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5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jump Start Your PPC
5 Keyword Bidding Strategies to Jump Start Your Paid Search Campaign One of the biggest factors determining the success or failure of an advertiser's paid search campaign is whether or not they're maximizing every dollar spent on the campaign. There are a number of strategies you can quickly and easily employ to reduce our average cost per click (CPC). If you're looking to give your PPC campaign a lift, are 5 strategies you can employ today to get started. 1. Take advantage of multiple ad networks If you're only running your campaign on Google AdWords, you may be missing an opportunity to gain incremental conversions at a significantly lower cost by adding Search Alliance (Yahoo and Bing) to your search marketing mix. While the volume of clicks and conversions might be lower on the Search Alliance, so too are the price of keywords in many cases. As a result, you can lower the overall cost per acquisition (CPA) of your paid search campaign, while at the same time increasing conversion volume by reaching an audience you're not capturing on AdWords. 2. Keep your keywords highly relevant One of the best ways to lower your keyword cost per click is to have a high Quality Score. And the best way to improve your keyword Quality Score is having high relevancy between your keyword, ad copy and landing page. This means creating large number of ad groups with 5-20 keywords and 2-4 ads that are deep linked to very specific landing pages. While this can be very time consuming, the benefits you'll see go beyond a lower cost per click and higher Quality Score. Tightly coupled ad groups also mean your customers will find exactly what they're looking for when they conduct a search, see your ad copy, and are taken to a landing page with exactly the product or service they're looking for. This means a higher conversion rate for your paid search campaign. Lower CPCs, higher quality scores and happy customers -- everyone wins! 3. Find your optimal ad position Many advertisers make the mistake of overpaying for keywords with the idea that the first ad position will generate more conversions for them. For the majority of advertisers, this isn't the case. Instead, the first ad position generates a higher volume of clicks that ultimately don't convert, resulting in a higher CPC and CPA. You'll typically find that ad position three or four yields a lower CTR, but has a better conversion rate and lower CPA. 4. Bid Popping We just stated that if you're bidding for the top ad position you're probably paying too much and not getting the corresponding number of conversions to justify the higher cost. That said, when you add a new keyword, you should pay for a higher ad position for a week or so -- this is called Bid Popping. There are a couple of benefits to Bid Popping. First, ad position one or two will result in a higher CTR, which will help you establish a high Quality Score right away. A high Quality Score will give you a lower CPC in the long run. In fact, starting with a high Quality Score will often allow you to work your bid price down to a CPC that would have been below Google's first page bid estimate if you had started at that price. Bid Popping will also help you gather data about your keywords more quickly. Once you've gathered some data and determined that it's a keyword you want to spend time on, you can then begin stepping the bid price down until you find the optimal position that balances conversion volume and CPA. 5. Day Parting There are a couple of scenarios where day parting can help your PPC campaign. First, if you're a business-to-business marketer and the vast majority of your target market is searching during business hours, it's worthwhile to pause your ads during the middle of the night to avoid paying for clicks that are unlikely to convert. Also, if you find that your competitors' are running 24/7 ad placements they may exhaust their budgets earlier in the day, meaning there could be less competition later in the day which will drive down CPC. If so, using day parting to pace your ad spend throughout the day can result in higher ad positions at a lower CPC later in the day when there's less competition. Check out Trada Reviews here: http://www.trada.com/trada-reviews/
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Basic Adwords Bidding Strategy
Basic Adwords strategy when conversion data is not known.
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3D Bidding Strategy for AdWords Display Network by Joel McDonald
http://www.2020ppc.com Learn how to bid smarter, and get less expensive conversions on AdWords' Display Network.
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AdWords Display Network Bidding Strategy by Joel McDonald
http://www.newbieppc.com Tips on how to setup your AdWords account in the Display Network if you have a lead generation website.
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Google's Chief Economist Explains the Adwords Bidding Process
For more free marketing tips, visit: http://smallbizonlinesolutions.com Who else can explain the Google Adwords bidding process better than the chief economist at google, Val Harian.
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Google Adwords Bidding Tips
Recorded from Google Adwords Bidding Tips video for sharing to friends at my Ad site.
