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Surf Fishing Tips: reading a beach
Here's a quick video about reading a beach when you are surf fishing on the Oregon coast. Focus on finding a trough because that's where fish are holding. Dark waters within casting range is a good spot to focus on. It's best to fish these trough during HIGH TIDE for best results.
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newport oregon jetty fishing rock bass august 23 2014
went out to newport, oregon today for some rock bass fishing. landed 2 but only got 1 on camera as I didn't have my gopro on for the first fish. they were far and in between. the newport jetties gets a lot of pressure. you have to try a different spot if you're not catching anything in one area. covering more area is the key here. just be careful as those big boulders are dangerous! I was using a curley tail grub with a 1 oz sinker tied about 2.5" below the grub. jigging it along the rocks netted me those 2 rock bass. check out my other rock bass fishing videos if you like this one. thanks for watching.
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Oregon Salmon Fishing
I've lived in Oregon since 2001 and I've always wanted to catch a salmon. For Lynn and I, we never did any salmon fishing together here in Oregon, so we headed out to the Siuslaw River on the coast and hoped for the best. We used a simple setup of just a 2-3 oz weight and a spinner. We were slow trolling going about 2-3 miles per hour. The water depth ranged from 12-40 feet.
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Best rod and reel setup for surf fishing the Oregon coast
I'm going to show you what rod and reel I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast for redtail perch. I use a 10 foot salmon fishing rod that is rated heavy. It's a 2 piece rod that is very light and sensitive.
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How to Fillet a Surf Perch
Here is a short video about how to fillet a surf perch. I'm not expert in preparing these fish and I don't claim to be the best at filleting these guys, but this is just my method. Having a sharp fillet knife helps a lot, and be careful not to rush it. Also, it's best to bleed out your fish so it'll taste better and stays fresh.
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Catch and  cook surf perch - Simple fish tacos
You can catch surf perch on the Oregon coast year round. A simple and effective surf rig is the Hi-Lo rig, which has 2 hooks on a dropper loop and a weight at the bottom. This rig setup is very effective for bottom fishing on the Oregon coast. Surf perch are easy to catch, and I'm also going to go briefly into how I cook these delicious fish.
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surf fishing tips:  (rod,  reel, tackle)
This is just a quick primer on what I use for surf fishing on the Oregon Coast. The gear and tackle that I mention in this video are what I use 99.99% of the time.
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How to tie a Uni Knot -  Strong fishing knot
A quick demonstration on how to tie the strongest fishing knot. I use it all the time and it's very simple and easy to tie. This knot is used for tying to your fishing hooks, weight, or fishing lure.
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Catch and cook surf perch - Oregon coast surf fishing
Surf fishing on the Oregon coast is good year round. No one month is better than another month. When I'm surf fishing on beach, I stay in one spot only for a short time, maybe about 10 minutes at the most. If there are no fish, then I move to another spot. Today, I decided to bring my portable grill and cook the perch right on the beach.
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Surf fishing tips:  Best Waders for Surf  Fishing
A quick video about my chest wader that I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast. This is the Cabela's spring 5mm wader. It was $179 at Cabela's.
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Surf Fishing with a Tiny Crankbait
Here is a link to get the tiny crankbait from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2DoPhXR. I tied the lure directly to my dropper loop below the 2 gulp sandworms. For this setup, I used my usual 2 oz disc sinker, which lays flat on the sand and doesn't roll as much in the rough surf. These redtails surf perch can be caught year round here on the Oregon coast. The best times to go fish for these guys are during an incoming high tide.
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how to care clean your fishing rods reels
cleaning off your gear and tackle after a surf fishing trip is pretty important. I've lost many gear before from neglect. I first rinse off my reel and waders. For my reel, I only do a light spray for about 10 seconds. I rinse off my waders pretty thoroughly. I also empty out my tackle box and rinse out the hooks, pliers, bait jar, weights, and anything else that touches salt water - which is pretty corrosive.
