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How to Profit from Foreclosures in the Philippines
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video, I interviewed one of my students Jay Castillo who is fast becoming the foremost authority in foreclosures in the Philippines. There are 3 ways to acquire properties which are already foreclosed by the bank. If you seriously want to profit from foreclosures in the Philippines, you need to watch this video and download the foreclosure blueprint or mindmap at http://buyfirstdeal.com
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How to Control a Property You Don't Own
http://freeREseminars.com Thea Santos, one of my most successful students was able to control a property and make money from it even when she does not "Own" it yet. In this video you will learn the 2 legal documents you need to have to successfully do this.
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How to Get CASH Buyers in Any City
http://freeREseminars.com Are you a real estate agent or a real estate wholesaler? Then you need cash buyers - lots of them. Here's a simple technique you can use right now to get as many cash buyers you need so selling your properties becomes very easy. Master this and you don't have to worry about selling ever again. Cash buyers will provide you repeat business unlike buyers who need to get bank loans. Check out more great real estate information like this at http://freeREseminars.com
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How to Get a FREE House
http://freeREseminars.com It's possible to buy a house and get it for free. How? You need 2 things: 1) a desperate or motivated seller who needs to sell their property...or get rid of it even for free. 2) You need a non-profit to Joint venture with. You connect the two, you buy the property from the non-profit and you help both parties involved. If you do, you can get a free house, sell it and make a lot of profit. Click here - http://freeREseminars.com
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Sikreto ng Milyonaryong OFW
Heto ang sikreto ng pagiging milyonaryo. Mag-ipon o magtipid, mag-invest at mag-reinvest ng kita o profit.
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How to Sell a House in 2 Weeks in the Philippines
http://freeREseminars.com In this video, one of my most successful students revealed her secrets on how she was able to sell a 4-door apartment in just 2 weeks. For more info, go to http://freeREseminars.com
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How to Make P170K in 2 Weeks
http://BuyFirstDeal.com Jay Castillo, owner of foreclosurephilippines.com is one of my students and he made P170K upfront on his rent to own deal 2 weeks after actively marketing it. He is also making P15K a month cashflow on it every single month without him doing any work. Connect with Jay through his site - foreclosurephilippines.com or go to http://BuyFirstDeal.com, the Facebook for Beginning Real Estate Investors
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How to Buy a Six Door Apartment Even While You're Dead Broke
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video you will learn how Ronald and Weng Cagape bought a 6-door apartment even while they're in deep debt and have ZERO savings! If they can do this...you can do too. For more details check out http://buyfirstdeal.com
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Thea Santos as Introduced by Trace Trajano
http://tracetrajano.com Thea Santos is one of Trace's most successful students in the Philippines. She is the only student who wrote a chapter in Trace's book "Think Rich Quick".
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How to Make Money in Real Estate Regardless of the Market
http://thinkrichquickrealty.blogspot.com In this video, best selling author - Trace Trajano laid the foundations of what a good deal looks like. Cashflow first, appreciation second...to find out more good deals, go to http://thinkrichquickrealty.blogspot.com
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How to Buy Properties No Money Down in the Philippines
http://freeREseminars.com In this video, I interviewed one of my students how she acquired her first deal with no money down and how she sold it in just 2 weeks. Go to http://freeREseminars.com for more details.
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John Calub Will Speak at the Think Rich Quick Seminar
http://TRQGold.com John Calub, the Philippines number 1 success coach and millionaire mind guru and Jomar Hilario, the Philippines' foremost internet guru are both speaking at the much anticipated "Think Rich Quick" seminar. In addition, the TRQ Seminar is the only seminar with the Apprentice Challenge - an implementation system which allows you to make money in real estate very, very quickly.
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http://tracetrajano.blogspot.com  Be a real estate agent magnet!
http://tracetrajano.blogspot.com Do you want to have an army of real estate agents giving you properties as well as getting you buyers? You can if you listen to this...
