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Something About Jigheads
This is a quick clip about jigheads, their properties and how to select them. Enjoy!
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Berkley Jerk Shad 5" & 7"
A little look at how to rig a Jerk Shad.
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Penn Squall 12 Casting Review
Adam Royter go for a blast with the Penn Squall 12. See what he has to say!
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Hardy Zephrus - NEW for 2016
The all NEW Hardy ZEPHRUS fly rods are the true 'fire and forget' for the angler and will change the way you fish...for the better! Now available in Australia and New Zealand. Head to your local stockist for a cast today. Enjoy! 720HD
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Hardy Fly Rods - Glass 7' 3# 'The Stream'.
Hardy fibreglass rods are a beautiful addition to your rod collection. For small waters the rod called 'The Stream' is perfect for little trout and short casts.
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Hardy Zenith 8' 3#
A quick look at the 8 foot 3 weight Hardy Zenith fly rod + casting tip. Enjoy!
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Taking Out The Twist
A short clip showing you and easy way to take twist out of your fishing line on the spot.
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Setting Your Drag
Adam Royter help you set your drag the easy way!
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One Tough Bow Case!
Flambeau SafeShot Bow Case's super light and super tough. They'll hold your pride & joy and keep it safe while taking care of all the hard knocks...and I mean hard! If you haven't checked them out, you really should.
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Tonic Eyewear - The Choice Is Clear
Adam Royter talks about why he uses Tonic polarised sunglasses.
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Gulp Minnow & Jigging Grub
Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub & Jigging Grub - how to rig and fish these two awesome little baits.
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Rigging A Standard Jighead
In this clip Adam Royter shows you how to rig a standard jighead with a soft bait.
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Rigging A Weedless Worm Hooks
In this clip Adam Royter will show how to rig a weedless worm hook.
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Waterfalls 2015
Kristina Royter hit some waterfalls in southland with Tony Dawson for a day...fun times!
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3B Puppy Dog & How to Cast Light Spin
This is more of a 'how to cast' with your index finger on the side of the spool lip rather than a 'how to fish' the 3B Puppy Dog. Hope you get something out of it. Sorry about the sound in the last little bit of the casting...silly mics!!
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Berkley 3B Puppy Dog
The retrieve methods for the 3B Puppy Dog (small hard bodied lure).
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Light Speed by Mad Dog Rods
This is another custom rod built by Mad dog Rods with Matagi, Frogley's Offshore & Fuji. Enjoy!
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ABU Orra II SX20 2015
Kristina Royter runs you through why she loves the new Orra. Take a look and see what she has to say!
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3b luring 20121
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Rigging With A Treble Assist
In this clip Adam Royter show how to rig a treble assist on a jighead.
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Kristina Royter 2014 Trout Open Day Clip
A video introduction for Kris's first written article in CAST EMag issue 4. Muzz Wilson on drone. A.Royter on cam and dodgy edit.
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Squid Retrieves with Adam Royter
Just a few squid jig retrieves for you here. Remember that there's no rule book on retrieves for any lure - just make it up as you go and see what works for you!
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Murray Wilson 'Unfuzzled' with Kristina Royter
An interview with one of the worlds greatest fly tiers - about life, love and the trout left behind.
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Simms G3 Guide Boot 2014 Review
Simms are the manufacturers of arguably the best waders in the world. These are their prime boots for this season and why I love them to bits. Boots that go where you want them to go.
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PowerBait Gulp Nuggets for Trout
Mad Dog explains how easy it is to use PowerBait/Gulp nuggets.
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Rigging A Torpedo Jighead.
In this clip Adam Royter show to rig a Torpedo Jighead with a soft bait.
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ABU Revo Premier 20 Spinning Reel Break down & up
Adam Royter pulls apart a REVO Prem 20 for you and explains the bits that make it work and how to look after your reel.
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Spinnerbait Owner Stinger Hook
Quick and easy way to attach a stinger hook using size 3 soft glow beads to your spinnerbait. There are many methods for doing this....this is just another one! Enjoy.
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Instructions from - The Berkley Challenger Combo 'Soft Bait Outfit'.
This is the instructional video from the Berkley Challenger Combo.
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Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo 70-lb Black RH
This is just a little vid for the people that might want a closer look at this bow straight out of the box - an unboxing if you like! Enjoy
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Berkley Gulp! Hellgramite & Cricket
Banging it up with some of Berkley's craziest critters. Check it!!
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Owner Jobu Monster Single.wmv
This is a simple way of turning a trebled lures into a single hook lure. It works well for tuna, wahoo, mackerel etc. You can opt for a smaller hook size if you are running lighter line such as 20, 30, 50-lb braid or 10, 15-kg mono. For these lighter line classes and indeed smaller lures, try a 6/0 or 8/0.
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Hardy Fortuna X2 fly reel pull down.
On this vid I'll take a swim through the middle of a Hardy Fortuna X2 fly reel to show you what it looks like...and to stop you doing it yourself and loosing all the bits on the carpet!
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Simms Headwaters Chest Pack
Simms Headwaters Chest Pack and what you can stuff in it. Little things that carry a lot!! Go to www.maddogroyter.com to see the full review. #simmsfishing #adamroytermedia
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Owner ST11UL Profile
The run-down on why you would use an Owner ST11UL (ultra light) on a hard body lure instead of the standard ST36.
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Large Jigheads
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Fly fishing Delta Beats Fiordland South Island NZ
Stupid spot to cast or a stupid place for a trout to live...little bit of column A little bit of column B. Still heaps of fun!!
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The Gulp 3" Fry - Super Soft Bait!
I love the Fry. It tickles my fancy in more than a few way. Rib tickler of a thing that just catches anything that swims! We love you fry oxox
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ABU Garcia Revo ALX Clip
An advert we shot using the first 'Salt Shield' ABU Garcia reel from Japan - the REVO ALX. #abugarciaforlive #abu #purefishing
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Berkley Squid Vicious on Snapper
Berkley Gulp! Squid Vicious is a killer snapper soft bait. Check out one way to use it here...
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Dry fly fishing small creeks NZ
Pick a fish...any fish! Some lovely fish in this very small water. Fun on dries! #newzealand #southisland #straysouth
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Owner Micro Snaps
In this clip Adam runs you through two very cool little snaps for lure casting.
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Seg 2 5" & 7" Gulp Jerk Shads
Part 2 of the Gulp Jerk Shad vid...sorry it took so long. Enjoy!
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Dog Knots Double Uni
How to tie a double uni knot.
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Fishing Gulp Salmon Eggs in a stream and some ways to rig them.
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Cultiva CTM55F Trout Spinning
A little 'how to' on trout spinning with Cultive 55F's.
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2 weeks of Sony Action Cam AS100
A quick look at my Sony Action Cam AS100's first 2 weeks of life. What a great unit!! The vision is kick-ass and the accessories are awesome. Add SteadyShot, Exmor 'R' CMOS Sensor, ZEISS Tessar Lens and full range of shooting options...did I mention the colour wrist screen controls..!? Anyway, I like it. Check it out.
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Gamakatsu S13S-M Spinner with Adam Royter
Here Adam ties a a size 20 spinner pattern after putting it to good use on a small brown trout.
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ABU Garcia Veritas 3.0 advert
Advert...thats all.
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Berkely Fireline Ultra 8
An advert for Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 I shot last year...in the freezing cold...not that you could tell!! #berkely #ultra8 #adamroyter
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