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Bobby corking big mulloway
Huge mulloway or jewie caught bobby corking. Guesty lands a monster jewie in this clip and goes through the technique used to catch it. Penn Conflict reel and Regiment rod.
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2 ways to rig gulp shrimp
Some great Pure Fishing Australia action.
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Casting Accuracy with Adam Royter
Any fisho's wanting to improve casting accuracy with a spin outfit need to watch this how to from master caster Adam Royter. Full of technique tips and information to get you 'hitting the pocket 'every time.
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Why is Berkley Gulp! so effective?
Why is Berkley Gulp! the most effective soft plastic? Because its not plastic! Find out why Gulp! catches more fish than anything else. Unmatched R&D, 400X more scent dispersion, the most effective scent available AND eco friendly.
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Tips and techniques for bait fishing. Gary Brown shows you how to use a half pilchard for bait for a variety of species such as flathead, and bream. How to put a half pillie effectively on your hook.
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Tips and techniques for bait fishing. Gary Brown shows you how to use prawns for bait for a variety of species such as flathead, whiting and bream. How to put a prawn effectively on your hook in several ways depending on bait size and fishing application. Peeled prawns, whole prawns, live prawns.
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Weedless Worm Hooks - Rigging Berkley Soft plastics
Want to learn the best way to rig your Berkley Soft Plastic? Adam Royter shares a few tips and tricks in this how to video on rigging soft plastics on weedless or worm hooks.
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Bream on Poppers (HD)
More surface fishing action from the Fishing The Edge team! Bream on poppers is a whole lot of fun. Great tips on getting into it by Guesty.
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Abu Garcia Revo SX low profile bait caster
Precision engineered from the ground up to deliver Power and Performance. The fourth generation of Revo® SX delivers the most powerful, durable and high performance SX yet. An improved DuraClutch™ design along with an upgraded Infini™ brake system results in smooth engagement along with effortless casting performance. The D2 Gear Design™ paired with a brass main gear delivers the ultimate in durability and efficiency resulting in less effort and more power. Revo® SX is topped off with the most powerful drag system in its class with the keyed Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System™.
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Epic Battle - PENN Conflict II Vs Spanish Mackerel
You don't need a big reel to catch big fish. An epic battle between a Spanish Mackerel and a Conflict II 3000 spin reel from the Reel Action TV show hosted by Michael Guest
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Tips and techniques for bait fishing. Gary Brown shows you how to use pilchards for bait for a variety of species such as tailor, salmon and snapper. How to put a pilchard effectively on your gang hook rig.
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Live Baiting Marlin HD
Fishing The Edge and PFTV (Pure Fishing TV) shows you some fantastic tips, techniques and products.
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Berkley FireLine Ultra 8
Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 – Winner ‘Best Line” ICAST 2017 Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications. The unique fusing process using heat to molecularly bind thousands of Dyneema fibres gives Fireline Ultra 8 more body than regular braids. The body and heft of Fireline Ultra 8  delivers unique handling properties and superb manageability. More tolerant of line twist than traditional soft braids, Fireline Ultra 8 performs exceptionally well on spinning reels meaning less loose loops and less wind knots on the water. The 8 strand fusing process also gives Fireline Ultra 8 several significant advantages. Fireline Ultra 8 is 4X more abrasion resistant than original Fireline, often regarded as the benchmark in toughness. Ultra 8 stands up to structure such as mangroves, barnacles, reef and wrecks. That means more fish in the boat. Rounder and smoother, Fireline Ultra 8 casts 10% further than traditional Fireline expanding your fishing zone. Fireline Ultra 8 retains superb knot strength and near zero stretch delivering a telegraphic feel for structure and strikes. The unique fusing process produces a round profile that resists digging into the spool under heavy loads and never separates like many standard braids. New Fireline Ultra 8 thermally fuses 8 braided strands to create a line that is 4X More Abrasion Resistant and casts 10% further than traditional Fireline while retaining that Fireline sensitivity and manageability. RRP 150m $34.99 RRP 300m $67.99 Fireline Ultra 8 is available in Crystal, Flame Green and Blaze Orange colourations. 6, 8, 10, 14, 17, 20, 25 and 30lb breaking strains. 150m and 300m spools.
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How to rig worms for the best bait presentation. Just about everything eats worms in Australian estuaries and on Australian beaches. Tube worms, beach worms, blood worms. Whatever you're using there are some great tips on bait presentation from Gary brown.
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Bream on hardbodies - Cranking rock walls
Pro Bream Angler Ross Cannizarro with a few tips on cranking rock walls with 3B Fatdogs.
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Treble Assist Rig
Want to learn the best way to rig your Berkley Soft Plastic? Adam Royter shares a few tips and tricks in this how to video on rigging soft plastics with a treble assist or stinger hook.
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Gatesy gets the low down on fishing oyster racks from Berkley Bream Pro Rusty 'babs' Babekuhl. Babs is well known for his skills amongst the racks, watch and learn what he looks for a rack, tackle he uses and basic surface and plastic techniques.
