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Zuora for Salesforce
Zuora provides simple and easy software for subscription businesses. Zuora for Salesforce is our 100% native Salesforce application that brings your subscription business directly into your front office. We enable your sales and service teams to create quotes, manage renewals, identify opportunities for upsells, and nurture your customer's entire subscription lifecycle.
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Why Work For Us?
Hear what our employees have to say about working at Zuora. bit.ly/zcareer
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Zuora Billing & Payments
Zuora’s billing and payments engine makes automating your subscription operations simple and easy. To learn more about our recurring billing solution visit https://www.zuora.com/products/billing.
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Revenue Recognition in Zuora
With Zuora, use out-of-the-box recognition rules to automate revenue distribution and always stay up-to-date with subscription revenue schedules. To learn more, check out our new revenue recognition capabilities here: https://www.zuora.com/product/recurring-revenue/
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Zuora Insights - Analytics for your Subscription Business
Zuora Insights gives you a completely new way to understand your subscribers and the health of your business. 1. See a complete picture of every subscriber & group subscribers by common behaviors to create more meaningful customer engagement. 2. Report on the financial health of your business & stay up to date on key subscription metrics. Interested? Learn more about Insights here: https://www.zuora.com/product/insights/
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Subscribed 2017 Opening Video
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Zuora Customer Success
The Subscription Economy is here, and Zuora is helping companies of all sizes launch and scale their subscription businesses. Whether you're crafting new pricing and packaging strategies, looking to manage subscription quotes and orders, or want to automate your subscription billing and payments, Zuora has you covered. Hear from DocuSign, InsideView, CollabNet and MuleSoft.
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Maturing Your Subscription Business Model
Amy Konary - Vice President IDC Research
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Z-Business Demo Series: Subscription Commerce for Salesforce
Do you run a subscription business and use Salesforce? Check out our Z-Business Demo series to see how simply subscription commerce can be for Salesforce users.
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Zuora Day Keynote:  The Death of ERP
Watch Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo explain the rise of the Subscription Economy and discuss why this will result in the death of traditional ERP applications like SAP and Oracle which were designed for manufacturing based businesses, not subscription based businesses.
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Overview of Zuora: The world’s only subscription order-to-cash platform.
Your systems today can’t handle a dynamic order-to-cash process. That’s why we built Zuora. Zuora is the world’s only subscription order-to-cash platform that makes it much easier for companies to manage ongoing subscriber relationships and keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies. Learn more at www.zuora.com
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Zuora Insights 3min Demo
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Zuora Collect
Optimize collections for your subscription business. Learn more at https://www.zuora.com/products/collect/
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Zuora for Salesforce - Titanium Release
Take a peak at Titanium, our latest release of Zuora for Salesforce.
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Zuora RevPro
The World’s Leading Revenue Automation Solution for ASC 606 & IFRS 15. Learn more at https://www.zuora.com/products/revpro/
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Zuora CPQ 9.X Demo
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Future of Media: Redefining the Media Industry
Z-Business for Media. The digital revolution brings a great opportunity for the media industry to reinvent and rebuild themselves. While basic paywalls proved that customers are willing to pay for content, more focus is required to better meet the needs of subscribers and maximize subscription revenues over time. The strategy behind this transformation is what many are referring to as Paywall 2.0 and the next phase of the evolution of the media industry.
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Zuora Subscription Orders
Track and manage every change throughout the subscription lifecycle. Learn more at https://www.zuora.com/products/central-platform/subscription-orders/
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A Subscription IoT Story: Arrow Electronics
Learn more at https://www.zuora.com/guides/arrow-electronics-the-biggest-iot-innovator-youve-never-heard-of/
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Shifting To A Subscription Business Model - NCR Silver
Mark Sisco - Director of Business Operations
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Zuora Customer Success Story: Informatica
Hear directly from Zuora's successful customers and learn how they're transforming their subscription businesses with Zuora.
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A Subscription Experience Story - Surf Air
https://www.zuora.com/our-customers/case-studies/surf-air/ Mac Kern, VP of Commercial Planning at Surf Air, on using Zuora's flexible and scalable pricing and packaging, customer insights and financial reporting to better understand their customers and the business.
