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How To Deal With Conflict & Confrontation
JoAnn speaks to a group of HR Professionals in Dallas in her entertaining and memorable way that dealing with conflict & confrontation is one of the most essential topics to bring to an organization.
Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed Book Trailer
JoAnn Corley's Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - How to Manage Your Time, Space and Priorities, to Work Smart, Get Results and Be Happy! Where to obtain - forms it comes in - Kindle - The Book - Nook - Audio Book - The Seminar - go to this link for access links and more details = http://time-management-training.blogspot.com/p/learn-about-book.html Independent Review - http://www.blogbusinessworld.blogspot.ca/2012/07/organizational-strategies-for.html In today's 21st workplace getting results to keep your professional edge is of the utmost importance. Yet in today's fast past, high demand work environments, getting meaningful results is feeling ever more elusive. More and more in today's work climates the satisfaction of results is being replaced with feelings of overwhelm and stress. With layoffs and budget cuts, many are struggling to stay afloat let alone enjoy a sense of meaningful accomplishment. They are swimming in mounds of paperwork and emails while negotiating the pressures of competing priorities and the demands of their boss. If this remotely describes your work experience, this book is meant to come to your rescue! It's based on the wildly popular seminar of a similar name and addresses many of the challenging elements of the work day that impact that feeling of meaningful achievement and success. The content of this book addresses many of components of the everyday work experience and is written through the lens of time and organizational management. It has been delivered to thousands of seminar attendees across the country, from a breath of public, governmental and non profit companies. The foundational premise of this book - every activity - really is a time management issue. Consider this list... -managing interruptions -paperwork -your boss -finding items in your workspace -competing priorities -feeling stressed and overwhelmed -how you make decisions -email overload -how your personality impacts your productivity -to name a few And that's what makes this book different. It's not about one singular element (e.g. only time management), but covers many areas and thereby offers more value than a typical "how to manage time or get more organized" book. So if you want to... - feel more in control and competent - find things in your workspace quickly - confidently negotiate your work load - effectively manage interruptions with tact - get more done in the same amount of time - minimize feeling stressed - be a more skilled decision maker - get simple tips for efficiently managing email - experience higher levels of work satisfaction then this book is for you! Consider it your portable seminar and me, your portable coach! To your success! Where to obtain: Kindle - The Book - Nook - Audio Book - The Seminar - http://time-management-training.blogspot.com/p/learn-about-book.html
How to Deal with Unacceptable Employee Behavior
Note: This video is not meant to be an all-encompassing address of a complex issue. This is a topic addressed in the context of speakers showcase where one has a very limited time to relay information. Speaking to a large audience of HR Professionals in New York at a speakers showcase, JoAnn Corley creatively presents practical strategies to work with behavior. As a talent management specialist, she helps HR professionals and managers at every level create and nurture high-performance teams with an innovative coaching model that reflects a holistic talent management approach. To learn more go to: www.joanncorleyspeaks.com | www.thehumansphere.com | www.joanncorleyspeaks.com
How to Handle Conflict & Confrontation
JoAnn Corley speaks to a group of Human Resource Professionals in Dallas at a Speaker's showcase on how to handle conflict and confrontation. www.joanncorley.com She is also the author of the newly released book - The 1% Edge. To sample more of JoAnn's indepth, high impact content in audio format with corresponding transcript - go to www.joanncorleyspeaks.blogspot.com. Blog: www.the1percentedge.com
Key Elements of Effective Management
JoAnn Corley presents key elements of effective management. As a management coach, she inspires and helps managers at every level tap their potential and develop relevant competencies. She is also author of the newly released book The 1% Edge - Power Strategies to Increase Management Effectivenes. To learn more go to: www.joanncorley.com To sample more of JoAnn's indepth, high impact content in audio format with corresponding transcript - go to www.joanncorleyspeaks.blogspot.com. Her blog: www.the1percentedge.com
JoAnn Corley, Nationally Speaking, Showcase 2016
Looking for an engaging, content packed speaker for your next event! This topic is one of my most popular for both keynotes and breakouts. This is a 10 minute sample. Enjoy!
