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Molix RA Shad
A "magic" high density compound enriched with craw and fi sh scent is the formula on which is based the "Real Action Shad", Molix' latest Swim Shad. The special design provides an incredible balance and hydrodynamic performance allowing for a natural swimming action no matter what the speed of retrieve is, either weighted or weightless. 360° functioning both in fresh and saltwater will be available even in 2" and 3" sizes especially made available for the Rock fishing and Trout fishing addicted. Specifications: Length : 2'' - 3'' - 4,5''
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How to rig a swimbait
This video is to teach you how to rig a swimbait...my way! Hope you enjoy!
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swimbait rigging
Rigging soft swimbaits custom,the bass collge
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JK-Local: Bass Fishing - Berkley Ripple Shad
Spot-X does it again
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swim baits
this is how i poor my new swim baits for bass fishing
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Bass on ripple shad in the pond
Kevin caught a bass on the power bait ripple shad.
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Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple shad in action
The Berkley Giant Ripple Shad from the Power Bait series. The special rippled tail is has a perfect action, also at slow speed. The rippled body gives a natural vibration in the water. Irresistible to seabass, cod, pollack and even halibut. Narrated by Leo Stoutjesdijk. (Details on: http://www.havfiske.nl/index.php?cPath=73_457)
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Ripple minnow
Snoekbaarzen met de ripple minnow
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WildEye Giant Jigging Shad
Jig it deep and jig it hard; the WildEye Giant Jigging Shad is built to fish in very deep water with an array of methods. Rigged with a premium VMC needle point hook, each WildEye Giant Jigging Shad comes packaged with 1 jig head and 3 soft body tails.
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Berkley Gulp
Jagdhof Tallinn - Tartu kauplustes saadaval!
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Target:Bass Date:June, 2012 Field:Kazeya Reservoir in Nara Prefecture & Ikehara Reservoir in Nara Prefecture Angler:Takeshi Matsumoto Lure:Flash-J Shad 3inch (Worm)、Best Popper (Popper)、Best Spinner Bait (Spinner Bait) Program content: Aim at the bus at the Best Spinner Bait and Best Popper. Best Popper Pop action by the twitch causes the action continuous, but at more than just winding Best Spinner Bait. "Double J" is a new rig with a Flash-J Shad 3inch is aimed at the bus used in the switch-to-action.
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RSO Weighted Hook
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Crappie on ripple shad
Kevin caught a crappie on the ripple shad he was on a role for that 10 minutes.
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Power worm update and new member
This is the 7" Berkley Powerbait power worm ( Taquela Sunrise), also the 5inch caffeine shad. Also a new member :) ENJOY!!!!!
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Swimbait For Big Walleyes
Doug Stange deploys the Berkley Powerbait Flatback Shad to catch big Bay of Quinte, Ontario walleyes.
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Berkley Powerbait
Berkley has some exciting new soft plastics in the Powerbait lineup, including Atomic Fry, Atomic Mite, and Atomic Pulse Tube. Plus, they've added colors to their Ripple Shad bait.
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Rosita swimbait on yf tuna
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Berkley Schooling Rig & Schooling Rig Kits with David Dudley & Justin Lucas ICAST 2012
The products featured in this video are available at Tackle Warehouse - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/ICAST12.html?ccode=SCHOOLRIG David Dudley and Justin Lucas met up with Tackle Warehouse in the Pure Fishing booth to discuss the new Berkley Schooling Rig & Schooling Rig Kits at the 2012 ICAST Show in Orlando.
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Bullhead off of a ripple shad?
Kevin caught a bullhead off of a ripple shad randomly. The bull heads are rare to catch in the pond
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Der Kanal ist in folgende Rubriken unterteilt : 1.Workshop: wir zeigen euch die neusten Techniken mit Tipps und Tricks 2.Unterwasser: wir zeigen euch das lauferhalten der Köder Unterwasser ( Mit Kommentar ! ) 3.Action: wir gehen mit euch zum Wasser und überlisten ein paar Räuber flash j: http://www.nippon-tackle.com/Softbaits-Jigs/Fish-Arrow:::27_39.html?XTCsid=860d9559871a7f0823af39cd93619cb1 andere softplastics: http://www.camo-tackle.de/4-Slug-Go rute: berkley skeletor (medium light spinning ;sieries one 8 ) rolle; Quantum intice 10
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berkley silver shad review
review of 3-1/2" berkley power bait silver chad
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Frog on a ripple shad
Ethan caught a frog on the ripple shad when he was fishing for bass
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Lures designed to imatate a small fish to catch all sorts of species of predatory fish. ]Like Comment and Suscribe
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How to use -Rapala X-Rap Magnum
Rapala Australia's Chris Beldon runs through the features and fishing applications of the X-Rap Magnum.
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Ripple shad crappie on the other side of the pond
Kevin caught a crappie on the ripple shad at the other side of the pond.
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R.I.P. Shad
Even before Storm committed the R.I.P. Shad to the water, they had already signed its death warrant -- that's how confident of this bait those crazy engineers are!
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WildEye Swim Shad
The instigator of pre-rigged soft baits; the pioneer of paddle-tail success -- Storm's WildEye Swim Shad started it all, and it is easy to see why. With its tough, yet soft body; professionally weighted swimming action and holographic features, you'd be mad to fish with anything else... Storm mad.