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AdWords Bidding, Part 1 (Ticker Tuesday)
Are you stuck on bidding? You're not alone. Keyword bidding can be a daunting part of PPC management...but it doesn't have to be! In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we walk through when it's a good idea to increase bids, and when to decrease them, all in less than a minute. So whether you're about to create your first AdWords bidding strategies, or need some fresh ideas for your existing account, we have just what you need. View the original post here: http://www.ppchero.com/ticker-tuesday-bidding-strategies-part-1/. For more information about the PPC industry, visit our text blog at http://ppchero.com.
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The 5 Pillars of AdWords Success
Learn about the five key areas to keep in mind when managing your AdWords account. Find out how an organised account structure, relevant keywords and ads, effective landing pages and results tracking can help you get the most out of your marketing. Visit Learn with Google for a quick-start guide to three ways to get listed in Google search results.
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Deciding on Your Spot Bidding Strategy
Learn how some AWS customers bid on Spot Instances.
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AdWords Bidding, Part 2 (Ticker Tuesday)
Google AdWords has many bidding tools to help with your ppc bids, but it's important to know your end goals before you choose which method to use. In this episode of Ticker Tuesday, we'll be taking you through the different bidding strategies and AdWords tools you can choose...all in less than a minute! For more information on bidding strategies, AdWords tools, and all things PPC, check out our text blog at http://www.ppchero.com! For AdWords Bidding, Part 1, check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wP-2vyS0RI. For the original post, click here: http://www.ppchero.com/ticker-tuesday-bidding-strategies-part-2/ For more information about the PPC industry, visit our text blog at http://ppchero.com.
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How to set your budget and bids
Watch more videos at http://www.youtube.com/hellogoogle?x=adwords Julie Brazitis, AdWords Account Manager, explains what budgets and bids are, and how to choose a starting amount.
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Adwords on a Budget for Your Small Business
John Crestani is the SEM Manager of National Positions. (http://www.nationalpositions.com/) FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: http://www.docstoc.com/resources/videos Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life.
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How To Bid Smart In Your PPC Account
You've all read Bryan's blog post from November 2nd. Since there was a such a good response to the post (maybe it had something to do with including a picture of the Biebs)--Bryan decided to make a video companion to the post. He shows you, in Excel, how to look over your keywords report to make the best bidding decisions.
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The Opportunities Tab:  Custom Tips Just for You
Learn how the Opportunities Tab of your AdWords account can help you with new ideas customised to your business goals. Visit Learn with Google for a quick-start guide to accessing and using keyword, business, and budget ideas.
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Google AdWords Bid Management Software - WordWatch
http://bitly.com/adwordmgmt Stop overpaying for your AdWords campaign. WordWatch is a cloud-based app that manages your AdWords, automatically. Google AdWords Bid Management Software. You run a web shop or website and advertise on Google Adwords to drive more visitors and customers to your site. Adwords is important for you but where do you find the time to monitor, analyze and adjust bids for hundreds or even thousands of keywords everyday? How do you keep up with all the magic tricks for always increasing clicks and conversions at the optimal prices? Thats why small and medium-sized businesses come to WordWatch.com WordWatch takes over your keyword bidding and works around the clock. Our power powerful algorithms monitor and analyze all of your keywords to find the optimal bid price to get you more visitors or customers. But can WordWatch do it better than a human? It's like a chess game. Once the computer learns how to play it can calculate every possible move instantaneously. Just try it out and see for yourself WordWatch. More Clicks. More Conversions. Less hassle
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How To: Turn Off Google Automated AdWords Bidding
In this video, we show you how to turn off Google automated bidding so that WordWatch can begin working on your campaigns.
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New Analytics Based Bidding
ClickSweeper (PPC Management Software) releases its brand new Analytics Based Bidding Strategy. Whether it is Google AdWords or Microsoft AdCenter, with ClickSweeper you have intelligent algorithms to automate your pay per click campaigns.
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Ways to boost your AdWords performance
Tips on how to choose the right keywords, write compelling ads, and more. We'll also show you the steps to take when you have a specific goal in mind.