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surf fishing gear and tackle
I'm going to briefly talk about the gear and tackle I use when I'm surf fishing. my main surf rod is a 10' salmon steelhead pole I got from cabela's. and the reel I use a shimano stradic FK reel size 5000, which I spooled 40# braid onto. I usually use a #2 baitholder hook but an octopus hook also work. for my rig, I use a 2-hook rig with the weight at the bottom - a 2oz weight is all you really need. this video is just a basic guide to help you gear up for surf fishing. feel free to leave questions for me. tight lines!
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trout rig for bottom fishing
ok, guys, this is my first how-to video. this video shows you how I setup a carolina rig when bottom fishing for trout. I'm aware that there are many ways to setup a trout rig for bottom fishing, but this method has worked well for me. weight --- I use a 3/8 to a 1/2 oz sliding weight. I even use a 1 oz depending on the speed of the current. bead --- optional but doesn't make a lot of difference for this trout rig. barrel swivel --- I use about a size 2 or size 3 barrel swivel. for the most part, it doesn't matter much really - long as you don't use one that weighs a pound leader --- I like long leaders because I want my bait (floating powerbait eggs) to float way off the bottom. I find that I get more strikes this way. 4 feet to 5 feet is what I use. use whatever you are comfortable with. because I fish for trout, they don't pull hard at all so I use a 4# to 8# line weight. hook --- I use a #2 or #4 bait holder hooks. (hook brand does NOT matter one bit) for presentation, just cast out and wait. I usually check my bait about every 20 minutes. then cast to a different place than before. if you don't get any bites, try different baits, or cast a lure out. ok, that's it for now. in my next video I'll show what bait I use for trout fishing. thanks for watching
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fishing on a river bank with corn
took out my son, kevin, down to the willamette river for some bank fishing. he loves to go with me, and doesn't care what we're catching as long as we're catching fish. we used corn as bait and didn't really have a specific fish were wanted to target. it was a slow summer day and would be happy to catch whatever was biting at the time. we used a #4 octopus hook and a 10# mono leader on a carolina rig.
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Best spinning rod for surf fishing oregon coast
» Okuma Celilo 9 foot rod: http://amzn.to/2Ejcz6K » About this rod: http://everylist.com/surf-fishing-rods-for-redtail-surf-perch.html This is a quick review of my new spinning rod for surf fishing. This Okuma rod is 9 foot and super light and sensitive. It casts pretty far, and is only about $50. It can cast up to a 2 oz sinker, which is what I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast. It has a short rod butt which gives more real estate at the top.
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fishing on a jetty
with the surf being too rough, we decided to hit the south jetty for some rock fishing. it was my first time catching a lingcod from the rocks. he was dead on 22" so he was a keeper. I used a 7" bass worm for bait and a sinker weight of 1 to 1.5oz. this was during an incoming high tide.
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trout fishing with a rooster tail spinner
I'm fishing from the bank with a rooster tail spinner in this video. the first part I was fishing at a lake trolling with a rooster tail. the presentation is pretty straight forward: cast out as far as you can and "SLOWLY" reel it in; sometime you want to twitch your rod and pause for a brief moment. for trout fishing, I'm using a 1/8 oz rooster tail spinner. stocked trout aren't so big so any bigger size might produce less bite. I use a 7'6" rod that is rated at light action. line weight for the rod is at 4-10 #. I was using different colors of rooster tails, and didn't find one color that worked the best; it seems trying different colors is the key. mix it up if one color don't work and always make sure to vary your retrieve speed. thanks for watching.
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Surf Fishing with a Rooster Tail Spinner
A short video about catching surf perch with a rooster tail spinner. I cast as far as I could into the white foam in the surf since that's where the surf perch are located as they feed on sand crabs that churn up in the crashing waves. My website: www.surffishingnation.com --------------------- 11'6" Cabela's Fish Eagle - Discontinued Reel: Penn Battle 2: https://amzn.to/2Rp9qoR Fire tiger Rooster tail: https://amzn.to/2O3Sxls Braid fishing line: https://amzn.to/2pzFf1l My Gopro camera: https://amzn.to/2ygkJa3
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Oregon Coast Surf Fishing  - surf fishing tips to catch more fish
I'm fishing at the spot that we will hold our surf fishing tournament on Saturday, 9/2. This is a good spot for surf fishing on the Oregon coast. It's close to Newport, and we held our first tournament here this year. I'm going to show you some tips on rig and bait. Also, there is not best time to go but you can catch these surf perch year round.