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Do It with Tommy Skarlis   Rigging Do It's Teardrop Jig with Wire Keeper & Rib Worm for Walleye
Professional walleye fisherman Tommy Skarlis explains how to rig a Teardrop Jig with wire keeper feature, made from a Do-It mold, and a Berkley PowerBait Rib Worm to fish walleye.
Fishing Edge #3: Berkley Havoc - Grass Pig
This episode of Fishing Edge, presented by Gulp! Alive, host Mike Miller talks about Berkley Havoc soft baits and the Grass Pig model. For the complete line of Havoc soft baits visit http://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/soft-bait/havoc
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Bass on children's pole pole
Avery (new comer) caught this bass on a little kids pole with the berkley power bait ripple shad.
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Berkley powerbait review, saltwater.
berkley powerbait reveiw and info on 4 inch finger mullet glow chartreuse.
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Berkley PowerBait Swimbaits - iboats.com
Demo on Berkley Powerbait products
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Bass Fishing : How to rig plastic worms with ActionDiscs.
How to rig plastic worms to swim like a Crankbait. Bass fishing with ActionDiscs is a whole new way to rig plastic worms, swim baits, flukes, stick baits...you name it. By adding unique swimming action and vibration, ActionDiscs convert any soft plastic into the ultimate Bass bait! On a Texas or Carolina rig, just slide the ActionDisc on the line after the sinker and before you tie on your bait. Let the bait sink to the bottom, twitch it and finesse it like you normally would, then retrieve it like a Crankbait. It's like fishing a plastic worm and a Crankbait in the same cast. No other way to rig plastic worms produces a more natural swimming action. Rigging plastic worms with ActionDiscs is an excellent choice for Bass fishing on heavily pressured water where most fish have "seen it all". Get more versatility from the soft plastic baits you already own. WiggleFin ActionDisc http://www.wigglefin.com/
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Ethan Shad Fishing
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Advanced Jigging  with Action Tails - Season #8 - The Real Deal
Gary Parsons explains how to take your walleye jigging tactics to the "Next Level" by utilizing action tails.
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Cottage Angler-'Ledge & Edge Bass'
Strike King pro and mega FLW champion Mark Rose shows Extreme Angler TV viewers why he uses the Strike King Shadalicious on a jig head for more and bigger bass when fishing offshore ledges and edges.
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Jimmy Decker How To Fish A 7 Inch Berkley Jerk Shad - iboats.com
Instructions on how to fish a 7 inch Berkley Jerk Shad
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Shad-a-licious bass
fishing on lake O'Dowd in Shakopee, Mn
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How to rig a fluke or jerk bait
A simple video showing how to texas rig a fluke. In the video i used a zoom super fluke, this method will work for any fluke. The color was Arkansas Shiner. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching!!
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Instant Hook Ups
Fishing a Texas Rigged Berkley Powerbait worm here, these 2 fish hit the worm almost before I even had time to click my reel over, it was awesome, the bite was on that day and the fish were very aggressive.
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Berkley Powerbait Crazy Legs Chigger Craw
The Berkley Powerbait Crazy Legs Chigger Craw is now available at Tackle Warehouse - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Berkley_Powerbait_Crazy_Legs_Chigger_Craw/descpage-BPCLCC.html The Chigger Craw now comes with CRAZY LEGS that greatly enhance the bait's action while swimming, or on the drop. This new feature along with the high action Chigger Craw pinchers and the magic of PowerBait fish-attracting scent make it completely irresistible to bass.
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Shad "Crispy Ghost" 11sm
Homemade soft lures for Walleye, Pike and for other preadatory species
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Berkley PowerBait Hollow Belly - iboats.com
Demonstration of Hollow Belly fishing bait
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Lazer TroKar Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hook
The Lazer TroKar Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hook is available at Tackle Warehouse - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/descpage.html?PCODE=LTMSBHK The Lazer TroKar Magnum Weighted Swimbait Hooks feature TroKar's surgically sharpened hook point technology. This creates a triple-sided point that actually penetrates twice as easily as other point shapes - dramatically increasing strike to hook-up ratios.
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Reward on Moozar : http://reward-my-music.com/10429 split belly
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Power Bait  swiming shad
im not to good at videos so dont comment if you not going to say anything nice not on here to fight just talk and help people and for people to help me thankk
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Berkley Heavy Weight Sinkworm 5"
The Berkely Heavy Weight 5" Sinkworm is now available at Tackle Warehouse - http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Berkley_Heavy_Weight_Sinkworm_5_8pk/descpage-BPHWSW.html This bait features an ideal sinking action which has a natural quiver and wiggle on the fall when fished weightless. The Heavy Weight SinkWorm is ideal for suspended fish in open water rigged wacky-style or for fish holding tight on structure when the texas rig style is desired.
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First Bass of 2012
my first bass of 2012 on a powerbait swim shad
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Berkley 75th Anniversary
Berkley Brand 75th Anniversary
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Fishing Edge #6: Berkley PowerBait - Heavyweight Fat Sink Worm
This episode of Fishing Edge, presented by Gulp! Alive, host Mike Miller talks about Berkley PowerBait and the Heavyweight Fat Sink Worm. For the complete line of Berkley PowerBaits visit http://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/soft-bait/powerbait
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