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MTBC - Pakistani Song by Sahir Ali Bagga
MTBC Sponsored Song by Sahir Ali Bagga in accordance with Pakistan Day i.e. March 23, 2019
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Billing Pro - Payment Posting
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/medical-billing-pricing.aspx This short video will provide you tutorial on how to post the payment with MTBC Billing Pro software. The video explains how to track payment accounts.
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Relative Value Units
To Learn more visit: www.mtbc.com Learn RVU's can be utilized by a practice to measure productivity, and also how to establish productivity benchmarks.
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SNNLive Interview with Mahmud Haq, Stephen Snyder & Bill Korn at the Marcum MicroCap Conference 2017
SNNLive spoke with Mahmud Haq, Chairman and CEO, Stephen Snyder, President and Director, Bill Korn, Chief Financial Officer from Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. "MTBC" (NASDAQ: MTBC) at the Marcum MicroCap Conference 2017 in New York City, NY.
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MTBC EHR Introduction
This video is an overview about MTBC web based EHR , It is easy to use which helps your practice to submit e-prescriptions, connect to labs and also submit medical claims. Main features include VAS including 9 widgets, messages, appointments, cash register, refill request, incomplete tasks, rejections, transcriptions, documents, opened patients. Learn More by visiting us @ http://www.mtbc.com/products-services/electronic-health-records-ehr
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To Learn more visit: www.mtbc.com This video shows what is HSA,HRA,FSA,CDHP,HDHP and how they work toghether .
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Referral Authorization
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/channel-partner.aspx This session will tell us about MTBC Web 2.0 Training Video series. This Demonstration video covers how to obtain a referral and authorization. MTBC introduces new functionality for you to get rid of time consuming methods.
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MTBC Physicians Training Video
To Learn more visit www.mtbc.com This tutorial video is about how to enter patient demographics, how to create patient chart, how to attach document and how to pull their report and find meaningful solution.
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MTBC | Partners In Care®; Enjoy the IPA Benefits
This webinar is about Partners In Care®; Enjoy the IPA Benefits is yet another installment of MTBC's educational program. Its about IPAs and how Partners In Care® can help increase your revenues. It covers the following: • What is an IPA and its benefits? • Data Driven, Transparent, Proactive Healthcare • State of the Art Patient Health Status Reporting • "Physician Driven" Disease, Case, and Network Management • Physician Driven Pay for Performance Program Administration • Business Process Improvement and Accountability For more information on IPA please visit: www.mtbc.com
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MTBC PracticePro Promo
MTBC PracticePro Promo Animated Video
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MTBC iBill
For further information on MTBC iBill, please click www.mtbc.com
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ICD 10: Coding and Medical Documentation Changes for Pediatrics
This video is the webinar about ICD 10: Coding and Medical Documentation Changes for Pediatrics. You can learn how ICD-10 implementation impacts medical documentation and coding for Pediatric practices. You will learn about the following: • Identifying your top 50-100 ICD-9 codes and mapping to ICD-10 codes - this will cover the majority of your encounters o Review your documentation for laterality and specificity o Examples of ICD-10 changes with respect to laterality (left, right, bilateral) -- e.g. pain, injuries, fractures • Examples of new ICD-10 codes for annual well child exams • New ICD-10 code for encounter for immunization • Asthma ICD-10 changes • Otitis Media ICD-10 changes • Poisoning ICD-10 changes • Injuries/Fractures ICD-10 changes This webinar will be hosted by MTBC's E/M Coding Consultant, Andy Tolep. Andy Tolep is a certified coder who is a subject matter expert in ICD-10 coding and documentation. For further information on ICD-10, please visit: http://www.mtbc.com/resources/icd-10
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ACH Payment Authorization
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/scanning-and-indexing.aspx This tutorial video will explain you about ACH (Automated Clearing House). MTBC allows you to switch to our Automated Clearing House (ACH) paperless payment solution.
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Update with Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. (NASDAQ: MTBC) - October 2017 | SNN
SNN Newscast host spoke with Karl Johnson, SVP Sales and Marketing and Nish Sampath, Strategic Solutions Leader from Medical Transcription Billing, Corp. (NASDAQ: MTBC.)
