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1995 Alfa Romeo 164Q - Walk Around
The Alfa Romeo 164 get mixed responses. Nonetheless, people always have something to say. More positive than negative. Its been called a Jetta, or Saab, Volvo. Its also been called a Maserati, or some weird Ferrari. People almost always get the year wrong. I get 85 or 2004. Its a 95 folks. Alfisti know, Its getting a bit aged but it looks great. What tells its age is that console, and thats only because it doesnt have a screen for some type of GPS etc.. It also has the original stereo unit that is a Tape Deck. Another thing is its rear wing. Its kind of square like they did in the mid 80's - on Jettaz. They dont make that Zonda Decklid spoiler that solves that issue anymore. And the wheels are small w/ fat tires. all can be upgraded to take a few years off. But overall I get ooh and aahs all the time. Its still the best thing on four wheels for the price. I call it - The Last of a Rare Breed
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1995 Alfa Romeo 164Q
This day I take delivery of my very first Alfa Romeo 164 Quadrifoglio. Its a 1995 and its very rare. Alfa Lovers know. This is my fifth Alfa Romeo and Im really looking forward to getting this one the work it needs and driving her. Subscribe and Ill keep you posted.
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1995 Alfa Romeo 164q
As a true #Alfisti I really enjoy this car. Had for a few years now, coming up on 200K. Rides perfect, well cared for, beauty. People love this car. I'm buying the 4c, and maybe the Giulia Q too ( we'll see) Either way, I'm keeping this. I know you won't like the music, I don't givaFuq. Enjoy. @AlfaRomeo #AlfaRomeo #WeAreAlfisti #164q #Quadrifoglio here is the video I posted when I had it delivered. http://youtu.be/pa5QE595xOw
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RoyaLinks - The Finishing Touch to a Well Dressed Man - How to Apply RoyaLinks
The Most Exclusive male Accessory around. RoyaLinks are a cufflink add-on, hand crafted with the best material suited for its use. In this video we show how to apply your Royalinks. Easy! Take a closer look at the cufflinks and the added colored accessory. (In this video we feature the Black - Grossgrain) ..that is the pair of RoyaLinks. Remember they are not fixed to cufflinks, nor the shirt. They are interchangeable for any dress shirt. This gives you the freedom to create your own identity. By offering a full range you have the utmost versatility, giving you the wearer room to customize your own look. They are perfect for that business suit, the wealthy suited or simply, a casual Happy Hour look. Use RoyaLinks to accent your tie, shoes, belt, dress shirt, and suit; or all of the above. Remember gentleman, Success leaves clues.
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Alfa Romeo 164Q April 2012.wmv
Took this video in April. Small details for Alfisti. She is for sale, see the Ebay Listing Item number 300729174605
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1995 Alfa Romeo 164Q
Taking a drive in the Alfa. Im only trying to take you with me for the ride. Enjoy.
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Blacks in Wax Erin Mitchell's 4th Grade Class 2013
My daughter and her classmates did a Blacks in Wax presentation this year for Black History Month. 2013.
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Alfa Romeo Alfisti
The wait is over. Finally an Alfa Romeo Alfisti Network for the world market. Represent you favorite Alfa Romeo, your club, and more. Go there NOW: http://Alfisti.mn.co
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KAS Recap Interview
Kenny Flanagan, Stephanie Anderson both surprise is with their appearance at a supporter's event at LIMA R&L in DC for Joseph Wright ADA running for States Attorney for Prince Georges County. It was a pleasure to get an update on what he and his group are up to and to see that things are going well as usual. Notice that Mr. Flanagan takes a genuine approach to his work which I attribute it his success. I wish them much more.
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2011 - LeBelle Macchine d'Italia
Pocono Raceway having a ball at the Le Belle Macchine d'Italia - "The Beautuful Machines of Italy" Its pretty long but also very funny. Not the mention the awesome cars. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Bentley, Maserati, Mercedes, DeTomosa, Lamborghini, Porsche, and a couple of Corvettes too. Enjoy
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