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Drop Shipping Tip #5 (part 2) - Tracking numbers updating with DSM Tool chrome extention
Tired of updating your items' tracking numbers? DSM Tool Chrome extension will help you with ease. This video will show you exactly how to do it. join us: www.dsmtool.com
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Welcome to DSM Tool - First Steps Tutorial
This is a 4 minute video tutorial on how to use the dropshipping monitor manager tool. This tutorial intends to provide you with an easy to follow guide on how to source items from Amazon to eBay dropshipping. Join us. Visit www.dsmtool.com
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How to Disconnect and Reconnect eBay to DSM?
By doing this process, it may solve most of the problems that you will encounter in DSM such as information that is not the same in your eBay account and more. Note: This will not delete your listings, it is completely safe. Everything you need for drop shipping - www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping Tip #1 - How to exclude shipping locations on eBay?
This tutorial will help you how to exclude shipping location in eBay. There are locations or places to where you do not wish to ship or deliver items. This video will show you exactly how to do that. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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Multiple Accounts and Virtual Assistants management with DSM Tool
In this video, we'd like to introduce you to two new features in our system: managing multiple accounts and the virtual assistance management. This is an exciting new way to maximize further our dropshipping management tool. Join us: www.dsmtool.com.
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Drop Shipping Tip #5 (part 1) - DSM Tool Drop Shipping Semi Automatic Ordering Bot
Ordering with less clicks! Try our Dsmart Bot. This video will show you how to do half or semi automatic orders. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Bulk Lister: Auto Publish and Bulk Schedule
We introduce you to another two options in the DSM Bulk Lister to make your drop shipping experience better. This video will walk you through the auto publish and a new option, the bulk schedule. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping Tip #3 - How to SELL MORE on eBay using DSM Tool Price Monitor
Optimizing your store’s content means using related search terms or keywords within your listings. By using keywords that eBay visitors actually use, you can have a better eBay rank. This allows you to achieve a higher ranking in eBay search results relating to your items. join us: www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping Tip #2 - How to configure eBay Business Policies
Business policies are the payment, postage and return details you specify for buyers in your listings. This tutorial will tell you how to do that in eBay and synchronize it to your DSM Tool account. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping Tip #7 - How to set eBay store categories to be Auto Selected
eBay Store categories help you organize your items. It also helps your buyers find your items easily by putting them into the right category. How to set eBay store categories to be Auto Selected by listing's category? Watch and learn. Brough to you by www.dsmtool.com price monitor. Join today for FREE!
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DSM Auto Orders Settings and Troubleshooting
join us: www.dsmtool.com eBay Drop shipping arbitrage management platform In this video we are going to discuss the auto order system - how to set it up, how to troubleshoot zip code issues and how to troubleshoot confirmation code issues. For questions, please feel free to leave a comment or a question at our Facebook group page - DSM Tool - International Drop Shipping Community, and we will be glad to assist you.
