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How to Move a Google Analytics Property to Another Account - T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time Show, we explain how to move a Google Analytics Property from one Analytics Account to Another. This is frequently necessary, but frustrating. Developers and web designers often create a Google Analytics Property in their own Google Analytics account for their clients when building a website, only discovering later that this causes issues with admin access.
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Parallel Tracking in Google Ads: T-Time With Tillison
Parallel Tracking in Google Ads In this video, we explain; - What Google Ads Parallel tracking is and why you need to update the configuration in your Google Ads account. - The deadline for Parallel tracking to be enabled in your account (30 October 2018). - How to configure Parallel Tracking in your Google Ads account - What to do about Parallel Tracking if you're using tracking templates Additional resources; Google Help on Parallel Tracking: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7544674 About AdWords Conversion Tracking: https://tillison.co.uk/blog/conversion-tracking/ #ParallelTracking #GoogleAds
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AdWords Message Extension: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time Show, Mark covers the new Google AdWords Message Extension - What it is - Why use it - How to setup the AdWords Message Extension - How to manage and measure its success
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SOLVED: Google Signals in Google Analytics: T-Time With Tillison
In this show, we explain; - What is Google Signals? - Google Signals and Cross Device Tracking Improvements - Google Signals Reports available in Google Analytics - How to Activate Google Signals - Google Signals and GDPR Supporting Links: Google Signals Blog Post (by Google): https://www.blog.google/products/marketingplatform/360/cross-device-capabilities/ Activate Google Signals (Google Support): https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/7532985?hl=en&ref_topic=7668613 Interpreting Cross Device Reports: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/7668563?hl=en&ref_topic=7668613 #GoogleSignals #GoogleAnalytics
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Google Plus Collections Tips: T Time With Tillison
A short session with a few essential tips for creating and using Google Plus Collections.
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Google AdWords Keyword Match Types: T Time With Tillison
Sharing a cup of tea with Liam Ingram, PPC Specialist and AdWords veteran about the different keyword match types and how to use them effectively in Google AdWords campaigns. ACHIEVE MORE SALES WITH ADWORDS Learn how to set up and optimise your AdWords campaign using the AdWords Success System. Secrets included in the free guide here: http://tillison.co.uk/about/adwords-success-guide/ In this video, we reference another HOA about Working with AdWords Budgets. You can access that chat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIUy98oUu6U Circle us on Google+ for more digital marketing strategies and techniques to increase your brand, traffic and sales across Google, Facebook, Twitter and more https://plus.google.com/+TillisonConsultingWaterlooville/
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What to Do When Your Twitter Account Gets Hacked
Noticed strange activity on your Twitter account? There's a chance that your account could have been hacked. This short video explains what you can do if it's happened to you and how to prevent it happening in the future.
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Twitter Lists Explained
http://tillison.co.uk/blog/category/twitter/ Team Tillison's guide as to what Twitter Lists are and how you use them.
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Twitter Tutorial: Terminology
Twitter Tutorial: Terminology This short video tutorial explains the main terms used on Twitter from a DM to a Tweet.
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Facebook First Party Cookies: T-Time With Tillison
Facebook First Party Cookies - First vs Third Party Cookies - Updating Your Facebook Pixel Code - Old Pixel Code Versus New - Adding the Pixel to Your Site - Facebook Integrations with WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and Google Tag Manager - Don't panic! #FacebookPixel #FacebookCookies
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AdWords Bidding Strategy
In this AdWords tutorial, we're talking about Google AdWords Bidding Strategy. 1. How to structure your Google AdWords bids to attract traffic to the right keywords in your campaign. 2. Does Google AdWords ad rank matter and should you be bidding more to be in top position? Resources Mentioned in the Video: AdWords Keyword Match Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bWU8EasvdM Google AdWords Search Funnels and Impression Share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfAG7zukfJg The Google AdWords Success Guide: http://tillison.co.uk/about/adwords-success-guide/
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AdWords Impression Share
http://tillison.co.uk/category/adwords/ A guide to how people behave online and how you can evaluate this data in Google AdWords.
