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Getting Started With Doctopus
Doctopus is a fabulous Google Add-on that will serve as a virtual copy machine for assignments in your Google Apps paperless classroom. This brief overview tutorial will show you how to get started with using the Doctopus Add-On for Google Sheets.
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You're Doing it Wrong! Managing/Toggling Between Multiple Google Accounts
This is one of my favorite Google tips and has made my life so much easier! A lot of Google users have more than one Google account, often a school account and a personal account. If you are like me, you have like fifteen accounts. Logging in and out can be an absolute pain! But I am here to show you a better way! I find that a lot of users do not even know about this tip, so I felt like I should create a tutorial. The video shows the wrong way, how to fix it, and how to toggle between your Google accounts the right way--using Google Chrome. Subscribe to Shake Up Learning and get Your FREE Google Cheat Sheets eBook! http://www.shakeuplearning.com/subscribe.html
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The Dynamic Learning Framework for Teachers by Kasey Bell (Whiteboard Animation)
Technology is NOT a magic solution for education, but it is an opportunity—an opportunity to do things differently, to deepen the learning, to engage students in new ways, and an opportunity for Dynamic Learning. Dynamic learning is characterized by constant change and activity. This learning takes place organically, growing and evolving through more unconventional means, with the learner collaborating, creating, and communicating to demonstrate progress and mastery. Learn more about Dynamic Learning and The Dynamic Learning Framework by Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning by watching this video, and pick up a copy of her book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic. http://ShakeUpLearningBook.com
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10 Reasons to Become a Google Certified Educator (Video 1)
Find out what all the fuss is about! Learn 10 Reasons and Benefits to Becoming a Google Certified Educator. Plus, get a sneak peek of the Google Certified Educator Academies from Shake Up Learning. Go to http://googlecertifiededucator.com to learn more! Learn more about Level 1 Academy: http://shakeup.link/level1 Learn more about Level 2 Academy: http://shakeup.link/level2
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NAO Robot Dances to Thriller at TCEA 2014
This robot is so amazing, entertaining, and is a great tool for learning!
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Kasey Bell Google Teacher Application #GTAATX
This video is for the #GTAATX application. This video is done in an infomercial style--selling my brand, Shake Up Learning. I took a risk and tried to do something different to stand out. Hopefully this video and the rest of my application will demonstrate not only my creative side, but also how I innovate to generate positive change.
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The Google Classroom Master Class Online Course
This course contains everything you need to become a Google Classroom master! In August 2018, Google Classroom received some major updates. You can get hands-on with all of these fantastic updates and take your Google Classroom skills to the next level! Beginners can learn everything they need to get started. Intermediate level users can focus on learning more advanced features. Go at your own pace. Learn more: https://shakeup.link/gcmaster
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How to Create Screencast GIFs with Gyazo GIF
Visit the blog post for more details: http://shakeup.link/howtogyazo There are several tools available for taking screenshots, creating screencast videos, and creating animated GIF screencasts. I create these all the time and find they are particularly useful for showing students and teachers how-to complete short tasks or use features in your favorite applications. I’m sharing my favorite screencast GIF tool, Gyazo.
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How to Become a Google Certified Educator (Video 2)
Ready to get Google Certified? Find out what it takes to become a Google Certified Educator (Level 1 and Level 2). Plus, get a sneak peek of the Google Certified Educator Academies from Shake Up Learning. Go to http://googlecertifiededucator.com to learn more!
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Google Slides Online Course for Teachers!
I frequently refer to Google Slides as the Swiss Army Knife of the G Suite tools because it is capable of being so much more than a presentation tool. In this course, you will learn how to use Slides in new and unexpected ways in your classroom that will engage your students and make learning more dynamic! This class is perfect for beginner to intermediate users to take their skills to the next level and become a Google Slides Master! Learn more: https://shakeup.link/gsmaster
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How to Create a Google Account
This is a brief tutorial on how to create a Google account.
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Everything You Want to Know About the Google Certified Trainer Application (Video 2)
This video will walk you through all of the questions and requirement for the Google for Education Certified Trainer Application, including links, tips and tricks, and more. Click here to access the blog post and links mentioned in the video: http://www.shakeuplearning.com/blog/everything-wanted-know-google-certified-trainer-application/
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Everything You Want to Know About the Google Certified Trainer Application (Video 2)
This video will walk you through all of the questions and requirement for the Google for Education Certified Trainer Application, including links, tips and tricks, and more. Go to http://BecomeaGoogleTrainer.com to learn more.
