need to configure your call extensions.” 3:56 If so, click the blue “Go to Call Extensions button” and create a call extension with a Google Forwarding number. If you’d like any help creating it, check out this video right here for step by step instructions. 4:10 You can find reporting details for your website call conversions in two places. First, click Tools in the top navigation bar of your account and select “Conversions.” Adjust the date range to your needs and you’ll see key metrics in the table. Second, you can view details about the calls by clicking on the Dimensions tab in the row of gray tabs and selecting “Call Details” from the “View” drop down. 4:33 Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you have any questions, you can post them in the comments section below! 4:39 If you have any other questions about this topic, you can ask a question on social media, discuss this on the AdWords Community, chat to us online, or pick up the phone and give us a call! Thanks for tuning in, and have a great day!
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Danish Hangout On Air: Bidding - Flexible Bid Strategies
Gina and Morten vil i denne hangout diskutere nogle budstrategier, som vil hjælpe dig med at få det meste ud af dine kampagner. Vi vil bl.a. komme rundt om 'mål for placering på målsøgesiden', 'bud på søgeordsniveau samt 'manuel budgivning'. Du kan stille spørgsmål i vores Q&A på dagen eller live på fredag. 01:06 Hvorfor er budgivning vigtigt? 01:51 Din budstrategi bestemmes ud fra dine mål 05:11 Budjusteringer 13:55 Implementering af fleksible budstrategier 20:30 Maksimér antallet af kliks 23:20 Udvidet CPC (eCPC) 24:37 Målpris pr anskaffelse (CPA) 26:35 Opsæt fleksible budstrategier på både annoncegruppe niveau og søgeords niveau
Getting Started with Conversion Tracking - AdWords In Under Five Minutes
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ 00:00 Hi everyone, I’m Spencer from the AdWords team, and this is AdWords In Under 5 Minutes. This video will teach you how to get started with Conversion Tracking! Let’s get started! 00:18 Conversion tracking is a free AdWords tool that shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ads -- whether they purchased your product, signed up for your newsletter or filled out a form to receive more information. 00:31 By tracking these actions, known as "conversions," you'll know which ads, keywords and campaigns bring you business. This helps you invest more wisely in the best ones and ultimately, boost your return on investment. 00:44 With Conversion Tracking you will be able to select exactly what you want to track: a purchase on your website, a form submission on your site, phone calls, or app downloads. 00:55 So how does this work exactly? You’ll add a small snippet of HTML and JavaScript code to your webpage--specifically the page your customers lands on after completing the conversion action, like the “Thank you” page after a purchase. When the user lands on this page, the conversion code will let AdWords know that the click on your ad led to this conversion. 1:15 So now we’re ready to set up Conversion Tracking! To get started, click “Tools” in the top navigation bar of your AdWords account and then select “Conversions” from the drop-down menu. 1:26 Click on the red +Conversion button to create your first conversion action. Next, select the type of conversion you’d like to track. 1:33 First, give this conversion action a specific name so that you can recognize this action later on in conversion reports. Click Done once you’ve done that. 1:43 Then, indicate how much each conversion is worth to your business. You can indicate that each conversion has the same value, varying values, or that you don’t want to assign a value for this particular action. 1:54 In the Conversion Windows section, you’ll indicate the number of days after the user clicks on your ad during which the conversion will be recorded. We recommend choosing a window related to the length of time you expect your ad to be relevant for the user or the amount of time it might take for a potential customer to convert and complete the conversion action. 2:13 The Category option allows you to select the category that best applies to a specific conversion. If you want to track website purchases, select “Purchase/Sale.” If tracking newsletter sign-ups, pick “Sign-Up.” Alternatively if your conversion doesn’t fall into one of the listed categories, select “Other.” 2:33 On the next page, you can access the specific snippet of code you’ll need to add to your site for this conversion action. From the gray box, you can send a direct email to yourself or your website developer which includes the code snippet and instructions for adding it to your website! 