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How Quality Score Works on Google AdWords - with Matt Van Wagner
In this video interview, paid search expert Matt Van Wagner explains how Google's Quality Score works for text PPC ads. Quality Score is expressed numerically on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best. To understand Quality Score, says Van Wagner, you need to consider the needs of the different constituencies: the search engine, the advertiser, and the end user. Google's goal is toe present the end user with the most relevant results possbile -- and, of course, make money themselves. An advertiser's goal is usually to be the first ad at the top of the list. Quality Score is a device to help both constituencies achieve their goals -- Google's attempt at "nudge" economics. Relevant Ads. To get a high Quality Score, you need to write ads that are relevant to the keyword you are targeting. The more relevant Google believes your ad to be, the higher it will rank, no matter what you bid. A high click-through rate is like a vote that your ad is relevant for the keyword. Direct verbal relevancy is important, too -- a match-up between the keyword and words in your ad and words appearing on your landing page. All this scoring, however, is determined by a complex computer algorithm, not by human judgment. Tightly-focused ad groups. To get a higher Quality Score, keep your ad group for a particular ad and landing page combination tightly focused, with not too many different keywords bid for each individual ad. Creative ads. Finally, write creative ads that stand out and get a high click-through rate. Matt Van Wagner is the president of Find Me Faster, since everyone wants their business to be found faster than their competitors, using paid search to accomplish that goal. This interview was recorded in October 2010 at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago.
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The ABCs of bidding
How to set your cost-per-click bids to get the best possible return from your AdWords budget. We'll show you how to calculate your value per click (the most you can profitably pay for a click) and how to test CPC bids to find the ideal price point.
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Google Adwords Tutorial - How To Make Bid Changes In Your Adwords Advertising Campaign
http://howtoinstructionalvideos.com for more info and videos
The BackBone Project - 'The Greased Chute' Adwords Strategy
http://yourinternetbusinesslink.com/products/backbone-project The Greased Chute method.... this is part of the conversion code training inside Module 3 of The Backbone Project. During the video I strategise about the greased chute method and thought i would share it here on Youtube. For more information visit the link above Mark
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Google AdWords Starting Strategy: The AdWords Wind Tunnel
http://VitruvianWay.com Google AdWords can be daunting and expensive and frustrating if you don't understand what it is and how it should be used. In this video, Vitruvian's EIEIO (Emotional Intelligence and Empathetic Inspiration Officer) Howie Jacobson explains the AdWords Wind Tunnel, and share the 7 key questions that AdWords can answer than can eliminate 99% of the risk of a new startup, venture, product launch, or niche expansion.
Save Money with Google AdWords - A Guide to Keyword Match Types
In this video we show you how to save money with Google AdWords by understanding the different keyword types and learning how to apply them in the best possible way. Many people switch on their campaigns with the keyword match types set to broad match (as this is the default match type) and therefore, waste so much money. With this guide to keyword match types, you will be able to organise your campaign structure in a way that will be most cost effective for your business. Keyword Match Types – We explore the different keyword match types including Exact, Phrase, Broad and Modified Broad, which can all be used for different purposes. Negative Keywords – We take a look at how best to utilise negative keywords in your AdWords campaigns. Negative keywords are used in order to restrict certain keywords or phrases appearing when searching for a particular keyword. Cross Triangulation –Discover how to use cross triangulation and ad group level negative keywords to create highly targeted campaigns and therefore increase click through rate. Cross triangulation is used by constructing ad groups based on match types and using negative keywords to ensure the correct search terms go to the correct ad group. For more information on keywords, match types and triangulation for AdWords, visit http://www.koozai.com/blog/pay-per-click-ppc/keywords-match-types-and-triangulation-for-adwords or find out more about our Google AdWords service here: http://www.koozai.com/paid-search/. Feel free to check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: http://www.koozai.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/koozai https://twitter.com/koozai
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Google Adwords Tutorial - How To Use Preferred Bidding With Your Adwords Accounts
http://howtoinstructionalvideos.com for more info and videos
Paid Search Bidding Srategies
Jeff Ferguson is the CEO of Fang Digital. (http://fangdigital.com/) Having a solid paid search strategy will allow you to spend more and make more money from paid searches. FOR MORE EXPERT CONTENT VISIT: http://www.docstoc.com/resources/videos Docstoc is the largest online collection of business and legal documents to help you grow and manage your small business and professional life.