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6 Steps to Google Certified Trainer (Video 1)
This video covers the 6 steps to becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer in-depth, including the exams and application details. This is the first video of three covering information about becoming a Google Certified Trainer and the Become a Google Trainer course from Shake Up Learning and Kasey Bell. For more information, visit: http://becomeagoogletrainer.com
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Announcing: The Shake Up Learning Book
Learn all about my new book in this video! Find out more about the book, the FREE resources, and the companion course here: https://shakeuplearningbook.com/
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Jeffrey Tambor - Closing Keynote of SXSWEdu
This is a clip from Jeffrey Tambor's brilliant closing session at SXSWEdu.
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Edu on Air: The best of both worlds: Google Apps for the iPad!
Don’t let anyone tell you that the iPad doesn’t play well with Google Apps! There are now 50 Google Apps for iOS! Let’s dive in, and discover the best Google Apps for the iPad. Learn practical tips and tricks to save you time and storage space, practical integration ideas for the classroom and shared iPads, and ways to stay more productive with Google. Resources for the session can be found here: http://bit.ly/iPadGoogle2015 This session is part of Education on Air, the free online conference from Google. Register for free at http://goo.gl/Gkww6N
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5 Things to Know About Google Classroom Webinar
Google Classroom received some major updates in 2018. Let's take a deep dive into the 5 Things You Need to Know! Learn all about the 2018 updates to Google Classroom! https://shakeuplearning.com/blog/5-things-to-know-about-the-new-google-classroom/ Learn more about the online course: https://shakeup.link/gcmaster
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ipadpalooza student light show
Opening session light show designed by westlake students.
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Kasey Bell - Sharing is Caring - DILA 2015 Winner
My video application for the 2015 DILA Sharing is Caring Award.
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The Dynamic Learning Workshop - Companion Course to Shake Up Learning
I have designed a companion course, The Dynamic Learning Workshop, to help you go deeper into the concepts from the Shake Up Learning book. This companion course is more than a book study, it's a full learning experience with even more ideas and actions to help you really transform your classroom! Bring the book to life with the companion course! HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL GET WITH THE COURSE: ​Self-paced Video-based lessons PDF Downloads Action Plans Templates, Resources, & Lesson Ideas Lesson Plans Technology & Learning Tips for Teachers 6 hours professional learning credit PO's are accepted Bulk license discounts for large groups! Get your whole team, campus, or district on board! Learn more: http://shakeup.link/DLworkshop
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Kasey Bell - Sharing is Caring - DILA 2014 Honorable Mention
This video is for the DILA Sharing is Caring award nomination.
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OMGoodness! When The Pirate Asks You To Write a Book!
I wrote a book, y'all! Never thought this gal from a small town in NE Texas would write a book, but I did! I poured my heart into this book all in the name of doing what's best for kids. I hope you will pick up a copy. Learn more: http://shakeuplearningbook.com
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CTWP Daily Log
Central Texas Writing Project, June 12th log by Kasey
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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Learn All About the Google Certified Educator Academies - Level 1 & 2 (Video 3)
In this video, you will learn about the Google Certified Educator Academies from Shake Up Learning, what they include, how to purchase and more. Enrollment opens on Nov. 20, 2018 and ends a midnight CST on Dec. 4, 2018. Don't miss this limited opportunity! The courses will not open again until November. Learn more: http://GoogleCertifiedEducator.com
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project video
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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CTWP videos
Central Texas Writing Project videos
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All About the Google Certified Trainer Course from Shake Up Learning (Video 3)
Ready to Become a Google Certified Trainer? I can help! This video is about the Become a Google Certified Trainer Online Course from Shake Up Learning. THE COURSE OPENS ON 11/2018 AND CLOSES ON 12/4/18. For more information: http://BecomeaGoogleTrainer.com
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Edu On Air: Improving Writing and Research with G Suite
Google Suite for Education offers a variety of features to support writing skills. In this session we will explore using G Suite, Add Ons and Google Chrome extensions that allow teachers to not only give critical and timely feedback, but also leverage additional features and tools to enhance peer editing and collaboration, improve research skills and cite sources. Link to slides and more info: http://www.shakeuplearning.com/blog/improving-writing-research-g-suite-googleeduonair/
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How to Get Google Certified!
I get a lot of questions about Google Certification! I put together a YouTube video presentation to help educators understand all of the Google Certification options. In this video, I will give you an overview of each of the five options for Google Certification as well as give you additional resources, links, and infographics to help you dig deeper. Whether you are just getting started with Google Certified Educator Level 1 and Level 2, or you are looking at going further and becoming a Google Certified Trainer. I got your back! Learn more about Google Certification: http://GetGoogleCertified.com I'm also making the slides available as a PDF download below the video, which is loaded with additional links and resources. http://shakeup.link/getcertified
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