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How To Use Tags In Evernote Notes
The basics of using tags in Evernote Notes
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How To Make Handwriting Searchable In Evernote
The basics of using optical character recognition in Evernote.
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The Ultimate Zapier Appointments Workflow - Evernote, Calendly, Zoom
NOTE: Do not include appointment END TIME in the Zapier step of creating the Evernote reminder. This causes an error and keeps Evernote from creating a reminder. Learn how to set up a Zapier that will save you hours of time when you're setting appointments, doing Zoom meetings, and using Evernote.
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How To Set Up Evernote In 7 minutes
How to set up your Evernote account in seven minutes.
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Webinar hardware setup tour
Hers how I set up my webinar s that I run using Google Hangouts, now called YouTube Live. It's not a how to for the software, it's a hardware and desk setup tour.
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Your husband needs this...and it's not sex
Every husband needs encouragement from their wife. Here are three areas you can encourage your husband in. Find more content about marriage from Andy Traub at http://www.takepermission.com/
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Take Awesome Meeting Notes With Evernote
Visit http://digihowto.com/ for more Tech Tips.
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How To Create Shortcuts In Evernote
Basic walk through on how to make shortcuts in Evernote.
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How to create Evernote notes using Siri - DigiHowTo.com
Siri and Evernote are two powerful tools that you can combine to become even more productive. Here's how to easily create Evernote notes with Siri. Original post at http://DigiHowTo.com/create-evernote-notes-using-siri
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Learning to use Ecamm Live in under a minute
Learn ALL the ins and outs of Ecamm Live in under 20 minutes at http://www.Courses.TakePermission.com
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Kavaj iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ cases review
Review of all three styles of the Kavaj cases. They come in black and congac (brown). Join their newsletter list to get a $5 coupon. All cases are available at Amazon.com and come with a phenomenal guarantee of quality.
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How to make webinars with unlimited attendees using LeadPages & Google Hangouts
To get LeadPages go to http://www.takepermission.com/LeadPages - This video shows you how to offer webinars with no limits on attendees at no charge to you if you own Lead Pages.
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Great Desktop Lamp for Video
Found this great LED lamp at Costco. If you do video or webinars or just want a great lamp at your desk, check it out! Normande Light all in one LED desk lamp. Call your local Costco to see if they carry it.
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How To Use Evernote For Web Based Research
How to take text from web pages and pull them into Evernote in a way that creates a connected resource inside your notes list.
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11 Reasons Seth Godin achieves 96% completion of his AltMBA
1. Enrollment - Money, time, emotion.the job of the course isn’t to cajole, it’s to transform. Enrollment—in the outcome and the process—is the secret of effective education. 2. Intentional Tension - Creating tension takes intention. It requires more work than offering autopilot. It requires synchronous experiences, higher standards of action taking, challenging thinking, and vulnerability. It requires experiences instead of theories. Peer review instead of lectures.We learn what we do, not what we’re told. 3. Choosing Enthusiasm - Filter students by enthusiasm vs. Pedigree. every admitted student shares the same mindset of seeking true growth 4. The Sojourner Effect - Having other people walking the same path. This creates community, a point of reference, and a tide that rises all boats. Positive peer pressure creates an environment of improvement. They think they’re paying for the coach, but they’re paying for an environment of learning. Everyone makes promises, everyone shows up, everyone connects. 5. In Sync - Move everyone through at the same pace. Synchronous 6. Making Dad Proud - People don’t want to let down the leader. 7. Divide and Serve - Take the focus off of “the king” and spread the responsibility to the capable coaching staff. 8. Tools As Bridges - Effective digital communication tools (not Facebook) multiply impact and save time. They allow for people to connect more deeply and consistently and track information that would otherwise be lost. 9. Less Options - Mandatory shipping. One plan. 10. A Plan - Beginning and end and everything in between. 11. Assumed Success - When there’s been so much success no one wants to be in the quitters group. This is 100% pride.
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Ecamm Live Update - Auto start video when you go live
BEST Facebook Live software for Mac just got a sweet update! Save $20 (40%) on the Master Ecamm Live Class http://www.takepermission.com/learnecammcheap Get the Ecamm Live Software http://www.takepermission.com/getecammlive 1. Source - Load a video file (Command + O) 2. Choose the video (Command + R) 3. Options - Auto-play video files 4. Start your FB Live - video will play automagically! 5. Choose Command + R again to play as outro video.
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iOttie Magnetic Vent Mount Review
Amazon link - http://amzn.to/2ksnYpZ New recommended mount - http://amzn.to/2kTazb4
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How does Moviepass make money at $6.95 a month?
These are the five different ways Moviepass can make money even if they charge $6.95 a month for their service.
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3 Reasons Michael Hyatt Is More Productive Than I Am
1. He's wired differently than me. 2. He's been alive longer than me. 3. He built the system so of course, he's good at the system! Find out more at http://www.FullFocusPlanner.com
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How To Create Reminders In Evernote
The basics of creating reminders in Evernote.