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PENN Fishing, NOMAD Sportfishing partner on Slammer III reels. After a year of testing on the outer barrier - arguably the toughest test arena in the world, Nomad Sportfishing has announced the Penn Slammer III as the reel of choice on charter for 2018 and beyond. ‘We need gear that lasts, primarily stuff that stands up to the task’ said Damon Olsen of Nomad Sportfishing. ‘So we can give everybody a top quality piece of gear that’s got a top drag system, effectively that’s going to last.’ A true testament to the durability and performance of the Slammer III series. Penn Slammer III 5500 through to 8500 will be used by Nomad Sport Fishing in 2018.
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Bream on plastics in Sydney Harbour - Gulp Crabby
Jump onboard with Ross Cannizaro in Sydney Harbour for a hot bream session fishing man made structure with the Gulp Crabby.
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Tips and techniques for bait fishing. Gary Brown shows you how to rig strip baits for a variety of species such as flathead, snapper and bream. How to rig a strip bait effectively in several ways depending on bait size and fishing application. Baiting methods for Single and double hook rigs explained.
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Gulp 6" Sandworm
Berkley Gulp 6" Sandworm. Pure Fishing Australia TV. The Berkley 6 inch sandworm is a tried and tested shape for a variety of species. It can be a little tricky to get your head around rigging 6 inches of worm plastic, get the technique from Adam Royter.
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A new minnow design in Berkley’s winnning Powerbait lineup, the Berkley Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow features a unique thin tail that delivers continuous, lifelike action. Perfect for finsesse situations, it comes to life with the slightest twitch of the rod. Each Twitchtail Minnow is also loaded with Berkley’s exclusive Powerbait scent and flavor formula, which causes fish to hold on 18x longer, so you can feel more bites and set more hooks. Available in a range of Berkley’s proven colors, the Berkley Powerbait Twitchtail Minnow drives fish crazy.
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Deepwater Jiggin! - Part 2/2
The technical aspects of deepwater jigging explained by John Bell. Technique, rod, reel, line, leader and terminal tackle. Watch more at: www.purefishingtv.com.au
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REVO LOW PROFILES - ABU GARCIA Taking Revo® premium performance to the next level with the fourth generation of the Revo® Premier Low Profiles. Precision Attention to detail like no other, the Revo Low Profile family delivers on our commitment to functionality and style. Decades of Experience. Obsession For Detail. For generations, anglers the world over have put their trust in Abu Garcia for tackle that stands their toughest tests. It’s a trust that’s been earned by building products right the first time, and making them even better time after time. Design Uncompromising design aimed at delivering very compact, lightweight yet powerful reels that will provide years of reliable service. Testing Repeated testing in the lab and the field ensures Revo Low Profile is a reel anglers can depend on. Manufacturing Our high quality manufacturing process allows us to combine the most cutting edge technology with the most dependable reels on the market..
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The first installment of a Bait Basics series of PFTV clips hosted by Gary Brown. Berley is a great way to improve your results when fishing in a variety of situations, not only is it effective but it's also a lot of fun in itself. Gary goes through his berley technique when fishing estuaries and inshore bays for species like bream, whiting, trevally and the like.
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Sydney structure Bream - Gulp Crabby
Bream Pro Ross Cannizaro with some great tips on bream structure fishing. Ross pulls some great fish out of heavy cover in the mighty Hawkesbury river using his favourite Gulp! shape, the Gulp! Crabby.
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How to catch Flathead on soft plastic jerkshad
80cm flathead on a 5 inch Jerkshad. Tips on how to catch flathead on plastics including rod and reel suggestions and pointers.
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Jigging Kings HD
Guesty tackles some hard pulling deep water Kingfish with spin tackle and long Japanese style jigs.
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drift casting for snapper (HD)
Drift Casting For Snapper On Soft Plastics.
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Snapper on soft plastics - Berkley Gulp 6 inch grub
Cracking Snapper clip on Gulp 6 inch grubs.
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Using soft plastics - Gulp Minnow grub and Jiggin grub
Join Adam Royter as he explains the ins and outs of the Berkley Gulp Minnow grub and Jiggin grub shapes. Both classic curl tail shapes Adam goes through rigging tips and retrieve techniques. An informative clip for both beginner and experienced anglers.
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whiting on poppers (HD)
Pure Fishing Australia TV (PFTV) shows you Whiting on Poppers!
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The new PENN® Clash® spinning reel is a lightweight, technical spinning reel designed for modern saltwater sportfishing. With the new CNC gear technology system, the precision aluminium/brass main gear and brass pinion are machined for exact tolerances to provide the smoothest operation. The Clash is PENN-reliable, built to withstand years of saltwater conditions. The full-metal aluminium body and side-plate, and eight-plus-one sealed ball bearings add to the reel’s durability. The Techno-Balanced™ RR30 carbon rotor on the smaller reels, aluminium on the bigger sizes, with the heavy-duty aluminium bail is built for a long life. The new Leveline™ slow oscillation system is rugged and produces tight, near-perfect line lay for improved casting and reduced occurrences of “wind knots.” The sealed HT-100 drag system is protected from corrosion and smoothly manages the fight from hook set to landing. The drag’s wave spring provides more drag capability when compared to conventional coil springs. Delivering a consistent drag curve with every turn from a light setting right up to max drag. Up to 18kg on the 8000 size!