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cheap rod reel setup for surf fishing
some people have asked me to do a video on a cheap rod and reel setup for surf fishing. so, here it is. the reel here is a shimano FX 2500, and the fishing rod is a cabela's whuppin' stik 9'. I bought the reel online off amazon for around $15, and the rod was at cabela's on sale for $20. it's a great setup for beginners, or you want to just dip your hand into surf fishing without spending too much money. for more info: check out my my website: www.everylist.com
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bullhead catfish fishing
a short video about catching bullhead catfish. we were using nightcrawlers for bait, on a carolina rig setup. also I caught a 9# carp but I dediced not to add it to this video, since this is about catching bullhead catfish. bullhead catfish are about the same size as stocked trout so I didn't need heavy gear, and used my trout gear as a result. here's my simple rig setup for catching bullhead catfish. *ROD* - 6'6" medium light rod. *LINE* - 20# braid, with 6# mono leader *BAIT* - nightcrawlers and corn for bait. (this time, night crawlers had the most bites) *TECHNIQUE* - fish on the bottom using a carolina rig. like, share, subscribe. more videos coming about catching bullhead catfish. thanks for watching.
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rig setup for surf fishing
here's a simple rig setup for surf fishing. I've already did a similar video for a rig setup for bottom fishing, but the setup is for surf fishing. weight: 3oz minimum because the oregon surf is very turbulent so you need a heavy weight to keep it down hook size: #2 or #4 thanks for watching.
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Catch and cook dungeness crab - Oregon coast crabbing
We went crabbing in Coos Bay, Oregon. It has been a long time (over a month?), and I'm finally back on the water again. For crab bait, we used chicken. We soaked our crab pots for a little over 1 hour. The crab pot I used is a Promar Heavy Duty crab pot, which I bought off Amazon. It's one of the best crab traps out there. We caught 30 crabs during this trip, and cooked some up afterwards. Here's a link to Mando's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UhTw_v1Eb9Z5HBJoeJvOA
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catching trout in a creek with a rooster tail
I headed over to quartzville creek near green peter for some trout fishing. a friend showed me a photo of this small creek that was full of stocked trout so I had to check it out. I decided to use a rooster tail spinner because it's one of the best bait for catching trout.
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New Shimano Baitrunner 4000D spinning reel review
This is a short review of the Shimano Baitrunner 4000D spinning reel. The reel has been out for over 6 years, but I just got it 2 days ago. I bought to use for surf fishing (for a backup reel to my stradic Ci4). It has a baitrunner feature which lets you free-spool at the switch of a button. There's a rear drag for the free spool as well.
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fishing with a rooster tail spinner
I decided to use a rooster tail spinner for surf fishing, and the result turned out good. I had some doubles, and caught some good size redtails. I clipped off one hook from the treble hook so they can swallow it easier. the key here is to experiment with different fishing setups. gear: 10' rod, size 5000 reel, 40# braid, 20# mono leader, #4 hook, and sandworms on 2 hooks and a rooster tail spinner on the last bottom hook. it was a good day of fishing overall, and the weather was just perfect.
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how to tie a bottom fishing rig
here's a quick demonstration on how to tie a quick bottom fishing rig. I use this rig all the time when I'm fishing for catfish. this bottom rig is good when you're fishing for: - panfish - flounder - trout - catfish what you need: 1. a swivel 2. a pre-snelled hook (size is your choice depending on which fish you're after) 3. a lead weight - such as a bank sinker (or any weight that has a loop so you can hook it to your swivel. this is a simple rig and applies to many fishing situation where you fish on the bottom. leave comments, share, subscribe. stay tuned for my other fishing rig videos. thanks for watching.
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How to clean a whole fish - how to scale a fish
A video about how I clean and scale my fish. I use scissors which are very easy for cleaning and gutting fish. Many people cook their fish whole, and I hope this demonstration will help you next time in quickly preparing your fish.