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How to Buy Houses NO MONEY down in the Philippines
http://BuyFirstDeal.com Do you want to learn how to buy properties with NO MONEY DOWN without using your credit? Do you want to know how to make money from real estate in a few months, a few weeks, even in a few days? Attend the first ever "Think Rich Quick" seminar on March 27, 2010 in Manila Philippines - click here - http://BuyFirstDeal.com to register
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Foreclosure scams - Part 1
Stop foreclosure scams from destroying you! These scam artists are good but we know how to beat them!
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How I bought a house for $1
http://freeREseminars.com I bought a house for $1 when a landlord called me with a house with building code violations. How did I do it? Click here - http://freeREseminars.com
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How to Raise Money for Real Estate Investments Video
http://SixFiguresSyndication.com This video shows you how to raise money to finance real estate investments. Banks are strict right now in their underwriting guidelines. Even hard money lenders don;t offer easy and quick money for real estate investors. Syndication is the answer. To find out more about it go to http://SixFiguresSyndication.com NOW. For a limited time, Brad Wozny is offering his 6 Figures Syndication Secrets for FR:EE - just pay shipping and handling. You also get access to a network of investors for free for 30 days.
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Foreclosure Solutions Video
http://KeepYourHomeLowerYourPayments.com gives you 2 possible solutions to your foreclosure situation. If you're behind on your mortgage and you can't sell it because your home is upside down in value (you owe more than what it's worth), we can solve your problem. What is right for you? Loan modification or shortsale? Go to our website - http://KeepYourHomeLowerYourPayments.com to find out.
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Think Rich Quick Seminar 1.0
http://BuyFirstDeal.com In the first ever Think Rich Quick Seminar in the Philippines, I am going to discuss... 1. How to Sell Houses FAST and make money from houses in a few months, a few weeks, even in a few days 2. How to Find, Analyze and Negotiate Good deals specially bank foreclosed properties in the Philippines; and 3. How to Raise Millions of pesos in capital to help you acquire investment properties In addition to the above three things you will learn, you will also learn how millionaires think and find business partners right there during the seminar itself. If you have not registered yet, go to http://BuyFirstDeal.com NOW.
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How to Stop a Foreclosure - Not a Loan Mod Video
http://freeREseminars.com This video shows you 4 different ways to stop a foreclosure. Loan modification is one but sometimes it does not work. Shortsales and deed in lieu's on the other hand are not good solutions if the homeowner wants to stay in her home. The "Fourth Way" is a powerful way that works better than a loan modification because in a lot of cases, even the principal balance of the loan can be lowered. I am interviewing the world's expert on this. Register at http://freeREseminars.com
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How to Donate a House Video
http://DonateAHouseNOW.com - shows you how to donate a house to reputable charities even if your house needs repairs, has a tenant from hell or even if it has back-taxes. It's time to move on with your life. Donate that problem property, get cash back from Uncle Sam and help a charity.
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trace trajano scandal - Watch this video of Angie Galia, Bo Sanchez's sister, who made $17K!
Watch this video as I interview my student (she is the sister of Bo Sanchez) on how she acquired and sold her very first deal. The cool part about this is how she sold the house twice even before she bought it. Even in a slow market, you can make money in real estate. Tags: trace trajano divorce, trace trajano 2012, Bo Sanchez Not Connected With Trace Trajano, 7 questions you need to ask to avoid investment scams, Trace Trajano Scam, trace trajano bo sanchez, trace trajano larry gamboa, investment scams in the philippines
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How to Play the Game Cashflow 101 in Real Life
http://tracetrajano.com In my blog post, me and my "mystery guest" - a Real Life Cashflow 101 Real Estate Expert reveals how to overcome barriers to getting out of the rat race and into the fast track. Check this out for more details: http://tracetrajano.com
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How to buy a house for one dollar
http://freeREseminars.com provides you free online seminars that teaches you how to buy and sell real estate without paying real estate gurus thousands of dollars in seminars and bootcamps!
