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Florist Tip: Glue Gun or Electric Glue Skillet
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Getting Started with a Silk Floral Arrangement
http://DesignsByJerry.com/ILoveFlowers Watch this short video that will show you how to get started with the basics of creating an artificial floral arrangement. Get more how to videos at http://DesignsByJerry.com/ILoveFlowers
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Embellish Your Christmas Packages With Ornaments and Ribbon
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this video I show you how to add a unique and beautiful bow to a Christmas Package. Then, you can add a variety of ornaments and floral sprays to make your gift them most celebrated at the Holiday Party. http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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Harvesting Wild Honeysuckle Vine For Wreaths
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this video we show you where to find wild honeysuckle vine growing, what it looks like and how to harvest it so you can use it in your next wreath project. Add the wild honeysuckle vine to grapevine wreaths or any other natural wreath and you will get a very wild and woodsy look to your wreath design. http://www.DesignsByJerry.com
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Planting Dusty Miller for Floral Arrangements
http://DesignsByJerry.com If you want your floral arrangements to have a unique look and design style, you need to plant your own foliage to add to your arrangements. In this video I show you the Dusty Miller plants I have just planted so I'll have them for future use in arrangements. #SassyFlowerTalk http://DesignsByJerry.com
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How To Make A Formal Artificial Arrangement
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com For Members Only...
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Adding Curly Willow To Your Flower Arrangements
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this video I show you how to plant Curly Willow so you will have an abundance of this beautiful plant any time you need it for your floral arrangements. Curly Willow adds style, height, and interest to any flower arrangement. But, it can be very expensive. So, I show you how easy it is to plant your own Curly Willow branch so you'll have years of unlimited branches to work with. http:www.DesignsByJerry.com
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How To Decorate An Artificial Christmas Wreath
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog This short video will show you step-by-step how to take an artificial wreath and create an elaborate Christmas Wreath. We use deco mesh, ribbon, ornaments, ficus leaves, grasses, and poinsettias to make this wreath to hang on your door. See other how-to videos on my blog at http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog and if you're planning a wedding don't miss my podcast for DIY Brides. You can find it at Sassy DIY Weddings on iTunes.
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Using Forsythia For Flower Arrangements
http://DesignsByJerry.com Forsythia bushes (some people here in the South call it Yellow Bells) are a beautiful shrub to have in your yard so you can cut on the bush for flower arrangements. You can use the branches in the winter, use them when they bloom beautiful yellow bell blooms in the spring and then after they leaf out, you can use the branches for foliage in arrangements. This is a very easy shrub to plant and very affordable. We pay $12.50 for about 10 branches that are 3 feet long at our local floral wholesaler. One bush will give you years of beautiful blooms and foliage for your designs. #SassyFlowerTalk
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Using Sheet Moss In Flower Arrangements
http://DesignsByJerry.com This Sassy Flower Talk video shows you how to use sheet moss in your fresh flower arrangement or in your permanent botanical botanical floral arrangement to cover the floral foam.
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YouTube Shuts Down Internet Marketing Guru Jeff Johnson's Site
http://www.BusinessNetworkingVideos.com Internet Marketing Guru Jeff Johnson was recently notified by YouTube that they have closed his account of over 90 videos (3 years of videos) due to violation of terms of service......problem is, YouTube doesn't tell him what that actual violation was. Recently, ProBlogger Darren Rowse received the same message from YouTube. Account Closed! And, just recently, the video distributing service TubeMogul closed my account for the exact reason: Violation of Terms of Service. Unfortunately, no one will tell me what that terms of service I violated. So what are the common denominators with all of these closings? if you search Google, you can find where many gurus of the internet marketing industry are having their accounts closed. But, the question is......why? Jeff Johnson, for example, has been creating marketing videos teaching you how to build your business on line and utilizing the free services of YouTube for over 3 years now. Why, all of a sudden, without warning, is he in violation of Terms Of Service? The purpose of this video is not to bash any of the free services out there. After all they own the sites and have the rights to do as they please with their sites. It would be nice, however, to still have a good explanation as to why you are having your account closed other than, "violation of terms of service." But, I guess the thing here is, this is all basically an automated system and there is no human being punching that button to close the account. It is merely a roll of the dice that we used a word, or a url, or God knows what to activate the buzz word that caused them to think we were in violation. My point is.....don't put all of your eggs in one basket. There are plenty of free services out there, no matter what your industry is. But, if you rely on that one service, they too can one day flip that switch and you can be out of business literally in seconds. So, that being said, play fair, play by the rules (as you understand them), but understand that the rules change minute by minute in the online world today. Make sure you utilize all of the services you can (check out Amazon s3 services) and spread your messages out amongst several sites to ensure that your online messages can still keep going even if you do fall prey to one of the online giants one day. And, if you really want to play it safe, check out their pro versions or commercial memberships to ensure that you are not stepping on an online landmine.
