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Why Saskatchewan
Edna Keep talks about why Saskatchewan is the best province in Canada to invest in and why if you live here, you're missing out on a huge opportunity right in your own back yard.
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A little bit about about Vendor Take Backs!
A Vendor Take Back is when the seller (vendor) of a property provides you with a some or all the mortgage financing for purchasing his/her property. Usually, this financing strategy is more common on commercial properties (including multi residential) however you can tap into this strategy on residential purchases. If you have any questions about vendor take Backs or any other real estate investing tips, comment below or email me [email protected]
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My 4 Steps To Raising Private Money to Invest in Real Estate
This video is jam packed with information so be ready to take notes! You will learn who the best private investors are out there that can help you quickly and easily grow your real estate portfolio. How to find and structure your private deal such that it speaks to the psychology of the private lender. I will also share with you ways that you can show your potential investor/JV partner how you have proactively acted in their interests to protect their money. This is important for building your credibility so that you can continue to grow your portfolio using other people's money! Please leave me your questions or comments, I would love any feedback at all! I also have a totally free webinar if you want to learn about my 5 Step Strategy for growing your real estate portfolio using other investors money. www.the5yearplan.ca
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C Students Do Better In Business
In the late 1800's, schools were designed and intended to teach obedience. During the rise of our industrial age, big corporations needed workers for their factories. The purpose of the academic system was to create obedient and compliant workers who never asked questions. There were already plenty of scholars at the time. Thus, the creation of the standardized test. Our academic system itself became a factory to standardize all of the rising students to ensure they fit the desired mold. If the student failed the tests, they would be held back another year to try again. Despite the fact that our world has dramatically changed since the late 1800s, our school systems are structured in the same way. Despite the fact that many of us can connect to the internet, there are 10,000 teachers giving the same lecture on any given day across the country. The internet has changed the world. If you want to learn something, you don’t need to get an encyclopedia anymore. You can go to Wikipedia, or YouTube, or a million other places online. There are tons of programs that teach people how to learn things effectively at optimal speeds. The world is moving to an entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economy. It is projected that by 2020, over one billion people will be working from their homes. In the future of work, less people will work for one company as generalists and instead will work for multiple companies as specialists. The world doesn’t need obedient and compliant factory workers anymore. The world needs artists, creatives, hackers, and innovators. We’re done with apathetically living out our lives in school and at our 9-to-5 jobs. We’re sick of it. We’re done with it. And the best part — the new economy wants it as well. To read the 10 reasons why C students do better in business head to www.multiplewaystowealth.com
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Day #1 of Edna Keep's Get A Real Estate Deal Under Contract In 5 Days Challenge!
Millionaire Mindset Shift - Rid yourself of your time-for-money mindset and step into your 7-figure future - Develop your vision of wealth and start attracting money - It's easier than you think - The 7 mistakes and 1 big reason you keep yourself broke To get the downloads and join the challenge head to https://go.ednakeep.com/5-day-registration
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Getting an Investment Property Under Contract Without Using Your Own Money!
In this video Edna Keep talks about getting a property under contract without using your own money. She shares her experience as a new investor and how she got started in real estate investments. For more information visit www.ednakeep.coom.
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Listen here for the Testimonials from Edna Keep’s Masterminds, as they reflect on their year of Coaching with Multiple Ways To Wealth. www.ednakeep.com www.facebook.com/coachednakeep
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Tyler and Bailey Testimonial for 90 Days to 5K
In this video you will hear from Tyler Hassman & Bailey Mosiman of M&H Investments from Regina, SK. Tyler and Bailey are finding success and credit much of their jump start in real estate to Edna's 90 Day to 5K program. For more information visit www.90daysto5k.ca.
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What is an acquisition fee?
How can you get an acquisition fee? When you purchase a property and you you negotiate a really great deal, there is sometimes room for an acquisition fee. It takes many hours of back and forth, your work in the trenched for the last 3 years this is a way to reward yourself. You can reduce ownership of a real estate deal upfront and then take acquisition fee instead, so maybe your ownership of a building is 35-40% of deal but you negotiate to take a large acquisition fee at close. %of deal for negotiating %of deal with lender If you are a new investor and want to get some high income to keep rolling and investing in more properties, this may be the way to go! If you want to learn more about how you can build your real estate portfolio and secure financial freedom, just like myself and my coaching clients have, please connect with me at www.ednakeep.com! Thanks, Edna Keep
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Are you facing a challenge that you just can't get past?
