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Using Berkley Flicker Shads for Walleye Fishing - Season #8 - HotTopics
Keith Kavajecz explains in detail how to choose the right size Berkley Flicker Shad crankbait to match the conditions you're faced with in your walleye fishing.
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Gearing Up for Night Walleye Jig Bite - Real Deal Tip-RD912
Keith talks about how important the details are in your gear selection for a night-time jigging bite for walleyes.
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Fishing Tip - Setting Up Your Fish Finder for Ice Fishing - The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #4
From episode #4 of Season #9 of The Next Bite, Keith Kavajecz shows us a great way to set up your fish finder to better see what's going on below the ice and help you catch more fish.
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Fishing Tip - Walleye Locations in Small Rivers S11E02
Gary Parsons goes over the different locational patterns they found fishing walleyes in a small river in Michigan's U.P..
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Fluorocarbon Leaders for Musky and Pike with Canoe Knot - The Next Bite - Hot Topics - Season 2
Keith exposes one of his techniques for his other fishing loves, muskies and pike.
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Tracker Rough Water Boats - The Next Bite (low quality)
See which boat gives you the best features for your money when you are fishing in rough water.
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Keith's Visiting Thief on Lake of the Woods
For licensing or usage, contact [email protected] Keith has an unexpected visitor, while ice fishing on Lake of the Woods, who tries to steal his fish.
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Fishing Tip - Choosing the Right Deep V Boat S12E03
Whether you like fishing on big lakes or small lakes, Keith Kavajecz tells you which boat would be best for you.
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Hooksets for Walleye Jigging - The Next Bite - Site Bites - Season 3
Keith explains about how quickly you need to be setting the hook, and the type of equipment you need to be using to catch more monster walleyes.
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Fishing Tip - Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shads S11E04
Berkley Pro Staffer Jason Przekurat introduces us to one of his favorite walleye baits, the Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad, and demonstrates how he uses it to catch fish.
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Back to Basics: Planer Boards
Learn from the masters themselves! The importance of tight lines, structured boards, wind direction, and tattle flags. Keith and the DeShano's will explain all the nitty-gritty details about planer boards best practices!
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Keith Kavajecz Fishing Seminar - Post Spawn Trolling
Keith Kavajecz's Seminar at the 2009 Mills Fleet Farm Expo at Lambeau Field.
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Keith Kavajecz on his Top Ten at NWT
Pro Angler and host of The Next Bite, Keith Kavajecz talks about his recent top 10 finish at the Cabela's National Walleye Tournement in Saginaw Bay, Michigan! His secret sensation? The #9 flicker in Copperhead and Blue Smelt; using the "50+2" method, and perfecting his depth usint the Precision Trolling Data App!
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Trim Tabs on Nitro ZV21
Keith Kavajecz talks about the trim tabs on the Nitro ZV21 and how they're good for load leveling and handling rough waters.
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Fishing Tip - Fishing the Shiver Minnow in Open Water S11E08
Keith Kavajecz explains that in the technique of "Shivering", or casting a Shiver Minnow lure to fish set up on structure, that the cadence you use in retrieving the lure can make a difference in getting bites.
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MotorGuide Xi5 on Pontoons
Pontoons are the perfect family boat, and adding a MotorGuide Xi5 Trolling Motor can make it great for fishing.
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Trolling Berkley Flicker Shads for Open Water Walleyes - Season 6
Keith Kavajecz shows us the the baits and the technique that helped put a nice bunch of big walleyes in the boat for this episode of The Next Bite.
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Mercury Big Tiller Handle - The Next Bite - Season 6 - Hot Topics
Chase Parsons learns about Mercury Marine's new Big Tiller Handle and it's great features.
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Fishing Tip - Muskie Locations in River Systems S11E13
Professional fly fisherman and guide Chris Willen talks about muskie locations in small rivers.
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Keith Kavajecz Fishing Seminar - Offshore Planer Boards - Audience Question
Keith Kavajecz's Seminar at the 2009 Mills Fleet Farm Expo at Lambeau Field.
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Fishing Tip - Berkley Twitchtail Minnow and Johnson Thin Fisher S10E03
Gary Parsons show us two products from Berkley that will help you catch more walleyes.
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Mustad's Slow Death Hook with Artificials - Season #7
Gary Parsons explains how the popular Slow Death rigging tactic isn't just for live bait.
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Keith Kavajecz Fishing Seminar - Early Season Shallow Walleyes
Keith Kavajecz's Seminar at the 2009 Mills Fleet Farm Expo at Lambeau Field.
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Fishing Tip - Using Structure Scan to find walleyes on rocks S11E11
Chase Parsons demonstrates why its beneficial to use Lowrance's Structure Scan technology and not just sonar to locate walleyes relating to rocky structure.
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Fishing Tip - MotorGuide Xi5 S10E07
Keith Kavajecz goes over the features of the MotorGuide Xi5 trolling motor.
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Keith Kavajecz Fishing Seminar - GULP! and Secondary Bites
Keith Kavajecz's Seminar at the 2009 Mills Fleet Farm Expo at Lambeau Field.
