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G Suite Training: Set up multiple signatures in Gmail
Do you want to use multiple signatures in Gmail? Use the Canned Responses add-on lab. Here's a quick video on how to set up Canned Responses.
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G Suite Training: Archiving vs deleting messages in Gmail
Learn the difference between archiving & deleting emails in gmail
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G Suite Training: Set up Gmail like Outlook
www.hiviewsolutions.com || If you are switching from Outlook to Gmail, you might want to enable the "Preview Pane" add-on in Gmail to configure your inbox to look similar to the Outlook inbox interface.
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G Suite Administrator Help -- Working with Organizational Units
To create new organizations, start with clicking into the Users Section. On the lefthand side, you will see your domain name under “By Organization.” By default, your primary domain will always be your primary & only organization. If you want to create sub-orgs (Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc) Select the 3 dots, and add the name of your sub-org. To add a user to an organization unit (OU), select the user and select “move to another organization.” When you move users into a new OU, keep in mind that user will inherit any permissions that you’ve set at the organization-level. To turn services on/off by OU, navigate back to the Admin Panel Homepage, and then select “Apps.” From there, you can set permissions for certain applications by OU. By default, sub-orgs will inherit permissions from the parent organization. You can override this setting and impose specific settings from a particular OU. For instance, you can disable the Google Hangouts Service for an entire OU (ie: Customer Service), but keep it enabled for the rest of your organization. Keep in mind, it typically takes up to 24 for changes to OUs to take effect.
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G Suite Administrator Help - Reset User Passwords
From the users tab in the G Suite Admin Console, locate the lock with an arrow going around it. You can also click into the individual user profile, where you have more options. You might not need to reset the password, but want another option such as logging out all active sessions. For instance, if a user left their account logged in on a friend or family member’s computer, you can use the tool “reset sign in cookies” to force a logout for an individual user across all machines & devices, but this does not actually change the password. As a best practice, when resetting passwords you should check the option to “require a change of password in the next sign in,” which will require the user to enter a new password instead of just using the one that you've provided. If you do not check this, many users will simply continue using the provided password, which may create a security vulnerability if you issue the same generic password to multiple users. On the security side, you can monitor the password strength for all users in your organization through the Security Tab. From Security, you can select “Password Monitoring” to get a quick overview of the length/strength of each user’s password. You might want to take a look periodically to get a quick sense of how secure your users’ accounts are. As a best practice, we recommend having all your users implementing two step verification, which we will cover in a later video.
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G Suite Training: Folders in Outlook vs Labels in Gmail
Learn how Labels in Gmail work differently from Folders in Outlook
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G Suite Administrator Help -- Reports in the G Suite Admin Console
The Reports section of the G Suite Admin Console is easy to use & gives you a sense of how your users work in different Google Apps. From the admin panel home screen, select Reports. The Reports Section will display a chart of App Usage over time by default. On the lefthand side, under Aggregate Reports, you can pull information on 2 Factor Authentication usage and General Account Status. Under Security, you can view how can review external shared file links. Under Account Activity, you can see the last login data for employees. Under Audits, you can click into Administrative Audits to see all major changes made to the G Suite account. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple Administrators managing different services through the G Suite Admin Console. With a G Suite Unlimited/Business account, you will also have features for Drive Reporting as well. You can also enable alerts to get emails when a certain setting within G Suite changes.
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G Suite Administrator Help -- Adding Users
From the admin console home screen, select users. By default, you will see all the active users in your organization. Keep in mind, you have filter views on the lefthand side to view other users (suspended, deleted, etc) Click on the bottom right hand corner to add an individual or multiple users. Enter details of your user. Over time, you can set up aliases that will route to the user. You have the option to set a password automatically (randomly generated) or specify the password. You can also add additional information at this time if you have phone number and other HR info that you want to add to their profile. You can email the details/login credentials to the user’s personal email address, or you can copy the URL and then draft a custom email and paste the URL. The admin panel will reveal whether or not the user has logged into their account. To add multiple users, navigate to the bottom right hand corner. From there, download the spreadsheet template. When you open the template, you can use this as a guide to add in information for additional users.
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G Suite Training: Create a filter in Gmail
Learn how to create filters in gmail! Similar to creating 'rules' in Outlook
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G Suite Training: Create labels in gmail (similar to folders)
How are labels & folders different in gmail? LINK:
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G Suite Training: How to organize messages with labels in Gmail
Learn how to apply labels and keep your message organized. For information on creating a label: LINK
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First Look: G Suite Mobile Device Management
Considering G Suite? Learn about the built-in toolset for Mobile Device Management. Incorporating options for employee-owned & company-owned devices, G Suite's Mobile Device Management offering will enable you to secure your company data while providing employees a seamless collaboration experience with the familiar Google Apps they know & love.