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How To Set Up a DSM Tool Account
Register and set up a new DSM Tool account. Join today! www.dsmtool.com
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eBates Guide - How to Use eBates with DSM Tool Extension on Chrome
~~~ CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: https://goo.gl/ZCKf6Y ~~~ eBates Cashback Website guide - How to use eBates with DSM Tool Extension on Chrome How to sign up to eBates? How to setup eBates Chrome Extension? How to earn money with Cashback? How to use BOTH DSM Smart Bot Extension AND eBates extension? Full Guide Tutorial
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Drop Shipping Tip #4 - Watermark, Suppliers, and more great features to VIP Members
DSM Tool VIP Club members enjoy special access and privileges. Sign up now our V.I.P plans. join us now: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool   Price Monitor Tutorial eng
DSM Tool Price Monitor page. This is where DSM tool reprices the listing's final price according to changes made from the source. You can also change the details of your listings here to be more salable. Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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DSMagazine: CEO's Review - Amazon vs eBay arbitrage
This week I am reviewing the great interview with Thai Nguyen who is a drop shipping expert who joined forces with the DSMagazine team to answer a question that is being asked over and over in the retail arbitrage scene: Where should you drop ship to? eBay or Amazon? Link to the article: https://blog.dsmtool.com/the-differences-between-drop-shipping-on-amazon-vs-ebay/ In the end of this video I give a hint about the future and upcoming features of DSM Tool, stay tuned by following us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dsmtool Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dsmtool And of course, don't forget to subscribe! www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool - זה פשוט לעשות דרופשיפינג
הצטרפו למהפכה: www.dsmtool.com
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Crazy Lister & DSM Tool Integration Tutorial
Learn how to create amazing templates for ebay and integrate it to Drop Shipping Manager. Introducing DSM Tool, your dropshipping manager tool. Watch full tutorial guide video for dropshippers Visit DSM Tool: http://www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool Rapid Lister Tutorial eng
Learn how to list an item the right way. Thi is the key for people to buy your products out off your listings. DSM Tool Rapid Lister helps you list your items. It is updated and compliant to changes in eBay. Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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How to Use the Auto Feedback and Auto Messages
This video briefly explains how to use the auto feedback and auto messages in DSM tool. How to configure it and how to make sure that you get the most out of it. Website: https://www.dsmtool.com/ Blog: https://blog.dsmtool.com/ Help Center: https://help.dsmtool.com/
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How To Edit a Single Item in DSM Tool Price Monitor
In this video, Joe of DSM team will walk you through a simple tutorial on how to edit items that you already have in your price monitor, dsm tool. We hope this video helps. And if you like our video, give it a thumbs up and share it to friends who can learn from it too!
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Account Setup: Logging in for the first time to DSM Tool
Here is a step by step instructions on how to set-up your account in DSM Tool. Important before practicing Dropshipping. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool Templates Tutorial eng
In Dropshipping, Creating and managing a template for your target market is important. DSM supports it! Want to try?! Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool Find Items Tutorial eng
Having problems thinking what item you should list? Problem Solved! DSM Tool is helping its users with relevant items to publish. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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How to avoid Q1 sales drops - DSMagazine review
The link to the article: http://bit.ly/2EOdED4 In this video Shai Waisbrod, our marketing director talks about some of the tips shared in the latest DSMagazine article, showing how to keep selling strong after the new year.
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DSM Tool Account Settings Tutorial eng
DSM Account settings is the main control of your account. Watch the tutorial for you to know how to set it up properly. Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool -  First Steps Tutorial (Hebrew)
Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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DSMagazine: Feature Review - The Dynamic Template
eBay templates are one of the places you can stand out when facing the rising competition of a best-selling item of yours. In this video, the CEO of DSM Tool, Kfir Shapira, demonstrates how the new feature the eBay Dynamic Template is working. The dynamic template allows drop shippers to make their store unique by assigning the relevant template to the relevant item's category. Join today: www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping from China (AliExpress) with DSM Tool
Drop shipping from CHINA is more simple than you might think! Together with our staff member and AliExpress expert we are proud to release the "Drop Shipping from China" full webinar, and the best part? It's totally FREE! This is your chance to learn how to expand your business and start dropshipping from new sources, it will allow you to reduce the risk of working with a single supplier and gain higher profit margins with new opportunities! If you like the webinar you can help us by sharing it with your friends who also practice drop shipping!