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How To Estimate Cost Per Click (CPC) For Google Display Network Campaigns | by Glenn Gabe
Glenn Gabe from GSQi explains how to use the Contextual Targeting tool in Google AdWords to estimate the cost per click (CPC) and potential budget of a Display Network Campaign. View Glenn's blog post for more information http://www.hmtweb.com/imd/?p=1451 about the Display Network. This video walks you step by step through the process of identifying themes, checking estimated CPC's, drilling into granular themes, and exporting the data directly to your AdWords campaigns.
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Introduction to Google Adwords by Scott Yacko
Scott Yacko of Circlestone Media & http://VUURR.com share his knowledge on Google Adwords. Gangplank Academy Brownbag - March 30, 2011
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The fabulous ROI powers of the Conversion Optimiser
How to save time and get better ROI with Conversion Optimiser. With this free bidding feature, you decide how much you want to pay for each sale or lead, then let AdWords set and adjust your bids to meet that goal. Join the Conversion Optimiser team for an overview and useful tips.
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Bid Management with ClickSweeper
Bid management is one of the most important aspects of managing your PPC ads. Here's a quick intro to ClickSweeper's automated bidding tools (budget, rank, conversion, and keyword ROI-based strategies) and how to use them. This tutorial will show you how to navigate the interface, set bidding strategies, and customize them with max bids and more.
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Facebook Bidding: CPC vs CPM - This Calculator Ends the Debate
http://askhowie.com/cost-comparison-calculator Should you bid Cost per Click or Cost per Impression when advertising on Facebook? I've developed a Comparison Calculator that hopefully will end the silly philosophical debate about the two types of bids. It's a mathematical question, and can be solved by math. Simply input the two bid prices, as provided by Facebook, and the calculator gives you the threshold CTR needed for CPM bidding. Question, comments, or criticism? Leave them below.
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Google Adwords for Advertising
Info Level: Intermediate Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: March 9, 2010 Length of Class: 65 Minutes Tracks Web Marketing Prerequisites Ability to Setup and Monitor Web Analytics Software Introduction to Web Marketing Purpose of Class This class teaches students how to use Google AdWords to promote their business, and why it is so effective. Topics Covered Actual Marketing Results for Eli the Computer Guy Repair Shop How to Use Google AdWords Strategies for a Successful Marketing Campaign Class Notes Introduction Google AdWords has the best return on investment for paid advertising Warning Analytics needs to be setup for your website before you use Adwords Tracking Go SLOW The Basics CPC -- Cost Per Click Impressions -- When an ad is seen CTR -- % of times ad is clicked You can geographically target Adwords Campaigns are where you set daily budget and geographic targeting Ad Groups are containers for keywords Keywords Strategies Target competitors as keywords Decrease your CPC until you are only spending what you need to to hit your daily limit Use a small amount of keywords
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Quibids Canada part 2:  Bidding strategy
http://qb.cm/r7987781 To Register with Quibids and get started! This link will also give me 25 bids for the help I've hopefully given you and don't forget part 3 that will show you some quick setups with Microsoft Excel to help you become a Bidding Pro, and Part 1 on The Basics of Quibids! Good luck and happy bidding!
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Setting Up Location and Language Targeting in AdWords
Senior Account Executive Anna Hutson shows you how to configure location and language targeting settings within Google AdWords.