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You Should NOT Attend Think Rich Quick Seminar Until You See This
http://TRQGold.com In this video, Trace Trajano was interviewed by Philippine Enquirer about the Think Rich Quick seminar. In this video, Trace gives a preview of what to expect in the TRQ seminar.
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http://Refusetojoinrecession.com  Right Mindset for the Recession
http://RefusetoJoinRecession.com Bill Duquette shared with me the one thing you need to do to thrive, not just survive this recession.
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Universal Real Estate Acquisition Formula
http://trulyrichrealetv.com/ This video is an example of what you will get from the Truly Rich Real Estate TV. For only $9 a month, you get a real estate mentor teaching you the basics about real estate investing - and you get not just coaching on the technical aspects of investing (like how to buy properties with no money down) but also business aspects of it like mindset, marketing and management. Go to http://trulyrichrealetv.com/
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Five Houses for $50,000 and make $1,000/mo cashflow?
HouseBuyerInstitute.com for more details. We have done it again! Five properties produce $1,000 per month cashflow and all is needed is $50,000 cash investment.
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How to Sell a House in 2 Days and Make P250K + P4K a month!
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video I interviewed Team Ubuntu of the Apprentice Challenge on how they were able to sell a house in just 2 days using a powerful selling technique I taught them during the last Think Rich Quick seminar. They amazingly made a quarter of a million pesos plus P4K a month in income. Amazing! For more inspiring stories like these, check out http://buyfirstdeal.com
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Paul Glenn, the Real Estate Hustler Interview by his mentor Trace Trajano
Paul Glenn, the Real Estate Hustler Interview by his mentor Trace Trajano
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What is Quick Cash?
http://BuyFirstDeal.com What is Quick Cash?
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Can't Sell in One Year and then I Met Thea Santos...
http://buyfirstdeal.com Jojo Taming was an unsuccessful real estate agent frustrated by not being able to sell. He was trying to sell this lot in Baguio Philippines with no success for 1 year. Then he met Trace Trajano and Thea Santos who put up the TRQ Local Coaching Program. In just 3 weeks Jojo sold his lot. This was followed by 3 other properties also sold in a 2-3 weeks, even in a few days. Jojo said "eXtreme marketing works like magic!" and has positive words for the TRQ Local Coaching Program.
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http://tracetrajano.blogspot.com Help Trace Trajano donate a house to Gawad Kalinga by subscribing to his blog. By subscribing to his blog you will get extremely useful and valuable information from him and other real estate gurus and experts. His goal is 10,000 new subscribers on or before December 1, 2008. So, hurry and make this a reality! Tell all your friends, family and colleagues!
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Laurenz Catucod testimonial for Trace Trajano - trace trajano scandal
Laurenz Catucod thanked Trace Trajano. He made P1.2M capital gain and P15,000 passive income by taking action on the know-how he acquired from Trace's book, Think Rich Quick. Laurenz is a Licensed Civil Engineer, Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, and a Licensed Real Estate Broker. Website: http://docutac73.sulit.com.ph/ Trace Trajano scammer, trace trajano scandal, trace trajano divorce, trace trajano 2012, Bo Sanchez Not Connected With Trace Trajano, 7 questions you need to ask to avoid investment scams, Trace Trajano Scam, trace trajano bo sanchez, trace trajano larry gamboa, investment scams in the philippines
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How to Raise Money Blueprint
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video, I laid out the blueprint I use when raising capital for my real estate deals
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How to Build a Buyers Database without a House YET
http://BuyFirstDeal.com This video shows how you can buy and sell houses quickly even in a slow market. The key is learning how to build your buyers' database so you can have buyers lined up even before you buy and sell a property to them. It's easier to find a house for a buyer than a buyer for a house. BUT how do you find buyers if you don't have a house to sell yet? This video shows you the secret to doing this.
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How to Raise 1.5 Million Bucks from a Website
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video, I interviewed one of my students - Ebb Ryan Magtuba on how he raised 1.5 Million bucks for a real estate deal. He was able to do this even while he was a beginner and you can do this too!
