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Flowmaster 50 Series Exhaust System
Get INSIDE the 50 Series Exhaust System by Flowmaster during SEMA 2012. Great cutout views and full explanation on how the system works and great sound is created.
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Rampage Jeep Storage Shelf
SEMA 2013 was the venue for Rampage to introduce a great storage option for your Jeep and Mark Nolan and GaragePros was there to see it. Double the floor space in the cargo area of your Jeep with this no-drill install product. Shelf has a convenient rack to help keep cargo from shifting.
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Flowmaster Pro Series and dBX Series Mufflers
Garage Pros visits the Flowmaster booth at SEMA 2012 and checks out the dBX and "Laminar Flow" PRO Series mufflers.
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McGaughys 7 inch lift kit
Garage Pros is at SEMA and at McGaughys Suspension Parts booth looking at a 7 inch lift kit for any 2007-2013 GMC/Chevy pickup truck. NO CUTTING required on this bolt on suspension kit that you can install over a weekend.
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Belltech Bolt On C-Notch NEW Product
What? Notch your frame without welding? Yep, hot off the press - Belltech created a BOLT ON C-notch. All you'll need is a drill and die grinder and you'll be scrapin' sooner than you know. Garage Pros was at SEMA and met with Belltech to see this hot new product.
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Air Lift Retrofit to OE Suspension Kit
Airlift Suspension has been in business since 1949 but hard work and dedication over the last 4 1/2 years has given us a complete retrofit to OE air suspension kit. Listen to what Airlift now brings to the table. SEMA 2013 was the perfect spot to showcase this great NEW product.
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McGaughys 3-40-60 Lowering Suspension Kit
McGaughy's Suspension Parts put together an incredible kit that will allow you a ton of choices for how low you want to go with your suspension for ANY 2007-2013 GMC or Chevy pickup truck. You keep your stock coil and struts so you can pick a variety of options and change them at any time. All in your driveway. Garage Pros loves this kit!
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2011 Chevy Silverado EGR Bolt-On Style Fender Flare Installation E17791505
Mark Nolan shows us how to install an EGR Bolt-On Style Fender Flare, includes gasketing process
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Rampage Trail Can Tool Box
This is NOT just another gas can. Looks like one, but once you open it you will find it is actually a tool box (or beverage holder). One of the most fun products Mark Nolan and Garage Pros found at SEMA2013. This clever can gives you the cool look of having a Jerry can mounted on the back of your Jeep (even though some states outlaw carrying gas cans in back) but the valuable function of a locking storage unit. We call that the best of both worlds...and a PERFECT gift for any Jeep enthusiast.
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2007 Chevy Tahoe PPV Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System Installation F1317430
Mark installs an American Thunder series exhaust system from Flowmaster on his 2007 Chevy Tahoe. See how easy it is to install and what an amazing and head turning sound the American Thunder can add to your vehicle. In just an hour or two, you can add horsepower and increase your gas mileage as well as an awesome sound to your show piece or everyday driver.
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Design Engineering Ultra Starter Shield
Running your engine hot can reek havoc on your starter and cause it to fail but with Design Engineering's Ultra Starter Shield you'll never need to wait for the starter to cool down again. This space age material is able to withstand up to 1300 degrees!!
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Go Rhino Toyota Tacoma Bull Bar and Skid Plate
GaragePros hits the road once again for Las Vegas, Nevada to take in everything automotive at the 50th SEMA show. We stopped and talked with our top manufacturers and took a look at the newest, latest and greatest auto parts and accessories.
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Powerstop Z36 Extreme Kit
GaragePros is on the road at SEMA 2013 and as Mark Nolan says everyone's got the go but you need the whoa...and the Powerstop Z36 Extreme kit is what you need for your pickup truck or SUV. The Powerstop kits include everything you need for an easy installation. Rotors, pads and hardware. The rotors are drilled and slotted to keep them cool plus they are coated with zinc dichromate so they will NOT rust. The higher coefficient of friction with this kit gives you 37% better braking.
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Design Engineering Titanium Exhaust Wrap
The enemy of every engine is HEAT and Design Engineering specializes in displacing and, deflecting heat away from sensitive parts under the hood. At SEMA 2013 Mark Nolan and the GaragePros gang got to see DEI's Titanium Exhaust Wrap that can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees...guess that is why the design was based off of lava rock.
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Truxedo Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover
Watch the guys from Truxedo show off the NEW Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover at SEMA 2012. This is the only soft roll-up tonneau on the market that also flips open from the front of the bed. Easiest access to cargo any time.
