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Google Adwords campaign setup 2018 - Hindi
in this video, i describe how to set up a campaign in Google AdWords Step by step so that while watching the video you can able to handle google adword dashboard and learn how to set up campaign. In this video, i describe each and everything which we needed to setup a campaign In my next video i will explain how to create a ad group if you want to know how we can do billing in google adword you can visit my video on adword billing tutorial 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ft2rmWnZ7Q For more video like this please subscribe my youtube channel "rahuldigitalmarketer".
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AdWords Billing Tutorial 2018- Hindi
In This video, I describe the billing part of Google AdWord to run a campaign which is an essential part without billing you cant run add. to choose the amount of your campaign you are flexible to choose any amount of money which you want to run your campaign. when I am talking about INDIA you have to choose at least 500 to run campaign below these you cant run campaign even google not allows you to run a campaign. So if you want to learn more about digital marketing keep following my youtube channel "rahuldigitalmarketer"
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Facebook 3D Post -Tutorial 2018
In this video, I describe how to create and design 3d post from scratch. A tutorial step by step if you see the full video you can learn how to create a 3d post and impress your colleagues. Facebook 3d post is new thing happens in facebook world, its provide an extra opportunity to impress your customers. mainly the site which help you to create a 3d post is www.vectary.com your file must in .glb format then you will be able to post on facebook otherwise you cant. for more videos like this and want to learn digital marketing please subscribe my channel "rahuldigitalmarketer". for better experience of video switch to 480p to 720p.
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Google Adwords- Ad group tutorial 2018 in Hindi
In this video, I describe how to set up ad group in Google Adword step by step. and also describe the keywords targeting. there are mainly three types of keyword targeting- 1. Broad match 2. Phrase match 3. Exact match and last not the least one type of targeting keyword is available is 4. Broad modified For more video like this please subscribe my youtube channel "rahuldigitalmarketer".
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Updated Google Keyword Planner Tutorial 2019 in Hindi | Google Adwords keyword Tool
As the new updated version of google keywords planner was rolled out . by the help of keyword planner we can find the best keywords which support our journey either creating Ads or in SEO point of view. 100% free keyword research tools available inside Adwords where you can find best keywords you can also find on that particular keywords how many competitors bid. Watch Videos till last and you can learn how easily you can find keywords by the help of #Googlekeywordplanner. For More Videos like this Please Subscribe Our Channel...
Types of advertising campaign- Google AdWords 2018
In this video, i describe how many types of advertising campaign available for anyone those who interested in creating adds By creating ads you will be able to create awareness of your business. There are mainly five types of advertising campaign available in Google Adwords These are as follows- 1. Search Advertising 2. Display Advertising 3. Video Advertising 4. Shopping advertising Campaign 5. Universal App. Campaign. So whatever your business goal according to your business goal you can choose which one chose suits best for you business. For more videos like this please subscribe "rahuldigitalmarketer" youtube channel. thank you
What is Google AdWords and how its works 2018
hello, friends welcome to rahuldigitalmarketer channel. in this video, i covered the basic overview of Google AdWords for beginners a series of video is coming in which I will tell how AdWords works and why we have to use it. Basically, i created a series of lecture in which I will tell all the things related to digital marketing This video is very helpful for those who want to make career in digital marketing and also those who want to know what is digital marketing
Jio Prime Membership After 31st March 2018?|  Jio Prime membership ends 31st march 2018
In this video, I describe what happens after prime membership 31st March 2018? what are the possible outcomes or decision take to stay with customers, to sustain all 4G customers?