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Welcome to DSM Tool -  First Steps Tutorial
Welcome to the DSM Tool, more than just a monitor. It just takes 4 minutes to get to know the website and the benefits you can get from this awesome dropshipping management too. Join us: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool Dsmart Bot Tutorial eng
Dsmart Bot is a Chrome Extension that will ease your drop-shipping life. How? Watch the video! Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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Find Unmonitored Listings
In this video, we will walk you through a simple tutorial on how to edit listings that are active in your eBay account, yet are not monitored in the DSM price monitor. We hope this video helps. And if you like our video, give it a thumbs up and share it to friends who can learn from it too! Check out the article in our help center: https://help.dsmtool.com/?article=find-unmonitored-listings Have you checked out our magazine yet? https://blog.dsmtool.com/
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DSM Tool - Overview (English)
Welcome to DSM Tool, where drop shipping is made easy! This video will show you how fast and easy dropshipping can be using this tool. Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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Collage Creator
Ever wondered how you can easily edit and mix your products images into one beautiful collage? In this video and article, we are about to show you how to create stunning images in a click of a button, be it with single product uploads or bulk. Check out the Help center article: https://intercom.help/dsm-tool/rapid-lister-and-templates/how-to-use-the-rapid-lister-image-collage-creator Today we will show you how to create a photo collage using DSM Tool. When uploading listings, we want to show items in every angle or in every possible way. Yet, sometimes having a lot of images will not necessarily help. With DSM Tool, you can have your listings shown effectively to customers by creating a photo collage. This also helps buyers by just looking at one or two images rather than going through all of them one by one. So instead of uploading multiple images, why not group them in just one image? Using the Rapid Lister: After importing the item from your source, scroll down until you reach the Images section where you can add more images or change the main Image. Just click the Photo Collage Creator button then another window will pop up. You can choose which of the images you would like to be merged into a collage. Simply drag the image on the left side to the boxes at the right side. There are ways to stretch or resize, move or rotate the image if it doesn’t fit right in the box. The editor allows you to: Rotate the image Resize the image Add background color or change it Add a border style or edit it Save your changes Remove current image from collage There is also an option to auto create or randomly choose images for the collage. Just click the Auto Fill button at the top of the editor page. Once the collage is created based on your own preferences, simply click on Add Collage button. Using the Bulk Lister: There are 2 ways to create a collage here First one is by setting it before you even paste any item ID's to import. Just check this box and it will automatically generate a photo collage for every listing you publish. Second one is after importing the listings, which is just the same way as you do it using Rapid Lister. Once you get to this page, click on the Add Photo Collage button to create a photo collage for each of your listings one by one. Once creating is done, click Publish Now and you’re good to go. Thanks for choosing DSM!
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DSMagazine: CEO's Review - Working with one vs. multiple suppliers
This is hopefully the first in a series of reviews of articles from the DSMagazine, this time Kfir is sharing his opinion about the question: should we be focusing on working with a single supplier or with multiple suppliers? Read the article: https://blog.dsmtool.com/working-multiple-suppliers-focusing-one
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DSMagazine: CEO's review - eBay releasing HUGE promotion tool
Link to the article: https://blog.dsmtool.com/ebay-highline-search-ads-promotion-tool DSM Tool: http://www.dsmtool.com
