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Fishing Tip - New Berkley Ripple Shad Colors Season 10 Extra
Keith Kavajecz shows us the latest colors and sizes available in the Berkley Ripple Shad lineup. This is a Season 10 Internet Extra Tip.
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Berkley Powerbait 4 inch Ripple Shad Review - Amazon Outdoors
http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-powerbait-ripple-shad-4in Gary from Amazon Outdoors talks about the Berkley Powerbait 4 inch Ripple Shad, how to use it and what fish you can catch with it... Click here for more specs and pricing on the Berkley Powerbait 4 inch Ripple Shad http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-powerbait-ripple-shad-4in
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Opti Shad Underwater
If you go fishing, you need to watch this video. This video shows Optimum Baits OPTI SHAD underwater. Using different rigging options, see for yourself underwater in real conditions how the bait reacts and responds as it catches fish. Fishing product videos by DGF Productions: http://www.dgfproductions.com/
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Barschangeln mit dem Berkley Gotam Shad
Heut gibt's den bereits auf meinem Blog vorgestellten Berkley Gotam Shad im Livetest. Wie immer gibt es auf meinem Blog ein paar zusätzliche Informationen und Bilder zu sehen. Schaut doch mal vorbei, es würd mich freuen: http://berkleyblog.de/video-barschangeln-mit-dem-berkley-gotam-shad/ Tight Lines, Euer Chris Music Credits goes to: Mark Tyner - In Distance Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/marktyner/in-distance Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marktynermusic @Creative Commons License
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MC SwimBaits and TroKar Hooks.
MC SwimBaits owner Corey Sanden shows off his swimbiats rigged on a TroKar TK170 Weighted Swimbait hooks at Fred Hall.
Designed to swim at the slightest movement, the Rib Shads hinged tail kicks at the slowest of speeds to tempt predatory fish. The Berkley® PowerBait® Rib Shad is 4.5 inches of pure swimming action that is designed for shallow or deep applications. Ribs line the 4.5-inch bait from nose-to-tail that rocks through the water perfectly on a small 1/8-ounce jig head or a weighted-belly hook. Simply cast around vegetation or in and around heavy cover; vary the retrieve, and let the fish dictate how the Rib Shad is presented.
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Montage à gros brochets pour leurre souple
Kevin nous explique son montage à gros brochets: le montage 360°. Le montage 360° est maintenant dispo sur les Giant Ripple Pre-Rigged!
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Shad Fishing
This video is about Shad Fishing
How to work a soft plastic bait on the surface.
Columnist George Robey demonstrates how to work a Buzztail shad on the surface.
Berkley Jig-Head
I just wanted to do a quick review on my new jig-head for summer flounder. hope you guys enjoy.
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ZEREK - Barra Frenzy -  w/ HeliFish
The boys from WilsonFishing hook up on a HeliFish trip off Darwin.
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Berkely havoc Ghost minnow sick fish
via YouTube Capture
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via YouTube Capture
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Steve Pennaz: Berkley Rib Shad
http://www.lakecommandos.com https://www.facebook.com/MANvsLAKE Lake Commandos host, Steve Pennaz showcases the features of the new Berkley Rib Shad and tells a story of a huge fish he caught off of it.
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Short Halibut In The Bay
I caught a short halibut in The San Diego Bay in front of The Coronado Bay Bridge on a 3" inch Gulp Pearl White Jerk Shad Split Tail.
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Small Alabama Rigs
Catch BIG FISH In Your Neighborhood Ponds... http://bit.ly/TexasPonds James Smiley describes how to use the Berkley Schooling Rig with Chatterbait.
Ebay Unboxing: net bait tiny paca chunks/berkley hollow body swim baits
Unboxing some baits I ordered on Ebay. bought it all for $27. Heck of a deal! Net bait tiny paca chunk: -7 pack -Watermelon candy Berkley power bait hollow body swim bait: -3 pack -5 inches -Firetiger color
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Gamakatsu trebel hooks JC 480p
John Crews Talks Gamakatsu Trebel Hooks!
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Gamakatsu EWG vs Super Line hook Best hooks Strongest hooks
What is the difference in Gamakatsu EWG and SuperLine bass hooks?
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pond bass
just threw a swim bait and got this little guy
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How to rig a weedless lure
Gary Palmer, captain of the England Lure Squad, shows how to rig up one of his favourite weedless lures, the Savage gear 3D Crayfish. In this week's Gear Guide, he also shows a trick to using one of the weighted weedless hooks to present a feeding minow. All you would need to make these rigs, get fishing and lots more can be found at http://www.fishingmegastore.com This item appears in Fishing Britain, episode 33. To watch the whole playlist, go to http://bit.ly/fishingbritain33 Sign up for our weekly email newsletter http://bit.ly/weeklyemail
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How to Cut the Flappin' Shad Tail for Buzzing and Swimming
One option with the Gambler Flappin' Shad is to cut the tail to give it a buzzing or swimming action. There are 2 different ways to cut the tail depending on the presentation you are looking to make.