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Kings on Live Bait CLASH 8000
Guesty with a big king on a Penn Clash 8000 live baiting deep reefs in Northern NSW.
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Gulp Flathead on Berkley Gulp Shrimp
How to catch flathead using Berkley Gulp Shrimp. Guesty with a very useful clip packed full of 'how to' tips to help you Catch More Fish. Matching the hatch, best times and tides, tackle and techniques are all covered.
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The history of Abu Garcia from 1921 to now.
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Berkley Gulp 4 inch Nemesis
GULP 4” NEMISIS - AUSTRALIAN DESIGN Combine the fish catching profile of a Jerkshad and the enticing tail action of a grub and you get the Berkley Nemesis. Designed in Australia the Nemesis shape is now available in a 4” size. The tail action of this shape has to be seen to be believed. On the drop or on the wind, the Nemesis tail swims at the slowest of speeds delivering continuous lifelike action. Being waterbased each Nemesis is loaded with Berkley’s exclusive GULP scent and flavour formula, a powerful scent dispersion system that also makes Gulp 100% biodegradable.
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Yellowbelly on lipless vibe - Miravibe
Yellowbelly on Cultiva Mira Vibe's. Shane 'Bunga' Dyason shows you how he catches impoundment yellowbelly using the Cultiva Mira Vibe, a lipless crankbait.
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Pflueger Salt spinning reel - Saltwater weapon
Check out the new Salt spin series. Developed in Australia for Australian conditions, the Pflueger Salt is Saltwater Ready. The Salt is built from the ground up to handle Australian conditions. The A360 full metal body, rotor and sideplate finished with corrosion resistant matt body paint eliminates body flex under load and provides a corrosion resistant housing for the Precision Cut Digital Gearing (PCDG) and stainless mainshaft. At the front end housed within the new ported spool is the tried and tested Dynamic Carbon Drag (DCD), HD carbon washers are used for a powerful, smooth and reliable drag system. A 5 bearing system with XCR sealed bearings in key locations and ‘always on’ anti reverse bearing make the Salt ready for sand, salt and big fish. Other performance features include a balanced rotor system, heavy duty bail and machined and anodized aluminium handle with soft touch knob.
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bass on poppers (HD)
Pure Fishing Australia shows you bass on poppers!
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A new 3B crank shape from Adam Royter, the Prawndog surface walker mimics a prawn to perfection and has an insane fleeing prawn action. Keen surface anglers will go nutys over the prawndog for bream.
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ABU Garcia ProMax Reel 2016
PROMAX SPIN - MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, PROFESSIONAL RESULTS Taking design cues from the Revo® lineups, the Pro Max™ spinning reel boasts the same exceptionally smooth package as it’s low profile counterpart with a lightweight graphite frame and seven bearing system. The Pro Max also features our Rocket Line Management system™ allowing maximized casting distance while reducing wind knots.
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Using soft plastics - Berkley Gulp Crabby
The ultimate Australian designed critter bait. Adam Royter explains the Gulp Crabby. If the fish you're chasing eats crabs or yabby's then the Crabby will catch it! Available in 2, 2.5 and 3 inch sizes the Gulp Crabby is ideal for bream, bass, jacks and a host of other crustacean loving species.
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Murray Cod on surface lures
The mighty Murray Cod is the undisputed Australian Freshwater heavy weight champion. Guesty targets some beautifully conditioned fish on sebile splasher poppers in this how to video.
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Abu Garcia Revo SX spin
When the Abu Garcia® design team thought about what made a great reel two things came to mind -- cutting edge design and advanced performance features including: Stainless steel HPCR™ bearings, One piece gear box design, C6 carbon body with X-Cräftic™ alloy frame, Carbon Matrix™ hybrid drag system, Duragear™ brass gear and Everlast™ bail system.
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Gary Brown's 3 basic rigs for bait fishing. These are must know rigs that will suit a large range of freshwater and estuary bait fishing fishing situations.
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Tips and technique for trout from Tassie angler Pat Sullivan on using the new Berkley PowerBait Ripple Shad.
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Pflueger Trion Spin reels
The Pflueger Trion spinning reels are the workhouse of the Pflueger reel line-up, offering performance & quality only seen in reels twice its price. The Trion features a 6+1 stainless steel bearing system housed within a lightweight graphite body and rotor for durability and corrosion resistance. Other features include a smooth multi disc drag system, machined and double anodised aluminium spool, SureClick bail and an aluminium handle with soft touch knob. The Trion series is available in 4 sizes ideal for light to light medium freshwater and estuary fishing. Match them up with a Pfleuger Trion rod for a performance at a great price.
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Abu Garcia Morrum ZX - The ultimate round baitcaster
Precision Casting and Control in the Ultimate Round Reel Round baitcast reels are standard among anglers across the globe looking for performance and durability that can withstand the test of time. The new Abu Garcia® Morrum™ ZX takes the round baitcast reel to the next level. Lightweight design, compact profile and advanced materials set the Morrum ZX apart from all other round reels.
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