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The "Elf Yourself" Christmas Elves!
This "Elf Yourself" video from Jibjab was created by my friend Charnita. :) I downloaded it so we can enjoy it many more times to come! At 14 seconds, the all-star cast are Kelly, Avatar X, Cha, Gwen and me. Our host with the most, Charnita, is centre screen at 15 seconds.
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St. Nicholas Parish Church Fire
In the early hours of Sunday 16th March 2008 (the week before Easter), the partially-medieval church of St. Nicholas, the parish church of Radford Semele in Warwickshire, England, was devastated by fire. A restoration fund has been established and donations can be made to Rev Martin Green. Please give generously, send me a message to make a donation. You can read about the fire here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/coventry_warwickshire/7310598.stm
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Swiss Cottage in London
A quick look around Swiss Cottage at 7am on a chilly autumn Saturday morning.
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The Queen & The Scots Guards
They are identified as The Scots Guards (Scottish) from the blue ribbon in their Bearskin Cap.
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Happy Burns Night!
In celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, I put together this short video from when I in London in November. Near the end, pause the video to enjoy with your Haggis the poem I chose to include. If you wear a kilt this Robert Burns Night, will you follow the old tradition and wear nothing underneath?!!
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120mph Train Passes
This was a little scary as I was standing just a few inches away from a train speeding past right next to me at around 120mph. You don't wanna get hit!
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TeamGB London 2012 Olympic Celebration
Best seen in full screen at night with headphones! I recorded this around 11pm on 9th September 2012, it was part of the celebrations of the success of TeamGB at the London 2012 Olympics. The white circles on the top-right is face of the clocktower housing Big Ben. http://www.london2012.com/
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A Ride on the London Underground
I recorded this video to help visitors to know how best to get around London using iPhone apps. These apps have saved me time and money, and they help find parts of London often not seen by tourists. Pause the video if you want to read any text in full for further information. All music is provided by buskers that you can find in the underground. The occasional view of the ceiling are because I was recording discreetly and wasn't looking at what I was filming so as to ensure what you see is natural and not 'posed for the camera'! I buy a lot of apps and since recording I have found a free app not mentioned here called "Free London" listing places in London that are free to visit. Direct any questions or message here, leave a comment, or reply to me on Twitter @mayman. Have fun when you visit London!
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F-Sim Shuttle Sim
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Red Bull Homerun 2011
In celebration of the double-win in 2011 for Team Red Bull - winning the Formula1 Constructors World Championship and the Drivers World Championship with Sebastien Vettel. This event gives thanks the people of Milton Keynes, the home town for Team Red Bull. The cars ran the length of Midsummer Boulevard in front of 60,000 people in Milton Keynes, on 10th December 2011. Joining them with the Red Bull Nascar was former F1 World Champion, David Coulthard, and Red Bull Stunt Rider, Chris Pfeiffer. The official video is here: http://ian.so/u2AHac I didn't get right to front but I made this fan video with little joke logo too! What do you think? Leave a comment below!
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Carols from Our Lady & St  Wulstan, Southam
Advent and Christmas carols recorded by the parishioners of our Lady & St. Wulstan Church Southam 2014
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Kyoot Kitteh!
This cute cat is I believe the neighbours cat. I think he is often lonely as he is always here everyday on the fence and always miaowing whenever he sees someone. He loves people who like him.
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Trial Extreme 3
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National Achievers Congress 2011
A short compilation of videos recorded on my phone bringing to you a taster of what there was to experience at NAC 2011 seminar in London. Tickets are a bit expensive but this was a unique opportunity to hear in person from some of the greatest leaders in business in the world today, including Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Alan Sugar. Official Promo Video http://youtu.be/-Q_x0rMC3Bw
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Thames Festival Fireworks
The firework display marking the end of the Thames Festival. Some people thought this was for the London Olympics. This event is one of just three professional firework displays on the River Thames, the other two are on Guy Fawkes Night (5th November) and New Years Eve. http://www.thamesfestival.org/
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London 2012 TeamGB Parade
In celebration of Britain's greatest team, and the greatest year of sport, here is part of the parade of the athletes through London. Almost every athlete in the TeamGB was there, it was a fantastic day making me feel proud to be British.
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Unpossible is easy.... on Simplicity! :)
Having a quick go on Unpossible on my iPad, can you do better? Challenge me!
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Nokia Fourth Screen Advert
This fantastic advert illustrated briefly the history of media on screen.
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Dodgems Bumper Cars!
The "Dodgems" bumper cars were in Milton Keynes at CentreMK, courtesy of VW who were promoting their cabriolet cars, and everyone got to ride on these bumper cars over and over again for free! Enjoy the sound effects!
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Thames Festival 2012 Carnival
The 2012 Thames Festival carnival was a fantastic celebration of life in London, with many performers from South America. This video is a insight into the event, but really you had to be there!
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Olympics Torch Relay in Bicester
A great day in Bicester as the Olympic torch came through the town. This stretch of the relay was run by Simon Cruden who has volunteered to perform magic tricks and balloon modelling at the Oxford Children's hospital for 14 years. Music courtesy of the sponsors and Rev. Dennis Nizoli of the Elim Pentecostal Church in Bicester (www.bicestermethodist.org.uk).
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Hawaiian Monkey Band
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