JoAnn Corley - Business Speaker |  Motivational Speaker | Holistic Talent Management Consultant
HR Star Conference Keynote: Atlanta | Book JoAnn at your next event: https://joanncorley.com/Conference___Keynotes.html Speaker - Leadership Blog: http://www.joanncorleyspeaks.com/ JoAnn Corley is a dynamic, inspiring speaker, author and coach. Named to the top 100 most social HR experts on Twitter, she, along with her strategic partners are passionate in helping her clients meet their strategic objectives through the employee life cycle. Her topics center around a host of professional development topics, management competencies as well as holistic talent management strategies and practices, presented as keynotes, conference break-outs and full day workshops-seminars. Employee training: https://joanncorley.com/Employee_Competencies.html Management training: https://joanncorley.com/Management_Training.html Talent management consulting: https://joanncorley.com/The_Human_Sphere.html
Employee Training & Decision Making
If you want to have a discussion about your current employee training plan / strategy: feel free to contact me at [email protected] For taking notes and review -- download the transcript. www.thehumansphere.com
JoAnn Corley's How To Conquer Overwhelm & Stress in 4 Easy Steps
Need more help? go to Overwhelm Resource Page: https://joanncorley.com/Overwhelm_Resource_Page.html Being overwhelmed in today's workplace is an ongoing challenge. This video is a snippet of the wildly popular book & seminar... Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed - how to manage your time, space, & priorities, to work smart, get results & be happy - Kindle - The Book - Nook - Audio Book - The Seminar - click here: http://www.joanncorley.com/Org_Strat.html Also check out the e-book on Kindle & Nook: De-clutter Your Life from the Inside Out - ow.ly/aho2Y This youtube link: http://youtu.be/-boIMdGd3uU In this brief how-to you'll learn overwhelmed defined and a very practical and easy process in which to effectively manage and minimize it - get control of it. Get empowered with this informative video. It's also a great process for managing and reducing stress as well and if that's your challenge - you can replace the word overwhelm with "stressed" as your view the video. The technique would be the same for managing stress and reducing stress. If you are a manager or HR professional, then you'll want to view the post - 10 Ways to Help Employees Manage Overwhelm - http://www.hr-management3-0.com/2012/05/10-ways-for-managers-hr-to-successfully.html JoAnn Corley has traveled through-out North America conducting professional development seminars on a variety of topics. To learn more about her go to: www.thehumansphere.com
Thriving on Change via Creativity
JoAnn Corley leads a group of professionals in Minneapolis on how to thrive on change by leveraging the opportunity to be more creative. Creativity is one of JoAnn's most requested topics. Here are links to a few blog posts on the topic:http://www.joanncorleyspeaks.com/2013/05/creativity-next-new-skill_29.html http://www.the1percentedge.com/2013/06/got-creative-thinking-if-not-youre.html To sample more of JoAnn's indepth, high impact content in audio format with corresponding transcript - go to www.joanncorleyspeaks.com Her blog: www.the1percentedge.com
Kirkwood Create Speaker Series - Interview with JoAnn Corley
Kirkwood Create Speakers Series - Interview with JoAnn Corley Learn more about Creativity - The Next New Skill http://www.joanncorleyspeaks.com/2013/05/creativity-next-new-skill_29.html http://www.the1percentedge.com/2013/06/got-creative-thinking-if-not-youre.html Book a workshop, keynote or conference break-out: http://www.joanncorley.com/
How is Your Performance Management Performing?
Listen to a simple, easy to apply approach to improve your performance management - guaranteed. For more help, check out my latest LinkedIn Learning course: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/managing-employee-performance-problems-3 Need help? Feel free to connect with us at www.jcsbusinessadvisors.com to schedule a call.
Your HR Video Coach
3 Tips to Gain a Seat at the C-suite Table. This is preview to an upcoming series. Please thumbs-up if you found it useful and share! #hrtribe #hrblogs #hrcoach Or, share your advice below.
Are You Ready to Be A Workplace Grownup?
I know this sounds like a very odd question. You're probably saying to yourself, "What do you mean, I'm a grown-up." Well sure you are. Emotional maturity is critical in the workplace for professional success at all levels. Commonly known as emotional intelligence, here's a tip to grow yours! If you are a decision-maker, consider bringing an emotional intelligence workshop to your organization or a VLO - virtual learning opportunity - we help clients globally. Ways to Connect: Twitter: https://twitter.com/joanncorley Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joanncorley.thehumansphere LinkedIn: https//www.linkedin.com/in/joanncorley Websites: Speaker site-Blog: https://www.joanncorleyspeaks.com Company site: https://www.jcsbusinessadvisors.com
Working Smart On-Line Time Management Course: Intro
http://my.brainshark.com/Working-Smart-OnLine-Course-Intro-277569697 - This is the intro. to a productivity-time management on-line course: Working Smart - 12 Rockin' Strategies to Get the Best Results in Less Time. The course is based on the book and national seminar Organizational Strategies for the Overwhelmed; How to manage, your time, space, and priorities to work smart, get results, and be happy. It's designed to hyper focus on 12 key strategies from the seminar/book. To learn about the seminar click here: http://www.joanncorley.com/Org_Strat.html The on-line course comes with: -61 page course book with a layout the matches the video modules -pdf of the video/slides -audio downloads -the ability to work the course either on line or via The 1% Edge Portable Coach APP -access to me as your coach and guide (very unusual for a on -line course).
WEBCAST REPLAY: Sexual Harassment - It's Time for Action A Candid Talk with  HR Professionals
Get audio link and transcript here: https://joanncorley.com/Sexual_Harassment_Support.html em: [email protected] #HRSHrealtalk - the discussion continues on Twitter (human resources sexual harassment real talk) JoAnn Corley / Host, Founder-CEO, The Human Sphere(tm), promoting The Human Quotient(tm) for business growth Expert Panel: Suzi Benoit / Workplace Bullying, Employee Relations Kate Bischoff / HR, Employment-Labor Law Attorney Jonathan Segal – Employment, Labor, Benefits & Immigration Law / Member of EEOC Task Force Alan Allard – Psychotherapist, Behavior Expert Renee Barnes – Founder, ComplyTrain, Software-Tech Expert Note: We’ve made the video available for free distribution – we feel the discussion is that important. There is very little editing: video replay is raw. Also available, audio replay and the transcript. Don’t’ hesitate to reach out for help. We are creating an advisory “dream team” that will be a one-stop shop for helping you build a healthy company culture, set up appropriate compliance processes, along with offering expertise in dealing with all forms of harassment and discrimination.

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