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Giant shad
Warrior River, Alabama
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Blade Dancer
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Justin Lucas Catching Big Bass on the Berkley Slim Shad Swimbait
Justin shows that the new Berkley Slim Shad catches some giant bass!
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Arkie Catch
Here's a crappie caught while pushing an Arkie Crappie Hot.
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Combine the fish catching profile of a Jerkshad and the enticing tail action of a grub and you get the Berkley Nemesis. Designed in Australia the Nemesis shape is now available in Powerbait formula. The tail action of this shape has to be seen to be believed. On the drop or on the wind, the Nemesis tail swims at the slowest of speeds delivering continuous lifelike action. Each Powerbait Nemesis is also loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor formula, which causes fish to hold on 18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks.
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Krugerfarms com  Berkley Havoc beat shad
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Berkley powerbait fight'n bug + gamakatsu skip gap shakey head
Berkley powerbait fight'n bug + gamakatsu skip gap shakey head 1/8oz Más reviews en https://www.bassworldtest.com facebook: bass worldtest
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Berkley Powerbait Power Minnow - 2 inch, 3inch and 4 inch sizes
These can be used just about anywhere, estuaries, reefs, bluewater, freshwater or impoundments. No tackle box should be without these classic fish catchers. Still winning bream and bass tournaments to this day, the baitfish profile combined with a ‘wounded baitfish’ retrieve is deadly on a wide range of Australian fish. The minnow can be fished from top water all the way to the bottom with the appropriate Nitro jig head. Better technology and better value than any other plastisol based baits on the market. PowerBait soft plastics are scented and flavoured with the exclusive PowerBait formula that is uniquely infused into the plastic itself, fish bite and won’t let go!
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Berkley Sick Fish
Unbelievable rubber lure.
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Berkley Powerbait 3 inch Power Minnow - Amazon Outdoors
http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-powerbait-power-minnow Gary from Amazon Outdoors talks about the Berkley Powerbait 3 inch Power Minnow, how to use it and what fish it's best suited to catching. Click here for more info and pricing on the Berkley Powerbait 3 inch Power Minnow http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-powerbait-power-minnow
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Berkley Gulp Nuclear Chicken 5 inch Jerk Shad - Amazon Outdoors
http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-gulp-saltwater-jerkshad-5in Gary from Amazon Outdoors talks about the Berkley Gulp Nuclear Chicken 5 inch Jerk Shad, how to use it and what you can catch with them... Click here for more specs and pricing on the Berkley Gulp 5 inch Jerk Shad http://www.amazonoutdoors.com.au/shop/p/berkley-gulp-saltwater-jerkshad-5in
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Fishing Tip - Adding Berkley GULP! To Crankbaits Season 10 Extra
Keith Kavajecz shows us a different way to use Berkley GULP! to add a little something extra to your crankbaits. This is a Season 10 Internet Extra Tip.
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Berkley Powerbait T Tail Minnow
Chasing Brown Trout on Great Lake in Tasmania's Highlands, Gear: Berkley T Tail Minnow - Black and gold Pflueger Patriarch Rod and Reel 3lb Stren Microfuse Berkley Nitro 1/16th oz Jighead
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A new minnow design in Berkley’s winnning Powerbait lineup, the Berkley Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow features a unique thin tail that delivers continuous, lifelike action. Perfect for finsesse situations, it comes to life with the slightest twitch of the rod. Each Twitchtail Minnow is also loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor formula, which causes fish to hold on 18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks. Available in a range of Berkley’s proven colors, the Berkley Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow drives fish crazy.
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Fishing Tip - The New Berkley Flicker Minnow S10E11
Gary Parsons shows us the new Berkley Flicker Minnow due to hit store shelves in August 2014!
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RoadRunner July Tip of thee Month
Tired of getting your spider rigging rods tangled up? Check out this tip by TJ Stallings
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All Star Walleye Tip- Jason Przekurat
In this video from the All Star Walleye School, Chip Leer & Walleye Pro Jason Przekraut preview this years class at The Lodge at Leathem Smith in Door County, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Also, Jason gives us an example of just some of the techniques you can learn from the Pros.
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Blade Dancer Berkley Powerbait
Aujourd'hui je vous présente les blade Dancer de chez Berkley ;) allez chao
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PTL Grub Kit Winner
Thank you for your support!!! Please comment, rate and subscribe!!!!
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Powerbait worm bass
Caught this bass on a junebug colored 7.5 Powerworm. My first bass on a worm.
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Mister Twister G-Grub in Action Demo
Since the introduction of the Curly Tail® lure by Mister Twister®, the Curly Tail® grub has become a tackle box staple. Mister Twister® G-Grub® takes the Curly Tail® concept to the next level. It's a Curly Tail® with a leech design, and the results offer a very unique swimming action. Rather than restricting the swimming action to the tail, the G-Grub® incorporates fins from tip to the tail. These fins produce a realistic full-scale swimming profile, making the G-Grub® the perfect imitator of a swimming leech, or active shiner.
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