2:47 The code should be implemented between the body tags of the page the user visits after they complete the conversion action. And that’s it! Easy right? 2:56 Once the snippet of code has been added to the site, your conversions should begin tracking in your AdWords account. 3:01 Once your Tracking Status in the conversion section is set as “Recording Conversions,” you will be able to view conversion data in your account. On the Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords tabs you can add columns with conversion data in order to monitor which campaigns, ads, and keywords are driving the most of these valuable conversions to your site! 3:21 To do this, click on the Columns button, select Modify Columns, then select “Conversions” in blue from the gray box. You can add columns that count the number of conversions and columns related to cost. 3:34 After setting up Conversion Tracking and acquiring data about your performance, you may want to consider using a bid feature called Enhanced CPC, which raises your bid for clicks that seem more likely to lead to a conversion on your website. That helps you get more value from your ad budget. The feature works by bidding up to 30% more in ad auctions that are more likely to lead to a conversion, so with Enhanced CPC you should see conversion results that are better than, or at least the same as, the results you get without it. 4:03 To use this feature, click on the Settings tab of your campaign, click Edit next to Bid Strategy, and check the box for Enhanced CPC. And check out this resource if you’d like to learn more about Enhanced CPC or other bid options that focus on conversions.
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AdWords Mistake: Using Standard Bid Delivery
AdWords Mistake: Using Standard Bid Delivery [NEW 2018 SOFTWARE UPDATE: https://software.adleg.com/signup] Video Transcript: A mistake a lot of people making their account is setting their bid delivery to “Standard”. This is actually the default option, and what this means is Google will show your ad over time based on your budget. It will try to space your ad out throughout the day. What you want to do is switch this to “Accelerated” delivery. What this does is start showing your ad at the beginning of the day – right at midnight – and shows your ad as fast as it can until your budget runs out. When you switch to this setting you will see a warning that says it’s not for most advertisers and that standard delivery is recommended, and that you may miss out on clicks later in the day. That’s true but with Standard delivery you’ll be missing out on clicks throughout the day. It will just be randomly spaced out. With Accelerated delivery at least you have more control. If you find that your budget is getting reached too early in the day what you can do is increase your budget or lower your bid amount. Do this until your ads are basically running throughout the day. With standard delivery you don’t really have this option; you are leaving it up to Google to determine when to show your ads and when not to. Switch to accelerated delivery and you’ll learn exactly how much traffic you’ll be able to get each day and have a lot more control over your campaign. More AdWords Videos: AdWords Mistake: Not Properly Split Testing Ads - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OegCkB15aIc AdWords Mistake: Ignoring The Competition - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH5Mad0vEbM AdWords Mistake: Not Viewing The Search Terms Report - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3rAlAX0HnA AdWords Mistake: Not Tracking Conversions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSPrb3X1ooQ AdWords Mistake: Not Utilizing Ad Extensions - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EphipJASTw AdWords Mistake: Using Too Many Bid Modifiers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWSeIUpO9SM AdWords Mistake: Not Properly Controlling Your Target Location - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9WHVbBYurg AdWords Mistake: Targeting Too Many Languages - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUx95cdF52g AdWords Mistake: Using Standard Bid Delivery - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAlhj8zab7g AdWords Mistake: Not Using Ad Scheduling - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf3CC9kSOdM AdWords Mistake: Ignoring Quality Score - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EnxESX2A08 AdWords Mistake: Ignoring Differences