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Flex-a-lite Radiator for 6-Liter Ford Super Duty
Want some cold air moving through your Ford Super Duty next time you're haulin a huge payload? How about 6,800 cubic feet per minute? And 16% increase in cooling capacity? Then the NEW Flex-a-lite largest cooling fan ever built is just for you. Mark Nolan and the GaragePros crew catch up with Lisa Chissus from Flex-a-lite at SEMA 2013.
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Go Rhino   Dodge Ram Sport Bar 2
GaragePros hits the road once again for Las Vegas, Nevada to take in everything automotive at the 50th SEMA show. We stopped and talked with our top manufacturers and took a look at the newest, latest and greatest auto parts and accessories.
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Smittybilt NEW Jeep JK Atlas Bumpers
Smittybilt unveils a new beefy bumper for Jeeps at SEMA 2012 that will blow your socks off. Style and function like you've never seen. Garage Pros gets all the ins and outs about the product from the guys at Smittybilt.
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Airlift 1/2 Ton Air Suspension
Since 1949 Airlift has led the way with air suspension. Mark Nolan and GaragePros caught up with Matt Daugherty and the guys from Airlift at SEMA 2013 to take a look at their line of heavy duty air bags for 1/2 ton trucks that they partnered with Goodyear to manufacture. How low (or high) can you go?
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Rampage Frameless Jeep Top
SEMA 2013 was the perfect spot for Rampage to show off their new and innovative FRAMELESS Soft Tops for Jeep Wranglers. Looks great, wears great, easy to get on and off and shhhhhhh don't let the cat out of the bag but there is a secret compartment to hold your windows while you are out on the trails.
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2011 Chevy Silverado AVS In Channel Vent Shade Installation
Mark Nolan installs an AVS Vent Visor on the GaragePros 2011 Chevy Silverado. Complete installation with all included tools.
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Putco Blade Tailgate Light Bar
GaragePros hits the road once again for Las Vegas, Nevada to take in everything automotive at the 50th SEMA show. We stopped and talked with our top manufacturers and took a look at the newest, latest and greatest auto parts and accessories.
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Ford F150 Extended Cab AVS Window Visor Installation V15194738
GaragePros' Mark Nolan discusses the many benefits of a window visor and how simple it is to insall one.
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Rancho Shocks for Jeeps
Since 1955, Rancho has been bringing you the best in suspension products for Jeeps. From the 50s Willy to the 2013 JK Rancho has shocks for what ever model you have.
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Go Rhino   Jeep Steel Fenders
GaragePros hits the road once again for Las Vegas, Nevada to take in everything automotive at the 50th SEMA show. We stopped and talked with our top manufacturers and took a look at the newest, latest and greatest auto parts and accessories.
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Airaid 2014 Chevy Silverado Air Intake
Straight from the Airaid booth at SEMA 2013 Mark Nolan and GaragePros take a look at the new cold air intake for the 2014 Chevy Silverado. How would you like to get 18% more cold air to your engine like right now? Just bolt on one of these puppies and let er rip!!!
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2011 Ford F150 AVS Aero Skin Hood Guard Installation V15622001
GaragePros instals a sleek Aero Skin Hood Guard from Auto Ventshade. Easy installation just uses double face tape and a little patience...measure twice!
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Smittybilt New M1 Bumpers
Make a BOLD statement on your truck with the new M1 bumper. See what Smittybilt had to show off at the SEMA show this year.
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Curt Mfg Gooseneck Hitch
The easiest to install hitch in the world. Curt Manufacturing has developed a fool proof template to start your pilot hole and take the headache of hitch ball installations away! Garage Pros is at the Curt display during SEMA 2012!
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Diablo Sport Trinity Tuner
On the road at SEMA 2013 Mark Nolan and Garage Pros stop by the Diablo Sport booth and see the new Trinity Tuner. Check out how cool this touch screen tuner looks and all the functions it can add to your Jeep, SUV or Truck. This one tuner supports hundreds of applications. So you can take off one vehicle and move it to another with no problem or limit on the number of vehicles you tune with it. Could be the last tuner you ever need to buy.
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McGaughys Lift Kit
Garage Pros is at SEMA 2012 checkin out the lifted Ford pickup at the McGaughys Suspension booth. Steve McGaughy goes over the brand new phase three 8" long armed boxed lift kit.
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Rancho Six Inch Lift Kit for GMC and Chevy 1500s
Now Rancho has developed a full 6 inch lift kit for the Sierra and the Silverado. Thanks to the OEs integrating electronic stability controls, Rancho was able to do some R&D and design the 6 inch kit. Tested and proven before they brought it to market they had YOU in mind when they developed this kit. SEMA 2013 was the perfect place to show off this NEW kit and Mark Nolan was there to get the scoop.