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Rig setup to catch surf perch
Here's a demonstration about how I setup my rig for surf fishing. In this case, I was in a boat, not on a beach. But the rig is the same. I use the HI-LO rig with 2 hooks, and a 2 oz weight, and a #4 bait holder hook. Buy your Gulp sandworms here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2yyuDY2 Rod: 6'6" bass rod Reel: 2500 size with 10# braid line As for the surf perch, they come into the bays in Oregon during the spring to spawn, so it's pretty easy to catch them. I was fishing in about 8-20 foot of water.
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oregon surf fishing during incoming high tide
I usually look for a beach that has a lot of sandcrabs when I'm surf fishing on the beach. it doesn't always mean that the perch are there but is usually a good indication that perch is around. I'm usually switching spots a lot when fishing is slow, and usually I find fish not far from my starting point. here, I'm fishing during low tide, but it is an incoming high tide. remember that the best time to go surf fishing is around high slack tide. rod: 10' salmon/steelhead rod, size 5000 reel with 40# braid, 5 foot leader on a #2 eagle baitholder hook.
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Fishing on an Underwater Jetty
I caught my biggest rock fish while fishing on an underwater jetty. I caught it on a Berkley Powerbait power worms - 7" in green pumpkin.
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Crack'n Crab Cleaner review - How to clean crab
The best way to clean crab easily is with this cleaning tool by tealcrab.com. There are just 3-easy steps by smacking them onto the cleaner, rip the legs, and shake off the crab butter. With this cleaner, it will save you a lot of time. To order one, go to their website: www.tealcrab.com. Tags: oregon coast, crabbing, crab cleaner, how to clean crab
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surf fishing tips - drying gulp sandworms bait
Gulp sandworms are definitely the most effective bait I've used while surf fishing on the Oregon coast. Yet, they are a little spendy. I'm going to show you what I do to get more mileage from these baits. I simply put them on a paper towel and let them dry out a little bit. This way they become tougher, and won't tear off your hook so easily when a fish bites. Surf fishing tip: remember to put them in a small jar when done.
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How to catch big redtail surf perch - Oregon surf fishing
Go here to get Gulp Sandworms: http://amzn.to/2DKl1ba Here's another quick video about how I setup my rig for surf fishing. For my gear setup, I use a 10' salmon rod and a Shimano Stradic ci4+ spinning reel. I use 20# braid fishing line. For bait, 2" gulp sandworms work best for surf fishing on the Oregon coast.
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Catching my Biggest Rock Fish
A short video of me catching my biggest rock fish. We were fishing in about 30' of water, and about 1 mile from shore. The black rock fish was 20" @ 4#, 4 oz.
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surf fishing tournament tomorrow -  it's a GO!
The surf fishing tournament is a GO for tomorrow, 8/18. If you haven't yet, start learning how to tie a surf fishing rig, I have many videos on how to tie it. Check in time is 6 AM, you can start fishing right away after you pay the $20 fee. The swell is low, and the high tide is at 7:30 AM. Fishing will decline with the tide, so come early while the bite is hot. *See you all there!!* 1- bring a bucket or sack to put in your fish 2- 15 fish maximum (Oregon law) 3- Gross weight of all fish for tallying
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Catching Crab and Rockfish - Oregon Coast
Another short video of catching crab and rockfish on the Oregon coast. I lost my Shimano Stradic during this trip. But managed to get 3 good size fish for dinner. This was in Coos Bay, Oregon
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how to handle surf perch safely
a quick demonstration on handling redtail surf perch. they have a lot of spine and if you're not careful, it will impale you pretty deep. here's how you do it safely.