Views: 5569 Jerry Williamson
Make Your Artificial Christmas Wreath Look Real
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this fast and easy video I show you how to make your artificial Christmas wreath look so real that your friends will have to reach up and touch it to see if it's real or not! http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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Mossed Orbs For Flower Arrangements
http://DesignsByJerry.com In this video I show you how to take ping pong balls and cover them with moss and/or leaves to create a unique looking orb to use in your floral arrangements. #sassyflowertalk http:DesignsByJerry.com/ILoveFlowers
Views: 1181 Jerry Williamson
Best Buy For Spring Silk Flowers
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com Learn where I get some great buys on silk flowers when I go on a shopping trip for spring flowers.
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Fluffing Garland
http://DesignsByJerry.com/iloveflowers Watch this short video to show you why and how to fluff up your garlands and/or wreaths when you take them out of storage or when you receive them in a box that has been shipped from the retailer. Use these simple tips to make your wreath and/or garland look real, fresh and alive. http://DesignsByJerry.com/iloveflowers
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DIY Flowers: Learn How To Make A Fall Wreath
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog In this step-by-step video I show you how to take a grapevine wreath and add some wild honeysuckle vine to create the base for an awesome looking fall wreath. We add fall plaid ribbon, green cabbage roses and a variety of grasses to complete the ensemble for the fall wreath. If you are looking to learn how to designs wreaths, garlands or flower arrangements, you should go to http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog and sign up to get our latest special video tips.
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Growing Mock Orange in Your Yard
http://DesignsByJerry.com Plant Mock Orange in your yard and you will have some beautiful blooming branches to use in your flower arrangements.
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Glitter Fresh Christmas Greens For A Glitzy Holiday Look
http://designsbyjerry/iloveflowers This video shows you how to take fresh winter greens (Christmas greens) and tip them gold and and then glitter them to make them very festive for your holiday decorating. This simple tip makes your decorations look like they were created by a professional floral designer.
Views: 545 Jerry Williamson
Getting Started: How To Pick The Flower Colors
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this short video I explain how I went about choosing the perfect colors of flowers to make a formal artificial flower arrangement. If you want to watch me in the follow up video which I will show you exactly how I made the arrangement then go to http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog and enter your email address so I can email you the link to the "members only" video.
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When Do You Know When You Have Too Much Embelishment
Get more free videos and design tips at http://designsbyjerry.com/iloveflowers
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Extend The Life Of Your Lilies
http://DesignsByJerry.com Learn how to extend the life of your lilies by doing this one simple trick.
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Last Minute Christmas Decorating For The Home
http://sassyflowertalk.thinkific.com Enjoy this video where I show you how to take branches and glitz them up for holiday decorations in your home or for floral arrangements.