In Desktop vs Mobile Performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geS1lVZc0WM AdWords Mistake: Setting Too Low Of A Budget - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTXkRT5wAXo AdWords Mistake: Writing Poor Ads - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAS22Ppgd70 AdWords Mistake: Not Using Specific And Relevant Landing Pages - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h86GoueQnDI AdWords Mistake: Overestimating Your Conversion Rate - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUTjRF6-U_U AdWords Mistake: Thinking You Need To Be In The #1 Ad Position - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm5UEmQ5di4 AdWords Mistake: Ignoring Google Search Partner Data - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXTjR2vPg0s AdWords Mistake: Not Knowing Your Profit Margins And Lifetime Customer Value - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdXMqhj8HxI AdWords Mistake: Favoring Your Own Preferences Rather Than Trusting The Data - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NOjuItalOY AdWords Mistake: Adding Keywords That Are Too Broad And Loosely Related - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02f6tIJx7z8 AdWords Mistake: Not Using Exact Match Keywords - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZmt_qUfwpQ AdWords Mistake: Not Grouping Keywords Properly Into Ad Groups - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzNNRkC05y0 AdWords Mistake: Adding Too Many Keywords Per Ad Group - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnx4RtQdWD4 AdWords Mistake: Not Adding Negative Keywords - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0nO5nPZjlY AdWords Mistake: Not Separating Search Network & Display Network Campaigns - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKxk_Vr1zJs
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10 PPC Improvement Areas (AdWords Strategy)
Strategy ideas for ensuring you are covering your PPC improvement with the right comprehensive approach. Pretty theoretical discussion but should interest managers struggling with running their own AdWords campaigns, and SMEs considering whether it is worth getting help from PPC agency / consultants on AdWords improvement. Naturally, KnowledgePower is a PPC management agency. View further discussion on this topic here: https://www.knowledgepowerltd.com/pg/10-areas-for-pay-per-click-improvement/
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Using Bid Adjustments in AdWords
This 3-minute lesson is about using bid adjustments in Google AdWords. I’m going to explain what bid adjustments are, why you might use them, and some key points about them. Learn easily at http://www.3minute-adwords.com/ (All videos are 3 minutes.) Have questions? Email [email protected] Barry Abraham Brickway Marketing
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Google Adwords Optimization Tips - PPC Management Strategies
3 Google Adwords Optimization Tips: how to increase conversions and decrease cost in your Google Adwords account. Google Adwords is a very powerful advertising platform that allows you to reach a wide audience in a matter of minutes, this translates in enormous possibilities but it also highlights the requirement to optimize your account in order to target your right audience. Here I highlight 3 top tips for Google Adwords optimization and the recommended strategy to follow in each case. Tip #1: Adwords Ads, Keywords and Landing Page Alignment Tip #2: Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Tip #3: Negative Keywords Find out what alignment means in Google Adwords and how do you align your Google Adwords account? Discover the four elements that represent the fundamental part for optimizing your Google Adwords account. With tip number two you'll be able to increase your click through rate by dynamically inserting keywords inside your ads. This is a crucial tip because it allows you to increase in a dramatic way your CTR. You can see some real examples on how to implement this inside your account. Tip number three concentrates on negative keywords. Negative keywords represent one of the most important aspects inside Google Adwords. They allow you to block unrelated queries and to decrease your cost per conversion in a progressive way. Read the full blog post regarding Google Adwords optimization here: http://www.twizzyweb.com/blog/google-adwords-optimization/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/twizzyweb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twizzywebblog/ Music credits: "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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$0.0005 CPC Facebook Ads in the USA: AWESOME Facebook Advertising Tutorial