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30 Evernote Tips in 30 Minutes - Master Evernote
Learn to get organized and master Evernote. Master Evernote has moved to http://www.takepermission.com/GetOrganized
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Great use case for merging notes in Evernote
A use case for merging notes in Evernote. Learn more by visiting http://www.takepermission.com/
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40 Things Content Creators Can Use Evernote For
If you're a blogger, author, podcaster, musician or marketer then you're creating content. Evernote is the perfect tool to use. Here are 40 things you can use Evernote for if you're a content creator.
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When should I start using my Full Focus Planner?
Here are the specific guidelines for when you should start using your Full Focus Planner created by Michael Hyatt and Co.
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TaoTronics Metal LED Desklamp Unboxing
A great lamp for fill light if you do video from your desk. Great build, simple controls, stylish, affordable. Amazon - http://amzn.to/2l1HmXx
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How can I combine several email accounts into one Gmail account?
Get all the videos at http://www.FixYourInbox.com. You can manage dozens of email addresses with just one Gmail account and in this video I show you how.
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Kavaj Munich Wallet Review
The team at Kavaj just released a wallet to add to their already solid line up of genuine leather iPad and iPhone cases. Pick yours up at http://amzn.to/1SKp3zL (affiliate link)
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$100 Video Studio - Logitech C920 Expert Camera Setup
Get the camera at http://www.takepermission.com/webcam Get the software at http://www.takepermission.com/logitechsoftware Get the tripod at http://www.takepermission.com/tripod All affiliate links. Thanks for feeding my kids through the commissions those generate.
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It happens EVERY time!
Whenever I make something, it happens. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
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Thanks Evernote!
Thank you Andrew Malcolm and the crew at Evernote for the goodies. Keep making an awesome product.
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Using SumoMe with Rainmaker
Visit http://digihowto.com/ for more Tech Tips.
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How To Send Ecamm Live Recordings To YouTube
The new KILLER feature just added the BEST software for doing Facebook Live. #EcammLive #YouTube #FacebookLive #software #tipsandtricks #productivity #Platform #TakePermission
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Screenflow vs. Zoom recording quality
I will follow up with whatever Zoom tells me.
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Ninja Keyboard Shortcuts for Evernote Users
Visit http://digihowto.com/ for more Tech Tips.
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Evernote Scannable App
Visit http://digihowto.com/ for more Tech Tips.
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How to import subscribers to ConvertKit via CSV
ConvertKit makes it very easy to add subscribers by importing a CSV file. Here’s how to do it!
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Free Evernote Coaching Call by Andy Traub
Why you should use tags instead of notebooks. Why premium is worth it. How to connect notes to each other using Note Links How to tag multiple notes at once.
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Evernote iOS App Sketch Tool Tour
Tour the new sketch capabilities inside the iOS Evernote app.
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iCord Length Fix (Father And Son Activity)
This is a cool hack to shorten the length of your icords. It's also a great activity to do with your son or daughter!
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Slack and Evernote integration tips
New integration between Slack & Evernote to save time & ideas Shortcuts - /note /find /clip (add the word help to any of those to get tips inside Slack) Connect Evernote & Slack: http://www.Evernote.com/slack AND https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2017/10/23/3-ways-evernote-helps-harness-ideas-slack/
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How can I get the cleanest looking inbox
Get all the videos at http://www.FixYourInbox.com. Here's how you can customize the view of your Gmail inbox to have the cleanest view.
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What you look like when you use a lousy webcam and what it's costing you to look that way
People will listen to your ideas and pay for your services more easily if you look good on camera. Here are the links I mentioned. Webcam http://www.takepermission.com/webcam Tripod http://www.takepermission.com/tripod Camera Settings App http://www.takepermission.com/logitechsoftware
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Make Hashtags Quickly In iOS
Here’s how to make hashtags and other shortcuts in iOS to save LOTS of time.
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Understanding Rainmaker Course Access
Here's a quick lesson on how to visualize the course access process that Rainmaker has on their platform. Learn more at http://DigiHowTo.com.
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How does MoviePass work?
http://www.takepermission.com/moviepass This is how to use MoviePass and some guesses at how it makes money on such a cheap service.
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Do THIS after every live event you attend
What should yo do after every event you attend? Take action!
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How to create an Evernote shortcut for the Mac app
Get the step by step checklist at http://www.DigiHowTo.com/evernote-app-shortcut
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How to easily back up Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote
Here is the best way to back up your Kindle Notes and highlights to Evernote for easy searching in the future. You can learn more tips like this at http://www.SystemizeMe.com
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How To Get Evernote Premium for 58 cents a month
WARNING: Coupon codes inside these notebooks expire February 2017. You must redeem them by that date to get the free months of Evernote Premium. If you love Evernote like I do then why not use this "trick" to get it for 75 cents a month?
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Using Evernote To Build Your Online Course
Learn more at - http://www.takepermission.com/intensives
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