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CUCM - Configure Trunks to Local Acano Cluster
Cisco UCM trunks to the Acano Solution. Configure Cisco CallManager to connect to a local Acano Clustered Core
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RTMT to Collect Traces
Collecting traces with the Cisco Unified Communication Manager Real-Time Monitoring Tool. Using the CUCM RTMT to collect traces for upload to the Cisco TAC
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Bitcoin: Moving Funds from Coinbase to Exodus
Never leave large amounts of funds on exchanges. In this video we explore the steps required to move funds from a hosted wallet with Coinbase to a serverless wallet using Exodus. Download the Exodus Wallet: https://exodus.io Setup a Coinbase account: https://www.coinbase.com/join/588c179ae25371024193d674 Begin mining Bitcoin with Hashing24: https://hashing24.com/?rid=53616c7465645f5fb9918e95b81fa08740ba8451bcdb938f
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IP Phone - Configure Jabber Client Services
In this video I demonstrate the administration requirements for setting up the Cisco Jabber client in CUCM admin and CUPS admin. Very familiar processes for anyone who has done CUCM admin in the past.
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Acano Security   Certification Example
Certificate Signing Requests for the Acano solution are fairly straight forward. In this illustration we play the role of the certificate requesting entity and the signing CA. Microsoft PKI services on Windows Server 2012 R2, with specific focus on the certreq.exe utility, are used in the process.
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Cisco 9900 Series IP Phone - Level 2 Reset
During our deployment of Cisco IP Phones we ran into a problem that prevented some phones from registering with CUCM. The "Normal" reset process didn't resolve the problem, so we came up with what I call the Level 2 Reset.
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ACANO -  Skype for Business Interop Demo
The premier interoperability solution for Skype for Business. The Acano solution, by Cisco Systems, provides customers with the ability to bring Skype for Business into standards based collaboration scenarios.
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Disney's Bay Lake Resort - Water Slide
Fun morning at Bay Lake Tower. Here is a quick slide down to the water.
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IP Phone - Export Phone Configuration
How to create and use phone file formats in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
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Cisco Spark Board Demonstration (abbreviated)
Introducing the Cisco Spark Board
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Acano WebRTC Media Tunneling Over 443
In this demonstration we show the WebRTC client tunneling media over 443 to the Acano Edge Server (Cisco Meeting Server Edge).
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Monitoring Port Activity in Cisco Unity Connection
One of the tools that administrators have come to rely upon over the years with Cisco Unity is the port status monitor. The same capability is available to them when the move to Unity Connection, but accessing it may not be intuitive. In this video I show how to get to that functionality
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Bitcoin - Crypto Currency OnRamps   Using a Crypto ATM
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IP Phone   Cisco Jabber for iPhone Configuration Update 9 5
With the introduction of Jabber 9.5 for iPhone the configuration requirements in CUCM change significantly. I illustrate those changes in this video.
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IP Phone - Configure and Use Expansion Module
Configure and use of the Cisco 7916 IP Expansion Module
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Lync Integration on Cisco Infrastructure Demo
A demonstration of what some of the things that can be done with Lync on Cisco infrastructure. There is no need for an Advanced Media Gateway as some would have you believe.
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Acano Manager Troubleshooting
The Microsoft Windows firewall is a welcome addition to the operating system. Microsoft has listened to customers and observed events of the past, leading to the inclusion of a robust security solution. We ought to take advantage of the solution--not disable it. This video illustrates how to best make use of the firewall and enable needed functionality with a third party solution--the Acano Manager.
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IP Phone - Debugging Call Traffic
While working through another issue I noticed an unexpected behavior with the call traffic in our Silicon Valley office. This video highlights some of the debugging techniques used to identify (not resolve) the issue.
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IP Phone - CUBE Config and Monitor During Port
During our last porting activity to the Verizon SIP service, I chronicle the events seen and actions taken on the router that we call the CUBE in our Brussels office.
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2017 Audi A4 Prestige - Interior Technology Quick View
Here I present a quick look at the 2017 Audi A4 Prestige's interior technology. Audi has done a fabulous job of integrating modern infotainment technologies into this fantastic offering in their line of offerings.
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Bitcoin: How to Setup a Coinbase Account and Purchase Your First Bitcoin
Setup your Coinbase account using the following link, Coinbase if you purchase $100 or more of bitcoin; Coinbase will give you an additional $10 in bitcoin. https://www.coinbase.com/join/588c179ae25371024193d674
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IP Phone - Create User Device Profile
Creating User Device Profiles
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Cisco Spark Registered SX10 with iPad Pro
Working from the home office I am able to be productive, contribute to interactive meetings, and see the family. Here I'm collaborating with Alex who uses a Cisco Spark Board while in Roanoke, VA
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The Basic Attention Token (BAT) has piqued my interest
Outperforming many other cryptos recently, the BAT is the foundation of an interesting platform play
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Install CUCM 10 0 on KVM
In this video I'll demonstrate how to install Cisco UCM v10.0 on the KVM hypervisor, running on Ubuntu Linux 14.10.
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Cisco Proximity for iOS Demo
Here is an illustration of my first experience with the Cisco Proximity App for iOS. Very, very cool concept and implementation. There are few issues that need to be addressed, but all in all this is quite impressive.
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Review ESXi NICs on Cisco UCS C210M2
A quick video showing how to review the status of detected network interfaces right after a VMWare ESXi installation on Cisco's UCS C210 M2
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Apple iPhone 7 and Cisco Spark Collaboration Endpoints
The Cisco and Apple alliance has made it incredibly easy to use collaboration technology. In this video, I'll use my iPhone 7 to connect to a Cisco SX10, registered to Cisco Spark.
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IP Phone - CUBE Conference Profile Config
IP Phone - CUBE Conference Profile Config
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2017 Audi A4 Prestige: Apple CarPlay Phone Call Handling
Apple's CarPlay solution has proven to be an elegant and functional augmentation to driver information systems. Here I'll demonstrate some of the phone call management capabilities brought forward by CarPlay.
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2017 Audi A4 Quattro Prestige Comfort Drive Mode
The 2017 Audi A4 Prestige enables a number of different driving experiences. In this video I take you on a brief ride to the local Sunoco station in comfort drive. I've literally never driven with this combination of settings. http://www.coegroupllc.com/automobileblog/audiA4-03182017.html
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RPi   Voltage Switch and Modern Pi Implemented
The voltage relay finally arrived late in the evening on this lovely Saturday. Now, I have everything that I need to see this combination of software and hardware operating on a real-world entity. Will it work? The moment of truth is upon us...
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IP Phone - Enable IOS Video Conference (markers).mp4
This time with markers based ToC Table of Contents: 00:26 - Svc Params 00:35 - Find Inter 01:13 - Putty2WANRTR 01:32 - ShowDSPProfile 02:25 - No shut 02:40 - ShutdownConfRSRC 03:13 - Look at Conf. RSRC in CUCM 03:47 - Region Settings 04:13 - Show DSPFARM stat 04:36 - Save Config
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Review ESXi 4.0 Network Ports on UCS C Series.mp4
Review ESXi 4.0 Network Ports on UCS C Series.mp4
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