See how I am getting 2,000 clicks for $1 in Facebook advertising spend running my Facebook ads today in the USA! This tutorial created in November 2015 shows you how I make the ads, proof of the results in many different types of ads, and gives you a formula you can use right now to get the same results yourself! Get access to the full course free at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/. Use these time points to skip to the section you need in the video. 0:25 Facebook ads cost per click shown November 19, 2015 on an active ad campaign. 0:44 USA desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed, and right hand column targeting shown for the ad set along with optimized CPM bid. 1:30 My Facebook page showing the ad that I am using along with the posts I use to get organic engagement at a low cost. 1:54 The basic ad format including type of post, text, image, and using a video. 2:20 $62 spent on Facebook advertising in the USA for 126,902 clicks. 2:50 See the actual Facebook page post ad I am using to get these results. 4:10 Review the organic reach the ad sets from shares, comments, likes, and video views. 5:18 Overview of the average video view duration showing how much attention people really paid to the ad. 5:55 The cost to get people to watch the portion of the ad where I might make a sale is much lower than if I just ran that. 6:55 These Facebook ads have a relevance score of 10. 7:03 Another video used as more of a direct ad without any Call of Duty Black Ops 3 or Star Wars Battlefront videos. 8:00 How to get people to click on your Facebook ads to website that have a genuine interest in visiting your website. 19:22 Comparison of making a Facebook ad for video views using the strategy I show versus doing a post with only writing and a picture the way most ads do. The cost is 58 times higher to do it the way most people do as compared to what I show you in this 2015 Facebook ads tutorial. 26:26 Starting the Facebook ads power editor to prepare for making a new ad. This guide shows you how to make the type of ad I make using a new video. 28:00 How to make a new Facebook advertising campaign in the power editor November 2015. 28:12 Choosing page post engagement for the objective to get the lowest cost CPM and CPC. 28:47 How to make a new Facebook ad set and do simple targeting to start. 30:26 Adding Facebook pixels and conversion tracking pixels to the ad to track clicks to website and website conversions. 31:11 How to make the same Facebook ad for post engagement in the Facebook ads manager. 35:00 Instructions for quickly copying the new ad set and changing the targeting to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or any other country. 40:51 Get 20+ more hours of HD video exactly like this at https://jerrybanfield.com/product/facebook/ You can use this video to learn how to advertise on Facebook and the most effective Facebook advertising strategies. This shows both the Facebook ads manager and the Facebook power editor at an amazingly low Facebook CPM. You can use the same method for Facebook retargeting in this Facebook training. If you have a Facebook ads coupon, you can even use the Facebook advertising tips to get these results for free! This video includes the Facebook ad targeting I use and people tend to think this is the best Facebook ads help and Facebook ads guide you can get when it comes to Facebook advertising costs. See how much are Facebook ads from watching this video and which targeting works best! This video shows how to get 1 cent clicks on Facebook and even how to get better than penny clicks out of Facebook! Subscribe on YouTube at http://jerry.tips/1CdZJw7 and get more on my website at http://jerrybanfield.com. My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield. You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jerrybanfield. Google+ personal profile page https://plus.google.com/+JerryBanfield/.
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Google AdWords Optimization Tips and Best Practices by Burak Taşpınar, AdWords Expert from Google
AdWords Optimization session delivered by Burak Taşpınar , Product and Solution Specialist from Google Ireland Ltd in Dublin, during Measure with Google event in Dublin, the Foundry. Best practices for Google AdWords Search campaigns optimization. Search terms report, Top vs Other analysis, keyword tips, creative / ad text suggestions, ad extensions tips, bid optimization tips and getting the most out of your AdWords campaigns.