Views: 836 Jerry Williamson
Glitter Artificial Leaves For Christmas Presents
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com Watch this quick video and I'll show you how I take leftover artificial leaves and decorate them with glitter. Add these glittered leaves to Christmas Packages, Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garlands and many other decorations that could use a bit of Shimmer to Spice things up!!! http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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Cover Green Sheet Moss With Rusted Greening Pins
http://DesignsByJerry.com When making flower arrangements at home a great product to cover your floral foam is green sheet moss. It is affordable, easy to use and looks very natural. I like to use greening pins to secure the moss to the floral foam, but I hate the fact that the greening pins are a glaringly bright silver color. So, what I like to do is rust the greening pins before I add the sheet moss. By rusting the greening pins, they will basically disappear when they are added to the moss and are not seen. In this video, I show you how I rust the greening pins. http://DesignsByJerry.com
Views: 935 Jerry Williamson
How To Grow Forsythia Bushes For Cut Flower Arrangements
http://designsbyjerry.com Forsythia is a bush that provides beautiful yellow blooms in the early spring that can be used in your cut flower arrangements. Then, after they blooms have faded, the branches will leaf out and make great foliage branches for you to use in your arrangements as well. This video about forsythia will show you how to plant the forsythia so that you will have access to the branches throughout the entire year for your floral design work. Adding Forsythia branches will create a striking line to your floral design. #SassyFlowerTalk http://designsbyjerry.com
Views: 1753 Jerry Williamson
How To Make A Permanent Christmas Garland For Your Mantle
http://DesignsByJerry.com/blog In this video, we show you step by step how to make a permanent Christmas Garland. You can use this design concept also for making garlands to hang on your wall, over a door, or even down the center of a dining room table. If you would like to get Extra Large Oval Faux Iridescent Crystal Like Beads by the spool that I used in the video, just click here: http://designsbyjerry.com/christmas_beads They are absolutely beautiful and there are soooo many varieties to choose from once you get to the site: http://designsbyjerry.com/christmas-garland
Views: 8184 Jerry Williamson
How To Add Fresh Evergreen To Your Artificial Wreath
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog Watch to see how I take an artificial wreath and add fresh evergreen foliage to the wreath to give it a unique look. I use magnolia, nandina, cedar and pine to make this beautiful Christmas Wreath. Add a beautiful red bow and you have a wreath that will not only give you a beautiful Christmas look, but will also smell wonderful. http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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More of Bob Burg's 10 Feel Good Questions for Networking Events: NetTips #02
http://www.BusinessNetworkingVideos.com This video lesson offers three more of Bob Burg's 10 Feel Good Questions that he discusses in his book "Endless Referrals." Using these 10 questions that Bob provides us gives us tools to effectively networking because we are giving people that we meet an opportuity to talk about themselves.....building the relationship. Subscribe for our weekly tips on business networking, social media and video marketing by visiting http://businessnetworkingvideos.com/nettips/
Views: 833 Jerry Williamson
NetTips #01: Bob Burg's 10 Feel Good Questions
http://www.BusinessNetworkingVideos.com Make your next business networking event easy when you have some of Bob Burg's 10 Feel Good Questions in hand. Burg, author of Endless Referrals, gives you 10 great conversation starters that solve the problem of not know what to talk about at your next networking event. http;www.BusinessnetworkingVideos.com
Views: 1562 Jerry Williamson
Getting Started With Your Christmas Garland
http://DesignsByJerry.com In this really short video, I show you how to make a beautiful garland very inexpensively. Just a few touch up tips and your Christmas Garland will look like you bought it right from the Christmas Tree Farm! http://DesignsByJerry.com
Views: 595 Jerry Williamson
How To Add Wild Honeysuckle Vine To a Wreath
Get more how to floral videos at http://designsbyjerry.com/iloveflowers
Views: 733 Jerry Williamson
Growing Wheat Grass For Floral Arrangements
http://designsbyjerry.com/iloveflowers for more floral design tips. In this video I'll show you step by step how to grow your own wheat grass...it's really easy. This is where I purchased by wheat grass seeds: http://designsbyjerry.com/wheatgrass
Views: 673 Jerry Williamson
Christmas 2015 Sassy Floral Design Class
http://DesignsByJerry.com Join Jerry Williamson with Designs By Jerry to have a fun afternoon of Sassy Floral Design tips.