Are you stressed out? Staying up all night thinking about the should've, could've, would've(s)? I would like to suggest that you stop worrying and start living! If you aren't able to do that, then you could try going to the "worst case scenario". What is the absolute worst way that your situation could end? Things are never as bad as you think, usually after some time and space from a stressful situation you end up looking back and realizing that this thing that is keeping you up at night was meant to happen. How do you deal with stressful situations? I would love to hear from you [email protected]
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Edna Keep 90 Day to 5K Coaching Testimonials
In this video you will hear from 90 Day to 5K Coaching students who have started their own businesses, diversified their portfolios or moved up to Edna Keep's Mastermind program.
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5-Day Real Estate Investment Challenge Day #3: How to Find & Analyze Deals
Edna discusses various types of investments - including vendor take backs, joint ventures and apartments. She talks about due diligence research, creating a property summary, where to find property investments and more about how to find the money. Edna shares her tips, how to handle high vacancy rates and what to do when a deal doesn't go as planned. To get the downloads and join the challenge head to https://go.ednakeep.com/5-day-registration
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5-Day Challenge / Day #4 Preparing and Presenting The Perfect Pitch
How to give a strong, clear and confident message to Real Estate Investors when you are looking for a money partner or joint venture partner. Edna goes over how to create a great elevator pitch and overcome objections. The end goal: Getting the YES for your real estate deals. To get the downloads and join the challenge head to https://go.ednakeep.com/5-day-registration
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Private Lending Risk vs Reward
Private Lending Risk vs. Reward Private lending is a great investment when done correctly. You can earn double digit returns and when invested from your registered account either on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis. Best of all, with private lending you have control over who and what you lend on. Is it possible to earn 12%? Yes. But it’s all about your risk tolerance. I have investors lending out their money at 4% on 1st mortgages with low Loan-To-Value (LTV), and others taking 3rd position and earning over 12%. To read more about this and other information on investing in real estate, with other people's money head to www.ednakeep.com or email me [email protected]
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Opportunities in the markets.
In this video Edna Keep talks about finding opportunities in the markets. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Does your property manager do your bookkeeping?
Many small property management companies don’t use proper accounting software for bookkeeping, specifically tracking receivables (rent due). I’ve used more than one property manager over the years that used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to track how much money was due from each tenant each month, how much they had paid, and any balances owing. The problem with spreadsheets is that they are prone to simple mistakes, such as mis-typing a formula for calculating rent due for a tenant. And in my experience, these typos usually happen in such a way that you are being paid less than you should be receiving, and the property manager is keeping the balance. That would never happen if the property manager was using proper double-entry accounting software. In fact, I’ve seen this problem so many times with various property managers, that I now recommend investors track all their rent receivables in their own accounting system. That way they can track, right down to the penny, exactly how much each tenant owes them and eliminate lost rent. You might think that this is an isolated problem, but I find it’s quite common with smaller property management companies (and even some large ones). Like these tips? Head over to www.ednakeep.com to learn more about investing in real estate
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I will figure it out!
Would you like to have an unstoppable entrepreneur mindset? This one phrase may help you out greatly. To me the word entrepreneur is sacred. It is the man or woman who decides to break away from the norm of society and pursues personal and financial freedom armed with an idea or two that typically involves some or even a lot of risk. I’ve had good jobs and bad jobs just none of them could have ever given me 1% of the joy that I have now in my life by running my own business…of course it wasn’t always that way.. There are a lot of phrases that I could give my opinion on. Some great ones are: “I will persist until I succeed” – Og Mandino “I’ll keep growing until” – Jim Rohn But the one I chose for today is simply “I’ll figure this out”. “It is what you do when you don’t know what to do that determines how much of the entrepreneur mindset you have.” IF you take not knowing what to do as a sign to get sad, not take action and moan and complain to others on how you wish life were different, you currently do not possess the entrepreneur mindset..but there is hope. Embrace the phrase from today, say it out loud, say it proud “I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!” If this was helpful to you, and you would like to read more of my blogs please check out www.ednakeep.com
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The Value of Hiring a Coach.