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In Stock in the source website but OOS in DSM Tool Price Monitor Explanation
One of the most common issue that dropshippers encounter in DSM Tool is, "In stock on the source website but out of stock on DSM". This video will help you to understand why. join us: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool  Drop Shipping Made Easy
Why DSM Tool? It has made dropshipping easy for you! Try it and join the revolution at www.dsmtool.com
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RSS Feeds Indexing Pinging for eBay (by Michael Sankovich)
RSS Feeds, indexing, and pinging. Learn all about it here. This is brought to you by DSM tool, the dropshipping management platform. Join us now: www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Chrome Extension V 5.1
Revolutionary way to list items from Amazon, Walmart, Aliexpress, Kmart, Sears, Overstock, Target and Homedepot to eBay! Best eBay Dropshipping extension! Join us now: http://www.dsmtool.com
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Dropshipping Best Practices using DSM Tool Full Webinar
DSM Tool Overview + Tips on how to sell MORE! Learn how to start a dropshipping business using the DSM tool. If you missed our webinar on 'Learn How To Sell More', we recorded it for you. Join today for FREE: http://www.dsmtool.com
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DSM Tool - Drop Shipping platform full overview
Webinar Time Map (English) Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8hlQNYfjXE Introduction 00:00 • History of DSM Tool 1:22 • Platform Overview 4:10 • New Source (AliExpress) 5:47 How to Begin Working with DSM Platform 7:30 • First Steps 7:45 Video - First Steps Tutorial: https://goo.gl/CbRznk • DSM Menus 8:29 • Support System and Help Options (DSM Help Center and YouTube Channel) • Dashboard Features 14:25 Video - Dashboard Tutorial: https://goo.gl/9z27mT • Importing Items from a Different Monitor 17:49 Video - Import Listings Tutorial: https://goo.gl/kN3MV6 Article - Importing Existing Listings to DSM Tool: https://goo.gl/NEMvD9 • Account Settings 20:00 Video - Account Settings Tutorial: https://goo.gl/rqThoA The Secrets of the Process of Publishing a Best-Selling Item 22:26 • “Lister” Settings 23:12 • Templates 31:55 Video - Templates Tutorial: https://goo.gl/g1G1NA • Rapid Lister 38:58 Video - Rapid Lister Tutorial: https://goo.gl/oG39ya • Find Items 41:19 Video - Find Items Tutorial: https://goo.gl/arWMGY • Bulk Lister 57:50 Video - Bulk Lister: https://goo.gl/TJXWcw Day to Day Business Management with DSM 1:05:25 • Price Monitor 1:06:01 Video - Price Monitor Tutorial: https://goo.gl/6suZpT • Filter 1:07:09 • Table Structure 1:08:15 • Add Note 1:14:47 • Editing and Deleting Listing/s 1:15:33 • Global Operations 1:22:53 • Dashboard 1:25:17 Video - Dashboard Tutorial: https://goo.gl/9z27mT • Listing Protections 1:28:48 How does DSM help me Process Sales and Calculate Profits? • Sales and Profits Table Structure 1:37:55 • Messages Center 1:44:12 Video - Messages Center: https://goo.gl/TVJsC5 • Chili-Tracker 1:45:21 Video - Chili-Tracker Automation Tool: https://goo.gl/8tAqNq • Auto-Order 1:47:28 Video - How does the DSM Auto Order works: https://goo.gl/4o2d27 Video - Auto Orders Settings and Troubleshooting: https://goo.gl/AZR1dC Article - How does the Auto Item Order works: https://goo.gl/XYSd6f • Dsmart Bot Chrome Extension 1:53:48 Video - Dsmart Bot Tutorial: https://goo.gl/ny8nYe Working with Multiple Accounts and Virtual Assistants in DSM 1:57:13 • Multiple Linked Accounts 1:58:38 Video - Multiple Accounts and Virtual Access: https://goo.gl/Ssb2sg • Virtual Assistant Access 2:02:20 Video - Multiple Accounts and Virtual Access: https://goo.gl/Ssb2sg Money-Saving Tips from DSM Team • Find Items 2:06:08 Video - Find Items Tutorial: https://goo.gl/arWMGY • Cashback Websites 2:06:19 • Chrome Extensions 2:06:44 • Affiliate Program 2:07:00 Article – Affiliate Program: https://goo.gl/LJzEri • Dsmart Bot Chrome Extension 2:08:16 Video - Dsmart Bot Tutorial: https://goo.gl/ny8nYe • Facebook Group Page 2:09:32 Social Media - Facebook Community: https://goo.gl/k93bxX • Help Center 2:10:44 Knowledge Base – DSM Help Center: https://goo.gl/EdJ67D • DSM Tool Blog 2:11:03 Blog – DSM Blog Site: https://goo.gl/koBSkF Summary 2:11:39 End 2:14:11
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ובינר DSM TOOL - איך למכור יותר באיביי באמצעות דרופשיפינג?