Views: 376 Jerry Williamson
Sassy DIY Floral Design Class: April 2015
http://DesignsByJerry.com Watch the video to get all of the ladies in this class share how much fun they had and see the excitement when they get to show off their beautiful floral arrangement at the end of the class. http://DesignsByJerry.com/ILoveFlowers
Views: 509 Jerry Williamson
Ingrid Marie Singer & Songwriter in Huntsville Alabama
http://www.TeamworxProductions.com I'm happy to introduce to you a singer/songwriter and just all around very talented musician that is in my business network: Ingrid Marie.
Views: 650 Jerry Williamson
Shopping Tips for Floral Wreaths: DIY Flowers
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com Watch this video to see the items I get for my seasonal wreaths and how I find them at Below Bargin Prices. Learn to make wreaths with the best of products and the best of prices. http://www.DesignsByJerry.com
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How To Get BNI Referrals Using LinkedIn
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Best Equipment To Record Videos For YouTube
http://www.businessnetworkingvideos.com Now that you have created your You Tube Channel, it's time to get the equipment necessary to begin creating videos. In this lesson, we talk about a variety of media that will let you get video up on your channel and begin to gain visibility with your network and build your list of viewers and blog followers. So if we know that video is a great way to get visibility for you and your business, and we know that it helps you attract positive search engine optimization with Google and other seach engines, then why aren't more people creating videos? Many people are afraid of the camera! Most people don't like the way they look on video and even more don't like they way they sound on video. So, here's my point.....if so many of your competitors are scared of video--this is your CHANCE to go to the front of the line and beat them at the SEO game! If you are still a bit hesitant to be recorded on video, I suggest you start out creating videos with still pictures. That's right, you can take your still photographs and upload them to www.animoto.com and they will create a 30 second video for you.....they do all the work! You can also add a music tract so you get the complete package. This is the perfect tool for those of you just getting started with video marketing and are still a bit camera shy. Animoto has solved your first obstacle! Next, you can also create videos of your computer screen. By using Camtasia (for PC's) and Screenflow (for MAC's) you can create video tutorials by using the method of screencast. These programs are great programs to use when you are wanting to show step-by-step, how-to videos. You just push the record button and whatever is on your computer screen is recorded for the video. Camtasia has a lot of great tools for enhancing the video as well. My biggest worry about using methods other than video cameras for video marketing is that you need to be branding YOU. Your readers/viewers want to see you. The more they see you, the quicker they will being to know, like and trust you. And, then they will begin to refer business to you. For those of you just beginning in video marketing, I recommend the Kodak zi8 video camera. You can find many, many reviews on this camera if you search Google or You Tube.....and almost all of them are positive reviews! "You just can't beat this camera for the price." The Kodak zi8 offers portability because it is approximately the size and design style of a cell phone...easy to slip into your pocket. Also, the camera records in high definition 1080p. Another plus of this camera is that you can add up to 32 gigs of memory to the camers which gives you hours of recording time. And, the batteries are rechargeable and last approximately 2 hours of recording time. As you can see below, the price of the Kodak zi8 just can't be beat--usually on Amazon for around $100! But, even more important to me is the fact that the Kodak zi8 has a jack for an external microphone. This is the camera's greatest selling point! Most cameras have poor audio quality and if you are more than 3-4 feet from the camera your audio sounds like you are talking out of a can. I use the Audio Technica ATR 3350 external lavalier microphone (see below) and this gives me 20 feet of cable so that I can move around and still have excellent audio quality. Most of your video experts will tell you that the #1 most important thing in video is to have high quality audio. This camera allows you to have the quality and the ability to move away form the camera at the same time. If you are as excited as I was to get started with video marketing, you should research the equipment and tools available to help get you started now. . And, as we go along, I will create a lesson for you covering more of the equipment I use. I'll also throw in some tutorial information that will help get you started with that equipment. But for now, all you need is a camera and microphone and you're all set to go. So, take a look at the Kodak zi8 on my blog site and see if that's the camera for you. Next week, I am going to show you how to upload your first video. http://www.businessnetworkingvideos.com
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Jerry's Shopping Trip
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Deco Bead Magic: Video Teaser