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Season 14 Episode 2: Finding Springtime Detroit River Walleyes
Keith and walleye pro John Hoyer go incognito in search of Detroit River Walleyes. Catch new episodes each week on: CBS Sports: Saturdays 7:30am / 6:30 am central Destination America: Saturdays 8am east / 7 am central World Fishing Network: Tuesdays 6pm east / 5 pm central NBC SportsNet Chicago Plus: Tuesdays 1pm east
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How To: MotorGuide Lowrance Pinpoint GPS System
Keith Kavajecz and Chase Parsons introduce connection between Lowrance HDS Gen2 and the MotorGuide Xi5-Pinpoint GPS trolling motor system.
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How To: Retrieve Techniques while Casting Crankbaits
Chase shows you how you want to be working your crankbait in order to catch more fish.
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Mercury 9.9 Pro Kicker
Keith Kavajecz talks about the features of the new Merucyr 9.9 Pro Kicker, a great tool for controlling your speed when trolling.
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Tracker Marine VERSATRACK System - Season #8 - Hot Topics
Chase Parsons shows us Tracker's VERSATRACK accessories system and how it works to make your boat easier to fit your style of fishing and boating.
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Fishing Tip - Mustad's Super Death Hook for more Walleyes S11E13
If you have followed our show and our website the past few years, you know we love using the Slow Death tactic and Mustad's Slow Death hook to catch walleyes. Well now, as Chase explains, Mustad has developed the Super Death Hook that will work even better for fishing full crawlers and artificial tails!
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Jigging for Migrating Reservoir Walleye | Season 15 Episode 10
Keith Kavajecz and Jim Carroll use “the ugliest walleye bait ever” to jig up migrating Walleye on Lake Sakakawea. Catch us all week long: Discovery: Saturday 7:30/6:30c AM WFN - World Fishing Network: Wednesday 9:30/8:30c AM, Friday: 3:00/2:00c AM & 11/10c PM, Sunday: 5:30/4:30c PM NBC Sports Chicago: Thursday 12PM central
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Fishing Tip - Tracker's Targa 20ft Boat S12E01
Chase Parsons talks about the features of the Tracker Targa 20ft Boat.
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Berkley Twitchtail Minnow & Johnson Thinfisher - Jigging Channels - 1003RD
Gary Parsons shows us some techniques & tackle for jigging channel areas on lakes for walleyes.
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Fishing Tip - Berkley FireLine vs NanoFil
Keith Kavajecz discusses the difference in Berkley FireLine and Berkley NanoFil and explains when and where you may prefer to use one over the other.
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Slip Bobber Setups - The Next Bite - The Real Deal - Season 3
Keith shows you all of the components necessary in order to have an effective slip bobber setup.
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Fishing Tip - Setting Up Right to Troll Lead Core on Contours - The Next Bite Season #9 Episode #11
How you set up your rods when contour trolling with lead core for walleye and/or sauger can be key to success, as explained in this clip by Chase Parsons.
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Tattle Flag Trolling Board Modifications - The Next Bite - Season 2
Gary shows you a few ways to modify your trolling boards to make them more effective at catching fish.
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Keith Kavajecz Jig Set for Walleye Fishing
Keith talks jigging with some of his favorite products including Berkley Fireline or Nanofil, the Bass Pro Shops 6' medium-light rod, and making a larger profile bait with Gulp! Minnows!
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Fishing Tip - Tracker Pro Guide V 175 SC & Mercury 115 FourStroke Review S11E03
Keith Kavajecz gives his thought on this Tracker Pro Guide V-175 rigged with a Mercury 115 FourStroke.
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Drop Shot Walleyes! | Season 15 Episode 7
Gary Parsons and Jason Przekurat use the Bass based technique of Drop-Shotting to catch Walleyes on Northern Wisconsin Lakes.
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Mustad Slow Death Hook and Artificial Baits
Keith Kavajecz explains a couple of his favorite artificial baits to use when employing the Slow Death presentation for walleyes.
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Season 15 Episode 2: Rainy River Walleye Windows
Join Keith Kavajecz and friends Trent Einichner and Donny O'Bert on the Rainy River for some massive walleye landings!
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The Wild West: Fort Peck Reservoir Walleyes (S12E06)
Keith Kavajecz’s favorite place to fish for Walleye is in the Missouri River- and Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana is the wildest Walleye jigging he’s seen yet.
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Keith Kavajecz Fishing Seminar - Slow Death - Audience Question
Keith Kavajecz's Seminar at the 2009 Mills Fleet Farm Expo at Lambeau Field.
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Fishing Tip - Blade Baits in the Fall S12E11
Gary Parsons shows you a bait that he likes to use that a lot of walleye fishermen don't normally use, blade baits.
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Chase Parsons Fishing Seminar - Mustad Slow Death - The Next Bite
Chase Parsons seminar at the 2009 Lambeau Fleet Farm Expo.
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Lowrance HDS - The Next Bite - Season 5 - Hot Topics
Keith Kavajecz walks through some of the new exciting features that come standard on the new line of Lowrance HDS units.
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When to Use a Leader for Fireline Jigs - The Next Bite - Site Bites - Season 2
Gary shows you that when using fireline on your jigs, then you don't always want to use a leader.
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