היכרות עם מערכת DSM TOOL וטיפים איך למכור יותר באיביי באמצעותה הצטרפו עכשיו: http://www.dsmtool.com
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Drop Shipping Tip #6 - How to work with Amazon Add-On items in DSM Tool
Add On items are items that are sold by Amazon only as an addition to another order above $25 or £20. Various Drop Shippers use different strategies regarding their Add On items. This video will help you on how to sell Amazon Add On items using the DSM Tool. join us: www.dsmtool.com
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How To Import Listings In DSM Tool From Other Repricer Tools
This video is an updated version of the first Import Listings tutorial. The video is to show you how to successfully import items to your DSM tool account from other repricer tools. Enjoy! DSMtool.com - Sell More!
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DSM Tool eBay drop shipping: How does the DSM Auto Order works?
How to automate your drop shipping arbitrage business with DSM Auto Orders feature. Only from the DSM Tool drop shipping management platform. Join now: http://www.dsmtool.com
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Buy Amazon gift card with Paypal using DSM Tool
Purchasing Amazon gift cards using Paypal is the best way to manage the flow of your drop shipping business and it is done easily using DSM platform. Join us: www.dsmtool.com For questions, feel free to leave a message in our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/302218076779310/
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Features News - Vero alerts, Banggood & more
We have made some updates to our platform and proud to present them to you in this latest Features News edition! Banggood is now a supported supplier in DSM Tool, you can list products from banggood within a click of a button, the DSM Price Monitor will reprice them every 60 minutes and soon a chrome extension support will be released as well to allow you to easily collect items directly from banggood website as well as copy paste customer addresses and tracking information within a click of a button, check it out: https://blog.dsmtool.com/dropship-from-banggood/ VERO Alerts: We have collected in the past two years thousands of cases of vero reports thanks to the DSM community who reported vero brands in the price monitor page using the report vero feature. Until today, we have blocked the option in the rapid lister to publish items that appear in that vero list, Today we are introducing a new level of vero defence mechanism - an active daily scan to all of the products in your price monitor page. Every day when we scan your products and mark the ones with violations as vero, you can then find an alert in the dashboard page and within a click view all of the marked items in the price monitor page. Learn More: http://support.dsmtool.com/general/dashboard-alerts Rapid Lister auto-save: A highly requested feature of the DSM Community is an auto-save for the rapid lister, starting today, if you are working on a listing and decides to continue later or maybe something happened and your computer crashed - do not worry. The DSM Rapid Lister auto saves the edits you have already done and let you go back to edit once you open the rapid lister again. Learn More: https://support.dsmtool.com/rapid-lister-bulk-lister-and-ebay-templates/the-rapid-lister-auto-save Sharing Auto Order Credits: A feature that is updated as well is the auto-order feature. As part of the preparations for the auto-order improvements planned for 2019, the auto order credits are now shared between linked accounts. As your online business grows - you might want to add new stores as sales channels, the DSM Multiple Accounts support allows you to manage all of the stores under a single subscription by simply upgrading the main account and linking to it the other accounts which we refer to as child accounts Until today, only the listings limit subscription was shared between the main and linked accounts. Starting today, auto-order credits will be shared as well between the main and the linked accounts. If you already purchased credits for your linked accounts, contact the DSM support and we will transfer those to your main account. Learn More: https://intercom.help/dsm-tool/creating-a-dsm-account-billing-and-upgrading/accounts-management/managing-multiple-accounts-on-dsm-tool Pricing Strategy Update Another feature who got updated is the pricing strategy feature. The pricing strategy feature allows you to increse or decrese the profit level automatically based on your listings performance. For example, you can set up an automated decrease of the item’s price for every item that doesn’t sell for 3 days or an automatic increase of 5% of the profit every two sales. Learn More: https://intercom.help/dsm-tool/account-settings/pricing-strategy The last part of the update for today is design improvements. Check out the new layout of the Messages center, giving customer service has become much easier due to a new design to that page. The Price Monitor page was re-designed as well in order to improve your experience when working on the website. Make sure to subscribe to our channel if you like our content!
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DSM Tool Dashboard Tutorial eng
DSM Tool dashboard is meant to assist with your account management. It gives you information and overview of how your business is running? Join us at www.dsmtool.com
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