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Using Google Merchant Centre Rules
In this T-Time Show, Mark explains how to create Rules in the Google Merchant Centre to allow you to segment and optimise bids on products in your Google AdWords account
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Session Quality in Google Analytics: T-Time With Tillison
Session Quality in Google Analytics - What is Google Analytics Session Quality - Requirements for Eligibility - Accessing The Analytics Session Quality Report - Analysing Session Quality Data - Using Session Quality Data for Remarketing Audiences #GoogleAnalytics #SessionQuality
Setting Up Shipping in Google Merchant Centre - T-Time With Tillison
Setting Up Shipping in Google Merchant Centre - The Dreaded, "Missing Shipping Information" Error - Why Merchant Google Merchant Centre Needs Shipping Information - 4 Methods of Adding Shipping Information to Google Merchant Centre - Adding Shipping Information and Rate Tables in Merchant Centre - Adding Shipping Data to Your Shopping Feed - Adding Shipping Data Using a Google Sheet - Using Merchant Centre Rules to Set Shipping Labels #GoogleShoppingFeedShipping #GoogleShopping
Views: 164 Tillison Consulting
How to Measure Your Twitter Impact: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time Show, Mark explains how to measure your Twitter impact, making sure that you're focused on the important metrics of reach and engagement and using tools provided by Twitter and Google. Resources Referenced in the Show - Twitter for Business Guide (http://goo.gl/Ntt3jA) - Using Analytics Campaign Tags (http://goo.gl/yElu8S) T-Time Show Agenda - Which Twitter metrics are important - Using Twitter Analytics to measure impact and success - Using Google Analytics to measure Twitter impact and success
Views: 132 Tillison Consulting
What is a GTIN and Why Do I Need It for Google Shopping: T-Time With Tillison
What is a GTIN and Why Do I Need It for Google Shopping - The Google Merchant Centre Requirements - Do I Need a GTIN Code At All? - What's the Difference Between UPC and GTIN? - What's the Difference Between EAN and GTIN? - How Do I Find the GTIN Number for My Product? Resources mentioned in the show; EAN Search to find European GTINs: https://www.ean-search.org/ UPCZilla to find North American GTINs: https://www.upczilla.com/searchitem/netgear+ac1750/ Google's Help on GTINs https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/160161
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Google Plus Circles Explained: How to Use Google+ for Business
Google Plus Circles Explained, part of the 'How to Use Google+ for Business' series. This video features a Google Plus circles tutorial the feature which is the most significant difference to other Social Media platforms and includes; Managing Google+ Circles, Google+ Circles Privacy, Sharing Google+ Circles and explains how to use Google+ Circles for business. There's also blog post which supports this video at: http://tillison.co.uk/2014/06/19/circles-circling-sharing-circles
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Pinterest Pin It Button Using Google Chrome
Ever wanted to know how you install the 'Pin it' button to your Google Chrome web browser? Here's a simple video that shows you how you download it and then install it.
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Google+ Communities vs Collections: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time show, Mark Tillison is hanging out with Donna Beckett sharing tips and advice on Google+ Communities vs Google+ Collections. Questions In The Show  - Should You Use a Google+ Collection or a Google+ Community - the differences and why you'd choose one rather than the other.  - Why Donna set up UK Connect Community, what she learned and what tips she has to pass on for setting up and managing a Google+ Community  - We may even get some horror stories Google+ Communities vs Collections - Summary https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=169 - What is the difference between a Google+ Collection and a Google+ Community? Summary: Collections are great for organising your own posts and broadcasting. Communities are much better for Listening. https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=387 - About the UK Connect Community https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=893 - Tips and Advice for Setting up a Google+ Community https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=1229 - Tips on Managing a Google+ Community https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=1763 - Google+ Community Horror Stories https://youtu.be/9W7zkSgRXKo?t=1911 - Social Media is a tool, a wonderful tool that helps you network with other people and can be used as the stepping stone to meeting in real life where that's practical - organise a HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) to strengthen those relationships you made online.