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MTBC Zia Mohyeddin TV Commercial (30 sec)
Watch MTBC’s latest advertisement featuring the legendary Zia Mohyeddin. Avail special discounts on medical billing services and EHR software. For details: visit http://www.mtbc.com/TVOffer. MTBC is a leading provider of proprietary, cloud-based electronic health record, practice management and mHealth solutions.
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Cathi Lotti Capital Cardiology’s Administrator Testimonial about MTBC
Ms. Cathi talks about her experience with MTBC since June 2014. Starting from the transition of the new billing system to streamlining all their processes and going through their entire hospital systems. The billing status is easy to understand even if you don’t have much billing knowledge. She further describes how MTBC dealt with thousands of claims that weren’t processed properly. MTBC lived up to what they had initially promised and did a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time.
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Billing Pro - Claim Submission
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/care-connector.aspx This tutorial video will provide you detailed outline on how to submit claim on MTBC Billing Pro software.
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E Claims Submission through WebEHR   MTBC
This video is a tutorial for MTBC Electronic Claims from WebEHR in which you can learn the process of submitting E-Claims through WebEHR.
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Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI): Webinar
Medicare introduced MBI code as a substitute of HICN that has been rolled out from 1st April, 2018 and MTBC has upgraded all products accordingly.
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Client Testimonial - Siavash Karimian, MD, ABFM
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/meet_mtbc_clients.aspx Lets check out the great experience of Dr. Karimian who shares his favorite features of MTBC's software and his day-to-day use of it. Well organized & delicate features of MTBC's software have greeted him a lot. For him MTBC is just like a Team Member.
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SureScript Rx: Part 2
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/surescripts-white-coat-award-2012.aspx This session will tell us about MTBC EMR 4.0 Training Video series. This Demonstration video will tell us how to use SureScripts to write a Prescription. Patient's prescription will be shown on the screen. You can easily search through patient's prescriptions by clicking All, Current or Past.
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How to Quickly Add Prescriptions into Medication List in MTBC Web-EHR
This video describes how to add Prescriptions into Medication List using MTBC Web EHR.
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To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/medical-billing-service.aspx This tutorial video is about IOU Cash Register. It allows you to filter your patients by their names, account numbers and other information. Click account number to view the IOU details. The amount owed will be displayed against the IOU and the collected amount can be documented under mode of payment. All details enter will be saved in the IOU register
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MTBC | Negotiating Managed Care Contracts for Small Practices
The webinar focuses on easy-to-employ strategies for optimizing reimbursement under managed care contracts. It covers: • Managed Care Contracts: Basics. • Knowing when to negotiate with MCOs • Strategies small practices may use to position themselves to negotiate fair and favorable terms with MCOs
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To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/ehr-features.aspx This demonstration video is about MTBC EMR version 5.0. This next release of EMR provides the largest collection of new features and functionalities. Features includes Patient Health Record, Real Time Claims Adjudication, Improved Charting Functionality, Expanded Template Controls, Enhanced Faxing. Additionally this release of EMR is 100% Meaningful use cretified.
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How does annual Medicare renewal work?
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/phr.aspx This session explains How does annual Medicare renewal work being done ?
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[FULL INTERVIEW] Bill Korn, CFO MTBC, talks about the company's largest acquisition to date.
Bill Korn, talks about MTBC and it's largest acquisition to date in an exclusive interview with Stuart Smith of NetworkNewsWire.
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Dr. Mintz - MTBC Client Story
MTBC - Dr. Mintz - Short-update
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MTBC Web EHR Tutorial for Patient Referral
This video is a Web EHR Tutorial for referring a patient to a doctor. In this video session you will learn how to search, add, modify or delete referral patient.
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MTBC PHR Tutorial for Creating New Account
This video is the tutorial about MTBC PHR; in this video you can learn how to create a new PHR account.