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Surf Fishing the Oregon Coast
With a break in the weather, I headed over to Newport for some surf fishing. The swells were in the 4-5 foot range, which is a little scary. I only managed to catch 3 surf perch, and all 3 fish were small. Bait: gulp sandworms, 2" Rod: 10 foot salmon / steelhead rod Reel: Shimano stradic Ci4+ FB
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how to catch trout with powerbait on a carolina rig
a quick tutorial on tying a simple rig to catch trout with powerbait. the carolina rig is simple and easy to tie, and every angle should know this effective rig. I was using powerbait with the rig to catch trout at foster reservoir. the powerbait floats off the bottom and in the strike zone. best powerbait color for that day was: 1. chartreuse 2. lemon lime green 3. rainbow color I was using a 6'6" light action rod with a size 2000 spinning reel. questions? comment, like, subscribe. stay tuned for my next video. thanks.
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Setup and tie a Simple Bottom Fishing Rig
Here is a quick demonstration about how I tie my bottom rig for surf fishing. Here are the specs for this setup: main line: 30# braid (choose your size that you like) leader: 20# mono hook size: #2 baitholder weight: 2 oz *disc* sinker (they roll much less) knot: double uni joining the mono to braid - and uni joining the sinker hook knot: dropper loop knot
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How to setup Gulp Sandworms for surf fishing to catch more fish - Oregon Coast
I'm going to show you a simple way to setup your rig with Gulp Sandworms to fish the Oregon coast. I recommend drying out your sandworms outside in the warm weather for about 3-4 hours. This will make them very rubbery and tough, and they will stay on the hook much longer. The rig I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast is called a Hi-Lo rig, which has 2 hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom. I use a 2 oz "DISC" sinker at the bottom. Be sure you learn how to tie this HI-LO rig using a dropper loop. It's very effective for surf fishing.
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Oregon Kokanee Fishing
Here we are catching Kokanee in Detroit, Oregon. I just got into kokanee fishing this year, so I'm not sure what the best time is fish for them. But we did OK this trip. Rod: Okuma Kokanee casting rod: https://amzn.to/2shL58m Reel: Daiwa Accudepth: https://amzn.to/2GThA26 + left hand model: https://amzn.to/2KT7UXG Line: I use 8# PLine CXX fishing line: https://amzn.to/2IQzPLp For my rig setup, I use a home-made spinner, and a Brad's wobbler as my dodger. This setup has help me catch more fish. Also, use a lot of scent on your spinner.
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how to tell between a male or female surf perch
a quick tutorial about the differences between a male and a female surf perch.
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Oregon surf fishing - Catch and clean surf perch
The best time to go surf fishing on the Oregon coast is usually during a calm surf. You can catch surf perch from the beach year round. I look for swells that are around 2-3 feet. I use an Okuma Celilo salmon rod, and a 2 oz weight. I setup my rig using a hi-lo rig with a 2 oz weight at the bottom. My technique is pretty simple: just toss it out into the surf and wait, say 1 minute, and then I start to slowly reel back in. Here are my gear I use: Bait: GULP SANDWORM! https://amzn.to/2J1kk2M - this is by far the best bait for surf fishing. Rod: https://amzn.to/2IG5RWi Reel: https://amzn.to/2IEBP5m Line: https://amzn.to/2IYCDVX - I use cheap braid fishing line vs the more expensive name brand line. They are cheap, yet strong. I see no difference.
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I'm moving to California  :(((
I'd rather get skunked a million times!!!!!!!
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Oregon surf fishing championship UPDATE
Please check www.everylist.com the evening *before* the tournament to make sure that it's not cancelled. This tournament is weather dependent. Also, note that you cannot keep more than 15 surf perch (Oregon law).
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oregon surf fishing
having fun surf fishing on the oregon coast. it's spring time so the redtail surf perch are biting like crazy right now. I was a little surprised that none were of any good size, but we did managed to land a few over a pound - which are perfect size for the frying pan. just remember when you're surf fishing on the oregon coast to 'never' turn your back on the ocean. the surf is usually rough, and waves come at you with great speed and height. it's dangerous and unpredictable so use caution. the oregon coast is always windy and rough, and one should always be careful. gear, tackle, bait. I was using a 10' surf rod with my standard bottom surf rig. for bait, I was using gulp sandworms on a #2 baitholder hook (any hook style will work, and #2 works best for me). I use this setup 99% of the time I go surf fishing on the oregon coast. thanks for watching, and hope to see you on the surf.
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