There are so many benefits to having a coach, one being financial advice. Maybe you have no idea where to begin in order to create your financial freedom, or you are already on the path but could use some guidance. Edna Keep will assist you and help you determine all of your options. Her background as a financial advisor is a great benefit to you!
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Edna Keep
Multiple Ways To Wealth
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Setting Positive Expectations
In this video Edna Keep discusses how setting positive expectations can impact your interactions and your business. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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PREF Interview Ross Lightle
Ross is a premier Real Estate educator, speaker and trainer who has been instrumental in bringing quality Real Estate training to Canada. He has personally coached, trained and mentored thousands of Real Estate investors, entrepreneurs, executives and high achievers from across North America. Ross says: – “You can’t change the speed of life we all live in, but what you can change is the way you think, your abilities, your current perspectives and the way you deal with life’s daily challenges. You must identify and deploy the right activities, that harness the right information, at the right time, and focus on actions that will move the results needle!”
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rent to own program
We offer a rent to own program! Do you own your own business, have issues with credit, or new to Canada and having issues qualifying for a mortgage? No matter what the case is, we can work with you to get you in a position so that you can own your own home. Are you a real estate investor that would like to learn how to do Rent to Own? [email protected] www.ednakeep.com
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Day #2 of Edna Keep's Get A Real Estate Deal Under Contract In 5 Days Challenge!
How to Find The Money and How to Find Your Real Estate Investment Deal - How to Attract Investors & How To Use Other People's Money To Invest In Real Estate. There needs to be money in the deal but it doesn’t need to be your money. Are you coming in as a passive investor, where you supply the money and the mortgage so you can sit back and collect your return? OR Are you coming in as the active investor, finding the deals, evaluating the properties, creating the contracts, and managing the deals? To get the downloads and join the challenge head to https://go.ednakeep.com/5-day-registration
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My 90 Days to 5K program is on sale for December 2016!
This week during Edna Keep's Facebook live free coaching she covers the launch of her 90 Days to 5K program. This program typically sells for $5000 and is currently on sale at a massive discount for December 2016 only. To learn more visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Real Estate Executive Summary and assigning a contract.
In this video, Edna Keep talks about how to put together an executive proposal for investors and what it takes to assign a contract. For more information, visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Edna Interview
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Retaining high quality tenants, and how to handle inherited tenants!
In this video Edna Keep answers some follower questions including tips for retaining high quality tenants, and tips to follow when you inherit tenants in your new properties. To learn more visit www.ednakeep.com.
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PREF Interview Sheena Detwiller
Today I spoke with Sheena Detwiller. Gary and Sheena Detwiller, are a father and daughter investing team who specialize in the acquisition and management of multi-family residential real estate. For the past nine years they have built an impressive portfolio of 300 rental doors valued at over 40 million dollars by using other people’s money. Our simple, yet effective system achieves the highest returns, due to multiple years of direct experience in the real estate sector. Our knowledge encompasses all areas of the real estate investment process, from property analysis, acquisitions, and property management to financing and economic factors.
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How do you bounce back after a setback?
In this video, Edna Keep discusses how you bounce back after a setback. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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If you are not where you want to be financially, I have a mindset practice for you!
In this video, Edna Keep shares a mindset practice that is sure to get you to your goals. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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5 Daily Steps to your First or Next Property
In this video Edna Keep discusses 5 steps you can take every day to obtain your first or next property. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Can You Get A Real Estate Investment Deal Under Contract In A Week?
In this video Edna Keep makes a huge announcement about her upcoming 5 Day Challenge beginning Monday! For more information visit https://go.ednakeep.com/5-day-registration.
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Prairie Dragons
Do You Have A HOT Investment Opportunity? You could be amongst The Top 5 to present to our very own Prairie Dragon Panel. Send in your submission now: http://www.pref2015.com/prairie-dragons/
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Who are small apartment buyers?