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Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences: T-Time With Tillison
Google Ads Custom Intent Audiences 1. "Audience keywords in Google Ads is being upgraded to custom intent audiences" 2. What are Custom Intent Audiences? 2. Using Custom Intent Audiences in Display Ads (GDN) campaigns and YouTube campaigns 3. How to Create Custom Intent Audiences 4. Custom Intent Audiences vs In-Market Audiences #CustomIntentAudiences #GoogleAds
How to Target Email Lists With Google Ads - T-Time With Tillison
How to Target Email Lists With Google Ads - How to upload an email list to google ads - Google Ads customer match audience sizes - Google Ads customer match campaigns - Using Customer Match and similar audiences - Advanced Google Ads email list targeting Supporting Content Google Ads Customer Match and GDPR: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9028179 Google Ads Email List Upload Template: https://g.co/ycwhf5 #GoogleAds #GoogleCustomerMatch
Views: 124 Tillison Consulting
How Google Shopping Works: T Time with Tillison
Google Shopping: What you need to run a campaign Pay per Click Specialist, Liam Ingram explains  - Common issues and errors you might encounter when running Google Shopping Campaigns.  - Google Shopping tips to make the most of your budget. Links referenced in the chat: Accounts you'll need: Google Merchant Centre: http://google.com/merchants Google AdWords: http://adwords.google.com Resources referenced: The Importance of Impression Share - http://youtu.be/IfAG7zukfJg Google Shopping Feed Specification - http://goo.gl/UWTv1j Google Shopping Optimisation Techniques - http://goo.gl/pkoG6n The Google AdWords Success Guide - http://goo.gl/uZfoS8 Negative Keywords - http://goo.gl/ZKNZ0d
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Free SEO Keyword Research Using Google Search Console: T-Time With Tillison
Agenda: Using Google Search Console Search Analytics Analysing Keywords in Webmaster Tools Analysing Impressions, Clicks and Average Position
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The Wonders Of Google+ Explained
Here's a video to help you understand the wonders of Google+. Learn a bit about the history behind it, circles and communities! For more information: Visit our website: Tillison Consulting Or contact us via email: [email protected] Or on GooglePlus: Tillison Consulting
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Facebook Ads Not Converting: T-Time With Tillison
Facebook Ads not converting into sales? There's a good reason why this rarely produces the results that businesses expect. In this T-Time Show, Mark explains; - Where Facebook activity and Facebook Ads fit in the digital marketing funnel - What results you should expect - How to track the traffic and the influence that Facebook Ads have on your sales Resources Mentioned in the Video: Facebook Conversion Tracking: http://tillison.co.uk/blog/facebook-c... Google Analytics Campaign Tags: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P490H... Measuring Brand Value Signals: http://tillison.co.uk/blog/using-bran... Google Analytics Training: http://tillison.co.uk/google-analytic...
Views: 1465 Tillison Consulting
How to Use Google Alerts for Business SEO | T-Time With Tillison
Find out how to use Google Alerts for Business SEO with Tillison's T-Time here! Through this video's Google Alerts tips, you will learn how to use Google Alerts effectively. Links mentioned in the video: 500+ Twitter Chats: https://tillison.co.uk/blog/complete-twitter-chat-hours-directory/
Views: 104 Tillison Consulting
Google Analytics Campaign Tags - T-Time With Tillison
This T-Time Show explains how using simple Google Analytics Campaign Tags can make measuring your the performance of traffic to your site so much easier and clearer. Key Takeaways: - Stick to the standard conventions for Source and Medium to avoid contaminating your data. - Decide how you'll want to segment and analyse data in Google Analytics before you do anything else. - Define an Analytics Tagging Convention that supports how you'd like to segment and measure later on - Define only the tags that you need. You don't need to populate every one - Manually tag URLs for platforms like Facebook and Bing ads. They don't automatically pass information to Google Analytics like Google Ads does.