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Google Adwords Tutorial - Adwords Campaign Management - Part I
http://www.datatechnologyllc.com/ In this Google Adwords video tutorial, our SEO Ad Professional does an overview of how google adwords works. We use an existing website and an existing Adwords campaign to highlight important concepts. Our Google Adwords Specialist goes over Google Adwords campaign, Ad Group, Google Ads, optimal keywords, Clicks, Ad extensions, CPC (cost per click), CTR (click through rate), Daily budget, cost/conv, Maximum CPC, Conversion of sale, landing page, below first page bid and keyword match type. Kash Data Consulting provides SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, Google Adsense and Analytics services. Also offering a $100 coupon for Google Adwords which is voucher for your Ad words campaign
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Penny Auction Tips for Better Bidding
Here are some great tips to help make all your bids count at OutdoorSportsmanAuctions.com.
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Generate PPC Campaigns Using Adwords Editor and Excel
http://ppccampaigngenerator.com - Learn how to generate paid search campaigns using Adwords Editor and Excel. This Adwords Editor tutorial shows you how to group each keyword in its own adgroup using Excel. This technique works well for high-traffic, high-volume, high-cost keywords that you want to isolate. Check it out!
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Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #9: Adwords Editor Settings
http://ppccampaigngenerator.com Learn about the settings within Adwords Editor.
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Adwords - Web Traffic with Content Advertising Part 2
http://radioactivetraffic.com / How to use to use Google Adwords Placement Advertising feature to generate over 600 Clicks unique visitors a Day to your web site for less than $30 to $50. You can Double and Triple your Visitors Clicks just be increasing your Daily Budget by $10 or $20 Dollars... See How.... This video Reveals "How Awards Placement Advertising works and How "Wealth Guide Resellers" are using it to make as much as $600 a Day (and more). Check out the Wealth Guide Web site and see how Resellers are making a Fortune with this new strategy: / It doesn't matter if you use Highly competitive keywords like "make money" or Low competitive Keywords.... once you understand how Google Adwords Placement Advertising feature works in this video you'll be able to generate 1000's of hits as day for a fraction of the cost. Google Adwords PPC program where webmasters can create their own ads and choose keywords. adwords.google.com/ Keyword Tool I cannot access my account Search-based keyword tool Learning Center Google Analytics Advertise with Adwords The Google Adwords Advertising ... What is Google AdWords? - AdWords Help With Google AdWords, you can create and run ads for your business, quickly and simply. Run your ads on Google and our advertising network -- no matter what ... adwords.google.com/ Google AdWords: Keyword Tool Enter one keyword or phrase per line to see what related word searches your ad will show on. News results for google adwords Google AdWords Content Campaign Creation Our friends at Google recently shared with JumpFly an interesting technique for using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool when building a Google AdWords Content ... JumpFly PPC Advertising News - 69 related articles » Law firm: $20M Google, AdWords settlement in the works‎ Google Advertising For Advertisers: Google AdWords. Advertise to people searching on Google and our advertising network; Reach people actively looking for information about ... AdWords Learning Center If you're an AdWords advertiser, Google Advertising Professional, or just interested in learning more about AdWords, you can use our free training to ... AdWords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Adwords Editor Training Tutorials #2: Getting Familiar
http://ppccampaigngenerator.com/ - This video focuses on getting you familiar with the Adwords Editor interface by teaching you what the various buttons do so you can navigate the interface easily.
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Google Adwords Free Workshop
Here is a 90 minute Google Adwords free workshop I did on December 1, 2011. We cover a lot of the basics of properly setting up a solid Google AdWords account.
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The ABCs of bidding
How to set your cost-per-click bids to get the best possible return from your AdWords budget. We'll show you how to calculate your value per click (the most you can profitably pay for a click) and how to test CPC bids to find the ideal price point.
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Κόστος SEO και Σύγκριση με Google Adwords
Πως μπορεί να υπολογιστεί επιστημονικά το κόστος του SEO με βάση την αξία του Traffic. Κάρολος Τσιλιγκιριάν Greek Internet Marketing http://www.greekinternetmarketing.com http://seomarketing.gr
How To Set Up AdWords Conversion Tracking
In this tutorial I will show you how to easily set up PPC's most neglected tool: conversion tracking. This is a must-use tool for measuring ROI in a pay per click campaign. For more tutorials please visit our channel.
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Google Adwords Tutorial - How To Split Test Your Adwords Ads For Effectiveness
http://howtoinstructionalvideos.com for more info and videos
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