Did you know that it is easier sometimes to get financing on a small apartment building vs a single family home for investment? This is because the bank views the apartment building as a business. Small business owners looking to create passive income, and a great retirement fund through its forced appreciation. Think about it would you rather own a 10 unit apartment building, or 10 separate single family houses? It's easier than you think! If you want to learn more about how to obtain the funds to purchase your own small apartment building, check out my website www.ednakeep.com.
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VIDEO: Why Some People Never Succeed Even with Trying
Do you wonder why some people never seem to succeed in business – even though they always seem to be trying? In this video, Edna Keep shares what she believes to be one of the biggest reasons for never succeeding - even with trying - and what you can do to invest in the success that will grow your wealth and make you MORE money! www.ednakeep.com/blog www.facebook.com/coachednakeep www.twitter.com/ednakeep www.linkin.com/ednakeep
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Dave Driver - PREF 2015 Interview
Dave Driver is an expert mortgage broker and real estate investor, born and raised in Regina, SK. His is highly esteemed for finding the best mortgage and financing package available, at the lowest possible rates, for almost every kind of real estate professional out there. If you need financing to rapidly grow your real estate business, Dave will show you what to do and how to get it at the rate you want. Get your Ticket now with our EarlyBird Pricing! http://www.pref2015.com/tickets/
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Have you ever heard, "you can invest in real estate with no money"?
Well, in a way this is true. You can invest in real estate using none of your OWN money- but there MUST be money in a deal. You can become an active investor, go out and find the right deals, learn how to negotiate and present to investors who have the money. I have coaching students who now own over 100 doors creating massive passive income with none of their OWN money! To learn more, head to www.ednakeep.com.
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How you should NOT present to a passive investor!
If you are looking to raise capital for a real estate deal using private investor money, there is a certain way that you should approach someone! Here is what you should NOT say to a potential investor! If you want to learn more about how you can invest in real estate using other people's money, how to negotiate real estate deals, and how to find private investors for your real estate investments please feel free to check out my website www.ednakeep.com. Thanks, Edna!
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The VERY first real estate investment we made without any of our own money!
This is the story of the very first time that we were able to get a property under contract with ZERO dollars of our own money! I also talk about the first apartment building that we added to our real estate investment portfolio- where we were able to raise $800,000! If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about all of this, feel free to check out my website www.ednakeep.com or email me at [email protected]
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What mindset do you require to attract clients or Investors?
In this video Edna Keep discusses the mindset you need to have to attract clients or investors. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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How our Money Mindset and Relationship Patterns develop from our parents.
In this video Edna Keep discusses how we develop our money mindset and personal and professional relationship patterns from our parents. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Master Your Money Mindset
In this video, Edna Keep discusses whether you have enough money in your life or not and how to change it. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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Why I added Network Marketing as one of my income streams.
Edna Keep Real Estate Investor, Financial Advisor, Business Coach Author -Multiple Ways To Wealth Www.ednakeep.com
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Apartments and why you might want to buy one.
In this video Edna Keep covers the benefits of investing in apartment complexes. For more information visit www.ednakeep.com.
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What mindset are you currently using? Fixed or Growth?
In a fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits. Do you believe that talent alone creates success—without effort. You're wrong! In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. Which are you? Both? What can you start doing today to change your mindset to growth in order to achieve more in your life? "If you keep your mind open to all opportunity, and all possibility this is what you will see more of in your life!" Connect with me, I would love to help! [email protected]
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Opportunity for more vendor take backs!
The real estate market in Saskatchewan has changed over the last little while and we are seeing more opportunities for vendor take backs/vendor financing. Here is why! Thanks for checking out my video, if you want to learn more about real estate investing head to www.ednakeep.com Cheers! Edna
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What is the first thing an investor wants from you?
You may think that a potential investor wants to hear from you how much money that they will make on their investment. This is not true! They want to know how you plan to pay them back their initial investment and when. They also would love to hear how you will be reporting to them during this time, and how often you will update them on their investment, here is how! If you would like to learn more about how to invest in real estate using investor money, check out my website: www.ednakeep.com. you can also email me at [email protected] Thanks! Edna
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