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How to Optimise Google Ads Using Location Bid Adjustments: T-Time With Tillison
This video includes; - Google Ads Location Targeting - Geographic Performance Data - Geographic vs User Location - Optimising Google Ads Using Location Bid Adjustments
How to Create a Google Review Link For Your Business | T-Time With Tillison
This video explains how to create a Google Review link "Page" for your GoogleMyBusiness Listing. Make it easier for your customers to leave a Google Review and you're much more likely to get Google Reviews! Links mentioned in the video: 1. Google help on creating your Google Review Link: https://support.google.com/business/answer/7035772?hl=en-GB 2. Google Place Finder: https://developers.google.com/places/place-id 3. Our full Google Review Link (Google Method): https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Tillison+Consulting+%7C+The+Digital+Marketing+Agency,+The+Briars,+13a+Waterberry+Dr,+Waterlooville+PO7+7YH&ludocid=6805400595115901326#lrd=0x487468024f201565:0x5e71a3c8e21d818e,3 Our 5 Star Google Review Link (edit; it looks like Google stopped this functionality working :( ): https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Tillison+Consulting,+The+Briars,+13a+Waterberry+Dr,+Waterlooville+PO7+7YH,+UK&ludocid=6805400595115901326&gws_rd=cr&ei=d2zKWJOABIfVgAbb_JWICQ#lrd=0x487468024f201565:0x5e71a3c8e21d818e,3,5 The 5 Star Google Review Link Generator: https://reviewlink.me/ (edit: the 5-star populated URLs no longer seem to work) Our 301 Redirect Method: https://tillison.co.uk/google-review/
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7 Factors That Improve Your AdWords Click Through Rate: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time show, Mark answers the question, "What is a Good AdWords Click Through Rate?". First, it's important to segment the data to look at each of the networks, campaign types and devices, each with their own Click Through Rate, which make up the overall Click Through Rate for your AdWords campaign or account. 7 Factors Which Improve Your AdWords Click Through Rate - Keyword relevance - Keyword intent - Keyword match type - Ad position - Ad copy - Ad extensions - Brand equity
Views: 464 Tillison Consulting
Which Social Media to Use: T Time with Tillison
*Which Social Media to Use* Guest and Social Media Specialist +Vicki Hemmings gives her insights in to frequently asked Social Media questions:  - Which Social Media should I use for my business?  - What should I post and when?  - How do I grow my Social Media audience and influence?  - Should I buy followers, fans or likes on Social Media platforms?
Views: 275 Tillison Consulting
How to Measure Scroll Depth in Google Analytics Using Tag Manager: T-Time With Tillison
Agenda: 1. What Scroll Depth Is 2. Why Measure Scroll Depth 3. What Scroll Depth Event Data Looks Like in Google Analytics 4. How to Configure Google Tag Manager to Measure Scroll Depth
Views: 270 Tillison Consulting
The Google AdWords Guide
Developed over 10 years and millions of ads, keywords, clicks and conversions, the Google AdWords Sales System will help you generate more sales and leads using Google Ads. Get the Google AdWords Success Guide Here: http://tillison.co.uk/about/adwords-success-guide/ More AdWords Videos Here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwmcQmbZtLaPsfMuZcLaCl349TtZXStVx
Views: 3063 Tillison Consulting
Twitter Engagement: Finding Influencers and Customers
This short video shows five different ways to search for accounts to engage with on Twitter. More Twitter marketing tips included in the FREE download - The Business Guide to Twitter http://tillison.co.uk/business-guide-twitter/
Views: 160 Tillison Consulting
Google Ads Demographic Bid Adjustments: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time Show; - Analysing Google Ads Performance for Different Demographics in Search - Demographic Targeting Options - Google Ads Demographic Bidding - Where Google Gets Demographic Data
How To Use Pinterest: Pinning Pictures
This How to Use Pinterest video shows how to create boards on Pinterest and how to pin an image. For more 'How To' videos, please subscribe to our channel.