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Google Adwords Management Consultant Reveals 7 Critical Strategies
www.andrewredwards.com Google Adwords Management Consultant reveals 7 critical steps to double your leads. In this video, professional Google Adwords management consultant, Andrew R Edwards reveals 7 critical Google Adwords tactics that would avoid wasting money and increase your ROI, BUT may not be used by the marketing agency who manage your adwords campaigns. The real magic ingredient of extreme online marketing success is measuring. if you don’t do it, or understand it deeply, you have no clue about what works and what doesn’t in online marketing. That’s how you recognize a true online marketing expert, they talk about measuring in detail. It`s time to question, what you are paying for when it comes to a Adwords management consultant or service. So what should you be looking for in an advanced professional Adwords management service? 4:18 Step 1. Track phone calls resulting from your Google Adwords advert. 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone. Phone calls are their most valuable, highest quality source of leads and sales via PPC. As a Google AdWords advertiser you must track those calls back to the ads that triggered them. Result? When you know where your calls are coming from, you can make smart decisions about your advertising budget and your sales strategy 5:25 Step 2. Track conversion metrics of individual landing pages in Google Analytics No Google Adwords campaign should ever run without Google Analytics being integrated as a core part of the marketing process. Google Analytics will show what is the specific user behaviour from your Adwords campaign when they reach your website. If you are not monitoring Google AdWords click and cost data alongside your analytics, you are just playing the game blind. Result? You can improve the profitability and targeting of the campaign while ensuring those that don't convert will be reminded of your offer, using strategies like remarketing. 7:35 Step 3. Optimise Google AdWords Targeted Landing Pages adding Marketing Copy Google AdWords landing pages have specific requirements: A successful landing page has many different elements to consider (Relevance of the headline, content, call to action against the conversation the searcher is having in their head when they click) – Add marketing copy (Different to content as its meets the emotional needs of the visitor and motivates them to take action to contact you or buy a product, as examples) Your pages need to be relevant to your keyword and adverts in order to earn a good Quality Score (This affects your cost per click). Result? When you match the ‘click promise’ of your advert to the landing page content, you create more buyers for a smaller marketing budget 8:56 Step 4. Optimise Your Adwords Landing page Loading Times A Recent survey confirmed that for every extra second a website takes to load after the first second, you lose an average of 7% of leads & sales. If your Google Adwords ads landing page loads too slowly then there is a possibility that users are leaving and going to your competitors. The load time factor will be incorporated into your keywords' quality scores, that affects your cost per click. Result? Simply a better user experience when the site loads fast (3 seconds or less) = More revenue 10:07 Step5. AdWords A/B Testing In A/B Testing, you make a change in your new advert against the control (Current advert) and monitor which creates the higher click through (Reducing your costs) and which lead to greater conversions. 10:54 Step 6. Boost the visibility of mobile adverts and the customised mobile sites to create more conversions The quality of your mobile landing page experience directly affects how your advert ranks (including whether it's seen at all) and what you'll pay per click. Use a responsive or dedicated mobile landing page for best results 11:59 Step 7. Remarketing This is where a prospect visits your website, leaves and then adverts are shown to them as they visit different websites on Google. This is extremely powerful as it has been proven that retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to complete a purchase as opposed to first time visitors to your website ---------------------------------------------------- FREE Google Adwords and Analytics Review Our secret method of using Google Adwords more efficiently & using Google Analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness. We will review your Google Adwords and analytics account for free for 30 minutes to identify the top 5 opportunities to increase your leads, sales and reduce your costs. This will include a review of your competitors activity in terms of which adverts, landing pages and keywords they are using Contact us at - https://andrewredwards.com/contact +61 (0) 7 3103 3265 Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more powerful marketing tips: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCFFtkBzBXPr-FtpVeM7omQ
What is Google AdWords? How Google AdWords Works in 5 Minutes