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G Suite Administrator Help -- Compliance Options for Gmail
From the Admin Console Screen, select Apps, G Suite, then Gmail. Scroll down and select advanced Settings and then down to Compliance. Keep in mind, any Compliance Policy that you decide to implement here can be done by Organization Unit (see our video our working with Organization Units to set permissions) We’ll look at the section titled “Email & Chat -- Auto-delete settings. From here, you can enable force a deletion of emails after a certain length of time (not recommended), but a requested feature nevertheless. Scrolling down further, you can implement your company’s policies in regards to content compliance. This is an advanced filtering tool based on words & phrases. You can prevent inbound/outbound emails from being transmitted that contain certain information. Once you set up your trigger (eg: email contains a specific word), you can choose an action to occur, including 1) Prepend the subject of a particular email, 2) Change the Mail Route, 3) Change the Recipient, 4) Bypass Spam Filters, 5) Remove Attachments, and 6) Deliver to an Additional Recipient. Take a closer look to go through everything. Once you create your compliance settings, you will be able to review & edit over time based on your business needs.
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First Look: Google Gmail (G Suite) [2018]
Take a look at the Gmail interface within the context of G Suite. Learn tips for composing messages, working with labels (compared to Outlook folders), Google Hangouts. See what the Gmail mobile app looks like as well. This video is a great overview for system administrators who are want to see what Gmail looks like within a business setting.
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G Suite Training: Introduction to Gmail Search
Learn the basics of searching for messages in Gmail
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Manage Multiple Google Accounts with Chrome Profiles
Google Chrome Profiles offers you the best way to manage multiple Google Accounts, all within the Chrome Browser. Our team uses this feature to manage up to 12 different Google Accounts at any given time. If you have questions about G Suite for your organization, please contact our sales team: [email protected]
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G Suite Training: Printing emails & attachments in Gmail
This video is about Printing emails & attachments
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G Suite Administator Help - Editing User Details & Creating Aliases
We’re going to cover how to edit user details & add an email alias for an individual. From the users tab, click on the profile of an individual user and then navigate down to account. From here, you can change the user’s display name & primary email address. Whenever you change the primary email address for a user, the old address is automatically stored as an ‘alias’ of that user. This helps ensure email delivery, since some people might already be sending to the email that you’ve just changed. Scroll down to view all aliases for an individual user. From here, you can create additional aliases for individuals. You can create an alias such as “[email protected]” or [email protected], and emails to that individual will route to that specific user.
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First Look: MS Office Files & Google Drive Filestream
Learn the most effective workflow for using MS Office Files & Google Drive Filestream. Learn the advantages of using Filestream as opposed to working from the Google Drive Web App. UPDATE: In July '18, Google announced a new version control feature for MS Office files: https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2018/07/avoid-microsoft-version-conflicts-with-google-drive.html
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First Look - G Suite Business Admin Console
Considering G Suite for your organization? Take a quick look at the G Suite Admin Console to understand the Admin Console layout. Learn about user management & organization units, Application Management, Reports & Alerts, Device Management, and Mobile Device Management. If you are interested in further evaluating G Suite for your organization, contact the Google Sales Team at HiView Solutions: [email protected]
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G Suite Training: Set up message recall in Gmail
Quick tutorial on enabling "Undo Send," a helpful setting which allows you to retract messages that were sent by accident.
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G Suite Training: Enable desktop notifications (google notifier)
Desktop notifications show you alerts for new messages so you can see when you have new emails or upcoming Google Calendar events without having to open a Web browser.
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First Look: Google Drive for Business (G Suite)
Enterprises are implementing Google Drive (part of G Suite) to create one platform for file storage & sharing. Learn why businesses love Google Drive, check out the web experience, and see the Administrator controls available to manage the Drive + Editors (Docs/Sheets/Slides) at your organization.
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G Suite Training: Enlarge the compose window in Gmail
Learn how to enlarge the compose window in Gmail
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Google Drive & Docs for a Microsoft Enterprise
Learn how to improve workplace collaboration with Google Drive/Docs at your Microsoft Enterprise. Intended for O365/Exchange customers, this webinar outlines a playbook for launching Google Drive/Docs in your organization. Webinar content: Section 1 -- Learn the key benefits of Drive/Docs, as told by Google Enterprise Sales Section 2-- Learn how to find existing usage (shadow IT), identify advocates, and secure an executive sponsor with a compelling business case. Section 3 -- A “day-in-the-life” of your employee working in Outlook, MS Office, and Google Docs. Section 4 -- Two playbooks for a successful deployment.
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Introduction to the Gmail Interface
Overview of the Gmail interface, navigation links, more options, etc.
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First Look: Google Calendar (G Suite) [2018]
Take a quick look at the Google Calendar service within the context of G Suite. See the web & mobile interface of Google Calendar. Learn options for creating a new event. This quick overview will help you familiarize yourself with the look and feel of Google Calendar.
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