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Ranger The Bloodhound
Ranger is the latest patrol addition to the Bend Police Department and is proving to be an important asset to the department as well as to the citizens of Bend.
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Bend Fire & Rescue Skid Truck Training - CC
BF&R drivers attend in the Oregon Department of Public Safety skid truck training to prepare for winter driving conditions. Take an exciting ride with Bend Firefighters.
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German Fire Fighter Visit CityEdDec08
German Fire Fighters visit Bend to exchange ideas and knowledge
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ADA Curb Ramps - CC
Public works is planning many curb ramp improvements in compliance with ADA requirements.
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Vactor Truck Stormwater Operations
Every wonder what this truck is used for? Check out our new vactor truck in action. And please help us keep pollutants out of our storm drain system because it's all connected (to our river or towards our drinking water). Just remember, "Only rain in the storm drain."
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I am Public Works
Employees of the City of Bend Public Works Department, share stories about the work they perform for the City.
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Why KIALOA Makes Paddles in Bend
KIALOA builds outrigger and standup paddle board paddles in Bend. Here are a few reasons why. http://www.kialoa.com/ 541.382.5355
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Community Service Officers
Community Service Officers play an important role in the Bend Police Department – enforcing leash laws for dogs, working special events and assisting with crime scene investigations.
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City of Bend Police Department Lip Sync Challenge
City of Bend Police Department performs "We Built This City" by Starship. Check out the original: https://youtu.be/K1b8AhIsSYQ Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! #bendpd #lipsync #lipsyncchallenge #lipsyncbattle #lawenforcement #police #bend #oregon
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Bend Fire & Rescue - Firefighter Values
Bend Firefighters have a unique bond and culture that shows in this short film about the men and women who make up the firefighter family of Bend Fire & Rescue.
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Traffic Signal Synchronization - CC
Not many people realize that all traffic signals in Bend are maintained by ODOT, in a cooperative agreement with the City of Bend. The cooperation also includes traffic signal coordination between State and City roads at intersections.
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Firefighters Train for Trench Rescue - CC
Bend Fire & Rescue sends firefighters to train with other departments in how to effectively rescue workers trapped underground in a trench collapse
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Bend Oregon Police Department Recruiting 2017
The Bend Police Department is looking for men and women who exemplify teamwork, integrity and excellence who want to work among the best officers on the West Coast.
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Volunteer Officers Assist Bend Police Dept. - CC
Volunteers are trained to take over lighter duties to leave Patrol Officers to fight crime in the City.
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Neighborhood Associations - CC
Bend has 13 neighborhood associations that play a vital role in City Administration
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Industrial Pretreatment of Fats, Oils & Grease   CityEdJan09
City of Bend FOG program requires all restaurants and eating establishments to remove pollutants before wastewater enters the sewer system.
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Ice Rescue Training
Winter is a dangerous time with ice forming on the Deschutes River and Mirror Pond. The Bend Fire Department recently held a training exercise to be prepared for any ice rescue emergency that may occur.
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Women EMT's Join Ranks of Bend Fire & Rescue
With the expansion of our basic life support ambulance crews, the City has added more women to the fire department than ever before.
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City of Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee
The City of Bend is moving forward with ADA updates to our curb ramp and sidewalk system around the city and relying on citizen input to determine what areas need improvement.
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Jodie Barram Delivers on a Promise
Bend City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem, Jodie Barram, raised $5000 for cancer support group, Sara's Project and following up on a promise, donated her hair to Locks of Love.
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Paint Stripe Road Crew
With hundreds of miles to paint and thousands of gallons of paint to apply, Bend's Public Works crews are hard at work during July and August each year
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Sewer Line Construction Update
The Southeast sewer interceptor line is a gravity fed system, requiring the pipes leading to the wastewater treatment plant to be buried deep underground, a difficult construction task.
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Tobacco in Condega, Nicaragua
The tobacco fields and cigar factories in Condega Nicaragua provide employment for local families but it is not an easy job.
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Quick Response Squad 366
Bend Fire & Rescue has formed a quick response squad that is available to answer lower priority calls, leaving EMS and fire crews in station available for major emergencies.
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Homeless in Central Oregon  CityEdJan09
With the Winter weather, the homeless population in Central Oregon is growing.
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New Trucks for Bend Fire & Rescue
After 20 years in service, Bend Fire & Rescue is replacing six fire engines with new and improved vehicles and the firefighters are eagerly training on some very impressive machines!
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Water Reclamation Facility Virtual Tour
Bend's wastewater treatment plant
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Advantages of Gravity Sewer Lines.