So what is Google AdWords? How does AdWords work? Here's a short, 4 minute, high level overview of how you can use Google AdWords to grow your business or audience. Follow this playlist to get your AdWords campaigns up and running: https://www.youtube.com/playlistlist=PLwqSE6fu63qRkGwrGm4AajaGuEHGHdRLu Google AdWords 101 Blog Post: http://ryanmasters.com/google-adwords-101/ For more marketing strategy see: http://ryanmasters.com/consulting/ Want more help? Contact Ryan: http://ryanmasters.com/contact-ryan/
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5 tips for choosing the right keywords in AdWords
Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: blog.google/technology/ads/new-advertising-brands/ Learn how to pick your AdWords keywords to get the right people to your site, and turn those clicks into customers. Learn more https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704371
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AdWords Bidding Tool Benchmark
5 mins preview of video: http://shop.adworldexperience.it/en/negozio/adwords-bidding-tool-benchmark/ In this video Lauryan Feijen (Quality & Learning team leader in iProspect NL) shows all the pros and cons of the most important automation systems for managing AdWords campaigns produced by third parties. It is a systematic comparison of all the major features of the most widespread systems on the market (Doubleclick, Kenshoo, Acquisio, Adobe Media Optimizer, Marin and Ignitionone). This benchmark was really part of the selection process made in iProspect (one of the largest European SEM Agencies) to select their own tools to manage campaigns for their clients. Lauryan Feijen He has been working for Netsociety (the leading SEM agency in the Netherlands) since 2009 and after the acquisition by iProspect he became part of the “Quality & Learning” team, which is responsible for educating all new employees and improving best performances adoption among the 35 PPC professionals now working for the agency. Specialized in software development and data analysis, Lauryan in 2014 began writing for important SEA blogs and speaking at major international events. Thumb up this video and follow the channel to be notified of new ones: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=adwexp
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5 Common AdWords PPC Mistakes
In this video, Emma discusses five common mistakes made with AdWords PPC which could be costing you money or reducing the performance and ROI of your campaign. 1. Not bidding on your brand name is a major oversight as doing so can provide many advantages both for your business and your AdWords campaign. Firstly, the Quality Score for your own branded keywords should be really high as the term couldn’t be more relevant, which makes the Cost per Click much lower than more competitive keywords. In addition, the Click-through Rate (CTR) on branded campaigns tends to be far higher than industry terms as searchers are specifically looking for your business. This can have a really positive impact on your account-level Quality Score and bring s your overall CTR up. 2. Failing to use negative keyword effectively or at all can mean you waste impressions and click spend on irrelevant searches, which may include some elements of your target keywords but also additional words which make the query irrelevant. A common example is the use of “free” as a negative keyword, ensuring that users searching for your product but not prepared to pay are not shown your ad. 3. The process of split-testing ads is essential to find higher performing ad variants. Many advertisers make the mistake of running with just one ad per ad group at a time, stopping you from getting good comparative performance data to see what elements of your ads work best. 4. Ad extensions provide a number of benefits for advertisers. Not only do they make your ads stand out and give you more real estate in the SERPs, using them is also a factor affecting Quality Score. A better Quality Score means you need to pay less per click, which means effectively using ad extensions can reduce your spending and increase your ROI. 5. Lastly, don’t forget about mobile users! Mobile is increasingly important both for the growing mobile searching market and for Google who expect sites to provide a strong mobile experience. Make sure you use mobile targeted ads and extensions as well as optimised mobile or responsive landing pages. For more information on getting started with AdWords, check out our whitepaper: http://www.koozai.com/resources/whitepapers/adwords-beginners-guide/ or find out more about our PPC management services here: http://www.koozai.com/paid-search/. Feel free to check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: http://www.koozai.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/koozai https://twitter.com/koozai
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Google Adwords PPC Cost Calculation in Hindi by Viral Jadhav
In this video you will learn how PPC Cost is calculated in Google Adwords. To know more about Complete Digital Marketing Course, visit our website https://magnetmarketing.in/ or Call +91 9558821174
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The Complete Google AdWords Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced Today!
