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Episode # 6 - Submissive Wives
What is a submissive wife? Is it a wife who listens to every command of her husband? Is it a wife who does not challenge the decisions and actions of her husband? In This episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee we will explore the different opinions of what a submissive wife is. We would also like to know what you think a submissive wife is. Be sure to leave a comment in the comment area below. We would love to hear the different perspectives from our listeners.
Episode # 5 - Why Are Men Scared To Get Married?
In The Lounge With Dre & Vee
Episode # 030 - Why Black Men Don't Date Black Women
In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee we discuss some of the possible reasons why some black men refuse to date black women. Is it intimidation? Ignorance? Or is it just a strong black women is too opinionated? Lets find out!
Episode # 029 - Growing Apart In The Marriage
Marriage is great and loving. It has its problems as all relationships. But what happens when you grow apart in the marriage? Today we discuss things to help marriages stay together. We also discuss the divorce of T.I. and Tiny.
Episode # 037 - I Bring Home The Money, You Do The Rest: Husbands and Wives Role In The Home
In your opinion what is the role of the husband? What is the role of the wife? Dre and Queen Vee went straight to Facebook and got your opinions. In this episode Dre & Vee discuss the roles of a husband and wife in the home. This episode is a sure to shake a few feathers!!!
Episode # 8 - Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
Multiple relationships are increasingly growing. Do you think it is okay to have two relationship/sexual partners? In This episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee, we have a conversation about DeRay Davis who currently has two girlfriends that are okay with sharing their man and being involved in a dual relationship.
Episode # 036 - Sexual Harassment: We Will Not Take It Anymore
In this episode, Dre and Queen Vee discuss all the sexual harassment going on in Hollywood. This episode is sure to make you more aware of what is going on in our society today.
Episode # 4 - To Be Or Not To Be My Nigga
In this episode you will learn the significance of the word “nigger” as well as its origin. We will also discuss why the word is still used, its meaning to different people, points of view as to why the word can or should not be used by other races or any race for that matter and lastly who plays the role in keeping the word nigger alive? This is an episode that will open the eyes and make others aware of just how powerful this word is.
Episode # 3 - Once A Dog Always A Dog
In this episode, Dre and Vee examine if a dog can change for the right woman. With our special guest we take a deeper look into why some men are dogs, the reasoning behind their dog ways and 10 signs of knowing if they are a dog. This is a must listen!! If you would like to know if “a dog” can change, this is a must-listen episode for you!
INTL 040: Did Kanye Just Say That?
Everyone is going crazy over Kanye's statement about slavery being a choice. Today Dre & Vee discuss the state of Kanye's mental health.
Episode # 032 - Having A Little Thug In My Man
No matter what woman you ask, they all would like to feel protected by their man. While just about any man can protect their woman, some women prefer a little thug in their man. Do you agree? Lets talk about it.
Episode # 041 - Why Some African Americans Do Not Believe In Counseling
In this episode we discuss mental health within the African American Community. Why is that some African American say “I don’t need counseling, I aint crazy”. Today we get into this discussion.
Episode # 9 - The Man Code
There are laws and regulations that we as United States citizens have to abide by. These rules are set in place to keep law order. While not an official law, there is a “Man Code” that all men must live by. In this episode, Dre and Vee discuss a few of these man codes. Come on into the lounge and lets discuss it.
Episode # 022 - How Can I Be A Good Wife When I Wasn't Trained To Be?
In this episode Dre & Vee discuss people's views on what it takes to be a good wife. What are "society's requirements" for a good wife? Today Dre & Vee took it to the "social media streets" to get those answers. Lets go into the lounge to talk. Lets go!
Episode # 15 - Keep My Business Out Ya Mouth: Your Friend Talks Too Much
So all of our significant others has had that one friend that is always up in your relationship business.  You know, that big mouth friend that never has/had a man. Dre & Vee discuss the subject matter even further in the lounge. Lets go!!!!
Episode # 021 - Baby Mama Drama: Why She Hate Me?
Today Dre and Vee go deep inside the reason(s) why some mothers hate their children’s father. Why is it that some parents cannot be civil to each other for the sake of the children? In this episode we try to understand why.
Episode # 1  - Podcast Introduction
Welcome to "In The Lounge With Dre & Vee". Unlike most podcasts that remain in a specific topic area, our podcast touches upon a number of topics and subject matters that subscribers demand to hear. Some of these topics included domestic relationships, love advise, politics, music, sports, professional careers and much more. When you are "in the lounge", you will also enjoy the benefit of guest speakers that have extensive knowledge of specific topics addressed in our podcast. If you love a podcast that touches upon topic and subject matters that are important to you, we welcome you. Subscribe now and do not miss any podcast episodes. You already have waited long enough. Your podcast is here. Subscribe now!
Episode # 14 - Trump vs Clinton (The Tangerine Nightmare vs The Hillary Shimmy) - In The Lounge...
So we have 12 days left until Election Day. Who ya got? While both candidates have flaws many people are going with “the lesser of the two evils”. In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee, we discuss those evils of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. 
Episode # 042 - The Double Standard of What Women and Men Can and Cannot Do
In this episode Dre & Vee discuss the double standards of men and women. We go deep into some of the things women and can and cannot do that would be be frowned upon We also speak on the Jill Scott performance with Jill's microphone. Is this unlade-like? Is it okay? Is it any worse than a man bumping and grinding on the floor?
Episode # 18 - The 90 Day Rule
In a world full of fast life and lack of old fashion values are there still people who wait 90 days to have sex.  Is this corny, is there anything wrong with waiting 90 days? Lets find out.