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this teaser video, we show you that you can make flowers appear as if they are floating in mid air (or mid water) simply by using clear deco beads and water! Follow this video series to see exactly how I do it. You can not find Deco Beads (and other brands work just as well....I just prefer Deco Beads) in your area, you can order them here through my affiliate link: http://amzn.to/1dEBNro
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Designs By Jerry Bloopers 121513
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com Sometimes the best material you get in a video shoot is actually the part that gets edited out of the series. In today's video blooper we decided to leave the camera running and I think we caught a great moment. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I know you married ladies will appreciate it! LOL http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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DIY Floral Design: HowTo Distress Clay Pots
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com In this video I show you how to step-by-step distress clay pots using two different painting methods. You can use either of these methods or combine them to get a beautiful clay pot that looks like it's been laying around in the fields for years. In these two methods I use a variety of two different types of paint: 1) Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint and 2) Design Master Floral Paint. Both paints are water based and easy to use. They can both be found at your local craft stores. If you live in an area where you don't have craft stores or they don't carry these specific paints, you can find a wide variety of these paints by following my affiliate links here. http://amzn.to/15koR2f will take you to a search page on Amazon for the Apple Barrel paints and http://amzn.to/12up7J4 will take you to a search page on Amazon where you can finds literally hundreds of cans of the Design Master Floral Spray paint (this paint is also used for spraying fresh flowers.....which I will feature in an upcoming video). I hope you enjoyed the video and would love to hear your comments and questions below. And, if you'd like to make a video response and show me some of your work.....that would be AWESOME. Enjoy your day.... http://www.DesignsByJerry.com
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DIY Flowers: Announcing Designs By Jerry Website
http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog In this video I am on a road trip and announce the official launch of my new website http://www.DesignsByJerry.com. Go to my blog on my website and fill in your email address in the opt-in box and you will immediately receive a video that shows you how to make a bow for your next project! And, I will send you several more videos in the next few days that will explain how make bows for various occasions. All of my videos will be step-by-step so even the most elementary floral designer will be able to follow along and be a DIY Flower Designer and also be able to make floral arrangements, wreaths and bows! Please share this video with all of your friends that you feel will also enjoy working along side us as we begin our journey to teach you how to make floral arrangements and wreaths! http://www.DesignsByJerry.com/blog
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Networking: Building Celebrity Status Part 1
http://www.TeamworxProductions.com Understanding how to build referral partners and creating online celebrity status was the topic I recently discussed during a presentation at UA Huntsville to the Entrepreneuralship Club.
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Learn To Design Flower Arrangements
http://DesignsByJerry.com This short video is testimonials from our students that took our Christmas Arrangement Class in December 2014. I love it when they say it was so easy and they never expected that they could make sure beautiful flower arrangements. If you would like to take one of our classes or book a Ladies Night Out or a Team Building Event for your group.....contact Jerry at [email protected] for all of the details. We teach classes every month at Bishop's Flowers in Huntsville and online as well....so look for our online tips on our blog at http://designsbyjerry.com/blog and for our DIY Wedding Tips courses that you can take as well. Contact Jerry with any questions.
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Floral Design Can Be Messy Work
http://DesignsByJerry.com Even though floral design is very romantic looking and always "looks so pretty" it can be a very dirty and messy job getting those beautiful flowers to be so beautiful. We use a variety of glues and paints to work our magic and it almost always leaves a mess on our hands and work stations. In this video, I show you my secret to cleaning those products quickly and easily. http://DesignsByJerry.com/ILoveFlowers
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This Tip: Make Your Hydrangeas Last Longer
http://DesignsByJerry.com In this video I show you one of the products that I use to extend the life of my hydrangeas. There are may ways to extend the life of a hydrangea bloom, but I love using this product. For more floral tips click here: http://designsbyjerry.com/iloveflowers
Views: 1662 Jerry Williamson

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