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Zuora Finance Extends Your General Ledger
See how Zuora's finance module helps finance teams manage recurring revenue and embrace the subscription economy
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Subscribed 2016 Opening Video
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Marketing In The Subscription Economy
Anne Janzer - Subscription Marketing
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Driving Customer Success Culture in Your Enterprise (Gainsight)
Session Format: Customer Presentation(s) Gainsight - Nick Mehta, CEO Topics/Abstract: With subscription businesses focused on building profitable customer relationships and reducing churn, Customer Success needs to permeate your company as a mindset and a formal function. Many companies in the Subscription Economy have elevated it to a VP-level organization. Come and learn practical tips for how to drive the right people and process changes in your company and take Customer Success to a new level.
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Zuora Events Framework & Notifications
Built on open source technology, this framework captures, filters, and manages massive amounts of events within the Zuora Central Platform and can then publish the key events out to your ecosystem. Whether that means a customer decides to renew, update his credit card info, upgrade, you name it... we’ll have an event for that, which will let you automate and provide a seamless customer experience.
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Zuora Hearts Customers: Zendesk
Zendesk talks about how Zuora makes their finance department more efficient and their engineering department even more innovative!
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Recurring Payments: Maximizing Cash Collections w/ Zuora's Account Updater Feature
Zuora's Z-Billing recurring payments platform is designed for subscription businesses of all sizes across any industry. Store payment profiles, create customized recurring payment notifications, manage re-try logic, and track recurring payment details, credits, and refunds. Learn how to maximize cash collections and minimize credit card declines with our new account updater feature. Get more ideas, documentation, and best practices in the Zuora Community: http://community.zuora.com
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Zuora Day 2011
Take a look at the Zuora Day 2011 recap, a terrific day on the future of commerce.
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Box: A Customer Experience
Dylan Smith, Co-Founder and CFO at Box on how Zuora helps scale with their customers.
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Single Sign-On: One Click. All Your Apps.
Single Sign-On (SSO) is greatly beneficial to both Zuora users and Zuora admins. SSO gives users one less password to remember and it gives admins a centralized tool for user and password management. Join Product Manager Mikey Chang as he explains the benefits of SSO and how to setup SSO in your Zuora tenant. Get more ideas, documentation, and best practices in the Zuora Community: http://community.zuora.com
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Zuora Finance & Revenue Recognition
Subscriptions undergo change, and these changes have revenue impacts. This makes recognizing revenue for subscriptions a million times harder than in a one-time sales system. Not with Zuora. The system automatically produces deferred revenue schedules and stays lock step with any subscription changes. With a subscription-aware data model, it’s easy for Zuora to provide the right metrics for measuring recurring-revenue relationships. At any instant, you’ll have accurate numbers across billings, bookings, cash and revenue on things like churn, MRR and ARR. Zuora is designed to supplement your existing financial applications. We take on the burden of processing recurring billing, recurring payment and recurring revenue transactions, but we have structures in place that allow our system to remain aligned with your accounting system. Learn more at https://www.zuora.com/products/finance
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Zuora for Sales & Marketing Roles
Whether you’re expanding to a new geography or launching a new product, getting to market fast is a huge competitive advantage. But as your business evolves, you’re bound to change how you price, package & sell. Don’t let your systems hold you back. Learn more: https://www.zuora.com/products/sales-and-marketing/
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Zuora Webinar - March 2011: Subscription Billing Challenges
Hear Zuora subscription billing and commerce expert Kyle Christensen discuss ways to overcome challenges with subscription billing. Also hear from Dean Carlson, the CEO & founder of Viewpath, as he discusses how his company has been successful in the subscription economy.
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Secrets to Innovative Subscription Pricing and Packaging
Pricing and packaging is the key to success for many subscription businesses, affecting both new customer acquisition and customer retention. While simple subscriptions to a service like Pandora may thrive for that audience, consumers of SaaS, Cloud and Communications businesses require offers and plans that are more custom-fit to their needs. It could be tiered pricing, charging for usage, upgrade plans, or segmented pricing, but finding the right pricing combinations makes the difference. Zuora customer CollabNet has known this and experimented mercilessly to find the right price plans and packages for their customers. Join Guy Marion from CollabNet and Zuora's resident subscription business expert Kyle Christensen as we cover all of 2012's most innovative subscription pricing and packaging plans on this webinar.