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Putco   2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty Product Line
GaragePros hits the road once again for Las Vegas, Nevada to take in everything automotive at the 50th SEMA show. We stopped and talked with our top manufacturers and took a look at the newest, latest and greatest auto parts and accessories.
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DiabloSport MAFia
The DiabloSport MAFia provides real world plug and play control of your vehicle's Mass Air Meter, or "MAF". The MAFia allows you to precisely control and regulate MAF sensor voltage to prevent "pegging", eliminating the need for prefabricated custom MAF Sensors. Take a listen while Mark Nolan gets a great explanation on how this "little character" works while Garage Pros is at SEMA 2013.
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Rancho Tacoma Lift Kit
Turn your everyday driver to a trail riding beast without robbing fuel economy. The good people at Rancho have developed a lift kit perfect for a weekend driveway project. Garage Pros caught up with Rancho at SEMA 2012. Check it out...
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Coverking Neoprene Seat Covers
Mark and the GaragePros crew swung by the CoverKing booth at SEMA 2013 and talked with Tony Savasta about one of their top selling seat cover materials, Neoprene. Basically wetsuit material this durable fabric is not only water resistant but also gives you great padding for long haul drives.
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Powerstop Z26 Street Warrior Kit
Powerstop brakes offers a true one-stop shop for performance brakes. Each kit you order includes rotors, brake pads AND all the hardware you need to install them. The Z26 kit includes Powerstops slotted and drilled zinc dichromate rotors so they will never rust and street performance pads. You get the ultimate braking performance.
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Belltech Performance Shocks
Nitro Drop 2 Shocks and Street Performance Shocks are the best out there for lowered trucks and cars. Belltech shows them off to Garage Pros at SEMA 2012.
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Lloyd Floor Mats Ultimat
Garage Pros takes a look at Lloyd Floor Mats best selling line of floor mats during SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas.
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2011 Ford F150 TruXedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Cover Installation T70597601
Simple install on one of the most important parts you can buy for your truck. You want to keep your bed cargo safe, dry and secure. The Lo Pro QT by Truxedo installs in just minutes in your garage or driveway with just a 9/16ths inch wrench and will do that and more. Great looking and it's in the name...it is looooow profile.
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Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System for 2014 Chevy Truck
Flowmaster cat back exhaust systems are top in the market and were a hit at SEMA 2013. Mark Nolan and GaragePros were on the scene to talk about Force II system for the 2014 Chevy Trucks...mild sound but same performance as American Thunder. The kits come with EVERYTHING you need to do the installation in your driveway. You even get the choice of dual out the rear or dual out the side both included in the box.
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Hawk Performance Brake Pads
Hawk Performance shows Mark Nolan and GaragePros their lineup of brake pads at SEMA 2013. Pick the right one for your use...Street High Performance, Performance Ceramic, Light Truck/SUV or Super Duty. Matt from Hawk goes over each one to help you understand which one is right for you.
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EBC Brakes - Brake Pads
EBC Brakes offers Green Stuff, Red Stuff, Yellow Stuff...So what is "that stuff"? Watch this and see. Garage Pros learned ALL the stuff at SEMA 2012.
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Catalytic Converters from Evan Fischer
GaragePros take a look at Catalytic Converters from Evan Fischer. Paul Tapie´ reviews these quality replacement parts that give new life to an older vehicle while telling the story of the manufacturer.
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Evan Fischer Catalytic Converter REPG960301
GaragePros take a look at catalytic converters from Evan Fischer. Watch while Paul Tapie´ reviews this quality replacement part.
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K&N Oil Filters
Mark Nolan and K&N's Vince Pistonetti show different types of oil filters for various applications.
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2011 Chevy Silverado AVS Bugflector II Installation V1525035
GaragePros Mark Nolan demonstrates how to install an AVS Bugflector II
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2002-2006 Toyota Camry Sideview Mirror from Replacement Installation
Video demsonstration on how to replace a car side mirror. Demonstration by Mark Nolan of GaragePros.
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Go Rhino   Jeep Front Bumper
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TruXedo Deuce 2 Tonneau Cover Installation
Check out how easy it is to install the NEW low profile Deuce 2 tonneau cover from TruXedo. Just a 9/16ths wrench is all you will need to do this driveway install. You'll keep your cargo safe, dry and secure with this great looking bed cover. Plus the new design lets you access cargo in the front of your bed with a unique front 30" panel that folds back.
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