Mobile First Indexing Enabled: T-Time With Tillison
If you got the "Mobile first indexing enabled" email from Google Search Console, this video is for you. Agenda: - What Mobile First Indexing Enabled Means - Why Google is Going Mobile First (and you should too!) - What Mobile First Means for Your SEO - Mobile First Best Practice Resources: Google Webmasters Post about Mobile First Indexing Rollout: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/03/rolling-out-mobile-first-indexing.html Mobile Pagespeed Insights to test your site's mobile performance: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ 28 Tools to Help get Your Site Mobile Ready: https://tillison.co.uk/blog/make-your-website-mobile-friendly/ Image Credit (Mobile Use Statistics Graph): https://tillison.co.uk/blog/make-your-website-mobile-friendly/ #MobileFirstIndexing #MobileFirst #SearchConsole
Google Plus Post Formatting
http://tillison.co.uk/2014/06/19/create-the-perfect-google-post Writing great content is one thing, but getting it shared via social media channels is quite another. Here is our guide to creating the perfect Google Plus post.
Views: 150 Tillison Consulting
Google Analytics Demographic Data: T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time show, we explain how to create time-saving, handy Demographic Dashboards using Google Analytics to measure and compare important demographic data, including; - Comparing Male and Female behaviour on your site. - Comparing Age Demographic behaviour on your site - Comparing Affinity Categories - Comparing In-Mark Segments Template for the Dashboard created in the video https://goo.gl/uNOly9 - Log in to Analytics - Click the link - Choose the profile you want to attach it to - Edit and modify to suit your needs NB: This doesn't give anyone access to the your data, it is just a template you're applying to your Google Analytics profile. More information on Analytics Training Courses here: http://tillison.co.uk/google-analytics-training-courses/
Views: 558 Tillison Consulting
How to Improve Google Local Business Rankings: T-Time With Tillison
How to Improve Google Local Business Rankings, a T-Time show with Mark Tillison exploring the ranking signals which Google uses to determine which local business is shown at the top of the local results with some surprising results.
Views: 1251 Tillison Consulting
Instagram Marketing Tips: T-Time With Tillison
On this week's T-Time show, Mark Tillison is joined by social superstar Gemma Scarth. Instagram Marketing Tips for Business We'll be sharing some Instagram Marketing Tips, among which;  - Which businesses should be using Instagram  - Instagram Hashtags  - Instagram Marketing Techniques we used to gain a client over 5,000 followers Time Stamps Time Stamps for Questions: - What is Instagram? http://goo.gl/BSI8KP - Who should (and shouldn't) use Instagram: http://goo.gl/FVNy3Y - Which Instagram Hashtags to Use: http://goo.gl/Qi5r7s - Instagram images and copyright: http://goo.gl/u6XF6z - How often should you post on Instagram?: http://goo.gl/TMYpV9 - How we gained over 5,000 Instagram Followers: http://goo.gl/MscJEH - Instagram Competition Ideas: http://goo.gl/VVSBN8 Links mentioned in the video: Instagram copyright reporting: https://help.instagram.com/126382350847838/ The Register: Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/04/29/err_act_landgrab/
Views: 1275 Tillison Consulting
How to Add HTTPS to Your Website (In Depth Checklist): T-Time With Tillison
T-Time Show Agenda: - How to add HTTPS to a Website - What is HTTPS / SSL and why it's important - Moving the Web to HTTPS - SSL Certificate and Implementation - HTTP to HTTPS 301 redirect - Updating internal links - Updating PPC ads to HTTPS - Updating Search Console for HTTPS - Updating Google Analytics for HTTPS - Updating Social Profiles to HTTPS - Updating External links to HTTPS Useful resources; 301 redirect guide: https://tillison.co.uk/blog/301-redirect-guide/
Google+ Spam: How to Use Google+
Dealing with Spam on Google Plus. Part of the series, 'How To use Google+ For Business' In this video we're focusing on how to deal with spam; notification spam, spam invites and how to report spam on Google+.