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Sneak Peek - New RevPro UI
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SIIA Interview with Tien Tzuo
Zuora CEO, Tien Tzuo, speaks with SIIA about Zuora and the future of the Subscription Economy.
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CareCloud's View On The Subscription Experience
Healthcare SaaS provider CareCloud's VP of Marketing, Joe Sawyer, discusses how they have embraced the Subscription Economy with a focus on pricing and packaging innovation and delivering a great subscription experience.
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Top 5 Pricing Strategies in the Subscription Economy
Your startup isn't a real business until you tackle monetization. How you make money in this market is the only thing investors care about. Many of Zuora's oldest customers were once startups (eg, Box, Marketo). Today they make up some of the fastest growing companies in the world. Over time, we've had the unique opportunity to learn first-hand what worked and what didn't for emerging companies in the Subscription Economy. #Startup #Subscription #SaaS
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Zuora Insights Configurable Dashboard
As a subscription business, you run on a new set of customer-centric metrics like LTV, MRR, Net Retention, and Churn Rate. But the reality of actually calculating these metrics is a complicated process and takes too long. With Insights, we do the heavy lifting computing board-level metrics you can trust, right when you need them.
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ZEO Life: Relationships
We're looking for game changers, innovators, and leaders who can take us to the next level in helping the world build successful subscription-based business. Interested? Learn more at http://www.zuora.com/careers
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Zuora for Finance Roles
As your business model shifts from selling one-time products to selling subscriptions, the way you process transactions becomes inherently more complex. Keep your team lean and efficient by using Zuora to automate your recurring billing, payments, revenue and month-end close processes.
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Visiomed: Shifting to a Subscription Business Model
Zuora helped Visiomed offer subscriptions to Bewell Connect, manage complicated recurring and usage-based billing, and acquire customers through multiple channels.
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Enterprise Account Executive
Why Zuora? • One of the fastest growing and most innovative SaaS companies in Silicon Valley. • Pioneer and global market leader for on-demand subscription billing and commerce. • Revolutionizing the new Subscription Economy, a global shift from products to services. • Experienced team from companies like Salesforce.com, SuccessFactors, Netsuite, PayPal, eBay. • Over $130M in funding from top-tier investors: Benchmark Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Shasta Ventures, Marc Benioff. Join the Subscription Generation Today! This is a unique opportunity to join a fast growing established later stage start-up where you can have an impact in shaping and influencing the direction of the organization alongside a rewarding career. As an Enterprise Account Executive you will have a proven track record of exceeding quota in technology sales and be a motivated and tenacious self-starter who is comfortable selling to Finance, IT and senior executives. Responsibilities: • Execute on the account plan to deliver maximum revenue potential. • Forecast sales activity and revenue achievement in salesforce.com, while creating and maintaining satisfied customers. • Evangelize the Zuora vision through product demonstrations, in-market events, and account specific initiatives. • Manage complete and complex sales-cycles often presenting to C-level executives the value of Zuora's full suite of applications • Achieve monthly and quarterly quota assignments and forecast sales activity accurately • Develop add-on business with existing accounts • Champion your customers' implementations to ensure wild success Requirements: • Seasoned enterprise software sales professional with 7-10 years of successful sales experience. • At least five years of sales experience selling software apps or SaaS. • Experience managing and closing complex sales-cycles and demonstrated ownership of all aspects of territory management. • A proven ability to effectively sell to C-level execs. • Track record of leveraging relationships in accounts to drive sales. • Over-quota, top ranked, President's Club performance throughout career. • No fear of prospecting. Creativity and passion toward penetrating new accounts. Customer focused mentality and a winning attitude • Outstanding communication skills (both written and oral • Solid computer skills: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel; Salesforce.com is a plus • Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year university Principals only- no third parties, please. Zuora, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. About Zuora, Inc. Zuora is the global leader in Relationship Business Management solutions. Zuora delivers the subscription billing, commerce and finance capabilities that have become the industry standard to help companies transition to the Subscription Economy. Enterprises and emerging companies alike use Zuora's multi-tenant cloud solution to enable growth strategies, to streamline key processes and to provide visibility into the metrics that matter most in the Subscription Economy. Zuora services innovative customers like Informatica, Tata Communications, Box.net, DocuSign, GigaOM, Xplornet, Ustream and Reed Business Information. To learn more visit www.zuora.com.
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