Go from a beginner with Google AdWords to advanced in this complete Google AdWords tutorial created in 2015! See what is included in this free Google ads course by reading more! Take the complete course FREE at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/. Help me reach 250,000 subscribers at https://www.youtube.com/c/jerrybanfield?sub_confirmation=1. First, the video begins with a section for getting started with Google AdWords! Click on a time to skip straight there. 7:39 Basic Google AdWords terms useful for an introduction to marketing and advertising with Google search ads. 15:46 Google AdWords campaign settings, bids, and locations. 21:13 Types of keywords and understanding your keyword quality score in Google AdWords. 27:40 A trustworthy landing page is critical for conversions and high keyword score. The best thing you can do for your business when you are trying to advertise on Google AdWords is to make sure you have a trustworthy website. 35:34 Tricks for getting lucky and making a great campaign with little effort. 40:53 Usually it takes faith and consistent effort to get great results. Making the ads shown with a nearly 50:1 ROI from the very beginning. 46:00 Creating search and display network first campaign. 53:44 How to design search only and display only campaigns. 1:01:39 Analyzing Google AdWords campaigns. 1:10:54 Help creating a new Google AdWords campaign based on previous success. 1:19:45 Ad Scheduling and campaign copying with Google AdWords. Making my Udemy course sales ads from the very beginning including where I started with no ads at all. 1:29:44 Getting started with faith and a commitment to working in Google AdWords. 1:32:40 Conversions are all that matter in Google AdWords. Ignore all other data such as traffic, clicks, impressions, CTR, and keyword score to start. 1:38:18 Preparing for conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords. 1:41:46 Go to tools and complete your conversion tracking setup in Google AdWords. 1:50:34 How to immediately confirm your Google AdWords conversion tracking is setup properly. 1:58:09 Setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics is even better! 2:03:50 How to add Google analytics tracking for deeper Google AdWords data. 2:10:27 Keep the first campaign short and simple while you wait for approval. 2:19:33 Day 2 Reviewing initial campaign and copying into a new campaign. 2:25:49 Keyword research to expand an existing campaign with new ad sets. 2:37:21 How to quickly make display adwords campaigns using search ads. 2:45:18 Testing trademark and limited approval ads on a new product. 2:52:15 Day three reviewing the first 5 campaigns and thinking about my pricing. 3:01:38 How to quickly try a new landing page in Google AdWords and copy ad groups. 3:14:13 Quickly copying campaigns and split testing countries in Google AdWords. 3:25:08 Google AdWords keyword research and fast new campaign creation on best offer. Finally, wrap up with the exact method I use with Google AdWords for video to get this video ranked high in YouTube search results and suggested video so that you just watched it! 3:36:15 AdWords for video creating multiple types of campaigns fast for organic ranking and ad views for conversions. 3:46:17 Thank you for watching and what next! SUBSCRIBE? Help me reach 250,000 YouTube subscribers at http://jerry.tips/250kyts. COUPONS! Get free coupons to all of my Skillshare classes at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/. CC! Amazon Prime members watch free with closed captions at http://jerry.tips/amzpm. LISTEN! Audible gold members listen to my audio books with a credit at http://jerry.tips/jbaudible. ABOUT! Enjoy an unforgettable autobiographical experience with me free with Amazon Prime at http://amzn.to/2mR7DJD or on YouTube at https://youtu.be/aPzmDezsRZA or on Skillshare at http://skl.sh/2kTgP1d. PRICING for my SERVICES is at http://jerry.tips/isrvcs. YOUTUBE! Would you like more views and subscribers on your channel? Take my newest YouTube Partner Program secrets class free at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/ or read my YouTube book on Amazon with Kindle at http://jerry.tips/mboks or listen on Audible at http://jerry.tips/audibyt. FACEBOOK! Would you prefer to watch on Facebook? Like my page and select "see first" to view my new posts in your newsfeed at http://facebook.com/jbanfield. TWITTER! Would you follow me with @jerrybanfield at https://twitter.com/jerrybanfield. BLOG! Read 300+ posts on my blog at http://jerry.tips/blgpsts. RESOURCES! View my list of everything I use in my business at http://jerry.tips/rsourcs. READ books with me on Amazon by viewing my author profile at http://jerry.tips/readwme. SHOP for the merchandise I wear and design including the shirts I show in my videos http://jerry.tips/rbshp. THANKS! I appreciate you reading this and hope you have a wonderful day! Sincerely, Jerry Banfield https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/
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AdWords API DevBytes Episode 5: Automation
Finally, we discuss how to use the API for automation with the help of our best friends: the code samples. More information: Java code samples (“adwords-axis-maven-and-examples”): https://github.com/googleads/googleads-java-lib/releases Client Libraries: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/clientlibraries API Services: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/overview Bidding: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/bidding API Guides: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/guides/start Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at http://goo.gl/mQyv5L
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