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What is Meaningful Use - MTBC
This video covers: • Simplified and Easy description of Meaningful Use • Cons of not using it • It’s advantages • What MU includes
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Practice Analysis Report
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/rtca.aspx A Training video on Practice Analysis Report by MTBC. This report allows you to view your total office collections in detail for a given time frame. This helps an office manager to stay up dated with his or her financial records. Get an easy access to Claim & entry date, selecting your desired provider, charges details with the most preferred time frame that suits you.
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Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) penalty and incentive webinar
Are you safe from Medicare's PQRS penalty, and ready to earn your PQRS incentive? In this webinar you will learn about: • PQRS -- its overview and importance • How the 0.5% incentive & 1.5% penalty will apply • The CMS thresholds for the above • How to get started • How to select reporting measures • How MTBC can assist you in PQRS reporting http://www.mtbc.com/ http://www.mtbc.com/ehr-features.aspx
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MTBC Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Analytics
An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a group of healthcare providers who agree to be jointly accountable for both the quality and the cost of the healthcare of a defined patient population.
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Training ICD 10  Internal Medicine - MTBC
This video is a webinar about ICD 10 Internal Medicine This webinar focuses on: • Chronic Conditions • Some Chronic Condition ICD-10 codes • Diabetes Mellitus • Diabetes Mellitus Examples • Heart Failure • Obesity and BMI • Hypertension • Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease • Coronary atherosclerosis of native coronary artery • Chronic Ulcers (non-pressure)
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Demographic information of Patients in MTBC Web-based EHR
The video will help you how to access patient demographic information , meaningful use and insurance information of patients.
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Generate Patient Claim by using MTBC WebEHR
This video is a tutorial for MTBC WebEHR in which you can learn about how to generate new claims for patients by using MTBC WebEHR.
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Appointment Availability
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/medical-billing-vas.aspx Sharing aTraining video on Appointment Availability. It includes main features, which summarizes the Availability of Appointment time slots on daily or monthly basis. This helps you to search future available time slots for scheduling more appointments.
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EMR Dashboard
To Learn more visit: www.mtbc.com After logging into the MTBC website, you will see an attractive dashboard. This dashboard will give you an easy navigation to all website modules. You can also customize the Dashboard according to your own choice.
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To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/medical-billing-vas.aspx This tutorial session explains how to use Rule Based system. RBS is established to minimize the chances of rejected claims from insurance companies. These rules are based on the rules created by different pairs. The RBS has the ability to apply rules of the selected insurance companies only. Once the claim is created and before moving to insurance company, your claim has to go to the RBS system.
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ICD 10 CM  General Code Set Training
This video is the webinar about ICD 10 CM General Code Set Training. The webinar mainly focuses on: • ICD-9 vs ICD-10 Structure • Similarities to ICD-9-CM • Differences from ICD-9-CM • Addition of 7th Character • 7th Character Describing the Encounter • 7th Character used for Fractures • Placeholder “X” • Excludes 1 Note • Excludes 2 Note • Examples
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How to improve Patient Engagement through MTBC’s PHR App
This webinar is about How to improve Patient Engagement through MTBC’s PHR App , it includes: • View & update demographic information • View health history and medication information • Request a medication refill • Schedule appointment • View Lab result report • Send a message to doctor • View statement and make secure credit card payments
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Web E-Prescription
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/irx-smartdevices.aspx This tutorial session is about MTBC e-prescription. In this video you will learn about how to send e-prescription and how to use e-prescription manager? The prescription manager is the part of MTBC's e-prescription application. You can send prescription responses by pressing the Authorize button at the right bottom corner of the window
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How do physician networks work?
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/phr.aspx This session explains How do physician networks work?
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E-Claims Patient Info - MTBC
This video is a tutorial of MTBC Electronic Claims from Patient Information in which you can learn how conveniently healthcare providers can assign ICD 10 specified Code
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Electronic Note
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SureScript Rx: Part 1
To Learn more visit: http://www.mtbc.com/surescripts-white-coat-award-2012.aspx This session will tell us about MTBC EMR 4.0 Training Video series. This Demonstration video will tell us about Accessing SureScripts. In order to access SureScripts Prescription, click on patient search get the results on charts summary.
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