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OFW Financial LIteracy Challenge
http://BuyFirstDeal.com I need your help -to help me fulfill my mission of training one million people to become millionaires. How? Invite Overseas Filipino Workers to a free mini-webinar on March 28, 2010. To qualify, you need to be an attendee of the Think Rich Quick Seminar. Click here - http://BuyFirstDeal.com to qualify
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How to market your real estate business with very little money
http://trulyrichrealetv.com/ This video is an example of what you will get from the Truly Rich Real Estate TV. For only $9 a month, you get a real estate mentor teaching you the basics about real estate investing - and you get not just coaching on the technical aspects of investing (like how to buy properties with no money down) but also business aspects of it like mindset, marketing and management. Go to http://trulyrichrealetv.com/
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My Student Made One Million in 6 Months (Part 2)
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video one of my students Grace Pekson became a millionaire way ahead of schedule. In this video she explains how she did it with just one real estate deal. Get Part 1 here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAIugAIl6Ns
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How to Get Buyers for Real Estate Deals
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video, I interviewed Will Abriza on how he sells properties very quickly.
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Thea Santos is NOW a Millionaire-Maker
http://buyfirstdeal.com Thea Santos, one of Trace Trajano's most successful students, is now a millionaire-maker. She trained her student - Grace Pekson - to become a real estate millionaire in just 5 months. Go to http://buyfirstdeal.com for more details.
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My Goldfish and What they Teach Me about Selling Houses
http://BuyFirstDeal.com If you're scared you will not be able to sell a house, here's a powerful concept that will help you sell houses FAST even in a slow market. This virtually guarantees you will never be stuck with a house you cannot sell ever again. Go to http://BuyFirstDeal.com to get more advice on how to buy your first investment property.
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Universal Property Acquisition FlowChart Video
http://tracetrajano.blogspot.com The Universal Property Acquisition Flowchart allows you to make money with any house in any market even if the house is not dirt cheap. In this 6-minute video you can find simple techniques how you can profit from any deal without any risks
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How to Raise Capital to Buy Apartments
http://tracetrajano Here's an eBook I've written where I captured my success in raising $1 Million on one apartment deal. You can get the eBook for free if I get 100 comments at http://tracetrajano.com.
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How to Acquire YOur First Deal without Paying Thousands of dollars in Seminars
http://BuyFirstDeal.com is a fr'ee social media site where you get to meet like-minded individuals who are interested in real estate investing. As a member of the site, you get free audio CD and eBook on how to acquire your first deal, free live chat and virtual mentoring (for 30 days), you get to meet real estate resources and partners and you'll learn how to make real money real fast even in today's really slow real estate market. Join http://BuyFirstDeal.com NOW
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Lessons in Marketing from a Newbie
http://buyfirstdeal.com The marketing lessons you can learn here can be applied to get many people to an event. Make selling real estate into an event then get many people there and selling becomes easy.
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How to Make P450K By Telling People What You Do
http://buyfirstdeal.com In this video, my 2 millionaire students explain how they were able to make P450,000 on one real estate deal. It all started when they told people what they do and one little action snowballed into several action steps that led them to a HUGE profit.
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http://trulyrichclubrealetv.com  Dead Broke? You Can Make Money in Real Estate
http://trulyrichclubrealetv.com Dead Broke? You Can Make Money in Real Estate. How? Watch this video and go to http://trulyrichclubrealetv.com to watch the second video. This is an amazing strategy and it works even in this market!
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http://HouseBuyerInstitute.com/SIMS DO NOT ORDER SIMS - IT is defective.
http://HouseBuyerInstitute.com/SIMS - DO NOT BUY SIMS. IT is defective. Watch this video FIRST to know what are the 3 defects of SIMS and why it's insufficient in your real estate business. SIMS is a great marketing system but it does not help you acquire foreclosures and bank owned properties. It does not help you make the right offers. You are headed for disaster if all you have is SIMS. You need MONEY + MENTORING + SIMS to ensure success. http://HouseBuyerInstitute.com/SIMS
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