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As Savage Arms' Bill Dermody says, "Texas has hogs and they need to be killed." And Savage has the gun for the job, as he explains to Dustin Ellerman
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Ruger American .223 Bolt Action Review, SHOT Show Media Day 2014
Dustin Ellermann shoots the new Ruger American .223 bolt action.
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The October Lull with Lou Marullo
Texas Fish & Game Hunting Editor, Lou Marullo, shares some insight on the October deer hunting lull.
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Smith & Wesson 460 XDR Review, SHOT Show Media Day 2014
Smith & Wesson's new 460 Performance Center XDR packs a powerful punch with its .460 magnum. But Dustin Ellermann gets to demonstrate this handgun's versatility by shooting the .460 mag AND .45 and .464 cartridges as well.
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Ted Nugent on Fred Bear
Texas Fish & Game's Editor-at-Large Ted Nugent shares memories of his lifelong friend and mentor, bowhunting legend Fred Bear. Includes an authorized recording of Ted's classic hunting anthem, "Fred Bear."
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Gulp! Saltwater
John Prochnow and Chester Moore talk about new Berkley Gulp! saltwater bait, designed especially for the Texas coast.
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Grenade Fishing Gone Horribly Wrong
Anglers fishing with grenades learn there are reasons not to do that other than legality.
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Jim Tutt Lipless on 'Pines
Pro angler Jim Tutt of Longview has a dream day fishing Rat-L-Traps on Lake O' The Pines during the midst of a chilly Texas winter.
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Daiwa T Wing Reel
Daiwa's new T-Wing Casting Reels represent a breakthrough in baitcasting performance. The T-Wing system replaces the conventional baitcast level wind with a t-shaped guide that intelligently adapts to line motion as it leaves the reel.
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Boarding Ladder
A boarding ladder is critical piece of safety equipment that every bass boat should have.
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Springfield Armory Range Officer 9mm Review, SHOT Show Media Day 2014
Dustin Ellermann met up with shooting champion Rob Leatham at the Springfield Armory pistol range and took a few shots with the new Range Officer 9mm.
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Bass legend Rick Clunn talks with Chester Moore about fishing the Bassmaster Classic in an aluminum boat.
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TF&G Bowhunting Editor Lou Marullo shows how to talk like a critter instead of a human.
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Rock River Arms 1911 Polymer, SHOT Show 2014
Rock River Arms introduced a polymer version of the 1911 model handgun. The pistol retains a steel chassis and steel slide, for added strength in its steel-to-steel action, but the polymer frame reduces its weight by 4 ounces.
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SHOT 2013-Dustin Ellermann also got a look at Redfield\'s new Counterstrike tactical sight, with visible laser and red or green dot setting.
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Rick Clunn on Crankbaits
Legendary pro bass angler Rick Clunn pioneered the use of crankbaits in competitive fishing, and helped create a huge market for the versatile and deadly lures. In this interview with Texas Fish & Game's Chester Moore, the crankbait master shares some of his well-honed knowledge along with some personal recollections of how they help him climb to legendary status.
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CZ-USA Laupa .338, SHOT Show 2014
CZ also showed Dustin Ellermann a new .338 rifle, the CZ-550 Custom .338 Lapua.
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Mossberg Plant Tour- Polishing & Blueing
Steve LaMascus tours the Mossberg manufacturing plant in Eagle Pass, and sees how they polish and blue barrels.
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Umarex, SHOT Show 2014
Umarex added a fully loaded .177 caliber suppressed hunting rifle to their huge line of air guns. The Umarex Fuel fires pellets at up to 1200 feet-per-second, comes with anti-vibration lock-down scope mount, integrated bi-pod, and a 5-chambered noise dampening system for sound suppression.
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SHOT 2013-Engel also presented a new dry box cooler that protects valuables while cooling your goodies.
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Texas Rattlin Rig
Steve Walko of Texas Rattlin Rig shows off his latest innovation at the 2012 Houston Fishing Show.
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Gulf Coast Rod Holders has invented a very cool new setup that allows you to securely carry your rods and reels in the bed of your pickup, without risking damage or clutter. Easy to install and easy to use.
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New Styles from WileyX, SHOT Show 2014
Wiley X showed off some stylish new eyewear designs. And, like all Wiley X eyewear, these new styles are tough—as they showed us with a live missile-attack demonstration.
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Victoria, Texas-based Waterloo Rod Company is introducing a new line of rods they've named their Salinity Series. The line will soon be available at Academy Sports + Outdoors stores all along the coast.
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Rock River Arms .458 SOCOM Beast, SHOT Show 2014
Dustin Ellermann takes a close look at the new .458 SOCOM Beast AR from Rock River Arms.
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DeSantis Holsters, SHOT Show 2014
Chester Moore checked out a bunch of new items from DeSantis Gamehide, a leading manufacturer of holsters and other concealed carry products.
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SHOT 2013 - Sun Optics Tactical
SHOT 2013-Sun Optics introduced new tactical sights.
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SHOT Show Range Day 2018: STI Omni Handgun
STI Omni at 2018 SHOT Show The 2018 SHOT Show was held in late January in Las Vegas. Hundreds of shooting and hunting industry manufacturers were on hand to display new products for 2018 and beyond. The Industry Range Day was located on a sprawling shooting range facility just outside of Bolder, Nevada. Texas Fish & Game Tactical Editor Dustin Ellermann and Contributing Editor Dustin Warncke attended Range Day and had a literal field day testing dozens of new firearms, accessories, ammo and other great gear, including a crossbow. Check out more great videos and blog posts from the 2018 SHOT Show and learn more about the great shooting and hunting products that will be introduced later in the year, at FishGame.com. You can also view more videos on our YouTube Channel at youtube.com/fishgamevideo.
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Engel Coolers
Engel Coolers has retooled their entire line of premium coolers and come out with a host of impressive new improvements to an already proven product.
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SHOT 2013-Puma Knives, making knives for more than 240 years, showed off some traditional hunting knives, some new tactical knives and new machetes.
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SHOT 2013-AccuSharp has a new Diamond Pro Series of sharpeners.
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