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Shopify Recurring Billing & Subscriptions App - ReCharge (updated)
ReCharge is the top user-rated Recurring Billing and Subscription management app on Shopify.
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Setup ReCharge In Less Then 8 Minutes
Getting ReCharge set up doesn't need to be intimidating, in this video we'll get the app installed and set up in less then 8 minutes.
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Customer Portal
In this video, we’ll cover what the ReCharge customer portal is and how you can customize it to allow your customers to update their own information.
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In this video we’ll go through the Discount Code settings in ReCharge and take a short look at where a customer enters the discount code during checkout.
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In this short video we’ll discuss the shipping settings in ReCharge and then walk through a brief example.
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Customize Your Text Content
In this video, we'll go through customizing the text a customer sees, though the Subscription Widget and Translation settings in ReCharge.
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Payment Processors
In this video, we discuss what payment processors are, and which ones ReCharge is compatible with to run your recurring subscriptions.
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Product and Variant ID for Migrations
Each of your Shopify products has a unique Product ID and Variant ID that ReCharge uses during your migration. In this short video, we’ll take a look at where you can find these IDs, and what to do with them.
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Churn Burning Webinar - Churn Buster
Part four of ReCharge's Ultimate Churn Burning Roundtable, join Matt from Churn Buster as he details why 10% of your payments fail every month, and what you can do about it.
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Subscription Advertising - Ask the Experts - PART ONE
Today we asked the experts at MuteSix to answer questions submitted by ReCharge clients about subscription advertising. Learn tips and tricks about how to optimize Facebook advertising. Questions in Part One include: - What do you recommend as a minimum advertising budget for testing the waters for a new subscription box service? - What can I do on Facebook with a small budget to increase subscriptions at my store? - What are your top 3 tips for paid ads and/or conversion attribution for a new subscription store? - How should I target international customers on Facebook? - How can I convert repeat single-purchase customers to subscription customers? - What are the main differences between advertising regular products vs. subscriptions? - What are the best ways to target people who are most likely to become customers? - What are the best ways to use video in your Facebook advertising campaigns and sales funnel? Watch PART TWO here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEMGc6QbvIk
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Churn Burning Webinar - Smile.io
Part one of ReCharge's Ultimate Churn Burning Roundtable, join Stuart from Smile.io as he discusses how you can build an emotional connection with your customers.
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Getting Started With Rulesets
Rulesets are the heart of ReCharge. They control how your subscriptions function with things like how frequently shipments go out and what products you want to offer on a recurring basis. In this video, we’ll go through the rulesets page and set up a new ruleset.
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How to Squeeze Every Last Sale Out of Your Checkout Flow
Join Lance Jones from ReCharge and Jordan Gal, founder and CEO of CartHook, to see exactly how top-performing Shopify merchants are maximizing their Average Order Value and selling more subscriptions using a one-page checkout and post-purchase upsells.
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ReCharge - MuteSix Webcast - How to Grow a Subscription Business with Facebook Ads
Stewart Anderson, CMO of MuteSix, covers the basics on how to set up a successful Facebook advertising campaign. He reviews the importance of segmenting audiences, using the new lookalike feature as well as how to optimize ad content for different audiences.
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Churn Burning Webinar - Bridgerock Data
Part two of ReCharge's Ultimate Churn Burning Roundtable, join JBS from Bridgerock Data as he discusses why data science is the key to understanding retention.
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Workflows 101
Trial Period Workflows: https://support.rechargepayments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008683754-Trial-Period-Workflow Workflow Troubleshooting and Best Practices: https://support.rechargepayments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008683354-Workflow-Troubleshooting-and-Best-Practices
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Customer Retention
Keeping customers around is a large part of running a subscription business. In this video we go through the customer retention settings you can activate in ReCharge.
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In this video, we’ll cover what Notifications are, where you can find them in the ReCharge app and how you can customize them to make them more brand-friendly.
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Subscription Advertising - Ask the Experts - PART TWO
Today we asked the experts at MuteSix to answer questions submitted by ReCharge clients. This video is the second of two parts. You can view PART ONE here: https://youtu.be/jtUyrizbhPI. Questions covered in Part Two: - How can I generate interest in my subscription product and drive urgency without offering a discount or devaluing my product? - What are the best ways to get someone to try my product - free trial (how long?), discounted first month, lifetime discount, etc.? - How do I make my subscription service look more popular? - How do you optimize the funnel to get someone to purchase a subscription? - Which placements within Facebook are the best? (desktop, mobile, audience network) - Is ad inventory more cost effective on Facebook vs. Instagram? - At what point should a storeowner consider using an agency to handle their advertising?
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Churn Burning Webinar - Kettle & Fire
Part five of ReCharge's Ultimate Churn Burning Roundtable, join Wilson from Kettle & Fire as he helps you think about retention strategies in a new light and sets you up to succeed.
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Churn Burning Webinar - Gorgias
Part three of ReCharge's Ultimate Churn Burning Roundtable, join Romain from Gorgias as he shares 5 hacks using customer conversations to kill churn.
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