Episode # 038 - Taking Our Children's Innocence: Tragedy School Shootings
School shootings are taking the innocence of out children. No child should have to go to school and worry about getting killed by other students. We must come up with solutions to end these senseless deaths of out precious children. It starts with us.
Episode # 020 - The Wreckoning Steve Harvey I Didn't Sell Out I Helped Out
In this episode we talk about the shocking move of Steve Harvey who met with Donald Trump. We also discuss the backlash he received by the African African American community. Does this make Steve Harvey a Sellout?
Episode # 11 - Trending With Tiff
In the Lounge With Dre & Vee has a new part of our show. Once a month we will be trending with Tiff (Tiffany). Tiff will talk about all the current trending topics going on in social media and news. In This episode Tiff will speak about Janet Jackson, Allen “AI” Iverson, Kanye West and Collin Kapernick.
Episode # 035 - The Catch 22 Double Standard: Women Having There Own Careers
In this episode we speak on women working long hours causing their significant other to cheat. However when it is reversed, it is said that the women should just be understanding.
Episode # 10 - Can I Holla At Ya Ex
Is it okay for your friends to date your ex? Does this violate a friendship bond. In this week’s episode Dre & Vee we will take a deep look into (and discuss) if it is okay to “holla at your ex”. Lets go into the lounge and get this discussion started.
Episode # 026 - The Independent Woman Who Could Not Get Or Keep A Man
Are independent women blocking themselves from getting or keeping a man? In this episode Dre & Vee get into a deep discussion about independent women and their relationships.  Does an independent woman intimidate men? This is a must Listen!!!
Episode # 033 - Is he your Husband or your child: Toxic Relationships
In this episode we talk about treating your spouse like your son. Is that cool to treat your spouse like a child? Dre & Vee go deep in discussion about this episode. We also discuss KeKe Wyatt and why her husband is requesting a divorce.
Episode # 027 - Why Are Men Prone To Cheating?
In a doggy-dog world there are a lot of "players" out there.  Studies indicate that men are prone to cheat on their romantic partner. Why is this? Are there justifiable reasons? In todays episode Dre and Vee go deeper into this discussion to find out why.
Episode # 025 - What Is Talking White and Talking Black?
Since when is speaking proper english talking White? Since when is the use of street slang talking Black? Today we discuss how some African Americans consider speaking proper english as "talking White" as well as street slang being considered "talking Black".
Episode # 12 Don't Judge Me Its Just My Hair
While discrimination remains to be a growing concern. There are many people who are discriminated against based on their hair. In this episode Dre and Vee discuss this growing issue of discrimination and judgment based on hair.
Episode # 023 - Social Media or Our Relationship, Take Your Pick
Many agree, many disagree but is social media an addiction? Can someone really become addicted to Facebook, Twitter Instagram or other social media outlets? In this episode Dre & Vee discuss if social media is an addiction. 
Episode # 19 - Trending With Tiff Year End Review
As we come an end of a year full of so many surprise celebrity deaths, Tiff discusses the all the hot topics of 2016 and future trending topics for the new 2017 year.
Episode # 028 - Stop The Bullying!
Every parent has that fear of their child being bullied. Bullying causes damage that is detrimental to one’s self-esteem, confidence and in some cases, their lives. In this episode we define different types of bullying and share its resources with parents
Episode # 034 - Agent Double 007 Child Privacy I Have A Right To Know
Do you think children have a right to privacy? When does boundaries exist in relation to what child can keep private or when the parent decides the privacy should be broken? In this episode Dre & Vee discuss limits and expectations of child privacy.
Episode # 031 - Online Dating
In this episode Dre and Queen Vee discuss online dating. Is it cool to find a date online or does it present an assumption that someone is desperate. We will find out what Dre and Queen Vee think.
Episode # 17 - I'm Not Cheating Baby Its Just Social Media
In this episode Dre & Vee examine if flirting on social media is cheating. Social media can be the gift and the curse however is it a tool for cheating or are we just overreacting?
Episode # 16 - Tell'Em Why You Mad Son
In this weeks episode, Dre & Vee discuss a few of the things that “got us mad”. Our special guest “Mr. Right” also joins in on the conversation.  Come on in the lounge and hear why we so mad son.
Episode # 024 - Judging Women Fake Enhancements And Their Appearances
We currently live in a "made up" society that include women who use enhancements to improve their appearance.  Can this be deemed as deception?  We also discuss how the appearance of some women at times initiate judgmental views and opinions from others. 
Episode # 039 - Money or Sex?
A good healthy relationship consist of so many things. Personality, finances, sex and respect just to name a few. But what happens when you have to choose between money or sex? In this episode Dre and Vee discuss this subject with our special guest Ty.
Episode # 2 - We're Just Good Friends Men and Women in Platonic Relatio
There are a number of friendships between men and women. Some of these friendships start and remain platonic however others develop into a romantic relationship. Does the result of the romantic relationship develop due to unforeseen feelings that either one or both persons could not see coming? In this episode we will take a look into the question. Can men and women be friends in a platonic relationship? We will discuss how friendships can turn into romantic relationships and also how to keep relationships strictly platonic.
Episode # 7 - What In The Hell Happen To Hip-Hop
So I am driving on my way home from work and I turn on the radio. As I turn up the radio I asked myself, what in the hell happen to hip-hop? Real hip-hop has pulled a disappearing act on true hip-hop fans and it needs to come back. In this episode of In The Lounge With Dre & Vee, we discuss what happen to real hip-hop. It is unfortunate that today’s hip-hop no longer has any substance or meaningful messages.