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PPC Samurai - Get "below first page bid alerts" for your keywords
One of our awesome users (thanks Diana!) asked how she could be alerted when a keyword bid falls below first page bid. Enjoy!
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New AdWords Search Strategy - The BMM/EXACT Revolution!
Detailed description of the latest BMM/EXACT AdWords structure, and processes to help you manage the average client in les than 20 minutes per week!
Views: 973 PPC Samurai
BMM/EXACT Search Query Process
Learn how to scrape search queries from BMM and turn them into keywords in your EXACT campaigns/adgroups.
Views: 66 PPC Samurai
Monday Minutes - Nov 19th, 2018
Update on how we sync shopping campaigns to your feed
Views: 23 PPC Samurai
Managing individual budgets for multiple AdWords campaigns
Just one strategy you could test - more to follow!
Views: 107 PPC Samurai
PPC Samurai - Monday Minutes - Nov 12th, 2018
New features: - Account opportunities - Sync campaigns - Ad approval status (limited)
Views: 46 PPC Samurai
AdWords Automation: Save Time and Improve Results!
A webinar for professional AdWords managers. Are you looking for some expert instruction on how to automate your AdWords account management AND get great results for your clients? Presented by PPC Samurai: www.ppcsamurai.com
Views: 324 PPC Samurai
AdWords:  How to monitor your best Search Queries for impression drops
This process will allow you to aggregate your AdWords Search Query impressions across your account, then watch your best queries and alert you if any of them have a significant drop in impressions.
Views: 42 PPC Samurai
PPC Samurai Monday Minutes - 2019-01-28
New opportunities column, plus how to jump straight into your clients Google Ads account from your PPC Samurai dashboard
Views: 24 PPC Samurai
BMM EXACT Traffic sculpting
A description of the process that automatically adds sculpting negatives to your BMM adgroups
Views: 51 PPC Samurai
http://www.ppcsamurai.com/  -  User Login Management
Learn how to add, manage and remove users to your PPCSamurai account
Views: 48 PPC Samurai

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