Views: 516 Tillison Consulting
Google AdWords Attribution - T-Time With Tillison
In this T-Time Show, we explain what Google AdWords Attribution is, why it is important for your AdWords campaigns and what the different attribution models are. Agenda: 1. What does AdWords Attribution Mean and why is it important for my campaigns? 2. Click Assisted Conversions and Search Funnels 3. AdWords Attribution Models; Last Click Attribution, First Click Attribution, Linear Attribution, Position-Based Attribution, Time Decay Attribution and Data Driven Attribution and the pros and cons of each 4. The AdWords Attribution Modelling Tool 5. Why you should Use AdWords Conversion Tracking rather than importing an Analytics Goal. Relevant links to support this video: Search Funnels and Conversion Tracking: https://tillison.co.uk/blog/14-reasons-not-making-conversions/ Impression Share: https://youtu.be/IfAG7zukfJg?list=PLwmcQmbZtLaPsfMuZcLaCl349TtZXStVx
Views: 106 Tillison Consulting
How to Google Plus: T-Time With Tillison
On this week's show, Mark Tillison is joined by the wonderful Donna Beckett, the driving force behind the Google+ UK Connect Community. How to Google Plus We explore why Google Plus is so important and share tips from our experiences of growing and influencing an audience on Google Plus. BOOKMARKS for each of the Google+ questions: Why should I be on Google Plus? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=166 Is this just Google trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=414 What can we do on Google+ that we can't do on other platforms? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=667 What how often should I post post on Google+? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=992 How do I get people to engage with my posts? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=1217 How do I gain more followers on Google+? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=1556 Why did you start the UK Connect Community? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=1946 What are Google Hangouts? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=2251 About Google+ and SEO https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=2561 Should I have a Google+ profile or a Google+ page? https://youtu.be/1u7GYIDOqbQ?t=2927 Google+ Resources Mentioned in the Show  - Free Guide: Google Plus for Business http://goo.gl/5N1KDn  - Google Plus Circles Explained http://goo.gl/6kjS1y - The UK Connect Community http://goo.gl/uIlprc - Mark's blog/rant about the fool's approach to SEO http://goo.gl/Wvzr4i My Google+ Poll - Red or Brown? http://goo.gl/MbCSQY Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People http://goo.gl/5A4dVi
Views: 494 Tillison Consulting
Google AdWords Remarketing for Search Ads: T-Time With Tillison
This week, +Mark Tillison is hanging out with Pay per Click Specialist +Liam Ingram explaining AdWords Remarketing for Search Ads. Agenda What is AdWords Remarketing for Search? Who should use Remarketing Search Ads? Why is Search Remarketing Valuable? How to set up Remarketing Lists for Search in Google AdWords #AdWordsSearch   #AdWordsSearchRemarketing   #Remarketing
Views: 226 Tillison Consulting
Does Domain Name Help SEO - T-Time With Tillison
Does Domain Name Help SEO? In this show, we cover three important questions when deciding which domain name, domain name extension and whether you should have multiple domains, or just one Agenda - Does Domain Name Help SEO? - Is One Domain, or Multiple Domains Better for SEO - Which Domain Extension is Best for SEO #SEO #DomainNames
How to Research and Analyse Keywords for SEO: T-Time With Tillison
In this video, we explain how to analyse, organise and prioritise keywords from your research in to a strategic list that you can work through to establish which pages you should optimise your web pages for and those which you should consider writing articles, guides and blog content for. The Process: 1. Research keywords and build a big list 2. Import that data in to a single spreadsheet 3. Organise keywords to common groups - a small list for a page on your site 4. Decide which keyword is the primary keyword and which are secondary for each page 5. Organise those pages in to Sales and Content. If you're not sure, check the Google results
7 Awesome Keyword Research Tools for SEO: T-Time With Tillison
Agenda - What SEO Keyword Research is and Why It's Important - Keyword Research Tools - Google Suggestions https://www.google.com/ - Using the Google Ads Keyword Planner https://ads.google.com/intl/en_uk/home/tools/keyword-planner/ - About The Google Traffic Estimator - Yoast Google Suggest - https://yoast.com/suggest/ - Ubersuggest - https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ - YouTube - you're already here :) - Google Search Console https://www.google.com/webmasters/ - Sonar http://sonar-tool.com/us/ Mentioned in the video: Free SEO Keyword Research Using Search Console: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUVkEx7-mX0

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