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Books for Emotions
Usborne has some great books to help children deal with new a difficult situations. These are a few of my favorites. Which one would you like to add to your library?
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Introduction to Usborne Books & More
Come check out some of my favorite titles, while learning three ways Usborne Books & More stands out above the rest.
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Usborne Intro
Welcome to the party! Usborne has great books from infant to young adult. Check out some of my favorite books and comment on your favorite :)
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Baby and Toddler Books
Check out these great board books focused on babies and toddlers!
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Fall 2017 New Titles
From a new Nibbles book, to new chapter series, to a 3D glasses book, you are sure to find lots to love!
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Cars, Trucks & Trains
For books with wheels and such! Check these ones out :)
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Art Books
There are tons of books to bring out that inner artist in the children in your life. Check these ones out and let me know which one you love most!
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This video contains some great early readers books! It has some books focused on the preschooler just learning to read, as well as non-fiction and fiction books for the older elementary aged child.
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Wipe Clean Books
These Wipe Clean Books are seriously awesome! Great for keeping kids entertained at church, the doctor's office or even the car! Check this viedo out and let me know which one you love most!
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Summer is hot and so are these books!
Go camping? On a road trip? Check out these great books to keep them busy and help them enjoy activities too!
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Here are some great books on dinosaurs! Check them out and let out a great big "rawr!" for your favorite one ;)
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Back to School: Books for Study and Learning
In this video, I highlight some books on math, writing, and even foreign languages! Check them out and let me know if I can help you find the perfect book :)
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Princess & Castles
Books focused on fairy tales, princesses and even your castle loving boys.
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Interactive Books
These are some great books that keep your children engaged and interacting with the book. From wind up cars to things to do on a road trip, I just know you will love them! Check it out and let me know which one your kids would love!
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Science Books
Here are a few of our favorite books on Science! Check them out and let me know your favorite :)
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Usborne Intro Video
These are a few of my favorite books! Which one do you love most?
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Back to School: Books for Emotions
In this video, I show off some fun books to help your child deal with the emotions that come with starting school. Which one is your favorite? Share it in the comments.
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Usborne What?!?!
Check out this video to learn a little bit about what Usborne is, as well as to see some fun books we offer :)
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Space, Rockets and Astronauts
These books are all about space and everything it takes to explore space. Check them out!!
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Books to Help Toddlers Understand Their Emotions
In this video I share a few of my favorite books that help children with anxiety and social fears, as well as seeing different points of views. Check it out and let me know which one you like best!
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Shine-a-Light Secrets
This video contains three different Shine-a-Light books. Check them out!
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Christmas Books
This video includes some of my very favorite Christmas Books. Our Christmas books sell out FAST! So if you love it, be sure to order it soon :)
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Coloring Party
What is a coloring party exactly? Watch this video to find out! There are also a few coloring books and art books featured as well!
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Fall 2018 New Titles
Come check out all the new titles that I brought back with me from convention! So many to love!! Which one is your favorite?
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New Titles January 2016
Check out some of the new titles I just got! Did you know Usborne releases over 100 new titles every 6 months?!?! What a great way to keep the love of reading alive!
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New Year's Reading Resolutions
Here are some fun New Year's Resolutions focused on reading :)
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Interests: Dinosaurs
When book buying, be sure to focus on the interests your child currently has. My little boy is into dinosaurs, so here are a few of our favorite dinosaur books! What is your child into these days?
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Hostess Coaching
Use these tips to help make your party a success: S-Stay engaged during the party I-Invite personally R-Remind friends about the party
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My Testimony
For CTR 5 Class
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ASL ABC Story.avi
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Baby Books
These are some of my favorite baby and toddler books. Which one stands out to you most?
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Summer Books
Check out these great summer books! From books about beaches, to great books to keep kids busy on a road trip, you are sure to fall in love with a few :)
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Spring Holidays
This video covers some great books for Pi Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Plus a secret new release too! Check it out!!
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Ted & Friends
Ted & Friends is one of my very favorite books because since we got it my sweet little four year old, Alexander, has started reading! Check this video out :)
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My Story and CJC
Check out this video to learn a bit about me and why I chose to help donate books to the Children's Justice Center in Provo.
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Spring into New Adventures and Experiences through Books
This video is focused on books dealing with things like moving, starting a new school, learning new languages and even making new friends.
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Mother's Day Books
Some great books that moms will love!
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Dinosaur Books
This video covers some of my very favorite dinosaur books! I share a fun dinosaur who doesn't like to take a bath, to a dinosaur fact book, to a pop up book, and so much more! Check it out! Want to see all our dinosaur books? Check them out here: RichlyReading.com/search?q=dinosaur
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Seek & Find Books
Does your child love the books that cause them to find thing hidden in pictures? Then these books are for you! They are great at helping little ones not only enjoy the thrill of the finding game, but also get some good reading time in too!
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Fall in Love with Reading
Check out this video for some great tips on keeping the love of reading in your home, as well as some book titles for Valentine's Day!
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