Construction continues on along 27th St for the deep sewer line being installed. In this story engineers explain the advantages of building a gravity line versus installing more massive pumps to move sewage to the wastewater treatment plant East of the City.
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City Building Inspectors go High Tech - CC
Building inspectors from the City of Bend go on site with full connectivity for electronic plan review. Five inspectors are covering up to 100 inspections a day and the digital files are accessible from the job site.
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Bend's Community Garden
Located at Franklin and 9th, Bend's Community Garden is in it's final stages and will be ready for planting in the Spring of 2014 thanks to the many volunteers who helped create it.
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Electronic Plan Review Saves Time
Bend is one of the only cities to have a paperless plan review and is often called upon by other cities interested in learning how we do it.
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Seattle Stair Climb Training
For the 10th year Bend Firefighters are heading to Seattle for the annual Firefighter Stairclimb event to raise money for the Leukemia / Lymphoma Society. Here’s their story as they train in public places across the City.
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Balance Of Bend and the Bend Police Department
This is how we get to live and work here at the City of Bend Police Department. We are always looking a new ways to make our officers and community healthy and safe. If you want to join our team, follow this link www.governmentjobs.com/careers/bend.
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Dial-A-Ride CityEdOct08
Bend Area Transit's Dial-A-Ride service helps seniors and people with disabilities.
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How The City of Bend's Budget Works
This short, illustrated video explains how the City budget works. The City uses property taxes and fees responsibly to provide core services – streets, water, sewer, public safety and more. For more information about the City’s budget: https://www.bendoregon.gov/budget Info about what’s going on: https://www.bendoregon.gov/news Info about Bend’s elected leaders: https://www.bendoregon.gov/council Special thanks to The Pitchfork Revolution for contributing background music: http://www.thepitchforkrevolution.com/
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Value Engineering in Surface Water Project
Bend Public Works selected RSRI, a Florida engineering firm to conduct an assessment of the engineering plan for the Surface Water Project.
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2017-18 Winter Operations - Clearing Bend Streets
With the lessons learned Winter of 2016-17, the City of Bend is implementing new procedures this year to insure our City Streets will be plowed just as quickly and efficiently as possible
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New EMT System for Bend Fire & Rescue
Fire Chief Larry Langston announces a new Basic Life Support (BLS) system that will employ EMT's to support fire department paramedics and improve response times to emergencies.
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Back Flow Device Testing
Home owners are responsible for the installation and yearly testing of a back flow device to protect their drinking water from their irrigation system. Visit our official City of Bend, Oregon, website at http://bendoregon.gov.
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Bend Fire & Rescue Trains New Recruits
Over 100 individuals applied and only 10 were accepted in the new recruit class for Bend Fire & Rescue
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Winter Skid Car Training
With the treacherous roads this Winter it is important that residents know what to do when your car goes into a skid. In this story we follow a class at Deschutes County’s ‘skid-car’ training ground. Check it out!
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BPD Recon Robot Camera - CC
A law enforcement grant allowed the Bend Police Department to purchase this camera to add to their arsenal of tools in protecting officer safety.
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How are Local Property Taxes Spent?
A lot of you have questions about your tax bills and want to know how the money from property tax revenues and city fees is spent. Here is a breakdown of what your tax dollars support.
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BPD Emergency Vehicle Operating Training - CC
Bend Police Department officers undergo a rigorous emergency vehicle operating course on dark, icy surfaces.
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e.Ticket Efficiency for Bend PD
The city's new e.ticket software creates a higher efficiency for the Bend Police Department and saves over 2400 worker hours and sends the ticket info directly to Municipal Court.
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Urban Growth Boundary Plan
Bend’s Urban Growth Boundary expansion has been approved by City Council and will soon be submitted to the State. Here are some highlights of how we are expanding for the expected growth in Bend over the next 20 years.
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ADA Update on Accessibility - CC
Bend is moving forward in replacing curb ramps in meeting ADA requirements.
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Traffic Signal Coordination
With a federal grant, traffic signals are being upgraded and coordinated for better traffic and pedestrian safety and flow. Visit our official City of Bend, Oregon website at http://BendOregon.gov.
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Winter Driving in Bend Oregon
Winter storms are upon us and the streets department has some information and tips to make your winter driving safer.
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Southeast Sewer Interceptor Construction - CC
Bend Public Works Department has started construction of a new gravity feed sewer system for Southeast Bend, eventually connecting to the wastewater treatment plant near the Bend Municipal Airport.
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